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18-year-old Katie McGloin is a truly special teenager.  Despite her youth, the Bundoran entrepreneur recognises the responsibility of business owners to be aware of social issues surrounding us.

Being passionate about the gender spectrum, LGBTQ+ and feminist problems in our world has only contributed to Katie's drive as a young women running a business.

She is the founder of Ireland's first gender neutral clothing brand, K.T. Clothing Co., which is currently taking the country by storm. 

K.T. Clothing Co. is a clothing line set up specifically to allow people to feel comfortable in their preferred style of clothing, no matter what their gender identity is.

The company mission has always been "achieve goals without gender roles", and Katie has stayed true to her word: Every single item of clothing is totally gender neutral.

K.T. Clothing Co. remains affordable to their customers, hoping to allow everyone into their way of styling clothes.

Inclusivity is always the intention, the company aims to welcome everyone with open arms. Fashion can be extremely limiting for many people, especially in terms of both body diversity, class and cost, and gender identity.


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Katie is extremely passionate about human rights, which led her to set up her gender neutral clothing brands. She strongly maintains an advocacy for those who are unable to feel comfortable in 'gendered' outfits.

The teen consistently promotes the reduced need for gender roles in modern society, quickly gaining skills as a public speaker and activist on issues such as LGBTQ+ equality, gender identity and feminism. 

As well as her work as an activist, she regularly donates clothes to LGBTQ+ charities such as TENI and LINC Cork, and is an ambassador for Shona.ie, an initiative that supports women from all over the world.

Allowing everyone into the world of fashion is part of Katie's mission, and the business has totally taken off as a result. Clearly, a huge amount of people relate to her, and support her cause.

Dr Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, has recognised the work carried out by Katie McGloinn and her dedication to her community from a young age.

Since beginning her business in Transition Year of School back in 2016, she has been awarded and celebrated for K.T. Clothing Co. on numerous occasions.

Katie was awarded as Foroige’s National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, and won The Irish Women’s Award for Young Entrepreneur this year.

As well as these incredible achievements, Katie has been honoured as JCI Ireland National Top Outstanding Young Person – Contribution to Human Rights and/or World Peace 2019.


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Katie knew that if she felt uncomfortable in clothes which were created as either masculine or feminine, there must be others out there who feel the exact same way. 

As of 2017, she is an ambassador for The Shona Project, empowering woman globally and won the Irish SME Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year last year.

As part of the initiative, herself and the charity's founder, Tammy Darcy, were invited to meet their royal highnesses the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle on their visit to Ireland during the summer. 

The youngster is paving the way for gender diversity in fashion, and we couldn't be more proud that she's representing Ireland. She's just finishing her Leaving Cert exams, so the world is her oyster.

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Nowadays, when some of us need career and lifestyle guidance, Instagram has taken over as one of the leading platforms to imitate those whose lives we'd love to lead.

However, when it comes to so many of the primary influencers, the image looks pretty far from reality, not to mention relatability.

Luckily for us, BBC broadcaster, style guru and journalist Angela Scanlon is renowned for her Irish charm, her gorgeous style and her affiliation with Irish brands. 

From studying business in college to making the big move across the pond and making it as a stylist and broadcaster, we could DEFINITELY use some of her advice.


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We stopped by the launch of Aer Lingus and Bank of Ireland's collaborative project; the new Aer Credit Card, to chat with Angela.

Acting as their new brand ambassador, she gives us some travel tips, career path wisdom and self-care supplements. The card itself sounds like an unreal choice; with two free lounge passes, two priority boarding passes and two return flights to Europe once you hit the 5000 euro spending amount as well as travel insurance on offer. The gal chooses her partners wisely, that's for sure.

As well as boosting Irish companies, she splits her time between London and Dublin while taking care of her daughter Ruby Ellen, who turns one this February.

Since her time at Xpose and Off The Rails back in 2008, Angela has gone from strength to strength on her career path. She now works as a BBC presenter for The One Show, Robot Wars and acts as a panellist for big UK names.


