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If you are looking for a beautiful gift for a loved one, or a sure-fire way to treat yourself, look no further. We’ve found the perfect Irish-owned company who carefully create hand-made products to soothe the soul and melt your heart.

Candles have different meanings for every occasion; be it a special moment of celebration, a birthday festivity or just a calming night-in for the ultimate relaxation experience, a scented candle is the ideal reminder of healing and peace.

The talented founder of Lovato Candles created the luxury brand when he was just 20-years-old in his home county, Cork.

Jason Hamilton-Foott began the company from his home in the autumn of 2016, and the collection of gentle wax products has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The handmade candles are curated using only 100 percent natural wax and the finest blend of fragrance oils, ensuring that the end products are unique to each buyer.

Jason’s candles are an outlier in the market. Immediately a standout favourite, the high quality ingredients, contemporary design and careful crafting from beginning to end have attracted attention of consumers worldwide.

The founder’s love of travelling is a major influence on his brand and combined with his appreciation of Irish life, has resulted in a huge variety of scents and diffusers resembling the fragrance of our natural lands blended with those of further afield.

Lovato Candles have received a mountain of praise for their fragrance products which never fail to soothe, satisfy and exceed customer expectations.

Jason’s collection is comprised of a range of ten fragrances of scented candles and diffusers, each Lovato candle is instantly beloved both at home and abroad.

The choice within the Lovato Candle range is extensive; you can choose between votive candles, candles with a luxury box, clear candles, luxury candles with a silver lid and three-wick candles, as well as diffusers and wax melts.

Some of the beautiful aromatic fragrances include; Black Plum & Rhubarb, Seaweed and Juniper, Lemongrass and Ginger, Rock Salt and Driftwood, Thai Lime and Mango, Mandarin and Sandalwood, and Night Blooming Jasmine. Each one is truly a gift for the senses.

Lovato Candles are stocked in some of Ireland's most celebrated retailers. Jason and his company now have their own Bandon studio where their decadent collection is carefully crafted.

Why not try give your perfect match the tranquil candle they deserve? We want the full range for maximum comfort within our home, these crafted candles are the image of self-care.



It has come to our attention that women on Instagram are giving themselves nose jobs from wax alone, and we simply have to find out the suss.

We ended up discovering a whole new category of beauty videos online, and the before versus after images of these ladies will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Needless to say, these gals are stunning before and after, but the entire process of changing the whole face with wax is just too damn fascinating to look away.


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They literally change their eye colour, their bone structure, their noses and eyes with lashes, it's mind-boggling.

We are witnessing a total deconstruction of the face before our very eyes, people. This is science, don't even try to deny it.

"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?", we hear you gasp. Well, it's actually special effects face wax, not clay or synthetics at all. 


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The newest trend has gone totally viral on social media, unsurprisingly. 

The amazing wax method originates from Asia, specifically in Chinese territories, where women have been using make-up to sculpt their faces with wax as part of their beauty regimen.

Ben Nye, an LA-based makeup manufacturer is one such company who make the DIY wax.

“You can change the shape of anything on your face, like the nose, brow bone, chin, etc., using a wax like Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax,” professional makeup artist Lottie told Cosmopolitan.


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Now, sculpting your face with chunks of wax every morning as part of your make-up routine may not exactly be your vibe, but we guarantee some of your friends would agree to try this.

It's like an extreme form of contouring, how did they even think to try this?

It can't be denied that the videos are incredibly entertaining to watch, regardless of whether or not you'd try the trend yourself.

The rest of the world can now witness the glory of this magic, we owe Youtube and Instagram our lives for this.

Feature image: Makeupview.co



As women, we're well used to enduring a little pain in the name of beauty.

From the toe-curling eyebrow thread to the bite-down-on-some-rubber bikini wax, us women have been taking a healthy dose of horror with our monthly beauty appointments for years now.

And if man flu has taught us anything, it's that our male counterparts aren't quite as hardy as we are when it comes pain.

Proving the point to millions of YouTube users, the Slow Mo Guys – also known as Gavin and Dan – decided to give our pre-holiday prep a go by having their legs waxed.

And, well, let's just say we don't see them making it a regular fixture in their lives.




Hair removal can be a pain in the ass. No matter what way you choose to do it, it's either really sore, a HUGE effort or very expensive… We just can't win, ladies.

However, 'sugaring' has just popped into the mainstream, and it looks like it might be a cheaper and less-painful alternative – if you're brave enough to do it.

The technique has actually been around for yonks and is still practised in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Greece.

