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The people of Twitter have shared the best kisses in TV history and we are swooning. Some of the most iconic on-screen couples made the list, but do you agree with the top smooches?

Writer Jenna Guillaume got the ball rolling on Twitter by revealing her fave snog and it’s a classic.

She wrote: “There are SO many I love, but my absolute fave has to be Nick and Jess. I think about this kiss a lot."

Us too, Jenna. Us too.

Classic couples like Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair obviously made the list, alongside Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Jake and Amy

The SHEmazing team decided to share our fave TV kisses from our most beloved TV shows.

'Mine is Bill and Sookie from True Blood!

The early seasons of the show were brilliant and they were also a couple in real life – they got together while filming season one I think which is a nice added detail.'

-Jennifer McShane, Editor

'Jess and Rory's kiss in Gilmore Girls is so hyped-up – the sexual tension fizzes between them for months before it happens.

And you can see that their chemistry is real – they started dating after they met on the show, after all.'

-Aoife Loughnane, Editorial Intern

'When Rachel makes up with Ross. I think this was after the whole 'we were on a break thing'. But all of them sat down to watch an old home video of Rachel and Monica's prom.

Rachel crosses the room and kisses him romantically and we're reminded that nothing could ever come in between Ross and Rachel. I mean, they're Ross and Rachel after all.'

-Shayna Sappington, Editorial Intern

Emily and Paige from Pretty Little Liars, the journey for them both to overcome their fears about being judged for their sexuality is touching. 

-Sarah Magliocco, Deputy Editor

'My fave on-screen kiss also took place in Stars Hollow. Rory and Logan's naive and intense relationship was just so endearing. The kisses shared on mornings in their apartment always made me turn to mush.'

-Kat O’Connor, Staff Writer



So, while a Friends reunion may be totally off the cards, fans of the sitcom will be delighted to hear that one of the show's creators has shed some light on the future lives of the beloved characters. 

Speaking at a comedy show runners panel for The Wrap's Emmy Series, David Crane, answered the question on everyone's lips: Are Ross and Rachel still together?

Much to the delight of many fans, Crane revealed that everything worked out in the end for the infamous on-again, off-again couple. 

“Yes. Come on, they worked really hard, ten years,” he said. 

He also informed curious fans that Monica and Chandler were doing just fine. 

However, it wasn't all good news.Crane quickly dashed all hopes of a possible reunion whe  he quite bluntly stated it would "never happen." 

“Never. We did it! It's done,” he continued. “That's why you don't want to see more of it because it's all a happy ending."


We'll be honest with you; this story baffles us.

Now, we can all relate to fangirling HARD over a movie franchise, tv programme or celebrity (*cough* Michael B Jordan, AKA The Snack *cough*) but this YouTuber took things pretty damn far all on her lonesome.

Chi with a C has become a viral sensation after recreating the entire first episode scene-for-scene of famous New York sitcom Friends

Despite having zero props and costumes, and only a Macbook green-screen for company, the superfan made the pilot episode all by herself and we are IMPRESSED.

It must have taken her hours and hours of work, and we're pretty sure she was procrastinating some kind of college work but boy did she commit.

She did it all in her pyjamas too, for an…alternative…costume wardrobe. Not bad for a cast of one though, we have to say

The YouTuber uses her channel for comedy purposes, as you may have guessed.

The comedian-in-training previously turned herself into Sharon Osbourne and even recreating Thank U Next with whistles alone. Alright then, each to their own..

She's got ten seasons of Friends material to dissect should she please, she seems to have the spare time on her hands anyways.


Friends has been revealed as the most-watched streaming show and we’re not one bit surprised. There are dozens of series we need to watch, but sometimes all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch Friends, despite the fact that you’ve seen every episode at least five times.

In a report by Ofcom, the American comedy came out on top, beating shows like Peaky Blinders, The Crown and Stranger Things to the number one spot.

There are so many things we love about the show, from Chandler’s witty sense of humour to Monica’s immaculate apartment- can she come over and clean our houses, please?

Some episodes will have you doubled over with laughter, whilst others will warm your heart. Some might leave you feeling pretty emotional and others will actually teach you important life lessons.

Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica and Rachel took their final bow in 2004 when The Last One Part 2 aired, but the show has only strengthened in popularity since we waved goodbye to the gang.

14 years on from the final episode and the show is just as popular as ever. It’s easier than ever to tune into the show with never-ending episodes on Comedy Central and the entire 236 episodes on Netflix.

The show's charm, humour and loveable characters make it easy to watch again and again, but there’s also a scientific reason behind our love for the sitcom.

Author Neel Burton told Huffington Post: “Nostalgia can lend us much-needed context, perspective and direction, reminding and reassuring us that our life is not as banal as it may seem. It also tells us that there have been — and will once again be –meaningful moments and experiences.”

Now that we know watching Friends is good for us we’ll be binge-watching the show until we’re old and grey.

Could we BE more excited?


Friends was the most popular sitcom of the 90s, and it still holds a special place in our hearts today. 

The hilarious characters taught us so many life lessons throughout 10 wonderful seasons (that are ALL on Netflix now, so we have no excuse). 

Check out the 13 things we learned from our favourite New Yorkers…

1.Not everyone likes to share food, and that's okay.

2. How to charm the opposite sex.

3. The difference between breaking up, and being on a break!

4. Go easy on the fake tan for goodness sake.

5. How to lift furniture…

6. True love DOES exist!

7. Sign language for everyday use.

Image result for sign language in friends gif

8. To love yourself, no matter what! 

Image result for friends gif

9. Mexican food solves EVERYTHING.

10. Casual dating is okay guys!

11. Ladies can propose too!

12. How to take a GREAT photo.

Image result for chandler smile gif

13. How to dance like a total BOSS.

Image result for friends dancing gif

13. Most importantly, it taught us that friendship is the most IMPORTANT thing ever!




Despite the fact that the last ever episode of Friends aired over ten years ago (we're SO old), Ross and Rachel remain one of those classic couples you think of when true love crops into question. 

Why? Because they were realistic, things were far from perfect, they made mistakes but in the end, it all worked out the way we needed it to. 

Here are 7 lessons Ross and Rachel taught us about love:

1. It’s always important to have fun together

2. A little jealousy is healthy…

3. But too much can lead to disaster

4. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do that counts

5. Things aren’t always black and white

6. You should always support your love's interests…no matter what they are

7. Just because you *really* want something to work out, doens’t mean it will

8. But at the end of the day, true love will always prevail

Aww! We love you as much as you love each other, Ross and Rachel! 


There is a common misconception that our beloved Friends characters Ross and Rachel were absolutely made for each. Yes, it took them a while to both get there, but when they did, it was perfect, blissful, a match-made-in-heaven and so on and so forth.

Eh, wrong.

Here are just five reasons we think this whole made-for-each other belief is totally out of whack.

1. Rachel decided she liked Ross when she saw video evidence that he was mad about her.

Did she genuinely like him or did she really, really like the fact he really, really liked her? Oooh, interesting decision.

2. He almost sabotaged her career by acting like a lunatic and constantly showed up in her new workplace.

Is that the actions of someone who’s ‘made’ for someone else? Dear God, no!

3. When did they actually seem happy together?

If they weren’t bickering about Rachel’s co-worker Mark, they were disagreeing about how they visualised a future together. Just a little something to ponder.

4. OK, this is kind of a biggie, but girls, he did cheat on her mere hours after they decided to take a small step back from their relationship.

Does the person who’s ‘made for you’ jump into bed with someone else after an argument? We hope not!

5. Em, girls, she agreed to marry Joey.

If you’re made for someone, do you accept what you think is a marriage proposal off their best friend mere hours after you gave birth to your supposed soulmate's child? Eh, we think not.

So, he wasn't her lobster, he did not have her best interests at heart, they weren't exactly fun to be around, he cheated on her and she said yes to someone else.

Sorry to say it ladies, but the Ross and Rachel fairytale is just that; a fairytale. Sob!



It may be over twenty years since Friends first aired – but Ross and Rachel's love story will always be one of our favourites. 

Here are the times they made us believe in true love:

1. The time she realised


2. When Ross finds out…


3. When they kiss


4. When Ross got ready for the prom and he was her lobster


​5. Whenever they play U2…


6. When they had a baby together


7. When Rachel actually gets off the plane