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Richard Madden has had quite a year, and it's only getting bigger following his stint as David Budd in the worldwide TV thriller The Bodyguard.

News has just emerged that the 32-year-old Scottish actor has received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance By An Actor In A Television Series – Drama.

He visited Ellen DeGeneres on her veteran show to discuss the breakout BBC hit, which is now on US Netflix and has been streamed constantly, as predicted.

Ellen is never one to hide away the shirtless photos of her male guests, and she continued her tradition of embarrassing her talk show visitors by addressing Madden's naked scenes in the show.

She asked the actor how his parents feel about his nudity as the bodyguard of the Home Secretary of Britain, and he replied that his parents are less than impressed with seeing his rear end on screen:

"I've made a few mistakes I've made in my time, one of which is neglecting to tell my mother that there's going to be a sex scene in my show," he told Ellen.

Image result for richard madden shirtless

This would be fairly embarrassing TBH, most parents don't want to witness their loved ones wearing nothing on TV…and Richard's rents are no different:

"I get a hysterical phone call of "you must tell me and your father, I was watching it at the time with a cup of tea, I nearly spilled it!"", he laughed.

We're gonna throw in another Richard Madden gif for good measure:

Image result for richard madden shirtless

You're welcome.

His mum certainly sounds exactly like any Irish mother, cup of tea and slightly judgemental tone paired with the casual Catholic shame… classic.


Rupert Grint has spoken about his net worth, and it's fair to say we're more than a bit jealous.

The former Ron Weasley was interviewed by The Radio Timesand his funds happened to come up in the conversation.

Naturally, everyone has something to say about it, seeing as his worth in 2016 was estimated to be a whopping €50 million, less than half of Daniel Radcliffe's estimated worth.

He told the publication that he tries not to pay much attention to his financial needs, but says he is "comfortable". Well for some isn't it?

Figures seem to go way over his head, based on these quotes;

"I actually don't know how much I have. I couldn't even really guess."

"It doesn't really motivate me too much. It makes you comfortable, that's the good thing about it, I think. I'm glad it's there but I'm not really that focused on it."


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We'd be running around Brown Thomas spending an absolute fortune on nonsensical items which we totally don't need… but each to their own, I guess?

The actor has taken on roles since Harry Potter wrapped up in 2011, starring in Sick Note on Sky One, and the Snatch reboot.

He will also star in The BBC production of Agatha Christie's The ABC Murders alongside John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot.

Mr Weasley's down-to-earth spending habits appear to parallel with Harry and Hermione's.

Daniel Radcliffe told the Belfast Telegraph back in 2016 that he pretty much leaves his $100 million fortune alone.

"I'm very grateful for it, because having money means you don't have to worry about it, which is a very lovely freedom to have. It also gives me immense freedom, career-wise," he said.


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Grint also spoke about his struggle with the Harry Potter phenomenon's fame; "Sometimes you just want to go to B&Q." Do you, though? It's fairly grim.

The first thing he did in 2011 after hanging up his cloak and wand was get his tonsils removed;

"It was too much recovery time and there was the fear that it would change my voice."

Well Rupert, no one can say that you're not a normal lad. Too normal, in fact. 


They might just be the dark horses of the competition. 

And Chares Venn and his pro dance partner Karen Clifton know that they're chances for taking the Glitterball trophy are within their reach.

So what will they do if they are victorious?

The pair have revealed that they will get something permanent to mark the occasion – a tattoo, of course.


Move over Tony and Maria it’s all about @charles_venn and @karencliftonofficial tonight

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Karen said that, ''If we get to the final, we’re both getting a tattoo. We’re both getting “S.”‘

And what does that stand for?

She reveals, ''Strictly, six pack and success'' to which Charles agrees, ''Done deal.''

The Casualty actor has found himself in the dance-off three times but has not only survived each but gone on to thrive on the dance floor.

And what about his ever-growing status as a sex symbol?

