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Fried chicken is basically one of the best comfort foods there is out there.

Our tastebuds are just tingling thinking about it.

And it turns out, the delish cripsy-ness is the way to our hearts too.

Brown Fried Chicken Wings on White Serving Paper during Daytime

Confused? So we were, but there's a pretty legit explanation for the findings.

A new dating app in the US, Hinge, surveyed 8,000 users and asked what kind of first date would lead to a second.

Of course, the most popular first date is going out for drinks, with 37 per cent saying it would lead to a second date.

However, 24 per cent claimed that if the date included fried chicken, they would definitely be up for a round two.

Trip to KFC, anyone? You might find the love of your life there.


Breaking up is hard to do, and there is no other term for it other than it completely, totally sucks.

Whether you were broken up with or you had to do the breaking up, moving on can be tough no matter how the relationship met its demise.

While we may just want to bury our heads in a bucket of ice cream and vegetate in front on Netflix, there is apparently a new way to speed up the healing process of a broken heart. 

According to science, there is a breakup trick that will help you get over your ex-lover much faster. 

Apparently, just thinking that you are over them makes you over them. Here's how it works. 

A research team from the University of Colorado Boulder ran tests on participants who had recently experienced a ‘romantic rejection,’ and half were given a placebo feel good drug to see how they coped with the feelings. 

The participants were studied in a brain imaging lab while recalling details of their breakup while staring at a picture of their ex. Intense.

The half of the group which were given the 'feel good' placebo drug wer more over their previous relationship than those who weren't.

So it seems that just telling yourself that you're okay is half the battle. 


Look, sometimes we just don't think straight when we're around someone we fancy.

We've twirled our hair only for strands of it to fall out, tried to be sophisticated only for us to tumble on the ground, and we're sure most of us know all about getting that little bit too tipsy in front of your crush only to wake up the next morning with the ultimate fear.


But, 'Gatsbying' is a new term for something we've been doing since the Bebo days.

Image result for embarrassing girl gif

Have you ever shared a picture online, with the sole purpose that your crush will notice it and see how amazingly smart and gorgeous you are?

We're not even going to try to deny it, we've all done it.

According to Mashable, the trend has been coined 'Gatsbying' after the main character in the book The Great Gatsby.

Image result for duck face gif

"Posting a Snapchat to your story and then waiting for that one specific person to watch it, is the modern day equivalent of Gatsby throwing elaborate parties seeking Daisy's attention," wrote a Reddit user named Cupcake-Warrior.

At least we have a name for it now!

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There are few things we truly truly love in this world, but our beds are up there on the list along with our mammies and our dogs. 

Some of us are just emotionally attached to our leabas, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Here's a few home truths that us bed lovers can totally relate to: 

8. There is nothing you can't do in bed.

And no, we don't mean that in a sexual way (or maybe we do, who knows?)

What we actually mean is, you could write a thesis, cook a four-course meal and raise your first born all from the comfort of your own bed if you had the opportunity. 

Image result for multitasking

7. Sometimes you like your bed more than the people you live with.

On that never-ending bus commute home from work, we're more likely to think longingly of seeing our comfy beds than seeing our parents/boyfriends/house mates.

Sorry, not sorry. 

Image result for love you funny celeb

6. Seeing your bed at the end of a long day brings a sense of euphoric joy.

We can only imagine that the feeling we get when we lay down on our beds is the feeling that most people have on their wedding days, no? 

 homer simpson season 4 episode 3 sleeping relaxed GIF

5. You spend an embarrassing amount of money on your bed.

Every time Penneys gets a new homeware collection, you're straight in there getting some new matching duvet sets, fluffy throws and decorative cushions.

Because it's important to invest in the things you love, right? 

Image result for wolf of wall street money

4. Going to bed early is the bomb.com

You cannot beat the feeling of snuggling up early in bed, knowing that you have the opportunity to get a good snooze or even spend an extra hour scrolling mindlessly through Instagram before hitting the hay.

Either way, you get to spend more time in leaba land so it's a win-win.

Image result for bed early

3. Sometimes, you don't even want to go to sleep because then your time in bed will be over

Seriously, sometimes we dread the gentle lull of sleep because we know that then it will be all too soon time to wake up.

It's a conflicting glass case of emotion. 

Image result for kardashian crying

2. Getting up in the morning… we can't even. 

Leaving the toasty burrito of blankets that is bed in the mornings is torture.

If we could wear our duvets for the day, we would.  Don't try us. 

