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Well, well, well; what do we have here? A possible new flame? Give us the content we deserve.

Love Island fans are positive that Yewande Biala and George Rains are secretly dating after spotting flirty messages on each other's social media.

The pair have regularly been commenting regularly on each other's Instagram posts with suggestive replies, and we're gagging for the romance to blossom.

Image: Instagram/@yewande_biala

The 23-year-old Irish scientist posted a stunning picture of herself in a white skirt and black leggings, captioning the shot; "Where's your favourite place to go for brunch?"

22-year-old Essex builder George replied: "Whereever you are", even adding side-eye emoji. We all know what that means…

Yewande used the same emoji when she commented on a picture of George two days ago, posing next to a river in Cambridge. We see repetition, we see flirtatious banter, we see LOVE.


Image: Instagram/@georgerainsofficial

The pair never actually met on the show, as Yewande was dumped before the Casa Amor segment happened, which featured George. He later coupled up with Lucie but the pair never clicked.

Iain Stirling, the ITV show's commentator, made sure to make fun of George's silent demeanor and penchant for talking about snacks.

Image: Instagram/@yewande_biala

George has even left flame emojis underneath Yewande's photos, which sent fans into an absolute frenzy.

"Go for it," posted one Instagram fan. "Secure it period," added another."So are y'll dating orrrrr-." asked a third. ANSWER us, Yewande. We know you want to.

The Irish beauty had a rough time in the villa, coupling up with Danny Williams who later dumped her for Arabella Chi, who was dumped just two days later. He's now smitten with Jourdan Riane, but is it showmance? Probably. The point is: Yewande Biala deserves love.

Feature image: Instagram/@yewande_biala/@georgerainsofficial



There are some absolutely hilarious characters in the Love Island this year, from Longford lass Maura's thick Midlands accent and outrageous personality and Tommy's philosophical musings based on musical lyrics, to Ovie just doing Ovie and Molly-Mae's posh persona.

But what if one woman could impersonate them all to comedic perfection for the good of the Irish nation?

Cork woman Hayley Ryan is doing everyone a massive favour by uploading video impressions of the cast, and we're cackling at them. They're beyond spot on:

The 21-year-old from Douglas uploaded her impersonations to Twitter four days ago and they've gone viral, racking up a combined 75,000 likes between Part One and Part Two.

We can't get over the accuracy of her Maura impression, especially the word 'Curtis', and her Lucie is too accurate. It's haunting. 

Hayley spoke to the Independent.ie about the phenomenal response she's been receiving, saying;

"I love the Love Island, I am hooked on it," she said. The whole lot of us sit down on the couch and watch it every night."

After sending her pals the videos of her impersonations, she was encouraged to upload them online and they took off.

The youngster would love to crack into the entertainment industry, potentially for a presenting job, but gave up acting for sport a few years ago.

Seeing as her impressions have caught fire online and nabbed the attention of names like MTV Challenge 33 star Zahida Allen and impressionist Al Foran, we reckon a few offers will be coming in for Hayley.

Feature image: Virgin Media 2


Love Island newbie George Rains revealed that Lucie isn't actually his type, before she chose him to couple up with in the main villa. She's totally unaware of this fact, but it may come out soon.

Fellow Islander Dennon claims Lucie is being used by George because he "ran out of options", but we can't exactly take Dennon's word as gospel.

Lucie decided to pair up with the hunk of a builder because "he's so good looking", which isn't exactly a stellar reason but sure look, sure listen.


A post shared by @georgerainsofficial on

Lucie ruled out millionaire Stevie Bradley (he drives a damn Porsche) and he was subsequently booted from the show as he wasn't chosen by any of the ladies.

George actually told the fellow new boys that Lucie wasn't his "usual type" on the down low. 

After leaving Love Island last night, Dennon said; "George and Lucie I don’t think will last. He said to me she’s not his usual type. He’s with her because he was short of options."

Stevie Bradley pursued Lucie, saying she's "absolutely gorgeous" and going in for a kiss, but was dumped from the island after she chose George. Stevie seemed to take it on the chin, however: 

"With George it was the weirdest love triangle. But we got on so well. I’m really happy for them both going into the villa. When Lucie picked George I smiled as he gets a go at this. I don’t look back with any malice.

