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Imagine a man in a tux at a black-tie event. He has the looks and style that grabs everyone’s attention, only to pose and reveal a canvas-strap wristwatch. Not to say that the canvas strap watches are inferior, but they are just not appropriate for the outfit.

Matching your watch to an outfit can be quite simple for a fashion savvy person, but it can be challenging for those who lack basic knowledge. Matching your watch with an outfit is actually a form of art.  We are currently obsessed with the official Olivia Burton watch range which you can wear with style.

The choice of watch you choose is a reflection of your personality, your style, and your tastes. Some may argue that matching your watch with your outfit depends on the band or strap, but a person who understands fashion will tell you that it’s more than that.

Many other factors come into play when choosing the right watch-outfit combinations. Below are a few guidelines to help you understand what goes with what.

Match Your Watch to the Formality of Your Outfit

Watches and outfits have levels of formality. A general rule of thumb when matching your watch with your outfit is to match the formality of your timepiece with the formality of your outfit. Let me explain further how you do that.

  1. Black Tie, White Tie

Traditionally, people were not supposed to wear a watch to a black-tie event. However, today you can wear a simple, classic dress watch. You don’t need to look flashy and extravagant on a black tie or white tie occasion, so a dress watch will do just fine.

Dress watches come in a wide range of styles and colours, but one with minimally embellished face and black leather band will be acceptable even to conservative observers.

  1. Business Formal

Business formal dresses are worn every day and are more versatile regarding what you can wear them with. Here you have a wide choice, but you don’t want to appear frivolous when at a meeting or business deal.

Dress watches are a perfect choice, especially if you’re wearing a dark suit. Dive watches are also an option as they are formal while still maintaining their functionality.

  1. Business Casual

This is the outfit that you wear everyday as you go to work such as a non-formal necktie optional business suit. Here we are talking about khakis, button-down shirts, sports coats, denim, leather shoes, etc.

The outfit is best complemented with a pilot watch, a high-end chronograph, or even a field watch. However, almost every type of watch can blend well with your casual business outfit.

  1. Casual Outfits

This is where your most casual clothes fall, including your jeans, polo shirts, and tees. All watch types, except the dress watch, will be perfect.

Dive watches, sports watches, pilot watches, and smartwatches can easily be matched with casual outfits. If you’re going to get involved in physical activity, the more rugged military watches would be ideal.

A note on military watches: Just like pilot watches and dive watches, military watches are not worn solely by officers, but rather can be worn by anyone.

They are quite classic and high-tech, and ideal for outdoor activities. To learn more about them, you can check out this list, and you might just fall in love with one.

  1. Sportswear

There are only a handful of watches you can wear while you engage in sports. However, this also depends on the kind of sport you’re participating in. If you’re only engaging in sports for recreational purposes, a field watch, dive watch, chronograph, and smartwatch can do. Just ensure that the watch is light and comfortable.

Match Your Watch Strap to the Formality of Your Outfit

Once you’ve decided on the type of watch that will match best with your outfit, you should go a step further to pair in terms of the material of the watch strap.

Leather bands are considered more formal than metal bands, and black is more formal than brown. Gold and silver metal bands are also appropriate for the most formal of events and can be ideal for dressy occasions.

Metal Complements Metal

The metal case of the watch and the metal bands should complement other metal accessories you’re wearing such as cufflinks, belt buckle, and shoe buckle. A gold watch can be worn with a gold belt buckle.

Leather Complements Leather

When wearing a leather strap watch, you should use your shoes as a reference. Match your belt to your shoes and then match your watch with both.

A brown leather band should be worn with a brown belt and brown shoes while a black band should go with a black belt and black shoes.

Metal Bands Match Better With Certain Colours of Clothes and Shoes

When a watch has a metal band, you can wear it with black or brown shoes. However, certain band colours work better with certain colours of clothes and shoes.

Gold watches are ideal for clothes and shoes in brown, tans, and beige tones while silver goes best with black, blue, and grey.


Wearing your watch to complement your outfit can be challenging but fun. People can often judge your sense of style by the small accessories you wear.

Therefore, while you may have a favourite watch in your collection, it’s important to match your watch to your outfit appropriately.



Sinéad Burke is taking the fashion world by storm, and she's starting with her new role as contributing editor for British Vogue.

What an absolute queen!

The Irish activist rapidly rose to fame after her award-winning Ted Talk: ‘Why design should include everyone’.

Sinéad aims to make a difference in the fashion industry and has been an avid advocate for the world of design to include all types of people.

In her talk, the speaker demanded that the industry expand its narrowed target market and design clothes with and for disabled people.

It seems Vogue agreed, and now, as contributing editor she is already started the movement to make this happen.

Sinéad’s first column for the magazine is titled ‘Why I Chose To Embrace My Differences’. In her piece, she reflects on her experience as a physically disabled teacher.

She loved that children asked her questions about herself that the adults never would, and she took the opportunity to rewire their thought processes.