He says, ''You know what? If at 45 I can still get those kind of compliments I will take that, I will embrace them all because at some point people are going to be looking to the youn’uns.''

The pair wowed the judges with an emotional rhumba on Saturday night's show to Maria from West Side Story, earning them 35 points. 

Strictly: The Results is on tonight on BBC One at 7:15pm


If you're a fan of Strictly Come Dancing like us, you will know that Week Eight, also known as ''Blackpool'' serves as the half-way point in the competition and one every year, each contestant is desperate to get to – so much so that the show pokes fun at it itself. 

While we thought getting to dance at the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom was the reason that everyone also seemed so eager to get there, but we have discovered that this is not the case. 

Former Strictly pro dancer Brendan Cole has spilled the real reason and it's a lot less sweet. 


WE DID IT KING KEV…. B L A A A C K P O O L! Thank you, thank you, thank you gang 

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It also means that the pro dancers get a nice little raise in their pay packet.

Brendan said, ''Blackpool week is always a milestone for the couples.''

He continued, ''it's an incredible show to be a part of with a big crowd, a lot of fuss and and it's also a chance for a jolly up north. There's also a little added incentive for the celebs of a small bonus in their pay packet."

Well, that makes sense. 

Each celebrity gets the standard £25,000 for taking part.

If they reach Halloween, it goes up to £40,000.

Manage to make it to the quarter-finals? You're looking at fee of £60,000.

It hits £75,000 if they are a semi-finalist and whoever takes home the Glitterball will get £100,000.

As for Brendan, he won't be putting on his dancing shoes for Blackpool as his contract was not renewed by the BBC this year.

He said, ''I for one will slightly miss being there with everyone but won't miss the countless rehearsals.”

Tune in this Saturday on BBC One at 6:45pm to see all of the Blackpool fun. 


This year Strictly is deffo not short on dramz.

Fresh off the heels off the Seann Walshe/Katya Jones kiss, we now have actor Danny John Jules facing reports of bullying his dance partner, Amy Dowden.

The 58-year-old has come under fire over claims of abusive behaviour, with reports of angry outbursts taking place in the training room that had left Amy in tears. 

However, now Danny has taken to social media to suggest that it is the BBC themselves that are guilty of intimidating behaviour.


Slick Samba moves from Danny John Jules

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Reports emerged last week that the actor had been swearing and shouting a lot at Amy during rehearsals.

Strictly bosses told Danny they would not tolerate any more bad behaviour in recent meetings.

The pair appeared on spin-off show It Takes Two to address the claims.

Amy said, ''things did get a little bit intense the other day in rehearsals. But you know what, we took a half an hour break and get back straight to it.''

She continued, ''I’ve never felt bullied or threatened by Danny I really want to get this man to Blackpool and then to the final.''

What did Danny have to say?

''I would never bite the hand that feeds me, it’s the best dance we have done in the past couple of days since we have been on the show. And I’m just happy to go along with it. She’s the boss, she wears the pants. Why would I argue with a Welsh woman?''

However, now he has hit back at the BBC, tweeting, ''#FakeNews is in the mouth of the beholder’” along with a face palming emoji.

Fans were quick to comment, some defending Danny.

One wrote, ''she said she never felt threatened by him. So how does that equate to bullying? Don’t exaggerate things! Drama queen.'

His wife, Petula, has hit out at the bullying claims, tweeting, ''wow BBCstrictlyPR and BBCstrictly are really throwing Danny John Jules under that bus…I'm in shock…why are you trying to destroy him?''

Strictly Come Dancing: The Results continues at 7:50pm tonight onn BBC One.


It’s an incredibly frustrating aspect of reality that women and girls face constant public sexual harassment daily.

In Tuesday’s report written by MPs on the women and qualities committee in Britain, the issue has now been labelled “urgent” following a nine-month enquiry on the matter.

The report is insisting that the UK government take immediate and effective action to attempt to create a safer public environment for women.