Image result for viktor and rolf

1. Waking up early on a Sunday morning…

…but lazing in bed for hours with tea, a book, the radio or a good movie is what we can only imagine heaven to be like. 

Seriously, don't even try to move us from our blanket nest. 

Image result for kim kardashian bed

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Chrissy Teigen is probably one of the coolest celebs out there.

She's not afraid to speak her mind, she stands up for what she believes in, she's a doting mother… and did we mention she's hella hot?

The model celebrated Valentine's Day is probably the sexiest way possible  – by senerading her hubby, John Legend, with a sexy photoshoot.

The 31-year-old teamed up with LOVE magazine to bring us (and John, obvs) a very risqué photoshoot and video… and now she's probably the envy of everyone.

If only we could all look like that today… 


These days, we get a lot of information from the Internet.

You're sick? Google it. You're stuck on a crossword puzzle? Google it. Can't remember the name of that great movie? Google it.

But for the day that's in it, I think that one thing we shouldn't be Google-ing is love.

Yet, taking a quick flick through Facebook, I come across article upon article telling me that 'These three signs mean your relationship is going to last' and 'How to make this Valentine's Day the best one yet'.

One website I stumbled upon had five articles in a row from 'experts' telling its readers how to do Valentine's Day or how to survive it if you're single.

But why do we need this? Why do we need a stranger to validate our relationships? And why the f*ck is someone telling you that you need to survive this day? It's not the zombie apocalypse.

In an article titled 'Valentine's Day: how to survive and achieve romantic enlightenment', I came across a paragraph that reads, "Valentine's Day is a 'thing' and you're going to do it properly. You spend 42 hours choosing an outfit, then cry when you still don't look genuinely pretty."

Seriously? Is every girl who reads this supposed to believe that this how Valentine's Day should be? That we have to put ourselves under that much pressure 'for the day that's in it'? 

Image result for love

We rely so much on these 'Internet professionals', but we don't even know who they are. So, why should we trust them? 

Because, let's be honest – if you have a fight with your other half, you're going to click into that article that reads 'Experts say this is the one sure-fire sign your relationship is in trouble' and then you're going to freak TF out that your partner is going to break up with you because the article says he isn't your soulmate.

These articles are far from helpful and probably put more worry in us than anything else. It's so unnecessary.

And from these articles, there's a fall back effect in society.

On a recent night out, I was told by an acquaintance I was too young to be in a relationship, and that she read on the Internet that a person of my age shouldn't be tied down to a man, which she agrees with.

But why was it her business? And why was she believing these people on the Internet even though I, in person, was telling her I was happy?

The same goes for people who are single. One of my close friends is at breaking-point with people telling her to "get a man." And while she dibs her toe in the dating department, she's content with her single life and is thriving in her career – so why are people pressuring her to settle down?

And the laughable thing is, we're the same age. Yet, I shouldn't be with my partner and she should be with one.

Look, we all want that happy ending. We all want successful careers and loving relationships – but we need to start trusting ourselves more and stop believing everything these people behind the keyboard tell us.

Image result for love

Whether you're single or partnered-up, if you're happy, you're happy. We all need to stop putting such unnecessary strain on ourselves because the Internet is telling us that something is wrong – when really, for the most part, everything is perfectly fine.

Trust your family, trust your friends, hell, trust your dog… but most importantly, when it comes to your love life, trust yourself.


When it comes to finding love in the modern era, technology has taken over as the avenue of choice for hopeful singletons.

Pop the term ‘dating site’ into Google and you are rewarded with over 65 million results (that’s a lot of singles) so to say we’re spoiled for choice is a blatant understatement.

From Tinder to Plenty of Fish to Match.com, there are literally hundreds of thousands of places to meet people online.

That’s not to say that people don’t meet each other organically anymore, say by bumping into each other at a bar or randomly meeting on the street, but with 59 percent of people thinking that online dating is a good way to meet people, and 27 percent of adults aged 18-24 currently using dating apps and websites according to The Pew Research Centre, it’s definitely a popular method of looking for love.

However, some people are becoming jaded with the current state of (love) affairs, and seek a more hands on, up-close-and-personal method of finding the one.

Matchmaking has been a long standing tradition in Irish culture, dating back to the 1500s. Many communities had their own professional matchmakers to make the pairings in the village or town.

While Ireland has moved on from those days, matchmaking is still a booming industry in the 21st century, at a time when convenience and technology is the name of the game, matchmaking companies provide a more personal investment opportunity in finding the one.