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How did she go from studying business to practising fashion guru? Picking out stunner styles is a lot harder than it looks, we suspect…

"In a nutshell, I studied business, I then set up a stall in the loft, I started personal shopping in Dundrum and from there I went into TV as a pundit doing fashion news and trends. From there I knew I really liked TV, and I started pitching fashion programme ideas at the time and then Oi, Ginger, which was the first documentary I did. It all kicked off from there," she says.

We're taking notes in our pristine fashion bible for future reference, and are working up the courage to enquire about her haircare routine. (Those auburn locks are just mesmerising)

"It was a slightly zig-zaggy way of doing things, but I think that was an absolute blessing. At the time I thought ‘Oh God, it’s taking me ten years to figure all of this out’, but actually having had that path often gives me a different perspective and different approach, which I think is a good thing.”

‘I always say to people who think they’ve done the wrong thing, having studied the thing that they want to do ultimately, that actually there are ways of turning that into an advantage. It’s never too late," she continues.

" thought, when I got to London that I was too old to get a break there. You had to be 22 and kind of fresh, whereas I was almost 30 at that stage when I went there. It’s never too late to do what you want to do, but start somewhere.”

The presenter has been open towards her social media followers in the past when it comes to feeling burnt out, trying to make it in an alien city.

One Instagram post in particular saw Angela open up about life as an Irish gal abroad, looking to make a name for herself;

"London was so SO alien to me at that point , I was coming over here with a smile on my face knocking on doors and showing up every single day. Meanwhile I was working for myself in Ireland, trying to build a career in both countries and not really believing I deserved one in either. I was so hideously lonely, I couldn’t find my way around the Tube, I felt constantly out of my depth & I was riddled with self-doubt. I was blindly focused and so terrified I would fail that I didn’t have time to do anything on a personal level… my relationship was under strain, my friends had lost me and my family, although supportive, did wonder what the hell I was doing it for," she wrote.


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"I was not even 30 and was close to being burnt the f*ck out! I felt like it was too late to build something, too late to “get a break”, too late to make a go of things & I spent a lot of time deeply regretting the lack of focus I had in my twenties. Really it was a lack of confidence, a lack of belief in my own ability."

It's this kind of honesty that draws her followers to look up to her as a type of down-to-earth mentor. She describes her life in London fondly, but stays true to her Irish roots.

"I do a lot of work with the London Irish Centre, which has Kerrygold and Tayto Irish crisps and McCambridge bread and Cadbury’s chocolate which is better here. Most things you can get online, but it’s more the familiarity, the feeling of always bumping into someone you know in Dublin. That small-town-feel that Dublin has is really quite unique. Not just if you’re Irish, that’s how it feels if you come here. One of my girlfriends came over to Dublin for a five-day break and spent the last three days looking for a job here so she could stay.”

The woman is loyal to the Emerald Isle by the sounds of things. What drove Angela to make the big move?

“There’s loads of work here (in Dublin) but it’s individual to everybody. I chose to move abroad because I was kind of doing Ireland and the UK at the same time, it was never a deliberate move. Different people move for different reasons. I certainly think the pace is very different, but I do miss the familiarity of having your mum or dad up the road. You take for granted that we’re a new generation who have moved to England who have a lot more opportunities than our parents would have had. You kind of forget that there is a massive amount of vulnerability over there. There’s homelessness and addiction problems that many Irish people struggle with over here, but London is a big city and can be very isolating”

How does she follow her rules of self-care now that she's a big name? She claims that bath-time is where she finds her chill;

“It’s kind of about being really disciplined with yourself about giving yourself a little bit of time. t can be a bit of a luxury, but being in that for, whatever, 20 minutes, and using a face mask. That ritual of putting something on and for ten minutes just hitting pause, I think that’s really important. I’ve started running again, which I haven’t done for a long time. Everyone has to start somewhere."

Be it the start, middle or end, Angela's got it covered. Please be our life coach?

For more information on Aer Lingus and Bank of Ireland's new collaborative Aer Credit Card, click here.


Iconic whiskey distillers Jameson are making a final call for college graduates to apply for its renowned 2019/20 international graduate programme.

The programme is known globally for offering world-class experience and two international placements, but they've claimed that the latest candidates need one thing; 'Serious character'. 

The grad programme has been running for an outstanding 27 years, and gives graduates the chance to fulfil their personal and professional potential while working with an Irish brand with worldwide influence.

