Ouch: This many people say they’ve ”settled’ with their relationships

Look, we all thought that by 25 we would be married and living in a gorge house, spending our Sundays browsing around home stores picking out shades of paint.

Alas, society shifted on it's arse and most of us are lucky at 25 to have moved out of our parents house into an overpriced box falsely described as an ''apartment''.

So it comes as no surprise that us millennials are suffering from what never before existed and that has been coined ''the quarter life crisis.''

When you cop that you haven't lived up to your own expectations by a certain age, it can be crushing.

As this study shows.

More than 1,000 people aged 23 to 39 were surveyed to see what factors they believed affected their life satisfaction.

And it found out that 2 in 3 people in that age bracket had experienced the quarter life crisis. 

It also showed that 30% of married people who were going through a quarter-life crisis thought that they had “settled” for their other half. 

Those who blamed the pressure to get hitched in adding to their depressive state made up 17% and 16% blamed it on the pressure to get pregnant. 

Does anyone agree?