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Research from the Higher Education Authority (HEA) has presented results on the graduates who are most likely to find a job after college.

Naturally, we were curious and had to check out the scores. Unsurprisingly, creative work seems fairly sparse *sighs*.

As it turns out, teachers are the most likely to find a job after they graduate, with over 93 percent of recent education grads finding employment within nine months of finishing their course.

The HEA's research found that graduates in areas such as health and welfare (87 percent), ICT (82 percent) and engineering (82 percent) had especially high employment outcomes.

Nearly 80 percent of third-level students secured work within nine months of graduating, which is good news.

The HEA found that students who studied subjects like philosophy and literature were the LEAST likely to be employed…sorry to all those deep thinkers and bookworms out there.

Anyone who completed their arts and humanities studies were actually among the highest percentages who embarked on further study, at 24 percent.

The study involved 29,000 participants who graduated back in 2017, and found that teaching grads are one of the best paid. Their starting salaries mostly came in at €30-€35,000.

The average salary of full-time graduates in employment was €33,574. The HEA's Valerie Harvey said that those who complete further study are the most employable.

She commented on the research, saying that; "The overwhelming majority of all graduates are working and as you move through the levels of educational attainment higher numbers are in employment."

She continued, "So we found that 75 percent of honours degree, 86 percent of post-graduate taught and 91 percent of postgraduate research graduates are in employment."

78 percent of those participants surveyed are working or due to begin a job, and 14 percent of those surveyed are in training or further education.

A further five percent are searching for work, and the remainder are in "further activities", like travelling the world or saving the turtles. Apparently, 90 percent of those who graduate find a job in Ireland. That one surprised us, alright.


Iconic whiskey distillers Jameson are making a final call for college graduates to apply for its renowned 2019/20 international graduate programme.

The programme is known globally for offering world-class experience and two international placements, but they've claimed that the latest candidates need one thing; 'Serious character'. 

The grad programme has been running for an outstanding 27 years, and gives graduates the chance to fulfil their personal and professional potential while working with an Irish brand with worldwide influence.

The successful candidate will be working on the international stage, and are supported by a competitive benefits package, multi-award winning training and development programme and a global support network.

The leader of Jameson's programme, Sinéad D'Arcy, commented that;

“The Jameson International Graduate Programme is a truly unique programme offering graduates three-years’ experience in a marketing role, in one of over 50 countries across the world."

"Every year we look for driven, charismatic and creative graduates, from a range of diverse backgrounds, to serve as brand ambassadors in cities across the world," she added. 


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Over 400 countries to date have completed the infamous graduate programme alongside Jameson since it began in 1991.

Alumni of the Irish distiller's programme have progressed to high quality roles internally and externally in over 33 cities, and Jameson maintains its role as the fifth most popular graduate employer in Ireland according to gradireland

If you want to kick-start your career, why not start now? Applications for the 2019/20 Jameson International Graduate Programme close on Wednesday 16 January 2019 at 1pm, so get on it.



Rent hikes are impacting the entire rental population of Dublin as the pressure of the housing crisis is felt by renters.

Students are particularly vulnerable to sky-high rents, with many private rental opportunities being closed to students.

Student-specific accommodation facilities located within reasonable distance range universities is often the top choice for students, who can afford them.

DCU students held a protest after privately-owned off campus student accommodation in the Glasnevin area announced a rental increase of over 20pc. 

Shanowen Square recently announced a rental increase of 27 per cent for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Shanowen Halls announced an increase of over 23.5 percent. Gateway Student Village will maintain their fixed prices. 

'DCU Students’ Union would like to convey our anger and frustration at the recent increase in accommodation prices,' a DCU Student's Union statement reads.

'These privately owned apartment blocks have housed DCU students for many years and there has always been a very strong link between these companies and the union.'

'The increase in rents plays a huge part in a huge issue today that is the ever challenging life of a student.

'Education is becoming more of a commodity and access becoming limited to only those who can afford to pay huge amounts each year.'



Dublin City University are about to launch an innovative new course aimed at those who want to improve their Irish language skills.

'Irish 101' promises to make it easier for people to learn our country's native tongue. 

The open online course will focus on technology and interaction, with course directors ensuring prospective students that in infamous Peig (*shudders*) is no where to be found on the syllabus.

Dr Mairead Nic Giolla Mhicil from Dublin City University says the course is aimed at those who haven't learned Irish in a long time and are interested in refreshing their skills, as well as those who are living abroad and the new Irish.

"We are launching ’Irish 101’ which is one of the first open online courses for the Irish language on the feature learn platform," she said.

"We are trying to use technology to liven the language and there are so many ways you can make it more interactive."

The launch coincides with the 2018 Bliain na Gaeilge programme – a celebration marking the 125th anniversary of the revival of the Irish language.

Learners and fluent speakers are encouraged to tweet a cúplafocal as Gaeilge and use the hastags #TrasnaNadTonnta and #Gaeilge2018 as part of the celebrations.



DCU might be undergoing some major construction work at the moment, but the college still shines on as a beacon in the minds of many graduates. 