“As people get into their 30s, some of them lose their wingmen as people settle down, so we decided to become the wing men in a very safe environment,” says Feargal Harrington, who runs Intro Matchmaking with his wife Rena, who have thousands of members on their books.

Rena and Feargal were match made themselves by Feargal’s brother, and Feargal says that if he and Rena had been shown each other’s online dating profiles, they probably would have been very reluctant to meet each other.

One match-made date turned into six-and-a-half-years of romance, and now they are making the same thing happen for up to 100 potential couples each week all over the country.

Matchmaking is different to other forms of dating, because the prospective daters know that the person they will meet is genuinely looking for love, unlike online dating where people’s motives can be questionable.

“They know that everyone is invested, physically, mentally and financially in actually meeting someone for a long term relationship or marriage. The people who joining Intro Matchmaking are sincere and they want something long term,“ he said.

The appeal of matchmaking seems to be the human element. There are no algorithms slotting people together based on corresponding traits, there is a real team of people in a room in Dublin figuring out who is best for you to meet with.

And with a success rate of 1 in 4, the odds of finding a long term bae through matchmaking seem to be in your favour.

While the success rates are high, some people scoff at the thought of matchmaking for fear of looking desperate.

“The people who go to matchmakers are confident people with their lives lined up, they know what they want out of life and now they want someone to compliment what they already have going for them, not fix them. People have to be truly ready.“

“There is nothing embarrassing about being proactive in wanting to meet someone. Matchmaking puts you in a pool of people where every other person has honourable intentions.”

Looking deeply into the wants, needs and intentions of those seeking a matchmaking service is something Jennifer Haskins, creator of Two's Company, specialises in.

With a background in psychology and counselling, the Dun Laoghaire resident uses her own life experience to make the perfect pairings.

"We pick up on things people don’t even know about themselves after doing this for so long," laughs Jennifer, who has almost 9 years experience in match making behind her, and utilises her past dating and relationship experience to benefit her clients. 

"I had tried online dating, and speed dating and gone out to social events. I then signed up to an agency and I met someone, and I realised that this was a really good way to meet a partner. It was much more professional and I just felt very safe."

After starting Two's Company, the demand was so high that Jennifer's phone was ringing constantly, as people who were jaded with the current dating scene sought her services for a more humanistic experience.

"What’s happening today is the young people, they’re going out and because they have the likes of tinder and all these online apps they just don’t seem to communicate anymore, they just stay in their own groups."

"I don’t think they’re making the effort, whereas years ago if you think about it these things weren’t available so people had to communicate they had to and they wanted to. That’s not happening now."

While Jennifer firmly believes (and has the testimonials from her clients to prove) that romance isn't dead, she does think that young people are going about finding love the wrong way. 

"There is no courting, no 'lets talk', no 'lets get to know each other', no 'lets find out if there is anything more than the physical,' its purely surface."

And while women may complain that men never approach them or that guys just are not forward enough, expert Jennifer does feel that there are reasons for this.

"If a guy approaches a group of girls, he runs the risk of rejection not only from the girl that he’s interested in, but also from her friends."

"I can understand when guys say how hard it is, because it must be and it’s not easy to walk into a group of girls and say hi because people can be cruel."

"They can be very off hand and they can kind of give him the brush off, and then the guy has to walk away with his tail between his legs and back to the group of lads who have just witnessed this, and then he’s going to be slagged."

We all make judgements about people before we even know them, be that online through their social media or out at a bar with the girls, and this could be what is holding so many people back from finding the one. 

"Pre-judging is something I encourage people in my business not to do, because you do not know what that person is going to be like until you turn up to that date and meet them face to face."

"You have no idea. You need to park the judgement and just wait and say no, I’m going to wait until I get to know them a bit better," says Jennifer.

Jennifer cites the added pressures of modern life as another element which comes between people finding romance.

"The stakes have been raised and the sense of being driven to achieve, people are staying in college longer, so then when they do get the job that they wanted it’s time to climb the ladder there."

Then, after years of focusing on nights out and climbing the career ladder, people wake up one day and realise that the want kids and marriage, and it hits them like a thunderbolt. 

"They are amazing, attractive women and I’m surprised men aren’t beating the door down to get to them, but that’s just not where their focus is."

The focus on authenticity is what sets agencies like Two's Company and Intro apart from the other forms of dating available. 

There are no secret partners, no suspicious motives and no hidden agendas, everyone is signing up with the same intentions, which is why it's such a shame that people would give up on love before exploring all their options. 