The successful candidate will be working on the international stage, and are supported by a competitive benefits package, multi-award winning training and development programme and a global support network.

The leader of Jameson's programme, Sinéad D'Arcy, commented that;

“The Jameson International Graduate Programme is a truly unique programme offering graduates three-years’ experience in a marketing role, in one of over 50 countries across the world."

"Every year we look for driven, charismatic and creative graduates, from a range of diverse backgrounds, to serve as brand ambassadors in cities across the world," she added. 


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Over 400 countries to date have completed the infamous graduate programme alongside Jameson since it began in 1991.

Alumni of the Irish distiller's programme have progressed to high quality roles internally and externally in over 33 cities, and Jameson maintains its role as the fifth most popular graduate employer in Ireland according to gradireland

If you want to kick-start your career, why not start now? Applications for the 2019/20 Jameson International Graduate Programme close on Wednesday 16 January 2019 at 1pm, so get on it.



American officials have now told tourists to plan ahead when they’re organising trips to the States, as applications for the ESTA visa are about to get much harder.

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a reminder to anyone planning a visit, warning potential visitors to; “Apply for ESTA no later than 72 hours before departing for the United States.”

The ESTA visa grants you access to enter the USA, but now the process is totally changing, maybe not for the better…

It was, until recently, possible to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) until basically the last second, with real-time approvals achievable.

Now, you will need to apply for a visa at least 72 hours before you travel in order to gain the documentation in time. The old service is no longer available.

Without an ESTA visa, you cannot gain entry into the United States;

“Real-time approvals will no longer be available and arriving at the airport without a previously approved ESTA will likely result in being denied boarding.”

Just as the Christmas travel rush has started, holidaymakers and business travellers will have to change the way they visit the USA.

US authorities have always advised applicants to carry out the documentation at least three days in advance, most people could get their ESTA almost instantly.

The DHS also warn: “Upon arrival in the United States you will be inspected by a Customs and Border Protection officer at a port of entry who may determine that you are inadmissible.”

The DHS recently added a query regarding the applicant’s social media activities to the form, but it’s optional.

“If an applicant does not answer the question or simply does not hold a social media account, the ESTA application can still be submitted without a negative interpretation or inference.”

Stronger security measures are expected over Christmas and the New Year, when 41 million passengers are expected to travel through American checkpoints nationwide.

Take note, globetrotters.


If you are looking for a beautiful gift for a loved one, or a sure-fire way to treat yourself, look no further. We’ve found the perfect Irish-owned company who carefully create hand-made products to soothe the soul and melt your heart.

Candles have different meanings for every occasion; be it a special moment of celebration, a birthday festivity or just a calming night-in for the ultimate relaxation experience, a scented candle is the ideal reminder of healing and peace.

The talented founder of Lovato Candles created the luxury brand when he was just 20-years-old in his home county, Cork.

Jason Hamilton-Foott began the company from his home in the autumn of 2016, and the collection of gentle wax products has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The handmade candles are curated using only 100 percent natural wax and the finest blend of fragrance oils, ensuring that the end products are unique to each buyer.

Jason’s candles are an outlier in the market. Immediately a standout favourite, the high quality ingredients, contemporary design and careful crafting from beginning to end have attracted attention of consumers worldwide.

The founder’s love of travelling is a major influence on his brand and combined with his appreciation of Irish life, has resulted in a huge variety of scents and diffusers resembling the fragrance of our natural lands blended with those of further afield.

Lovato Candles have received a mountain of praise for their fragrance products which never fail to soothe, satisfy and exceed customer expectations.

Jason’s collection is comprised of a range of ten fragrances of scented candles and diffusers, each Lovato candle is instantly beloved both at home and abroad.

The choice within the Lovato Candle range is extensive; you can choose between votive candles, candles with a luxury box, clear candles, luxury candles with a silver lid and three-wick candles, as well as diffusers and wax melts.

Some of the beautiful aromatic fragrances include; Black Plum & Rhubarb, Seaweed and Juniper, Lemongrass and Ginger, Rock Salt and Driftwood, Thai Lime and Mango, Mandarin and Sandalwood, and Night Blooming Jasmine. Each one is truly a gift for the senses.