Sugar is mixed with water and lemon and made into a paste which is then used in a similar way to wax. The paste is rolled up and then applied to your skin, being pulled off in the same direction as your hair growth.

The all-natural alternative, which for some reason sounds horrible, has actually been hailed as the 'easy' approach to hair removal as the substance only sticks to your hair follicle and not your skin, making the pull less painful.

However, according to Cosmo, a lot of women say it's difficult to get the right consistency and it can be a really tricky procedure if you're on your own because everything just ends up a sticky mess. And knowing me, it'll end up ALL over the place.

BUT it's cheaper, apparently less painful (win) and is a "dream" to clean up compared to wax.

We're undecided in SHEmazing! HQ… would you give it a go?



When it comes to removing body hair, there are as many methods as there are opinions, so Women's Health asked hair removal expert Dr Manjula Jegasothy, which method will best suit all your de-fuzzing needs. 

If you're willing to splurge and want the best possible result:

Then go for laser treatment – but make sure you go to a certified and reputable clinic to get the procedure done. 

"The technology is strong and adverse hyperpigmentation can occur if not handled correctly," says Manjula. Expect three sessions on average and then once every year or two for maintenance. 


If you're on a tight budget and need the best bang for your buck:

“At-home waxing yields a long-term result with a price point lower than the cost of modern multi-blade razors,” says Manjula.

The trick is to choose your wax carefully based on the area you're waxing and your skin type. To prevent any burns ALWAYS test a small area 24 hours before proceeding to wax your desired place. 


If you're hair grows fast and you're a total baby about pain:

Then good old fashion shaving fits the bill for you. 

“It’s a myth that shaving causes hair to regrow more coarsely—shaving cuts hairs bluntly so that when they regrow, the ends may just seem thicker than tapered ends from waxing or laser, even though they aren’t,” says Dr Jegasothy.


If you want it all gone ASAP:

A hair dissolver like Nair, is the best solution for you because it will remove large areas of hair quickly. 

“To lower irritation risk, you can only leave it on for one to three minutes and then shave it off in a warm shower.”


Well, there you have it: up until this point we knew an AWFUL lot about the grooming habits of the Kardashian sisters.

And now, it seems, we know EVEN more. 

Taking to her website yesterday, younger sibling Khloe ahem, laid bare, the family's waxing preferences.

“Let’s talk about the hair down there. No subject is too taboo to touch!” the 31-year-old said kicking off her latest entry.

“You guys know I’m not gonna beat around the bush (no pun intended), so let’s get straight to it: I’m all about the landing strip,” she revealed.

“I like to be clean; I like to be manicured. When there’s nothing there, it’s weird, in my opinion – especially when you have tits and an ass. It just freaks me out a little bit.

“I don't like looking at an adult woman and seeing nothing down there.

“Whenever I'm at the spa, it just makes me uncomfortable when I see that. But then again, it also makes me uncomfortable when I see something wild and untamed.”

But she doesn’t just talk about her own likes and dislikes, no siree.

Ms Kardashian continues: “I know Kim is completely bare, and now she says she wishes she still had a lil' somethin' going on but she lasered it all off.

“I mean, I'm never gonna want hair on the lips of my vag, so I'll laser that! I'll laser other places that the sun doesn't shine.

“But I like that if I ever want to go bare, I can just shave it and change my mind later,” she continued. 

And no, Kourtney, 36, wasn’t spared either.

“Kourtney's with me!” she went on. "I always think of Kourt as large and in charge with a full '70s-style bush – it just matches her personality,” she added.

“Lol, very boho chic. But she swears that's just a joke and has a landing strip… sometimes.”

Khloe also wants her fans to know that she doesn’t “understand people who vajazzle”.

“Seriously, get over yourself,” she continued. “Who has the energy for that? Can’t do it.”

She concluded by telling her fans to do their thing, but be “clean.”



We all know that Cara Delevingne is the reigning eyebrow queen, but the truth is that her power arches is simply NOT one-size-fits-all. 

While it's obviously a natural look for the model, the bold and thick style doesn't work for all face shapes. 

The best way to achieve a great brow for your face shape is to play up to what we were born with; but that isn't so easy after years of shaping, tweezing and waxing – some of us don't even remember what our natural arches look like. 

Jog your memory

The easiest way to remember what your natural brow looks like is to look back on your pre-tweezing days. Find a picture of yourself from your early teens and that should give a good indication to what they looked like before. 


Grow, grow, grow

We're afraid it's time to join brow rehab ladies! That means NO hair removal whatsoever for at least eight weeks. By eight weeks you will begin to see your natural brow line again. Growth serums are great if you want to speed up the process.