There are a few stereotypical experiences most DCU students have, be it dodging all the wasps at the 37 bus stop or skipping lectures to enjoy the sunshine in Albert College Park. 

Here are some that stick out in our minds:

10. Living on campus and having pre-drinks was never a straight forward scenario

Whether it was from an over-zealous security guard, a rogue smoker setting off the fire alarms in the hallway, or having to squish everyone and their mother into your tiny kitchen to enjoy some warm cans, pre drinks was not an easy experience. 

Never mind smuggling someone in after a night out…

9. There was only one way of getting into the Henry Grattan building…

And that was by using the automatic door.

Manual door? Puh-lease. As if you were going to actually exert effort to get to your lecture. Even if there was a queue going in the automatic door and a solitary tumbleweed blowing through the manual, you knew which side you were sticking to. 

8. 'Shite night' has an entirely different meaning to you

Ah Shite Night, a complete institution for DCU freshers and beyond.(also known as Toxic Tuesday if you're less than  cherub-cheeked).

The night was not complete unless you chugged a neon pink glass of Woo Woo before giving out that they were charging you €2 to come into the New Bar where mere hours earlier you had been scoffing goujons and chips (more on the goujons later.)

The themed nights were legendary, and if the night didn't end with a rendition of the Pokemon theme song or the Raitlin Bog, well then were you even at Shite Night?

7. The library looks like a pair of nips

Once it is said, this cannot be unseen. 

All the way from the Henry Grattan to the revolving door of the library, a studier in pursuit of knowledge can only hope they will acquire a seat with plugs in the bosom of the John and Aileen O'Reilly library. 


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6. Yik Yak baes were the only baes going 

While there is plenty of romance to be found on campus, Tinder was not the place to be going for it.

Anonymous app Yik Yak was enormously popular in DCU, and the masses used it to discuss everything from rating nights out to more serious mental health questions. 

However, one of it's most prolific uses was to fantasize about your library bae, and users would write mini-essays about 'that ride in the Abercrombie leggings who definitely looked over at me when she went to refill her water bottle.'

5. The shush lady was the stuff of nightmares.

Imagine having the task of going around telling a bunch of 18+ year olds to shush?

Well, that was the job of the formidable and terrifying shhhhh lady, who stalked the shadowy aisles of the DCU library, and woe betide you if you were caught chatting in the Quiet Zones. 

4. The Loanz drama was too much to handle on a hungover morning

If you were blessed to do a media course in DCU, you will know the deep and tormenting guilt which can overcome a person when handing in borrowed equipment late. 

The absolute effort of going all the way into DCU to return something to loans, especially if you had no lectures or you were writhing in pain from a hangover. 

But up you went and in you trotted, equipment in one hand, sick bag in the other if necessary, to get that Marantz back in on time. 

3. 'Picnics' in Albert College Park were the dream

Okay, so the picnic menu may have consisted of Brunch ice creams and cans, but the craic was unbeatable. 

As soon as April or May rolled around, bringing spurts of sunshine with it, you were basking in the grass, lecture be damned. 


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2. The DCU bathroom walls were inspirational

Whether it was a quote about a breakup, a joke about Harry Potter, or information about accessing abortion that you needed, the walls of the DCU ladies toilets was where you could find it. 

1. #Goujons

Ah yes, we've gotten to the stereotypical 'DCU goujons' section of our list. 

While DCU is equip with canteens, coffee shops, and far too many Starbucks depots, the true reigning champion of DCU cuisine is of course, the goujons and chips served hot and crispy from the Nu Bar. 

At only €5.00 you could enjoy the meal of the collegiate Gods with the dipping sauce of your choice. Can't beat it. 

Oh, and you lied about your nutritional intake on the phone call home to Mammy, somehow those goujons and chips turned into homemade cottage pie and a side salad when your foodie habits were questioned. 


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Spice bag speed dating. Something we thought we'd never say, but by God, it's a good idea.

The fab people of DCU's Science and Health society have set up the event which mixes "the spice and the shift."

Image result for the slipper dcu

The event is taking place in The Slipper (best place ever) just across the road from DCU campus on November 2.

DCU's Science and Health member Maddy Nelson told Goss: "We are always brainstorming ideas for new and fun events to put on for our members.

Image result for matt weldon pub dcu

"We're big enthusiasts of both the spice and the shift and thought the two in combination would be the best thing DCU has seen!"

Two spice bag vouchers will also be given out to the couple who kiss first on the night (and we're not talking about a peck on the cheek).

Image result for spice bag

Tickets are on sale in The Hub and are €5.


Yesterday, the Irish rugby world was brought to a standstill as Munster paid its respects to the late Anthony Foley in Thomond Park.

Following a week of mourning which began last Sunday when news broke that the coach had died aged 42 from respiratory failure, the Munster team bet Glasgow Warriors 38-17 before joining his young sons on the pitch to perform a powerful rendition of Stand Up and Fight.

Continuing the trend of paying tribute though music, DCU’s Music Society has now released a stunning version of The Fields of Athenry in memory of Axel.

Appearing on the group’s Facebook page yesterday, the video has been viewed over 6,000 times, with commentators praising the goose bump inducing performance.