"I have no idea how Lucie and George will go. I want them to do really well as they are both really lovely. In terms of how similar they are, they seem like very different people. But on paper he’s her type. She went by the laws of attraction."


A post shared by Stevie Bradley (@stevie_bradley1) on

Love Island fans couldn’t hide their confusion over Tommy Fury looking HELLA angry after Lucie returned to the villa with new partner George.

The surfer made her feelings for the boxer clear before leaving for Casa Amor, but he decided to stick with Molly-Mae.

Tommy didn't look impressed when he saw handsome George, but who knows what their true reactions were? After all, it's a carefully staged reality show, so we can't be sure of anything.

Feature image: ITV2


Ex-Love Island star Joe Garratt has sent the internet into a frenzy after teasing a return to the Spanish villa via his Instagram stories.

The star was coupled up with Lucie Donlan but was voted off the show last week alongside Elma Pazar, which cut their romance short and left Lucie single.

The sandwich seller headed back to the UK, but is on his way BACK to Majorca after sharing a mysterious Instagram photo.

Image: Instagram @josephgarratt

The photo shows an airport screen with the word 'Palma' alongside a palm tree and love heart emoji. It's definitely a hint if we've ever seen one. The second image showed him touching down in Palma de Mallorca.

His news comes just as Casa Amor is kicking off, with 12 new singletons set to join the show in a rival villa.

Joe previously revealed that he would wait for surfer chick Lucie on the outside, but she's partnered up with fellow single contestant Anton at the moment.

Image: Instagram @josephgarratt

After he was voted off by the public, he told The Sun; “I would love to get more time with Lucy in there. It is such an amazing experience and when you’re doing it with someone you care about its just perfect.

“I would never rule out the possibility of going back in. I met somebody who I fell for so I have already won that in that sense. I would love to go back in and see her."

He added: “I think that would be really nice and I think she would love that.”


A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

Would Lucie be happy to see her former couple partner, who was besotted with her? Or is she moving on?

She caused a stir in the villa this week after saying "Never say never" to a future romance with Tommy. Molly-Mae has since asked for boundaries to be set on their friendship, which Lucie definitely isn't pleased about.

Lucie has often mentioned that she's hoping the surfer dude of her dreams will walk through the door, which doesn't sound positive for city boy Joe. Tune in tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media for updates.

Feature image: Instagram @josephgarratt


Producers are clearly gagging to shake things up in the latest Love Island series, having already decided to send the girls into Casa Amor rather than the boys this year.

The rival villa will house a brand new group of boys and girls who are all looking to find love as much as the originals

Most of them won't survive past the limited time which the neighbouring villa is open for, but a lucky few may be chosen as a couple partner. They'll have to turn heads and tread on toes, however…

For those who don't get chosen after the few days, well…it is what it is.

We've decided to do a full scope on the newbies, for personal research reasons. There are definitely a few big personalities in the bunch, who do you think will be chosen?

The Boys

1. Stevie Bradley: age 21


A post shared by Stevie Bradley (@stevie_bradley1) on

The 21-year-old student from the Isle of Man describes himself as "a cheerful, happy, charming, funny bloke".

Rating himself as an 8 out of 10, he thinks his best feature is his blue eyes. Who is he interested in "cracking on" with? "Lucie would be my number one".

He's still open to dating some of the other ladies, however; "Arabella is beautiful, I couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked through the villa. Maura is also stunning."

Arabella was voted out last night, so that's out the window, but maybe Maura will go for him. Lucie's still single, will she take a shine to him over Joe Garratt?

2. Marvin Brooks: age 29


A post shared by  (@marvinbrooks) on

The personal trainer and ex-Royal Navy officer is from Bournemouth, and spells trouble for the Island with his divisive nature.

Harry Redknapp's personal trainer describes himself as "strongly opinionated and very competitive".

He added: "I speak my mind, but that can upset people sometimes. I am very quick to judge, and sometimes do that too quickly. I’m not very empathetic either."

Marvin, who rates himself an 8.7 out of 10,  said:

"Anna has definitely caught my eye but then recently Lucie has as I feel like she’s very similar to me in the sense that if she doesn’t want to hang around with a group she won’t force herself to do, which I’ve admired."