"I think a lot of people have (given up on love) and it’s an awful waste because there are so many people out there that really want a relationship, and I suppose that the difference between what we do at Two’s Company and the likes of Tinder and all the rest, because on the sites there would be a lot of hook ups and one night stands, and were all aware that with the dating agencies there is a very high level of buy in."

"You have a buy-in on a financial level but also on a physical and emotional level, as you have to be transparent and say this is me, this is what I’m looking for.

"They have to be transparent and prove that they are who they say they are, they have to sign a contract to say that the information they have given us is honest and correct and that’s a big ask, so I find when people come to an agency there is that level of authenticity and honesty."

Because after all, why would someone pay hundreds of euro to lie about their agenda to a matchmaking service, when they can do it on the internet for free?

The only agenda behind match making agencies is to help people find someone to spend their life with. 

Jennifer reminisces on the correspondences she keeps up with happy couples who she has personally paired at Two's Company, and it is clear from the smile on her face that the news of engagements, marriages and babies from these couples gives her a true sense of delight. 

"Everybody you meet you just want to look after them and you want it to work out, and you know that you don’t have total control, you’re not god, and you can’t play god, all you can do is just hope that it works."



It's all about love tonight on the annual Valentine's Day version of the Late Late show.

Host Ryan Tubridy will be playing cupid again this year, as a number of singles join him on the show to find their one true love.

In the romantic special, 200 singles from all over Ireland will be in the audience hoping that their perfect match is in the room too. 

There will be dating games and all sorts of Valentine's-themed malarkey going on, and Ryan will catch up with Dave, one of last years romantic hopefuls.

Presenter Ryan will be joined by a host of familiar faces, as the likes of social media influencer James Kavanagh,  radio host Bernard O’Shea and presenter Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh will be on stage to chat candidly about love, sex and relationships.

Crystal Swing and Dickie Rock will be on hand to serenade the audience, and in a slightly eccentric turn of events, Linda Martin and Al Porter will collaborate on an 80’s rockstar performance.

Speaking about the love of sport, Cork camogie all star Ashling Thompson will also be on hand to discuss her amazing return to the pitch after a severe car crash left doctor wondering if she would ever be able to play the beloved game again. 

The Late Late Show Valentine’s Special kicks off tonight at 9.35pm on RTE One, and we're already boiling the kettle in preparation. 


Despite all the chat about the younger generations being promiscuous, Tinder-loving, bed-hopping deviants, a new study has shown that millenials are actually lonelier than other age groups.

57 percent of 5000 millennials polled in a new study admitted that they are lonely, but despite the forever-alone feels they are actively looking for love.

Millennials are 125 percent more likely to admit that they are addicted to making potential romantic connect ions with others, compared to other generations, which reflects out smart phone-obsessed way of life. 

The way that technology has enabled people to connect in our generation is extraordinary, but millennials are 22 percent more likely to feel that the dating technology holds them back from finding true romance, or makes the pursuit of love more difficult.

This isn't surprising really when some dating apps and websites, on which 57 percent of millennials admit to having a profile, encourage users to make a judgement based purely on looks rather than deeper connective traits like intelligence, personality and common morals. 

Some technological turn offs that the study revealed were people who openly complain about things on Facebook and people who are constantly on their social media accounts instead of focusing on real life. We know a few people who could do with reading that statistic. 

The study, conducted by Match.com, also found that, while millennials may be lonelier, we are less likely to see sex before the first date as a bad thing.

In fact, up to 48 percent of millennial couples have already slept together before their first date, having met randomly and hooked up in the heat of the moment. 

Looking for love in 2017? 30 percent of the population are in the same boat, so surely there are enough girlfriends and boyfriends for everyone.

It's not surprising that millennials are feeling the heat when it comes to coupling off, as our generation are 117 percent more likely to get overwhelmed over the pressure of marriage. So if all our aunties could stop asking us when he's putting a ring on it, that would be fab. 

While it would be nie to catch feelings in time for Valentine's Day, being single isn't all that bad, right? 


Who says that Valentine's Day has to be all about flowers, chocolates, and perfume?

We say – go a little different this year!

