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Molly-Mae Hague revealed in a juicy Instagram Q&A yesterday that it won’t be long before she decides to have a baby with boyfriend, Tommy Fury.

The 21-year-old decided to answer some of her followers’ questions yesterday evening while Tommy was at the gym. It wasn’t long before the question arose again, “How much longer will it be before you and Tommy have a baby?”

Molly-Mae replied, “Probably not ages! Like, I’ve always wanted to have a baby slightly younger anyway. So I’m not going to be super, super old, and I’m not going to be super super young.”


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Molly-Mae went on to answer some more fan questions, including how she deals with body-shaming. Molly-Mae became subject to this while posting bikini snaps on a previous holiday this year. She responded, “Again, you just become used to it, which is disgusting really.”

“But I’m literally a size eight, so if I’m fat and lardy then you just can not pay any notice to it… And I’m quite good at that.” 

The former Love Islander gave out her own relationship advice when asked if she ever feels insecure with Tommy, and questions if she’s good enough. Molly-Mae was confident in her response when she said, “No, I can safely say I’ve never felt this. If you are with someone who is making you feel like that, then they are not someone that you want to be with.”


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“Never, ever, ever be with someone that doesn’t make you feel anything other than amazing and like you’re literally the only girl in the world”.

The Love Island couple turned 21 together in lockdown back in May of this year. Currently they’re holidaying on the beautiful island of Crete, with fellow Love Islander, Maura Higgins, Molly-Mae’s sister Zoe and hairdresser Jay Birmingham.


Maura Higgins has given an explanation for her shocked (and pretty angry) face as the Love Island winners were revealed on Monday night.

The Irish grid girl was accused of having a sour face when Amber GIll and Greg O'Shea were announced as King and Queen of the villa ahead of Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague.

Many fans claim that Tommy and Molly deserved the £50,000 prize, seeing as they are the only official couple in the villa.

28-year-old Maura has now confirmed her displeasure after the vote was called out, saying; "You know what, I'm not going to lie – I was shocked.

"Obviously, I love Greg and Amber to bits, but I mean, it’s Love Island. Molly and Tommy have found love, it’s genuine love, and I was without a doubt shocked. I thought they had it in the bag.”

She added: "It is Love Island and they found love." Maura also stuck up for her friend Molly-Mae after she was accused of faking her feelings for Tommy to nab the prize money.

"I don’t have a clue why – Molly-Mae is the most genuine girl I’ve ever met in my life. She is without a doubt besotted by Tommy, and they’re the perfect couple.”

The winning couple have since made their relationship official, silencing critics who hit out at them for winning after only being together for two weeks.

During an interview with the Mirror, Greg asked Amber if they were now exclusive. "I think that… yeah," she said.


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Greg responded: "I don’t think it's in our nature to see other people. We’re both quite loyal and we’re really into each other at the moment even though it’s only early stages. So definitely we’re only seeing each other."

Amber's ex Michael Griffiths infamously cheated on her during trip to Casa Amor and broke her heart by recoupling with Joanna Chimonides. 

Greg notoriously kept calling him 'Mike', which was beyond hilarious, so perhaps the comment about loyalty was a sly (deserved) dig? We love it, Greg. Go team.

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