In terms of making friends with the boys, he's ruled out two already; "Danny might be a bit boring and Curtis irritates me," he said.

3. Dennon Lewis: age 22


A post shared by (@dennon_lewis) on

The professional footballer from Watford describes himself as "very positive" and with "decent banter", but gets "annoyed with people that have bad hygiene".

Dennon is loving fiery villa resident Maura, and has his eye firmly set on her; "I do like how Maura is turning out to be. She’s really feisty and could be a handful."

On his relationship with fidelity he said: "I’ve cheated in the past but I was seeing someone exclusively, not technically in a relationship." Hmmm…

4. George Rains, 22


A post shared by @_georgerains on

The builder from Essex has a self-described "positive energy and mindset" and says: "I’m outgoing and I’m a good laugh. "

In terms of his looks, George said: "People compliment me on my jawline." Who has he got his eye on?

"Amber and Anna – Amber is my type, they are the sort of girls I’d go for looks-wise and Anna is really pretty and she’s got a nice body."

Asked whether he'd be down for breaking up a couple, George said: "If I see the girl I want and we have that connection, I’m going to go for it, I don’t have any loyalty to anyone in there at the moment."

5. Dan Rose: age 21


A post shared by  (@danroseloveisland) on

The bathroom salesman from Nuneaton sees himself as "a cheeky lad" with "the gift of the gab". He rates himself a 10 for looks, which is pretty flattering…

"I would say 10 but… I should be modest so I’ll say 9."

On which girl he's interested in, Dan said: "I do fancy Amber but I know she seems loved up with Michael. I’ll test the water with it though. Then I’ll probably go for Lucie and Maura."

He came out with that timeless line: "I’m not bothered about treading on any toes."

6. Ovie Soko: age 28


A post shared by (@oviesoko) on

The Londoner is a pro basketball player and self-labelled "wildcard" in the competition; "I’m a competitor, it comes with my job, it’s built into my DNA."

On his skills as a practical type of lad, Ovie added: "I left home at 16 to chase my dreams as a basketball player and since then have lived in six different countries and come across different people and cultures."

He attended school with Alexandra Cane and mentioned his crush on Meghan Markle, but Ovie has his eye on Anna "from the beginning". Jordan's got competition.

The Girls

1. Lavena Back: age 23



A post shared by (@iam_l.v) on

The business developer from Crodon wants to sell some romance and describes herself as "a five times two out of ten." Apparently she's a mathematician too?

On her goal of finding love, Lavena admitted: "I’ve been on my own for four years so whoever I meet in there I will fall for."

Lavena has her eye on some of the guys, having had a big crush on Jack Fowler from last year's line-up:

"If I had my pick, I’d probably go for Michael but I feel like he's really coupled up. But Anton seems very funny so we would bounce off each other."

2. Nabila Bada, age 29


A post shared by Nabila Badda (@nabilabadda) on

The hostess from London has a desire to be "an Arabian Princess in the villa". She wants to find the Aladdin to her Jasmine.

She claims that she'll "get on well with the boys", but is targeting one guy in particular:

"I have got my eye on Anton. I think he is cheeky and I think he’s misunderstood by the girls in the villa."

In terms of her own appearance, Nabila said: "I like my eyes and I like the fact that I have hips, my hips are really shapely so I like my hourglass figure.

3. Joanna Chimonides, age 22


A post shared by (@joannachimonides) on

The recruitment consultant from London as a major downfall heading in: "I’m far too honest and sometimes I should keep my mouth shut." Amber's twin, maybe?

Luckily for the gals, she's reveres loyalty:

"Girl code is simply being honest to a girl’s face. If a girl is coupled up with someone and you want to get to know that person, then girl code for me is explaining exactly how you’re feeling to the other girl – it’s honesty and face to face."

She is hoping it's Anton or a man who will "give their all in a relationship".

4. Belle Hassan: age 21


A post shared by  (@bellehassan) on

The Bromley make-up artist describes her greatest flaws; "I can be insecure at times I suppose and I am messy."

She's definitely confident about her looks, saying: "I would give myself a solid 8 or 9. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes and my boobs."

Belle said she has her eyes on Anton and Tom. Well, Tom's a goner so it's basically just Anton.

