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The Leaving Cert holiday is a rite of passage for most Irish teenagers.

To celebrate school finishing forever, you head off with your mates to Santa Ponsa or Aya Napa for a week with no parents and no rules.

Or so Mick Molloy thought.

Mick's mum was one step ahead of the other parents who simply give you a lecture before you get on the plane. 

She decided to set down a few rules of her own that her son could take abroad with him. 

Mick, from Gorey, shared the list on Twitter and it is pure gold. 

The orders include to ''stay away from dodgy tattoo parlours with dirty needles'', to ''avoid balconies completely'' and also to ''walk away from fights.'' 

Also notice that the ''use condoms'' rule had double stars next to it – Mammy Molloy isn't taking any chances!

Best of luck on your trip lads, but better luck with sticking to those rules. 



Every year Facebook releases a Year in Review video which documents the events that had social media a buzz during the previous annual year and this year Ireland features. 

With much of the top ten news items taken up by tragic events that unfortunately happened this year, it was definitely a welcome relief to see something positive on the list. 

And that positive? Marriage Equality.

The marriage equality referendum that took in May was picked up and broadcast all over the world. The Year in Review video published by Facebook features a clip of David Norris speaking to a jubilant crowd in Dublin Castle. 

The list of the top ten news stories of the year according to Facebook read as follows:

  1. US Presidential Election
  2. November 13 Attacks in Paris
  3. Syrian Civil War & Refugee Crisis
  4. Nepal Earthquakes
  5. Greek Debt Crisis
  6. Marriage Equality
  7. Fight Against ISIS
  8. Charlie Hebdo Attack
  9. Baltimore Protests
  10. Charleston Shooting & Confederate Flag Debate

Watch Facebook's Year in Review video below: 


At this point almost all of know someone, or know someone who knows someone who has packed their bags and left our little emerald isle for somewhere else.

Apparently, new figures are saying that one in every six Irish-born people now live abroad. Which makes sense because we did seem to heading to a lot of ‘going away’ parties last year.

If you are living abroad, or ever have- even it was just that extended holiday you took back in 2005, then you will probably recognise some of these experiences:

You miss good tea:

You find yourself sitting near a window doing your best interpretation of any Irish tea company ad from times gone by, seriously nostalgic.

Your name will be butchered:

Caoimhes generally have the most difficult time. Although Caoilinn also suffers.

People will impersonate you:

They love the accent, but it’s perfectly acceptable to find the parroting a little annoying after a few months.

People will assume you know every Irish person they have ever met:

“I met a guy in Dublin once”- even if you’re from Kerry they will ask.

You will suddenly become fluent in Irish:

Sure look, they have no idea you’re just asking them if you can go to the bathroom, repeatedly.

The heat can be an issue:

It can take a while to become accustomed to a warmer climate.

Nobody knows what the craic is:

Explaining it is one thing, trying to find it is a completely different challenge.

You will talk about potatoes more than you ever did:

Get used to it.

You will confuse a lot of people:

Surprisingly nobody outside or Ireland knows what sucking diesel means. Sliced pans are also an issue.

You will become a GAA expert whether you played sport or not:

Go on, explain hurling in one sentence we dare you.


Science has proven that this emotionally distressing time is a legitimate phenomenomnom- sorry, phenomenon.

The truth is, when you’re hungry, your blood sugar is low so the chances of you getting a little extra feisty are going to increase very quickly.

Haven’t we all said some things when our stomach was rumbling that we just wish we could take back?

Sometimes it’s just best to throw some food in our general direction and back away slowly. We’ll be back to our cheerful selves after a quick snack. Or two…

If you’re one of the lucky people that doesn’t suffer from hanger issues, then you should be aware that these are some of the potentially relationship ending issues we face on a daily basis.

We have to apologise, a lot.

Summoning all of our patience when service is a little slow at restaurants.

The distress when your friends can’t agree on a place to eat.

Happy hour after work. Why not happy dinner? Dinner makes everyone happy!

Road trips can be extra stressful. Getting lost isn’t an issue. Getting lost and running out of snacks is a dire situation.

Better safe than sorry…



As if we don’t have enough things to worry about on a day-to-day basis, trying to remember to get the right amount of fruit and veg into our diets can cause more stress than it needs to.

And while we can’t ignore the importance of getting enough nutrients, we CAN give you a few sneaky tips to make the process that bit easier and less tiresome.

1. Load your breakfast

We know everyone doesn’t always have the time in the morning to cook up a tasty breakfast when they’re running out the door to work or school, but mixing some banana slices and fresh berries into your yoghurt or cereal is a great way to kick-start your day in the right direction.