Lovato Candles are stocked in some of Ireland's most celebrated retailers. Jason and his company now have their own Bandon studio where their decadent collection is carefully crafted.

Why not try give your perfect match the tranquil candle they deserve? We want the full range for maximum comfort within our home, these crafted candles are the image of self-care.



Imagine a man in a tux at a black-tie event. He has the looks and style that grabs everyone’s attention, only to pose and reveal a canvas-strap wristwatch. Not to say that the canvas strap watches are inferior, but they are just not appropriate for the outfit.

Matching your watch to an outfit can be quite simple for a fashion savvy person, but it can be challenging for those who lack basic knowledge. Matching your watch with an outfit is actually a form of art.  We are currently obsessed with the official Olivia Burton watch range which you can wear with style.

The choice of watch you choose is a reflection of your personality, your style, and your tastes. Some may argue that matching your watch with your outfit depends on the band or strap, but a person who understands fashion will tell you that it’s more than that.

Many other factors come into play when choosing the right watch-outfit combinations. Below are a few guidelines to help you understand what goes with what.

Match Your Watch to the Formality of Your Outfit

Watches and outfits have levels of formality. A general rule of thumb when matching your watch with your outfit is to match the formality of your timepiece with the formality of your outfit. Let me explain further how you do that.

  1. Black Tie, White Tie

Traditionally, people were not supposed to wear a watch to a black-tie event. However, today you can wear a simple, classic dress watch. You don’t need to look flashy and extravagant on a black tie or white tie occasion, so a dress watch will do just fine.

Dress watches come in a wide range of styles and colours, but one with minimally embellished face and black leather band will be acceptable even to conservative observers.

  1. Business Formal

Business formal dresses are worn every day and are more versatile regarding what you can wear them with. Here you have a wide choice, but you don’t want to appear frivolous when at a meeting or business deal.

Dress watches are a perfect choice, especially if you’re wearing a dark suit. Dive watches are also an option as they are formal while still maintaining their functionality.

  1. Business Casual

This is the outfit that you wear everyday as you go to work such as a non-formal necktie optional business suit. Here we are talking about khakis, button-down shirts, sports coats, denim, leather shoes, etc.

The outfit is best complemented with a pilot watch, a high-end chronograph, or even a field watch. However, almost every type of watch can blend well with your casual business outfit.

  1. Casual Outfits

This is where your most casual clothes fall, including your jeans, polo shirts, and tees. All watch types, except the dress watch, will be perfect.

Dive watches, sports watches, pilot watches, and smartwatches can easily be matched with casual outfits. If you’re going to get involved in physical activity, the more rugged military watches would be ideal.

A note on military watches: Just like pilot watches and dive watches, military watches are not worn solely by officers, but rather can be worn by anyone.

They are quite classic and high-tech, and ideal for outdoor activities. To learn more about them, you can check out this list, and you might just fall in love with one.

  1. Sportswear

There are only a handful of watches you can wear while you engage in sports. However, this also depends on the kind of sport you’re participating in. If you’re only engaging in sports for recreational purposes, a field watch, dive watch, chronograph, and smartwatch can do. Just ensure that the watch is light and comfortable.

Match Your Watch Strap to the Formality of Your Outfit

Once you’ve decided on the type of watch that will match best with your outfit, you should go a step further to pair in terms of the material of the watch strap.

Leather bands are considered more formal than metal bands, and black is more formal than brown. Gold and silver metal bands are also appropriate for the most formal of events and can be ideal for dressy occasions.

Metal Complements Metal

The metal case of the watch and the metal bands should complement other metal accessories you’re wearing such as cufflinks, belt buckle, and shoe buckle. A gold watch can be worn with a gold belt buckle.

Leather Complements Leather

When wearing a leather strap watch, you should use your shoes as a reference. Match your belt to your shoes and then match your watch with both.

A brown leather band should be worn with a brown belt and brown shoes while a black band should go with a black belt and black shoes.

Metal Bands Match Better With Certain Colours of Clothes and Shoes

When a watch has a metal band, you can wear it with black or brown shoes. However, certain band colours work better with certain colours of clothes and shoes.