She's been mates with last year's winner Dani Dyer since childhood as her own father is The Football Factory actor Tamer Hassan, giving Belle a " link to the famous world". Sort of.

5. Jourdan Riane, age 24


A post shared by Jourdan Riane (@jourdanriane) on

The Essex girl is a model and actress, and views herself as "impulsive, impatient and stubborn" but with "a bubbly personality".

On her connections to fame, the model said: "I did a double page spread for Elle last year, and I did Vogue Italia."

She'll get down to business to find her man:

"I’m going to have to tread on toes. Initially it gives me a knot in my stomach but I have to do what I have to do."

6. Maria Wild: age 22


A post shared by Maria Wild (@mariacarmelwild) on

The Cheltenham VIP host describes herself honestly as "clingy", saying: "I am emotional and I am loving."

She claims her best feature is her lips, Maria said: "I can be quite stubborn, I am an only child so I often expect to get my own way and I’m quite bossy."

She is scoping out Anton as a potential couple partner, but admits concerns: "Deep down, it is Anton but I just can’t stop thinking about when he went in and talked about having a wandering eye."

who knows time GIF by Love Island

Tune in tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media to get the first glimpse at the Love Island Casa Amor contestants.

Feature image: ITV


A study has figured out which of the Love Islander contestants have fake Instagram followers, and the answer is ALL of them. But who has the most?

Amber Gill apparently has 535,000 followers on Instagram, which will surely increase when she leaves the Spanish villa, but she may want to ditch some of the fake ones.

Data analysis carried out by Instagram influencer marketing service Takumi allege that the Geordie had the highest percentage of fake followers when she entered the villa.

Herself and new boy Jordan Hames both had 65 percent fake followers, which is pretty damn dodgy if you ask us.


A post shared by AMBER ROSE (@amberrosegill) on

The recently axed Islander Joe Garratt (412,000 followers) and Yewande Biala (365,000) both had 64 percent fake followers, and Michael Griffiths (478,000) had 63 percent.

Maura Higgins had the lowest number, but almost half of her 322,000 followers aren't real. Takumi’s CEO Adam Williams made a statement on the results:

"The results of our research show the extent to which fraudulent activity can take place on Instagram. Yet influencers are still powerful marketing tools due to their ability to resonate deeply with their core audiences."


A post shared by Jordan Mainoo-Hames (@jxrdanhames) on

He continued;

"Brands must carefully consider who they work with and how they assess their worth. The scale of someone’s social media following doesn’t necessarily equate to real influence among consumers."

In order of who had the most followers, the list was;

Amber Rose Gill, Jordan Hames, Joe Garratt, Yewande Biala, Michael Griffiths, Callum McLeon, Tommy Fury, Danny Williams, Amy Hart, Lucie Donlan, Anna Vakili, Molly-Mae Hague, Anton Danyluk, Curtis Pritchard, Tom Walker and Maura Higgins.


A post shared by MAURA HIGGINS (@maurahiggins) on

Every contestant ranged between the 45 percent to 65 percent fake follower mark, which is shameful.

The amount of Instagram followers heavily influence who the stars work with as influencers when they leave the show.

Feature image: ITV2


Love Island's Joe Garratt has released a statement regarding his treatment of Lucie Donlan in the villa, and it's fairly stubborn.

The sandwich maker has refused to apologise for his behaviour on the show, and insisted that he never tried to 'control' his fellow contestant.

Over 300 complaints were made to television watchdog Ofcom regarding how Lucie was treated by the hit ITV2 programme.

Image: ITV2

Joe was axed this week along with Elma Pazar, and left Lucie in tears after telling her to avoid male friendships on the show, mainly with Tommy Fury.

The 22-year-old has since denied any wrongdoing, telling The Sun; “I didn’t manipulate or abuse her and I’m gutted it’s been perceived that way.

“I’d do everything and anything to help her as she had a hard time in there and didn’t get on with the girls. I thought I did right.”

He also had no idea that "snakey" Amy Hart was slagging Lucie off behind her back.

The 21-year-old surfer chick broke down several times on Love Island, leading to criticism of ITV for a perceived failure to offer her guidance and support.

The broadcaster insisted that it provided psychological support to any upset contestants.

Joe was targeted for telling Lucie to avoid other boys on te show, which led to Women's Aid to release a statement about his 'abusive behaviour'.