2. Hide them in your cooking

If you find there’s only so much veg you can put on your plate before you explode, grate them down and hide it in your cooking. What exactly do we mean? Finely shred or grate your fruit and veg down and mix them into your favourite recipes. For example, grated courgette or carrots are delicious when mixed into meat to make burgers. Or try pureeing cooked cauliflower and stirring it through your mash.

3. Double the recipe

Whether you are making soup, sandwiches, or pizza, whatever your usual amount of veg is – double it. Don’t worry about ruining a recipe if it requires a certain amount of veg. Adding more will simply add to the nutritional value of your meal, as well as the flavour of it.

4. Experiment

Keep things interesting by adding one new fruit or vegetable to your shopping list each week. If you are trying something new, it is important to make sure that your chosen item is in season to make the experience more enjoyable. As we’re rolling into summer (and the weather seems to finally be catching up) it is a good time to add asparagus and aubergine to your cooking, and to nibble on berries for dessert.

5. Daily dessert

When most of us think dessert we think loads of cream and calories. But why not have a dessert after every dinner? Fruit desserts will provide something sweet after your meal, and provide extra nutritional goodness into your daily intake. Strawberries are great after dinner, or try freezing grapes or banana slices for a tasty summer snack.

6. Drink them

If you want a huge fruit and veg boost when you’re on the go, smoothies are a great way to get it. Create your own with your favourite fruit and veg to suit your tastes. Don’t be afraid to mix things up as well. Mango and papaya are delicious in smoothies and even cucumber can work surprisingly well. 




Despite the fact that the last ever episode of Friends aired over ten years ago (we're SO old), Ross and Rachel remain one of those classic couples you think of when true love crops into question. 

Why? Because they were realistic, things were far from perfect, they made mistakes but in the end, it all worked out the way we needed it to. 

Here are 7 lessons Ross and Rachel taught us about love:

1. It’s always important to have fun together

2. A little jealousy is healthy…

3. But too much can lead to disaster

4. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do that counts

5. Things aren’t always black and white

6. You should always support your love's interests…no matter what they are

7. Just because you *really* want something to work out, doens’t mean it will

8. But at the end of the day, true love will always prevail

Aww! We love you as much as you love each other, Ross and Rachel! 



We all know that Scott and Kourtney are the undisputed underdogs of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but that doesn’t mean Khloé hasn’t had her fun too…

Mostly what these quotes have taught is that Khloé is much meaner to her mom and Kim than anyone else in the family!

Here are the 10 realest things KoKo has ever said:

“Don’t go into the ocean while on your period because a shark is going to attack you”
We’re not sure it works like that but we admire the logic…

[On Kim] “You know why she’s the most googled person? Because she was googling herself.”
It all makes sense now

“If I sweat on Oprah, I’m gonna just die”
Understandable people, it’s OPRAH!

[On golf] “I could maybe hit it better if they were black balls”
Well, don’ t hold back, Khlo

[On Kris Jenner] “I hear the pitter patter of a dinosaur”
She really does get a hard time, poor Kris!

“Sometimes, you have no idea what I think in my head that I wanna do to you, and if I did them, I would go to jail for so many years”
You’d think the same if you grew up with Kim Kardashian, to be fair…

“The first day of your period is literally like there’s a little alien inside of you beating the f**k out of your uterus”
Preach it, sista

[On writing Kim’s pre-nup] She’ll thank us later when she still has a place to live”
Wise woman

[To Kim] “A little bun in the oven Your ass is gonna be so big”
Comforting words!

[Answering phone to Kris] “Hi Satan”
We’d get a serious clip ‘round the ear for that one! 



Ah, the gym. It's like Marmite; if you love it you cannot get enough, if you hate it the smell is enough to make you puke. 

Notoriously, gyms in January are ten times busier than normal as people's New Year's resolutions kick into gear. 

Not all of these gym-goers will make it to February:

1. The pre-work professional
Always in before six in a suit and runners, these people mean business. They hop on the treadmill do a solid two hours and off they go to work for another 34. 

Catchphrase: "Can't talk, gotta run – so late for a meeting with my CEO byeeeee"

2. The relaxed yogi
Always barefoot and pleasantly calm, the yogis will make you feel zen even when 'leg guy' is grunting while squatting in the corner. 

Catchphrase: "Would you like some nettle and liquorice tea?"

3. Leg guy
Yes, he was always going to be next.  Drinking a protein smoothie while lifting ten of thousands of kg, the natural habitat of leg guy is in front of the mirror. 

Catchphrase: "Do you even lift, bra?"

4. The Bridget Jones
This is us to be honest. Not a regular gym-goer but always striving to get fitter. 

Catchphrase: "HOW has it only been fifteen minutes since I got here?"