Gold watches are ideal for clothes and shoes in brown, tans, and beige tones while silver goes best with black, blue, and grey.


Wearing your watch to complement your outfit can be challenging but fun. People can often judge your sense of style by the small accessories you wear.

Therefore, while you may have a favourite watch in your collection, it’s important to match your watch to your outfit appropriately.


How much would you turn down to maintain the integrity of your family business?

For global business woman Phuong Tran and her home-grown Vietnamese company THP Beverage Group, it was $2.5 billion dollars. Yup, just think of how much guilt-free online shopping you could do…

An unimaginable sum, but for Tran and her father, allowing Coca-Cola to acquire controlling interest in their valued family business, no sum was worth it.


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Watching her father, Dr. Tran Qui Thanh, reject such an incredible amount of money that most could never even dream of has shaped Phuong Tran’s entire legacy from that day on.

Her philosophy revolves around the lessons learned from attempting to compete with giants, and face them down.

Since Tran and her father turned down the astounding offer, they have grown their business to full flourishment and have spread their company to over 16 countries including China, Australia and Canada.

She has now written her debut novel, Competing With Giants, and aims to inspire businesswomen around the world.


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Her first book involves Tran, as Vice-President of THO Beverage Group, weaving her advice from her father alongside her own insights into a rich tapestry which divulges fascinating facts on the changing global business landscape as well as the incredible origin story of her own company.

According to Tran, David can indeed compete with Goliath, and even outperform him. “We proved that nothing was impossible.”

Western style multinationals are now being incentivised to devise of new strategies to compete with the emerging Asian market.

“To western countries, the Asian market is a big piece of pie with robust growth in new economies. The world needs to know how an Asian business runs and how its business culture is formed. That’s the story that I wanted to tell in the book.”


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Tran will travel to Ireland to launch Talent Garden Dublin’s Innovation School on October 30th and will share her vast expertise by delivering an exclusive lecture free of charge.

She will join the faculty at the Innovation School to share her knowledge with Talent Garden’s Innovation School students across Europe in the coming months.

Talent Garden’s Innovation School is a highly-regarded digital skills boot camp model with a proven track record in giving it’s entrepreneurs the skills they need to succeed.

Tran will focus specifically on granting expertise to the Innovation School in the areas of female and family entrepreneurial business, through Skype calls, online chat forums and podcasts.


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She will join the commendable faculty at the Innovation School, which boasts employees such as Jen Stirrup, a data strategist and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, and Steph Locke, one of only 58 people globally recognised with Microsoft’s AI MVP award.

Innovation School Director Ruth Kearney comments on the school’s aims: “Put simply, we are in the business of developing great 'digital talent' and bringing about a digital cultural and mind-set within organisations.”

The exciting event is free to attend, but places are limited so register early to avoid disappointment. Gets your tickets now from Eventbrite or check out www.talentgarden.org for more information.

The Innovation School is also launching two courses for November;

Executive MINDSET (23rd November): a one-day masterclass on leadership outlooks aimed at CEO’s and senior managers.

Data Science in Practice Informing Real Business (29th & 30th November) for IT professionals, scientists and software engineers.


Extroverts are typically viewed as being outgoing and socially confident, while an introvert is considered shy and reticent.

And while many believe being a gregarious person will give you a boost up in the business world, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Over the past ten years, scientists have been studying CEOs and through careful observation found that introverts make the most successful business people.

businessman, client, coaching

The CEO Genome Project analysed 2,000 CEOs and studied their career history, business results and behavioural patterns.

Researchers found that while being an extrovert is seen as a good thing in business, it was the introverts that came out on top.

“We’ve been struck by how few of the successful leaders we’ve encountered fit [the] profile,” said CEO Genome Project founder, Elena Lytkina Botelho, to the Harvard Business Review.

Woman in Gray Shirt Seating in Between Woman in Blue Black and White Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt and Man in Blue White and Black Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt Having Conversation

“Our analysis revealed that while boards often gravitate toward charismatic extroverts, introverts are slightly more likely to surpass the expectations of their boards and investors.”

While having a lot of confidence and an out-going personality may double your chances of getting to the top, researchers found that an extroverted personality “provides no advantage in performance on the job”.