Joe has refused to apologise, but admitted that he “may have worded things wrong”;

“I may have worded things wrong and the cameras are on you 24/7. I’m young and inexperienced. I’m not going to say sorry," he added. 

"I didn’t know how I was coming across on the outside. I’d no idea I was being perceived in that sense.”


A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

Concerns over Lucie's well-being come amid heightened worries over the welfare of reality TV stars. 

Two high-profile suicides of ex-Love Island contestants, 32-year-old Sophie Gradon and 26-year-old Mike Thalassitis , have led to widespread criticism of the show. 

Bosses of ITV have also been slated for failing to show accurate portrayals of sexual orientations, gender-identities, body diversity or racial representation on the show.

MPs on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee have launched an inquiry into the problems surrounding reality TV.

Feature image: ITV2


Love Island's Joe Garratt has been hidden in a 'safehouse' since he was voted off the show after severe viewer backlash to his relationship with Lucie Donlan.

According to The Sun, the 22-year-old has been transferred to another location with two security guards and has been briefed about the online fury over his apparent 'possessive' behaviour towards Lucie.

"Joe has been in the safehouse since leaving the villa," an insider from the hit ITV reality show told the publication. Joe's friends and family have slammed the "unfair editing" of the show.

“There has been a backlash against him and as part of ITV’s new duty of care, they’re doing everything they can to help him deal with it when he comes out.”

Lucie was devastated after her coupling partner was voted off the island, along with Elma Pazar. The surfer spoke to cameras after his eviction, saying;

"I'm gutted. You could clearly see that me and Joe had feelings for each other. I don't know what I'll do without Joe. He's literally been my rock in here."

Joe promised to wait for the 21-year-old model/surfer outside of the Spanish villa. Joe's mum is said to be 'devastated' by the claims that her son is emotionally controlling Lucie.

The sandwich maker fell hard for the Cornish gal in the villa but was booted out, thanks to fellow islanders saying himself and Lucie weren't compatible.


A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

Speaking to the Mail Online, Joe's mum said: "I know my son and he’s not like how he’s being portrayed."

Women's Aid charity expressed their concern over Joe's actions, and viewers branded his behaviour "abusive", after he told her that her male friendships were 'weird' and that he wanted her to bond with the girls instead.

His mum, Rachel, has denied the claims; "Both myself and his sister are his best friends. He doesn’t emotionally control anyone. What has been said in the newspapers today is just sheer rubbish, that is not my boy."

She continued: "I see him every day of the week and there’s no way he would make a girl cry. He’s a normal, loving 22-year-old lad."


A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

She described his everyday life as a reason for his behaviour being different to what he was portrayed as on the show, which is a bit irrelevant? You can go to the gym and be emotionally controlling but alright…

"He’s got hundreds of friends, he goes to the gym every day. They all love him. He goes and plays rugby at the local club, they all love him.

"No friend he’s got, boy or girl, nor any of his ex-girlfriends have got a bad word to say about him," she added. "It’s a real shame this has happened."

The ITV2 show has received over 800 Ofcom complaints over Joe's relationship attitude toward Lucie. Women's Aid described Joe as having "possessive behaviour."

Donlan’s mum has also come out in support of her daughter's relationship with Joe. Speaking to the MailOnline, Celine said that her daughter is “very happy” on the show

Celine also praised ITV for the support they've been giving to both Lucie and the family.

"Lucie should stay on the show," she said.

"We've got no worries over her what so ever, she's very happy. The support given to her and us as a family by ITV has been amazing."


A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

The sandwich seller is now holed up in a Majorcan hotel where he will remain in hiding before flying home to the UK. This is standard Love Island procedure for the reality stars.

ITV bosses brought in new standards of aftercare this year, so it's looking likely that they are protecting Joe from the online anger against him.

He was bombarded with furious messages online over his romance with Lucie, and was accused of being "abusive" for asking her to spend less time with her friend, Tommy Fury.

Lucie is now distraught, and appears to be on the verge of voluntarily leaving the show. Lucie isn't sure how she'll cope without her partner, and is shown in tears in a clip from tonight's episode.

Many fans were also left raging over Amy's treatment of Lucie, after spotting her pulling a face when Lucie was saved.