From exercising in public parks and frequenting nightclubs or bars to simply utilising our city’s public transport, women can almost almost claim to have felt the burden of danger in communal spaces of our communities.

Experiences have more recently been shared of extensive experiences of sexual assault and harassment, and there are more accounts than ever of crimes being committed against women in public.

France has recently introduced a law against street harassment which results in on-the-spot fines for predatory comments and harassment such as sexualised remarks and wolf-whistling, after a woman was viciously attacked by a man for confronting him about his offensive behaviour towards her.

The committee has “heard evidence of widespread problems” of both men and boys “sexually harassing women and even girls on buses and trains, in bars and clubs, in online spaces and at university, in parks and on the street.”

The subject of school uniforms was also mentioned in the report, written by cross-party MPs, testifying that girls in their school attires are pressurised to avoid risky situations which "keeps women and girls unequal".

Street harassment has been described in the document as “relentless and becomes ‘normalised’ as girls grow up, contributing to a wider negative cultural effect on society.”

The committee also sets out seven steps which they aim to take in the report, among them is the proposal to force train and bus operators and publican landlords to take tougher measures towards fighting sexual harassment on their premises.

It also requests a public information campaign which is specifically designed to change attitudes, akin to road safety campaigns and first aid programmes.

The British Home Office also states that they view the epidemic problem as a “key priority,” and are devising an updated “Violence against Women and Girls” strategy and scheme.

Writing on public pavements in chalk has become a new pacifistic method for women to fight back, to feel safe in their own cities.

Regardless of government promises to eliminate such prevalent behaviour entirely by 2030, the Women and Equalities Committee concludes negatively that there is currently "no evidence of any programme to achieve this".

Twitter users especially are expressing anger at how ‘obvious’ the headline is, and that there is not a single mention of men in the article, who are by-in-large the major perpetrators of sexual harassment. 

It remains to be seen whether improvements will take place which will finally allow women and girls to feel safe, but the reaction online to the BBC’s headline has been scathing.

Let's hope governments worldwide bring in sharp ways to tackle this highly concerning problem which is so engrained in our culture that many of us have become completely desensitised to it. Safety is a right, not a privilege.

Have a look at BBC’s 100 Women I know video on Street Harassment here:

The Bristol Zero Tolerance group has also written an informative guide on how to respond to street harassment, which you can read here.

Stay safe, gals.


It's that time of year again – The Great British Bake Off addiction is well and truly underway.

Amateur bakers around the country have been spurred on to give cake making a go, after being inspired by the weekly show.

After almost burning down the kitchen for the fifth week running, we've decided to leave it to the self-professionals that grace our screens every week.

And I say self-professionals as Paul Hollywood has been dishing out his famous handshakes this season right, left and centre.

The handshake is no longer the sacred holiness that the amateur bakers tremble and shed a tear at.

At this stage, it's almost a shock to both audience and contestants alike if we make it a whole episode without Paul extending the hand.

Rightly so, Paul has been burnt on Twitter for his looseness with his Hollywood handshakes. 

The 52-year-old has been forced to defend his actions and told viewers to expect a change for the rest of Bake off.

On The Jonathan Ross Show Paul explained why he was so generous with the shake: "I've taken a bit of flack over [it]. The handshake came from when [bakes] looked very professional and they almost cross that line from being amateur to professional."

"Every year the standard has got better and better and better and this year has been phenomenal. Some of the flavours they are bringing out. Rahul's stuff has been incredible."

Thankfully, we won't have to endure too many shakes, as the celeb chef said: "you will see it happen, the handshakes almost stop. Because what I've done is I've realised they are all moving up in standard so I've got to move my barrier up so that's exactly what I do, I raise the bar and then no one gets over the top of it."

In reply to the stick he received on Twitter, Paul said: "What you're forgetting which is crucial is the general standard of baking/bakers has risen year on year… this is reflected in any praise given."