So, to break it all down, the most successful leaders have one (or more) of these four behavioural characteristics:

  • The ability to make decisions quickly and with conviction
  • Being insightful and focused on delivering business results
  • Being highly adaptable and open to change
  • Delivering steady and reliable results, as opposed to irregular peaks of success

Woman in White Long Sleeved Shirt Holding a Pen Writing on a Paper

Introverts rely on their traits (their inner reserve, composure, calmness, awareness of others, cautiousness, sensitivity and good listening skills) to get work done carefully and successfully.

However, Elena noted that there's certainly no "one size fits all," and these introverted skills can be easily learned.


The pressures associated with today's career-driven society means your mental health can suffer, and caring for it can take a backseat as you attempt to make strides in your chosen field.

A recent study by the Institute of Directors found that only 14 per cent of businesses have a policy in place to help an employee who is suffering with mental health issues.

And to further that, staff using sick days for their mental health has risen by 25 percent over the past number of years.

Image result for stressed in work

Work can be hella stressful, and even the best of us can be brought down by deadlines, bad reports, or simply, just a few bad days.

So, to help you when you're feeling a bit down, here are five steps to take to boost your mood and not let work get the better of you:

1. Take notes

Keep a work notebook and write down the various situations and tasks that make you feel the most stressed or give you anxiety. 

Recording your thoughts and seeing them on paper can be great for clearing your mind, and combating whatever issues you may have.


2. Create boundaries

With today's technology, it can seem like you're on the go 24/7. Even if a work email arrives in your inbox at 9pm, most people feel inclined to reply.

Establish some boundaries for yourself and make sure you switch off by a certain time each day. Relax your mind and forget about work.


3. Recharge

While a lot of Irish businesses don't have mental health guidelines in place, there's no issue with using your holiday days.

Plan to do some of your favourite activities on those days, and don't even think about work. By letting yourself recharge, you'll be more relaxed when stepping back into the workplace.


4. Have an open conversation

If work is really getting you down and you feel like it's making a negative impact on your mental health, talking to your boss/supervisor could be very beneficial.

Have an honest conversation about how your feeling, and clarify what might make things better. It might be scary to open up, but a weight will be lifted off your shoulders when you do.


5. Speak to a professional

If you feel like your mental health is on a downward spiral, help yourself by talking to a professional.

There are numerous websites, call lines and counselling services here in Ireland that can help you with any issues you might have.

You can check out Mental Health Ireland for a list of services or visit Grow to look at resources in your area.

Image result for counselling services

Remember, you are more important.


In these times, it can sometimes feel like Ireland has gone backwards, or our residents aren't creative enough to build major empires for themselves.

But honestly, that couldn't be further from the truth.

While attending Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur Awards in Google HQ yesterday, I saw first-hand just how driven, smart, and ambitious young entrepreneurs in Ireland are.

The awards are aimed at people between the ages of 18 and 35, who own, manage and control their own businesses – and there’s a lot of reasons why they enter this competition.

There is a €2m investment fund and business support to help their businesses along the way. There's also various amounts of prize money given out to winners and runners-up in each field.

But their drive extends far beyond monetary incentive as I discovered yesterday.

These people are passionate about their businesses, they’re not afraid to take risks and they believe in themselves – something we should all try, no matter what line of work we’re in.

Ciara Clancy, who took home two awards for Best Established Business and Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, is not only changing the medical game for Parkinson's Disease in Ireland, but pushing boundaries all over the world with her app.

Richard Barrett, who created Pundit Arena, is giving sports journalism a new playing field and Roisin Hogan, who used to be an accountant, is now trying to change how busy women eat on-the-go.

No two businesses were the same, yet they all gained from being part of this programme.

Entrepreneurship in Ireland has majorly grown over the past five years, with start-up businesses accounting for two thirds of all new jobs in Ireland.

And with this being Local Enterprise Week, you can see how much backing start-up businesses have in Ireland, which is something I never realised before.

€32 million was invested in start-up businesses last year, with Enterprise Ireland supporting 229 new companies.

The government want you to be creative. They want you to come to them with a business idea. And, they want to help you make that vision a reality.

And as airy-fairy as that may sound, it's clear that more people need to do it.