Check it out below:



DCU is taking a major leap and is going to re-name half of its buildings after inspirational women.

The news was revealed today at Inspirefest by the research director of DCU, Dr Christine Loscher.

“The computing building will now be named after Kathleen McNulty… there will be a photo and a description of what she’s done,” Christine explained.

Kathleen McNulty was one of the original programmers of the first general-purpose electronic digital computer. Born in the Creeslough area of Donegal, she earned a degree in mathematics in 1942, and subsequently went on to work with the US Army. Thankfully today you can use calculators to help you out!

Another women in which a building will be named after is Kathleen Lonsdale from Kildare. Ms Lonsdale made important investigations into natural and synthetic diamonds and the mechanism of diamond synthesis. In 1966, a rare hexagonal diamond was named ‘lonsdaleitein’ in her honour.

Dr Loscher said that these kinds of changes are extremely important in today’s society, as we all need to realise how amazing these women were with their achievements.

“A student needs to come into a university and see the recognition for women who do brilliant things and see that it’s possible [to achieve the same].”


If the words "Toxic Tuesday" simultaneously thrill you and make you feel a bit nauseous, then you'll want to read on.

DCU's beloved Old Bar will be no more as of this summer, but before it's gone forever, the college's Students' Union are planning one last hurrah on May 21.

These days the Old Bar is mainly used for club and society events, but in its heyday it was the sweaty, sticky-floored home of dirt-cheap pints, pool tables and DJs who mainly played The Fratellis' Chelsea Dagger on loop.

"For one night only, The Old Bar will be open to DCU alumni to say goodbye to their youth and drink cheap pints from plastic glasses with some old favourites on the stage/decks," the organisers say via Facebook, where the event has already attracted interest from over 1,000 people.

"Take the weekend off, grab a bag o’cans and treat it like it’s 2006… just don’t try hop the fence into Hampstead or go looking for an afterparty in Shanowen, you might actually get arrested this time."

According to Deirdre O'Sullivan from DCU's Office of Student Life, the Old Bar is a bit of a "shell" these days, which is why the SU are hoping to "bring back some of its former glory" on May 21.

A DCU grad herself, Deirdre got in touch with fellow alumni Louise Bruton and Alan Flanagan to help organise the one-night event, before the bar is demolished to make way for a new €14m four-floor Student Centre. 

"We're still getting everything confirmed for May 21, but we're hoping to get some of the old bands and DJs that have played there before on board," says Deirdre.

If you're already counting down the days and have any ideas or suggestions of what you'd like to see on the night (More Dutch Gold? The entire back catalogue of Kaiser Chiefs?), you can email deirdre.osullivan@dcu.ie.

See you there!



The latest round of the influential QS World University Rankings has been released – and it doesn't bode particularly well for Irish third-level institutions.

Trinity College Dublin remains the only university in this country to break into the Top 100 for 2015/16, but even it has fallen a significant seven places to No. 78.

University College Dublin is next up: making No. 154 – down from 139 last year.

Meanwhile, University College Cork has also taken a tumble: from 230 to 233. 

Bucking the trend at least is the National University of Ireland, Galway – which managed to climb nine places to 271, as well as Dublin City University, up 13 places to 353.

Hovering around the 600-650-mark is NUI Maynooth, Ireland's lowest placed university.

So all-in-all, it hardly makes for encouraging reading for third-level students and academics in this country.

Unsurprisingly, the Top 10 list is dominated by some of the most famous institutions in the world – most of which are based in either the US or the UK. 

The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology is again the best in the world, followed closely by the likes of Harvard University (No. 2), and the University Of Cambridge and Stanford University (joint third).

University Of Oxford and University College London make up numbers six and seven respectively. 

Yale University is at No. 15, while the University Of Edinburgh just misses out on a Top 20 place at No. 21.


The QS Top 100 World Universities:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 
2. Harvard University 
3= University of Cambridge 
3= Stanford University 
5. California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) 
6. University of Oxford 
7. UCL (University College London) 
8. Imperial College London 
9. Eth Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) 
10. University of Chicago 
11. Princeton University 
12. National University of Singapore (NUS) 
13. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 
14. École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) 
15. Yale University 
16. Johns Hopkins University 
17. Cornell University 
18. University of Pennsylvania 
19= Australian National University (ANU) 
19= Kings College London KCL) 
21. University of Edinburgh


The third Monday is January, known as Blue Monday, is typically considered to be the most depressing day of the year. Our bank accounts hit an all time low after Christmas and the knowledge that the festive season is over really sets in.

The Students' Union over in DCU wanted to do their part to bring a smile pack to people's faces last Monday… and what better way to do that than with a free caffeine boost?

The first five people to comment with their current location on the SU's Facebook page received a hand-delivered coffee of their choice to anywhere on campus.

So sweet. BTW guys, ours is a skim vanilla latte. Just sayin'.



Prepare to either be getting ready to head out tonight, or getting some major college flashbacks. 

This video, by the DCU MPS, is basically every Irish night out ever. 

From "will you put tan on my back" to "do you not remember what you did last night" – prepare for some lols. 

Disclaimer: May bring on the fear.