Feature image: ITV/Love Island


We can all acknowledge that Love Island can have a damaging effect on our mental health.

For one, we arguably lose a few brain cells any time we binge a series of it, but also the lack of diversity in the show is stark.

From racial issues to ridiculously high beauty standards and zero plus-size contestants, it can all be a bit draining.

A new poll conducted by professional marketplace Bidvine has now revealed that four-in-five people feel insecure when they watch the ITV2 hit reality show.

Let's face it, the show depicts scantily-clad stunners in bikinis and swimwear all day looking gorgeous, and rarely ever shows them eating.


A post shared by Love Island (@loveisland) on

Presumably, there was pressure from producers and the show's bosses on the Islanders to maintain a certain weight and look when they entered the villa, which implies that finding love is purely for super skinny, athletic, bronzed beauties.

From an audience perspective, the show is as far from reality as it can get. 

The Bidvine poll also showed that one in eight respondents claimed they had looked up plastic surgery costs whilst watching Love Island.

73 percent said that they felt insecure about their body and 55 percent said the same about their face.


A post shared by Love Island (@loveisland) on

53 percent of the programme's fans also said that they had looked up personal training costs, and 47 percent had searched for nutritionist services.

"Seeing chiselled bodies on Love Island and the summer months approaching, it is amazing to see how many people are seeking out fitness professionals,’ said Russ Morgan, Co-Founder of Bidvine.

Morgan warned that pursuing a healthy lifestyle needs to be done for the correct reasons, and not for body image issues.

Russ also elaborated on the value of seeing your own unqiue beauty;

"Don’t let a television show dictate how people “should” look and don’t work towards that unrealistic standard. Instead, pursue a healthy lifestyle and be confident in knowing that everyone is beautiful."

Since the show began on June 3, there has been a shocking 38 percent increase in personal training bookings through the professional marketplace and a 22 percent increase in nutritionist bookings.

The show's bosses caused outraged when quizzed on their lack of body diversity, after which they claimed the reason is because they "want people to be attracted to each other."

People of any look, race, gender or weight are attractive, there is no one standard of the perfect beauty ideal and the show is causing toxicity.

Make sure to take care of your mental health and be aware of how damaging insecure emotions can be as you focus on fitness. F*ck the 'summer bod' trope.

Feature image; Love Island/ITV


Now, we don't approve in the slightest when women are pitted against each other. It's usually fairly toxic, but we genuinely are confused about the Amy versus Lucie debacle.

Twitter was going OFF last night after the latest Love Island recoupling, where Lucie was saved by Joe. Unfortunately for Amy, her disappointed facial expression was caught on camera, and fans of the show were not exactly loving her look.

It's safe to say the viewers turned on Amy, after the former friends came to blows during the food fight task. Lucie definitely went a little overboard with her targeting of Amy, but the treatment of Lucie in the villa seems pretty unfair.

Yikes.  "Amy is the ‘friend’ that slowly prays for your downfall behind your back," expressed one Twitter user. That sentiment was echoed online, with the audience sticking up for the surfer chick.

Even Dani Dyer had her say; "Just want to give Lucie a cuddle, they need to chill out and leave the girl alone." Joe was acting like a possessive boyfriend again, calling her male friendships "weird" for no reason.

The girls in the villa are also extremely put out by the fact that Lucie gets on with the boys a lot better, and now the poor gal is getting more and more isolated.

Fans are getting concerned for Lucie's wellbeing, after her female friendships seem to have imploded and Joe is arguably carrying out emotional manipulation.

Malin Andersson tweeted; "Can the producers make sure Lucie is ok please." Totally fair comment, in our view. The showrunners have to look out for this type of issue in the villa, and for the mental health of contestants.

"This was horrible to watch. Mental health has been such a big thing but she is constantly being targeted and being made to feel shit. Give the poor girl a break and maybe some support," tweeted another fan.

The viewers are claiming that Amy is leading the pack in terms of bitchiness, and is possibly jealous of Lucie and wants to remain the number one couple alongside Curtis Pritchard, her 'half-boyfriend.'

"The girls are bitchy but Amy’s leading it all, she doesn't like Lucie and she’s 100 percent manipulative.