5. The Insta-snapper
Gym-gear? Check. Two-hour intense workout done? Check. Make-up still miraculously perfectly? Check. Mirror? Check. Snap, snap, snap! Inadvertently makes The Bridget Jones never want to come back to the gym. 

6. The fit mom
She's had HOW many kids?! Hope I'm like that one day….

Catchphrase: "The gym is my 'me-time'"



Those moments in life where you wish the ground would just swallow you up…aren't they just the worst?!

Here are some moments in life that can get verrrry awkward. Especially if you're an awkward person in general, like us!

1. Going to shake someone's hand but they go for your cheek
So you put your cheek towards them and they pull back and put out their hand. Oh the humanity! 

2. When you're in mass and that 'hand shaking' bit comes and you put your hand out, but nobody shakes it…
Hey, what's wrong with me?!

3. When a stranger is holding a door open for you but you're that little bit too far away and have to half jog…
We have to thank you for making us exercise against our will? 

4. Realising you got charged more than you should have and debating whether to queue again, interrupt the customer now being served or just accept the loss
Ah, it was only €1.50…

5. Going into a restaurant and not knowing if you should wait to be seated or just sit down somewhere free
Just tell me what to do!

6. Walking along happily when you accidentally hit a guy in the groin with your flyback hand
That will teach you not to powerwalk.

7. Getting on Dublin Bus when you're not from Dublin and not knowing whether to say where you're going or how much money you're putting in the slot
Seriously, which is it?!

8. Tripping in public by yourself and not knowing whether to laugh it off or just pretend it didn't happen
The actual worst. 

9. Saying something funny but no one heard you and they ask you to repeat it but you try to laugh it off but they insist and then nobody laughs

10. Meeting an acquaintance on the street and stopping to say hi quick only to realise after that you're going in the same direction
"Oh, ha, hey again…"



The Christmas holidays are OFFICIALLY over and we are all back to the grindstone. It wasn't easy but it's all over now…until tomorrow! 

Here are 5 thoughts anyone who went back to work today will have suffered through:

1. "Huh, I forgot what my alarm sounded like…"
Please don't make me get up. Please, please, please!

2. "The last time I drank was three days ago, HOW can I still be hungover?!"
It's like all of the Christmas time hangovers are ganging up on you on this hellish day.

3. "Hey, where's the Bailey's for my morning coffee? Oh wait, I'm not at home" *breaks into tears*
No more liquid brunches for you. 

4. "No no, I started my diet earlier, thanks. Um…are those Heroes? Sorry I thought they were Quality Street. I'll just have one."
And two, and three and…actually I'll just leave the box on my desk. 

5. "Tonight, I'm going to bed at 8pm and will be refreshed and ready for the day ahead."
New Year and all that.



The New Year is here and with that come many, many promises we make ourselves. While we may manage to keep some, let’s be honest, many we do not! Here are the expectations and realities of making those resolutions! 

1. Eating healthy

Expectation: “I am going to eat salad all day and look like a VS Angel by summer”

Reality: “There’s only like five Roses left, sure I may as well finish the box and get it OUT of the house”

2. Being Organised

Expectation: “I am going to keep my room spotless and write everything in my new diary”

Reality: “WHERE is my stupid red dress *rummaging through piles of clothes on the floor*?! How is it that time already?! Oh Gawwwd”

3. Getting Fit

Expectation: “I am going to run 3 miles every single day”

Reality: “I might just walk actually and do it every second night”

4. Broadening horizons

Expectation: “I am going to join a book club and meet lots of new people”

Reality: “Oh CRAP it’s Thursday already?! Quick open the Wikipedia page for Jane Eyre!”

5. Financial maturity

Expectation: “I am going to start saving so much this year. I do not need frivolous things”

Reality: “I’ve been thinking about this for a whole three hours now and…those shoes would be an investment for my career. And nights out"




Love her or hate her, Kim K is everywhere. And sometimes she says some pretty enlightening and hilarious things, like these:

1. “I hate when women wear the wrong colour foundation, it might be the worst thing on the planet when they wear their make-up too light”

2. “[Taking selfies] is the purpose of life”

3. “If Paris Hilton thinks my butt looks gross I really don’t care. At least I have a butt”

4. [On Kylie] “You have to look at her Tumblr. It’s just like, so her soul”

5. “I buy myself a gift every year, so this year I bought everything I wanted”

6. [On the prospect of dating Gerald Butler] “How about barf”

7. “I have this, like, sixth sense where I can smell if someone has a cavity”

8. “I also ordered pizza and Chinese food because I couldn’t decide”

9. “I’ll cry at the end of the day, not with fresh make-up”

10. “You are just jealous that you can’t get a Bentley and you’re trying to ruin my moment for me”

We can all admit that Kim sometimes says exactly what we're thinking…keep it real, Kimmy.