Regardless if you love or hate the handshakes – we will definitely be tuning into the Bake Off tonight and criticising cakes we could only dream of making, heavily defending our favourites and drooling over Rahul's flawless bakes.


Feature image credit: Paul Hollywood/Twitter


As the saying goes; all good things must come to an end.

And BBC bosses have signalled that our unhealthy addiction to Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark will come to a close after season five.

The much anticipated fifth season will be the last of the series – and we aren't okay.

Filming has gotten underway this week for the final chapter, and as our tears dry, writer Debbie Horsfield has given us a sneaky insight into what we can expect as the curtain closes on the series.

Debbie Horsfield, who has written every episode of the four series, divulged: “In The Stranger from the Sea Winston Graham made many references to developments that happened in the 'gap' years. Much can also be inferred.

There are, of course, also historical events and people of the time, both in Cornwall and in London. Series five will draw on all of these to follow the lives of the Poldarks, George Warleggan, the Enyses, and the Carnes in this intervening period.”

Poldark saga was created over 12 novels by Winston Graham.

The 'gap' Debbie refers to is the 10 year period, Winston left between his seventh and his eighth novel. 

The fourth series was based off the seventh novel, The Angry Tide. And the final series will be inspired by the eighth book, The Stranger from the Sea.


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And, of course, a new series means new roles to cast for characters.

These include famous faces such as Lily Dodsworth Evans, Kerri McLean, Sofia Oxenham, and Vincent Regan – to name just a few.

Although, we will have to wait a little longer to find out who will be playing what part. 

You can expect the fifth and final series to hit your screens sometime in 2019.

We are going to miss the perfection that is Aiden Turner. 


It's Strictly season again and last night gave us our first look at the 2018 couples.

Among them was Kate Silverton, the energetic BBC newsreader who scooped the fab Aljaz as her partner.

She may be getting ready to dive into the most glittery experience of her life, but Kate has had to deal with a few unpleasant comments as a result. 

The 48-year-old has had online trolls accuse her of ditching her children to appear on the dance program.

Kate is mum to two kids – six-year-old Clemency and four-year-old Wilbur – with husband Mike Heron. 

Kate told Hello! at the Strictly press launch reason why she had put off appearing on the show – and it has to do with motherhood.

''The reason why I have never done Strictly before is because I have two children. My kids are too young, now they are four and nearly seven – I just thought now it would be a good time to take part,'' she said. 

However, she was forced to reply to nasty comments on Twitter about hw she planned to juggle Strictly and her kids. 

The outraged broadcaster tweeted, "Mr 'anonymous' I take my time with my children very seriously – my children will both be at school when I am training – it's the reason I have agreed to do #Strictly this year. I agree mothering is the most important job – but I would never seek to preach."


The sequins are calling… not long now !! #bbcstrictly

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Kate will be more than able to juggle her home life and the show – and she has explained how everything is all starting to blend together.

''My husband also works away a lot, so we are 'juggling juggling' the situation a lot between us. But the nice thing is, I took Wil to a photo shoot, which is hilarious – so I had to get Graziano [Di Prima] to babysit. They were wrestling on the floor at one point."

"So you know, I can get the children involved which is great,'' she added. 

Good luck Kate and ignore those haters – we can't wait to see those dance moves on Saturday night!


We love Strictly for a lot of things – the glitz and glam, the fabulously choreographed dances, the brilliant judges…

And now we have another reason.

The BBC show has just announced that it is going to make a bigger effort to protect the environment. 


While we all adore the lashings of glitter that Strictly heaps on us every year, they have now confirmed that the glitz being used on the contestants and their outfits for the upcoming series will be environmentally friendly.

This comes after the ban that has been put on plastic microbeads by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Defra have also explained that all liquid glitter used during the show is eco-friendly, and that no marine life will be under threat after it is flushed down the drain.

