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American officials have now told tourists to plan ahead when they’re organising trips to the States, as applications for the ESTA visa are about to get much harder.

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a reminder to anyone planning a visit, warning potential visitors to; “Apply for ESTA no later than 72 hours before departing for the United States.”

The ESTA visa grants you access to enter the USA, but now the process is totally changing, maybe not for the better…

It was, until recently, possible to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) until basically the last second, with real-time approvals achievable.

Now, you will need to apply for a visa at least 72 hours before you travel in order to gain the documentation in time. The old service is no longer available.

Without an ESTA visa, you cannot gain entry into the United States;

“Real-time approvals will no longer be available and arriving at the airport without a previously approved ESTA will likely result in being denied boarding.”

Just as the Christmas travel rush has started, holidaymakers and business travellers will have to change the way they visit the USA.

US authorities have always advised applicants to carry out the documentation at least three days in advance, most people could get their ESTA almost instantly.

The DHS also warn: “Upon arrival in the United States you will be inspected by a Customs and Border Protection officer at a port of entry who may determine that you are inadmissible.”

The DHS recently added a query regarding the applicant’s social media activities to the form, but it’s optional.

“If an applicant does not answer the question or simply does not hold a social media account, the ESTA application can still be submitted without a negative interpretation or inference.”

Stronger security measures are expected over Christmas and the New Year, when 41 million passengers are expected to travel through American checkpoints nationwide.

Take note, globetrotters.



A number of weeks ago, the news broke that The Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform intended to demonstrate at Irish airports to discourage women from leaving the country to seek abortions.

While both Cork and Dublin airport stated that they would not be allowing the protests, the manifesto of the 'NGO' continues to state that two weeks of demonstrations are getting underway.

The group released a statement today saying that Dublin, Belfast and Manchester will be the locations of their first protests tomorrow, after recent governmental decisions surrounding the financial implications of procuring abortions.

'In light of the recent decision made by the British government to pay for abortions for Northern Irish women travelling to England, three major pro-life groups are coordinating a massive, visual response,' reads the statement.

'Precious Life of Northern Ireland, ICBR of Ireland and Abort67 of England will be holding simultaneous public education displays in Belfast, Dublin and Manchester on Saturday 29 July 2017.'

'They will be displaying large graphic images of aborted babies, to show the humanity of the unborn child and expose the horrific reality of abortion which the abortion industry strives to keep hidden from Irish women travelling to England for the procedure.'

The protests will take place at Belfast Airport, Airport Spur, Manchester and on Dame Street, Dublin.

'This is about the abortion industry expanding business and increasing profits off the blood of Irish babies,' said Ruth Rawlins, spokesperson for Abort67.

'We want to send a loud and clear message to the public that we stand with both Northern Ireland and Ireland and their right to protect unborn Irish citizens from abortion.”

The group previously received backlash from the public for their intended demonstrations. 

The group emphasised the use of graphic, questionable imagery in their pursuit of 'education,' with the former demonstrations being titled 'Ireland Airport Education Project.'

ICBR have been contacted for comment. 



It may be a means to an end, but airports can be the most annoying places on earth. Here’s our pick of the most irritating things about aiports. The things we have to deal with!

tumblr_mzzxurIb2D1ss7j0bo1_4001. The Check in
Queuing up to check in your suitcase you weighed five times before leaving the house only to find some woman is having a row with the steward up above. Furiously shoving her monstrous case into the tiny little measurement thing by Aer Lingus. “I swear ta God it’s five kilos. I’ll make it fit if it’s the last thing I do!” Sigh…

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.28.042. The brady bunch
The huge family with the cousins and the grandparents and the twenty hyper children who are no doubt going on their first holiday. They seem to follow you around everywhere, popping up in the cafes, the toilets, and oh, look, they’re getting the same flight. The mother is trying to drag the father from the bar, the kids are either missing or hanging off their auntie or mother (or sister) and the grandparents are munching on a choc ice. Their public domestics are actually quite an effective way to pass the time.

banner_home alone head count3. Security
It’s time to panic and you although your not into drugs, you can’t help but wonder if you’ve accidentally packed any…

4. Metal Detectors
Now it’s YOUR turn to walk through the metal detector. You’re sure you’ve nothing on you- you’ve checked your one pocket, you don’t wear a belt, you’re braces were removed in third year… So why is the metal detector going off?! You know you’re innocent, but you can’t help feeling like maybe you accidentally put a Samurai sword in your pocket or something.

5. The Stampedes
The announcement CLEARLY states that only families with SMALL children are allowed to start boarding the plane. WHAT’S THE RUSH ABOUT, PEOPLE? It’s not going to take off without you, and no one is going to steal your seat since you’ve paid to have it printed on your ticket! Sheesh..

6. The guy who holds everyone up
So you’ve arrived an hour early, got through security, your bag is checked in and now you’re sitting on the plane with all the other well organised passengers, except there’s one problem. “Could John Smith please make his way to Flight Number XYZ675. Final Call for John Smith…” GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER JOHN!! Seriously!!

funny-gifs-getting-angry7. The cheap skate
The middle aged man stuffing his MASSIVE carry on into the tiny overhead luggage compartment, whilst holding up the queue of people waiting to get on the plane behind. He’s loaded, really, but he wouldn’t DREAM of paying ACTUAL money to check his in bag. He got his flights for half nothing on a deal he won after he spent 100 coupons at Lidl.

8. Small children
You’re on a six hour flight to JFK, so you think you might be able to shift some of that jet lag by getting a little shut eye. You’ve barely even closed your eyes and a high pitched wailing sound like the screech of a kettle fills the plane. Or, if you’re REALLY unlucky, you’ll also have an eight year old martial arts kid violently kicking your chair from behind.

9. Waiting for your bag.
You’ve got your trolley, you’re waiting patiently for your little pink floral bag that has your whole life inside. Ehm, this is starting to get a tad worrying. Where’s my little pink suitcase?!

10. Actually getting your bag
So it turns out you were waiting at the wrong baggage claim.

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Airports can be annoying, really annoying, especially if you are waiting on a delayed flight. There is nothing worse than being stuck for hours with nothing to occupy you but your phone and dodgy wifi.

The most annoying things about airports include:

Too few seats
You’d think by now there would be enough seats to accommodate more than a handful of people.

Uncomfortable seats
When you do manage to grab one you spend most of your time arranging bags and coats to make it at least somewhat comfy.

A lack of power sockets
Phone battery is flat, your flight is delayed two hours and you have nowhere to charge your phone. Not such fun times.

Paying for wifi
Seriously, this is just wrong. Then there is the added expensive of buying magazines when it doesn’t work to keep us amused while we wait. And to top it off you have to show your boarding card for every single purchase.

The boarding call
Telling you it’s time to board and leaving you in the queue for ten minutes. You’re going to get a seat so just wait until the queue starts moving.