"She’s turning everyone against her and she can see it’s making the poor girl miserable, then she’s turning on the tears for effect," wrote another Twitter user, having zero time for Amy.

Lucie was trending on Twitter last night after the episode, with many expressing worry for the 21-year-old, and rightfully so.

Another fan pointed out that the sudden turn taken against Lucie began after the whole 'half-boyfriend' announcement, where Amy claimed Lucie stole her and Curtis' thunder. Bit strange?

Amy's consistent talk of Lucie has caught the attention of the audience, who noticed her seeming obsession with discussing Lucie's absence from the group and relationship with Joe.

We're not sure what Curtis really thinks about Amy's constant talk of Lucie, but we don't think he'll have a lot of time for behind-your-back bitchiness.

 "Maybe she wants some time on her own?! It’s intense man! Leave the girl to work our without making her feel like she has to sit in a 24/7 mothers meeting," wrote another viewer.

It's an extremely claustrophobic environment in the villa, it makes sense why Lucie would want time to herself.

Time will tell whether Lucie and Joe will stay together, despite Joe's clear emotional issues and lack of self-esteem. Why else would he be obsessed with Lucie only becoming friends with girls? 

Amy and Curtis seem to be stable, but if Amy apparently continues to create a bitchy atmosphere, anything could happen.

Tune in tonight at 9pm to see the drama unfold.

Feature image: Twitter/@LoveIslandReactions


The Love Island villa is already fairly dramatic, but things are about to get next level chaotic.

After last night's insanely intense recoupling, the producers of the hit ITV show are continuing the madness by sending in two new boys to heat the place up.

Maura and Anna were left single after Tommy and Anton chose Molly and Elma instead, and the solo pair immediately got a text saying they're heading on dates already.

The two new additions will mean that there will be an equal number of girls and boys in the house, but are there even enough beds? Probably not…which means sharing is caring.

The first boy up is 24-year-old Jordan Hames, a model from Manchester who is catching Anna's eye and getting his flirt on;

I bring something different to the other Islanders. I’ve got good energy, I’m really bubbly. I’ve got younger siblings I’m always teasing, so I think I’ll be a bit of a joker of the pack


A post shared by Jordan Mainoo-Hames (@jxrdanhames) on

What does he think are his best features? We're guessing he's pretty into himself…

"My best are my jawline, my trainer collection and how laid back I am in life. I don’t take myself too seriously. My worst traits are that I’m quite clumsy.

"I was once on a first date, bought two cocktails, went to sit down and knocked them over. Sometimes I leave things until the last minute, so I’m often in a rush," he said. Sounds a bit cute, eh?

He rates himself as a "solid 9.8 out of 10. Not quite a 10, no one is perfect. My best feature is my hair."


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He's already admitted to loving all the girls in the villa; "I’m greedy in that sense. I like blondes, brunettes, red heads. I would say Anna, Amber, Molly-Mae and Elma are on my radar.

Who is he looking for? "Someone who has got nice eyes, good energy and good banter, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously but is career driven. I like them to be fiery," he said. We reckon Anna's pretty fiery.

"If I’m in a relationship with someone who says ‘yes’ all the time, I’ll just be seeing what I can get away with. I like someone spontaneous, I love travelling. I’m the sort of guy who will book to go on a city break on a Friday and then go on the Saturday."


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He calls himself a "smooth operator" when it comes to women, and he prefers to meet girls in real life over online; "I saw a girl who was wearing a nice pair of trainers at a concert once, so I went over and complimented her on them and that’s how we started talking. Otherwise I slide into the DMs."

Jennifer Lopez is his celebrity crush, and his main turn off in a girl 'with a really loud, annoying laugh': 

"Over the top. I don’t like really overly dramatic girls. I like girls who are more laid back and chilled, like me. I don’t like drama or people who are high maintenance." 


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He says he's heading into the villa for himself, so he's going to go all the way to get the girl of his dreams:

"I’m going in on my own, although I want to get along with the lads because I’m a lads’ lad, I’m there for myself so if I see a girl I want, I’m going to go for it."

His claim to fame is meeting David Beckham on a modelling shoot, which we're sure he mentions fairly often…


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"For me it takes a lot for me to commit to a girl so when I am single I will dabble here and then. But when I’m committed I am 100% loyal. But only if I meet the right girl," he added.