We complain that there’s no jobs in Ireland, yet the nominees who took part in yesterday’s awards ranged from professionals in journalism, agriculture, motors, healthy eating and even bee-keeping.

There was a niche for everyone. They all created jobs in their local county, but most of all, they have all created a business that will not only help the economy, but bring new life to it.

Going forward I just hope Ireland becomes more creative and more young Irish people are inspired to create new businesses on their own. It's where the future is at.

So many people are fighting to create a better workforce, a better living standard… a better Ireland. 

The help and support is there for you. Grab it. Even if you only have a small idea, but are determined to make it work – just go for it.

Entrepreneurs create businesses, jobs, and growth in Ireland. They are the heroes of our economy.

So g'wan, be a hero.



It was a saturated market and the recession was about to hit.

That and she had decided to take the plunge alongside her dad, Thomas, mum, Geraldine, and brother, Peter.

So (perhaps understandably!) there were plenty of people who a decade ago told Jane Swarbrigg that she was mad to try and set up new business.

The massive success of Inglot cosmetics in Ireland, however, is a testament to her hard-work, savvy nature, and blunt resolve.

“It’s been as much an incredible journey of personal growth, as well as success in business,” Jane tells SHEmazing! today.

It’s now been a full eight years since Inglot – a global brand famed for its colourful palettes, statement lip shades, and expert foundations – set up shop in Liffey Valley.


A photo posted by Jane Swarbrigg (@janeinglot) on

More recently, there have been further outlets in Blanchardstown, Dundrum, and South Anne Street in Dublin, as well as in Limerick, Cork, Galway, Dundalk, and Belfast.

Indeed, the tally currently amounts to an impressive 14. Then, of course, there is the ever-popular inglot.ie site too.

Inglot is a Polish brand founded more than 30 years ago. It really came to global attention, however, when it came up for franchise in 2006. Now it has close-to 500 outlets in more than 50 countries across six continents. Phew!

And certainly when she first stumbled across the brand, Jane, still only 34, was mega-impressed. “I was struck by the colour range (1,500 and counting!) as well as the innovative, quality products on offer,” she explains.

Something of a social media queen (she has 21.5K fans on Instagram alone), Ms Swarbrigg has by now created a firm community of loyal Irish Inglot fans. Not only that, but she’s created the popular hashtags #inglotaddicts and #inglotfamily – which regularly pop up on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.


A photo posted by Jane Swarbrigg (@janeinglot) on

She and her family now employ a talented group of some 250 people, and Jane prides herself on nurturing and building a team that is encouraged to use their creativity.

“A happy team is the key to a successful business,” she stresses. “Once you find the right product the next step is finding the right people to represent you and your brand. Then you just have to look after them.”

Inglot, which has its HQ in Mullingar, furthermore regularly gives back to its customers with free events in stores, as well as online activity such as demonstrations and competitions.

Unsurprisingly, 2017 is set to be a huge year for Jane and her company. “We might even be expanding overseas,” the businesswoman hints with a smile.

She will also find the time to marry her fiancé, Brendan Quinn; he proposed last year at the home they share in Castleknock.  

Jane’s final message for any budding entrepreneurs is clear: “Take those risks, ladies!

"And find comfort in knowing that feeling a little lost can actually be the fire in your belly to get you where you need to be.” 



Pippa O'Connor went from one of Ireland's most known models to a business woman in only a few years.

And she's a pretty successful business woman, too. In the last month alone, she has not only launched a new denim collection, Poco by Pippa, but also released a book, Simple Tips To Live Beautifully and debuted her new app for her blog.

With all of that under her belt, and two kids, we just don't know how she does it.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, Pippa believes that it's all about balance.

“I suppose I just try to have a good balance, which is tough. My idea of balance may be totally different to someone else’s. I try to take everything in my stride.


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“I’ve a really good team around me and I take all the help I can get with the kids, I don’t try to be Superwoman, because it’s simply not possible,” she said.

The mum-of-two also revealed that 3-year-old Ollie absolutely loves his 5-month-old brother Louis, but she can't see herself with anymore children just yet.

“Ah he loves him! Like, he’s obsessed with him. I can’t even imagine having another one in the mix right now though, I’m very happy with what I have.

"We feel very lucky," she added.