Tint it

Tinting can be a game changer, even if you have naturally dark hair. Sometimes your brows might look quite sparse, but the hair is actually just lighter in some places. Tinting is a great natural way to enhance what hair you have, as well as richen and define your brows. 


Tweeze strays – conservatively 

When your eyebrows finally get back to their original state, don't go crazy plucking away the strays.

Eyebrow guru, William Scott, told Marie Claire,  "It's very helpful to fill in your ideal eyebrow shape with pencil or powder first. Be sure to extend ends all the way across the brow bone when filling in—the ends are most important. This will give you a more clear idea of what should be tweezed and what should be left alone."


Choose the right powder 

You've made it this far, so be sure to not sabotage your new know-how by selecting the wrong shade for your colouring. 

"Choose a shade that is the same as your eyebrow hair color, not the hair on your head, as sometimes it is a different shade. If you have red hair, use a warm blonde. If you're blonde, use a taupe or soft, ash brown. Brunettes should use a medium brown and grey or silver foxes should use an ash brown or taupe."


Set everything with gel

Think of it as the mascara of the eyebrow. Gel not only adds colour, but also thickness and fullness to the brow hair. The hold the gel offers is excellent also so be sure to brush the product into the brow correctly. 


As anyone who has ever been for a wax can confirm, it’s unlikely to be the highlight of your week.

There you are, lying back half-starkers in front of a strange woman while she gets to work ripping out your hair – often from, ahem, sensitive regions.

So no, it’s hardly all that alluring.

However, most woman also admit that it’s a necessary evil – and one which at least leaves you smooth and hair-free for longer than two days (thanks, shaving).

There’s a lot to be said to a great waxist too – one that really knows that they’re doing and uses a decent product (we particularly love salons that stock the oh-so amazing Irish brand Waxperts).

Still – most of us have a least one waxing horror story: one that makes you shudder upon recollection.

And you’re probably not alone: indeed, Buzzfeed recently rounded up a selection of truly nasty tales… and here, SHEmazing! has selected the best for your, er, enjoyment.


1) “I work in a spa and heard an awkward shriek come from the waxing room. I asked my co-worker what happened.

“She told me she accidentally pulled the client’s tampon string, then tried to push it back in. Needless to say, that client never came back.”


2) “My legs had fallen asleep during the waxing. When I tried to get off the table, my legs gave out and I faceplanted half naked onto the floor while my waxer watched in horror.”

3) “At my salon I do all of the body waxing services. While in the middle of waxing a client’s backside, the woman farted and way more than just smelly air came out. It was a mess.”


4) “My first bikini wax was in high school. Two of my best friends waxed me while I laid on a coffee table in my basement.

“I guess you could say I was “surprised” by the pain, and I peed everywhere. I’m still embarrassed almost six years later.”

5) “Halfway through my bikini wax, the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate the building. Let’s just say fire drills are not fun when there’s wax all over your downstairs…”


6) “I recently got my very first Brazilian wax. The lady had put two wax strips on the lip. When she pulled one, I shut my legs in pain, causing the wax to basically glue my vagina shut.”

7) “When I went into the waxing room, I started making casual conversation with the aesthetician and I jokingly asked her, ‘Do I have a normal vagina?’ She looked at me and just laughed, ‘Haha no.’ We didn’t talk the rest of the time.”


8) “One time I got into the position where you pull your knees up to your chest and I farted loudly right into the waxer’s face. I immediately yelled ‘SORRY!’ and didn’t look her in the eyes for the rest of the session.”

9) I thought it would be genius to wax myself. I somehow managed to drop A LOT of hot wax all over the main hoo-ha area, as in NOT the bikini area.

“After a few seconds the wax had hardened and I realised I had basically sealed everything together. I attempted several pulls with zero success.

“So I did the only thing I could think of: I downed a bottle of wine, took a deep breath, and counted to three.”


10) “It hurt so bad, I started crying and having an anxiety attack. The aesthetician said, ‘Oh I’m so sorry! I’ve never had anyone cry on me before.’

“Literally the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear in that moment. Terrible first experience.”

11) “The woman doing my wax would first put the wax on me and then awkwardly blow on me to cool the wax down. She would look up and smile every time she did it. It was traumatising.”


12) “It was my first time. The waxer looked at me and said, ‘Oh my god. You didn’t trim beforehand?!’ She sighed and got an electric shaver. I was mortified.

“I was even more mortified when she said, ‘You’re so dry.’ I didn’t say another word until checkout… 45 minutes later.”



Watch him pluck the wax from his ear and slyly put it into his mouth….ewwww!