Indeed, if you are in love with a gamer, you might want to consider the following delights on February 14…

Left to right: Gamestop  Play Station 4 –  from €299.99

Gamercon Convention Tickets , Dublin – from €25.00

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Nerdymugs Mug – €12.52

Left to right: Spreadshirt Gaming is my life hoodie – €41.25

The Dawson Spa, Dublin Couples Massage at  €149.00

Zipit Ziplining Dublin, Roscommon and Cork €30.00

Barts Tahan Beanie €25.00

Left to right: Greenes Restaurant Tasting menu – €59.00pp

Budget Travel Paris breaks – from €159.00pp

Victoria's Secret Lace Bustier – €67.04 and Knickers €30.75

Ann Summers Chocolate Body Paint – €10.75


We all remember how it felt when we met our partners, the passion was euphoric. Hearts and pulses racing, the nerves when they would walk into a room, and the butterflies in our stomachs kept us on a constant high.

In the beginning, you were inseparable, you couldn’t get enough of each other. But endless bickering has replaced late nights, endless texts, lustful glances, dinners and movies.

So, when all that subsides, does it mean the relationship is dead, or is there something deeper going on?

Most individuals enter into a relationship with some form of baggage, personal needs, hopes, and desires meaning that couples won’t always be on the same page, and arguments will flare up.

So, if you find yourselves constantly arguing,counselling may help to restore some equilibrium.

Here is what to do when you want to revive your relationship:

1. Speak to a professional

A qualified counsellor is trained to teach you how to communicate effectively, which can only help, right? Many people feel safer sharing their feelings with their partner in the presence of a mediator, as it gives the opportunity to talk honestly and openly.

Often, we are so consumed by what is bothering us, we forget to listen, or hear the other person.

2. Talking and listening

Counselling will help, but try to listen, talk, and stay calm with your other half. Good communication is so important in a relationship, and will help to keep it strong, even when things get tough.

3. Have some fun together

Being cooped up in the house all the time is no fun at all. Yes, Netflix is brilliant, but you can’t spend your life in front of the TV. If you’re stuck in the house a lot, and are constantly at each other’s throats, chances are you’re both suffering from cabin fever.

The daily grind can be stressful, so why not get out of the house? Go on a date, and remember what it was like when you first fell in love.

Feel the stress melt away, rekindle the romance, and sparks will fly!



Getting your act together for Valentine's Day can be extra difficult, especially when you're broke.

However, skimping on the splurging doesn't spell the end of date night for you and your partner.

There are plenty of free things you can do to make that day special, no cost involved. 

1. Cycling


A photo posted by Cal Good (@calgood) on

The best thing about nature, besides its beauty, is that it's free.

A cycling date is an amazing way to explore parts of Ireland that you have never experienced before, all the while accumulating a smug sense of self-satisfaction knowing that you're getting your daily dose of fresh air and exercise.

Pick a delightful scenic cycling route for you and your bae, along the coast or through a big city park. 

2. Back garden picnic

Weather permitting, a dusk back garden picnic is the ultimate dream date, and it's totally free. 

Rig a fort in your garden using sheets and make a sitting area underneath with rugs, throws, and plenty of cushions. 

Keep the food simple so theres no need to keep dashing inside to make sure nothing is burning, and lose the run of yourself with the fairy lights, draping them all over everything to create a special, romantic ambience. 

You can even prop the laptop up and enjoy a movie chilling in your outdoor fort, or if it's getting too cold as darkness approaches, wrap up and take the movie inside. 

3. Night in


A photo posted by jenna_cosentino (@jenna_cosentino) on

Nights in have a shameful reputation for being boring, but there's no need for that.

Save the Netflix and chill for another day and get out some board games or a deck of cards for you and your love interest to play. 

Making your own pizzas from scratch (or just popping a frozen one in the oven) is the perfect relaxed games night food, and a scattering of throw pillows, fairy lights and candles gives the place some ambience. 

4. Catch a gig


A photo posted by Matt (@matt_s_jolly) on

The great thing about pubs is that there is a great atmosphere, great music, and most importantly, no cover charge.

Bringing your potential bae to a great pub to enjoy a spot of live music is always a good idea, and if you can bear not to buy a pint it's totally free.

Some of the best bands and singers out there began doing pub gigs, and there are some seriously talented musicians singing their hearts out in pubs all over the country every weekend. 

5. Surfing


A photo posted by katiesurfs (@katiesurfs) on

Pack up your car, bike or bus ticket and head to your nearest surf spot for a day of riding the waves, amongst other things.

Surfing is free if you already have your own board, and while it's technically not free if you don't, a two hour lesson is usually around €30, so pretty reasonable.

Bring a picnic of sandwiches because you're sure to be starving after, or splurge even more on some seaside chipper food, and don't forget a giant blanket to cuddle in on the beach when you're freezing to death after your foray into the Atlantic.