Creative chaos. On Saturday, I facilitated workshops in @airbnb’s HQ with children from all over Dublin as we discussed and created the places where they love to play. It was a collaboration with #MyCruinniu and Dublin Culture Connects – an organisation that reaches out into the community and listens to their voices, expertise and lived experiences to shape the city we love. It was an incredible day and getting to spend hours learning from children about what they want and need is such a genuine privilege. . . Thank you to Aalia, Rowena and Shauna who were absolutely superb in enriching the conversations and ensuring too many dinosaur treats were not consumed. . . [Image description: Across five photographs, children create the places and objects that inspire them to play. There were football pitches, MMA stadiums, the beach and an array of hats that would make Philip Treacy envious.] . .

“When they asked me: ‘Why are you so small?’, I answered, ‘Why are you so big?’. Confusion meandered across their faces, they’d […] respond with […]: ‘I don’t know, I was born like this’.

“This simplistic explanation of genetics sat comfortably with young children and from that moment, I was their teacher.”

Sinéad goes on to discuss how although she loves being little now, she considered undergoing a painful, limb-lengthening procedure when she was just 11-years-old.

But after a discussion with family and friends she realised that she “was attempting to make [her] differences more palatable” and refused the surgery.


I’m very, very proud to be a new Contributing Editor to @britishvogue. Thank you so much to @edward_enninful for his extraordinary leadership and to @gileshattersley and @alcaselyhayford for taking a chance on me. My first piece (which is online now) is about my body, disability and our response to difference. . . “We are embarrassed by what we do not know, and we are often aggressive towards anyone who reminds us of our ignorance, or is different to us. Yet, from children’s innocent inquisitiveness we could learn to cultivate an empathy and respect for otherness.” . . [Image description: Sitting and wearing a rather fantastic @burberry blouse – it has a polka dot collar, pussy-bow and cuffs, whilst the remainder is vertical stripes, I’m posing with one hand on my hip and the other on my lap. I’m smiling and my bob is suspiciously like that of another Vogue team-member…. this photo was taken at @scaddotedu.]

A post shared by Sinéad Burke (@thesineadburke) on

In her article’s conclusion, she reminded us “that no one is 'normal'. Life is complex, challenging and full of difference.”

We are absolutely ecstatic the Sinéad has taken on this new role as a contributing editor for British Vogue.

The Irish speaker has come a long way from Meath, and we have no doubt that she will go even farther in this world. 

Sinéad is a complete boss and we can't wait to see what she does next!



As most people are home chilling with friends and family for Easter, there is probably a lot of relaxing TV and cups of tea going on around the country. 

If you're felling a combination of bored and creative right this second, you could try your hand (literally) at one of these gorgeous Easter nail art designs.

There are nail art themes for every festivity, and Easter is clearly no different according to Instagram. 

From adorable bunnies to intricately painted eggs, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few of our favourite Easter nail art looks from Instagram:  


A post shared by Nicole Smith(@nicolesmithnails) on


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Feature image: Instagram / Jofoge

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


Well, our foodie hearts have just died and gone to heaven… and saying that, our Instagram-loving hearts have followed after.

Take a look at these bespoke cake designs and toppers, coming all the way from Skerries.

Yep, we might as well be looking at a bride's Pinterest board!

Shindigs is a brand new custom cake design and toppers company which has just opened its doors.

The company designs and creates cake toppers, which are lazer cut and come in a huge range of colours.

The one-of-a-kind pieces are made to order, and right now, shipping in Ireland is free (so tell all brides-to-be!).

We completely fell in love with the Ferrero Rocher cake, which is made up of chocolate biscuit cake, Malteasers, Crunchie, Toffee Pops, Nutella, shortbread and whole hazelnuts.

Mmm hmm, we're drooling too.



Bella Hadid just achieved a major modelling milestone by storming the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

While we're sure modelling will always be her first love, the model is swapping out her angel wings for a sketch pad and sewing needle, as she just revealed her plans to move into fashion design.

The famous model's first foray into design comes in the form of a collaborative collection with fashion house Chrome Hearts.


A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

Taking to Instagram to announce her next business move, the model added a snap of herself in a stylised t-shirt of her own design. 

Captioning the shot, Bella said: "So damn excited ! You have no idea what's coming! My new collection with @chromeheartsofficial designed by me, shot by my angel mother."


A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

We're assuming that the t-shirt will be a trophy piece in the collection, but Bella is currently keeping the other items under wraps. 

With Chrome Hearts being renowned for it's jewellery, we're sure we'll see some statement chokers and Hadid-style stackable rings in the covetable collab. 

We're keeping our eyes peeled for a launch date. 



At 83 years old, you’d think Karl Lagerfeld would be scaling back on his work rather than adding to it.

But it seems Chanel’s Creative Director still has more energy than most twenty-somethings as he’s decided to lend his expertise to the hospitality sector.

According to WWD, the famous designer is set to project his good taste into a line of bespoke hotels, residential properties, restaurants and private clubs as part of a joint venture with Brandmark Collective B under the Karl Lagerfeld Hotels and Resorts brand.