They stated that, ''all our liquid glitter used in the theme weeks is sourced from Burt’s Bees which is all biodegradable, and this series they will also be supplying us with biodegradable wipes.''

In addition to this, the make-up they use is also biodegradable, however the show is looking into whether all of the ingredients in it are biodegradable. 

Fair play, Strictly. 

Strictly Come Dancing is most definitely on a mission to become more eco-friendly, as it's attempting to get rid of single-use plastic too.

A spokesperson for the show has said how it should be at least 90 percent free of single-use plastic by next year, which is amazing tbh. 

As for the confetti that we love seeing swirling around our shimmering dancers and celebs on the TV?

It's 50 percent biodegradable – plus last year, the paper that the scripts and running orders were printed on were replaced with iPads instead.

Strictly, if you weren't one of our favourite shows before, you certainly are now. 


Strictly will be on our screens in the next week and the excitement for it's return is really ramping up. 

Pro-dancer favourite Kevin ''from Grimsby'' Clifton has announced that he is taking on a new venture.

Any guesses as to what it is?

Kev is planning on launching a Strictly podcast – well, if his fans are interested, that is!

It was during a live broadcast that he let slip that he is really into podcasts, especially football ones. 

He then asked for help in naming the podcast – so keeps your ears out for that. 

In other Strictly news, Kevin has been defending the BBC's choice to sign up YouTuber Joe Sugg as a contestant for this year.  

There were many disgruntled people complaining that Joe wasn't famous enough to earn a place on the hit show.

Kevin stepped in to back the Internet sensation, who has 8.2 million subscribers on his video channel.


Congrats @iamashleyroberts @bbcstrictly

A post shared by Kevin Clifton (@keviclifton) on

"Why do they have to be on TV a lot to be well known. And YouTube is TV. Just a different screen. He will bring in new viewers that never would watch Strictly and would have no idea who any of us ballroom dancers are…" he said.

There was also people commenting on the fact that some contestants already have previous dance experience.

When contestant Ashley Roberts – a Pussycat Dolls singer, dancer and choreographer, was added to the line-up, Kevin responded with, ''there's always some with dance experience. She will be learning ballroom for the first time. I suck at tap for example. Also @bbcstrictly leaves it to the voter. You vote for your favourite, doesn't have to be the best dancer by the judges." 

Go Kevin, you were always our fave. 


Strictly Come Dancing 2018 is certainly hotting up and we, for one, are more than ready to get this year's series back on our screens. 

The full line-up of this year's cast is almost complete and now BBC Breakfast have confirmed the first celebrity that is definitely taking part this year.

And it is one of our faves…Katie Piper!

According to the Metro, she said, ''it took a while to say yes because it’s something way out of my comfort zone.'' 

‘The only person I told was my husband and he thought I was joking. I’m worried I’ll be the first to go home!’ she confessed. 

So who is the lucky dancer that she has her eye on? Anton?

''I would really like to be partnered with Giovanni, but I have no sway in that at all. So watch out Giovanni, I’m coming for you!’ she laughed. 

When asked why she decided to take part in taking to that daunting dance floor every week, she said it was to do with gaining confidence. 

''I think it gives a wider message, my past is irrelevant, to be able to go forward and do these things is a bigger wider message. That’s something I want to take forward, and it’s nice to be part of something so light-hearted!'' 

The show's rehearsals's have already kicked off and we're following the pro dancers on Instagram to see all of the behind the scenes gossip and action. 

Katie's fans were so supportive wished her good luck on social media, writing, ''amazing news Katie! You’re going to be amazing!!I Can’t wait to see you on that famous dance floor!''

Another said, ''yes!!!! You’re going to be brilliant. Can’t wait to see your costumes/hair/makeup and dancing of course.'' 

Strictly starts filming this month, with the rest of the names to be revealed in the next two weeks before the series’ red carpet launch at the end of August. 

We will be rooting for Katie – we know she is going to be brilliant.