How loyal will he stay to the boys, though? "I think there’s a gentleman way to go about things. I’m not one to do mates over like that. If I go for it, I’ll do it in the right way."

Fair enough, we're eager to see how things go between Jordan and Anna. Who's heading on a date with Maura? 29-year-old Tom Walker, from Leeds.


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 He describes himself as 'fun' and 'energetic': "I tend to get on with boys and girls. I’m a people person. I enjoy finding out about people. I’m also opinionated and enjoy good discussions." He sees himself as a bit of a Curtis, able to get on with everyone:

"I’m nosy, I enjoy asking questions and getting to know people. I’m fun and always up for doing things. I’m a yes man, I don’t turn many things down. The downside is that I sometimes find it hard to switch off. I can be quite annoying. I’m always on the go." 

He's a model, so he rates his appearance highly enough, but not a 10: "I think I’m a solid eight. I appreciate I’ve been blessed, I wouldn’t be modelling if I wasn’t. People compliment me on my jawline."


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Who is he looking to couple up with?

"I like the new girls – Maura is a cannon. She’s gone in there and torn it up. She might be a bit too hot to handle. I really like Elma. She’s got a look I tend to go for. From day one I liked the look of Lucie, although she seems pretty happy and settled with Joe. I’ll find out whether she is when I get in."

We don't reckon Lucie and Joe are that stable, so maybe Tom will cause a split between the pair.

His perfect girl is "Someone that I can be myself around. I don’t have to play anything up or play anything down. Someone who has got an energy for life, enjoys travelling and socialising."


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His celebrity crush is Michelle Keegan, and he meets girls in bars or through friends. He's never used dating apps, and all of his dates have been 'plain sailing'.

Bad teeth are his immediate turn-off, and he claims to be a 'man's man', whatever that is. " I get on well with guys, I’ve grown up playing football. But I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. We’re all in there for the same reason. In terms of loyalty, he admits to having a wandering eye. (Anton, is that you?!):

"I’m a loyal person. Never say never to the wandering eye because it’s the way of the show. "You feel like you’re really into one person but then who knows? I will make calculated decisions and I’m not going to go rushing in. But I’m loyal so I don’t think I’ll be messing people around too much."


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He describes 'Bro Code' as; "Just be honest. I don’t really want to deal with people that want to play games."

Would anyone know who the hell he is? "Through my work as a model, I’ve appeared in TV adverts and on billboards. People might recognise me from that," Tom says.

Who do we think the boys will suit in the villa? We can't WAIT for tonight's episode, see you at 9pm lads.

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It would take something monumental to force us to give up drink for a full six months, if we're being honest. That cheeky glass of wine on the couch watching Love Island is simply a must.

One of the islanders, Lucie Donlan, has revealed that she gave up drinking alcohol for six months before entering the villa to be at her healthiest when the show began.

The Newquay surfer opened up about the lengths she went to in order to feel her best. In scenes aired on Love Island's Extra Bits, Lucie said: "I haven't had a drink since New Years Eve." We gasped.


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The 21-year-old has already caught the eyes of Tommy Fury, Joe Garratt and Anton Danyluk since entering the Majorcan set, and is coupled up with Joe for the moment.

In a candid chat with the girls, she admitted that she underwent a dramatic diet change in order to feel her best.

The reality star has been spotted nursing a drink in her hand since the show has aired, so it appears she's lifted her own ban.


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It's likely that the health kick was to look her best for the ITV2 series, which emphasises looks and body image to a slightly alarming point.

Lucie dropped from a size 12 to a size 6 in under a year to make it as a professional model.

Lucie told The Mirror: "I used to be much bigger than I was now. When I was surf coaching when I was younger I was so much bigger and then I realised it wasn't healthy for me."


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She changed her lifestyle completely for both her health and her image;

"I started eating much healthier and doing lots of cross fit with my trainer at home. I just carried that on just maintaining it," she explained.

"I did lots of surfing three times a week in a gym. I don't drink or smoke. I was probably about a size 12 and now I am a six to an eight. I was pushing on 11 stone. I wasn’t massive but it just wasn’t healthy."

Something must have worked, because she's been a successful fitness model ever since. We love a pint too much to ever try this though…

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