The German has previously been involved with a number of interiors projects including a 270-room hotel in Macau and a swimming pool redesign at the Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo.

The South China Morning Post has reported that the first hotel to be designed in its entirety by Karl will open in Macau, China, next year.

Feat image: Wiki

Centre image: pursuitist.com


While products are often released with the claim that ‘one size fits all’, it remains almost impossible to find a piece of clothing which both fits and suits all women.

But with social and marketing movements becoming increasingly focused on the issue of body diversity, it was only a matter of time until someone tried to design an outfit which any woman could wear.

As part of a joint initiative between online retailer JustFab and televised design competition Project Runway, the popular reality show’s contestants were tasked with creating an everyday outfit for women of all shapes, sizes and ages.


@projectrunway #designerlaurence #firstwin #jumpsuit @justfabonline #fashion #edgy #picoftheday #congrats

A photo posted by LAURENCE BASSE (@laurencebasse) on

The winner of the challenge was 41-year-old Laurence Basse, who designed a cotton khaki-coloured boyish jumpsuit.

Speaking of the piece, the French native told InStyle: “I personally love a jumpsuit, and it's hard to find a good, fitted, sexy jumpsuit.”

“If you have boobs, or if you have a little booty, this jumpsuit makes it easy to hide areas you want hidden – it's versatile and flattering…I came up with something that any woman would feel sexy and confident in without being over the top.”

While Laurence’s design is pretty cool, we’re not sure the utilitarian nature of the jumpsuit is something everyone would be into.

Feat image: Entertainment Weekly



If you’ve been looking at your kitchen lately wondering where it all went wrong, then perhaps it needs a bit of a revamp. And if you’re going to go to the bother of doing it up, why not pick a theme? Themes are the best! Here are our favourites!

We’re not sure we could have an Italian themed kitchen without craving a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese every time we walked in, but if you think you could handle it, the Italian look is really nice and homely!

If you live by the sea, or if you just like the colour blue, a nautical themed kitchen is really fresh and inviting. Accessorise with ropes and sea shells – lovely!

If you want your kitchen to be a natural beauty, why not try an organic theme? We bet having a theme like this would help keep you motivated to eat healthily, a pizza box just wouldn’t look right on that table!

Everything sounds better when you put the word ‘country’ in front of it – country soup, country produce, country kitchen. You’ll be just dying to whip up a few freshly made apple tarts in a kitchen like this, leaving them out on the window sill to cool, like the good old days (or just reheat the one you bought in the shop and hide the evidence!).

If you’re looking for a cool, sleek interior design, then a modern kitchen is just the thing for you. This is a clutter-free zone.

Want to feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine every time you go to make a cup of tea? Well, maybe it won’t be so extreme, but a retro kitchen will surely provide a blast from the past for your parents! It looks really cool too!

images via Pinterest



Living an environmentally friendly, economically savvy, safe, happy and stress free life isn’t as easy as we’d like. These people however, have designed homes for themselves that make this kind of life, slightly more achievable. Check out five of the smartest homes ever created:

The Recycled Home
When design student, Lynda Elayna Spratley got tired of her long commute to college, she decided to move into a parking garage behind her college. She became one of the first residents of SCADpad, a three-dorm compound built and styled by the students and staff of Savannah College of Art and Design to prove that underused public spaces can recycled, if you will, into homes.


The Disaster Proof Home
The Archie family were left pretty much homeless when their house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. However, with the help of the Make It Right Foundation, they now live in a disaster proof home. With reinforced walls, it can withstand winds of up to 209 km/h, there are hurricane shutters that can be screwed on to protect the doors and windows; and the whole base is bolted to 8 feet of concrete-and-steel stilts, which protect the house from flooding. Pretty impressive!


The Tiny Home
When Macy Miller fell into financial trouble during her divorce, and had to sell the house she had shared with her husband, she decided enough was enough, and built a teeny tiny, but perfectly formed little house. For $11,000. Her expenses have halfed, and since her house is built on a trailer, she can easily move if she needs to. Perfect!


The Responsive Home
When retired Marine Sergeant John Peck woke up from a coma with no limbs, he had a lot of challenges ahead of him. He wouldn’t be able to open doors, and he couldn’t even reach the presses to get food, let along eat it. To combat some of his issues, Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation designed a home to suit his needs. He can now adjust lighting and height of his kitchen cabinets with the touch of a tablet, and he has a bidet so he can use the toilet by himself.


The Mindful Home
Hilda Brunwasser has Parkinson’s disease, but she couldn’t afford home help. So instead she installed Lively, a system of sensors attached to her pillbox, key chain and more that alert her loved ones to irregularities in her schedule. Her son no longer worries as much his mam being home alone, the perfect solution!



The supermodel has turned her hand to something you might not be expecting! Watch the video for the full lowdown.



Victoria Beckham turned down Kim Kardashian’s request to design her wedding dress – for fear it would cheapen her brand!

The 40-year-old fashion designer was reportedly approached earlier this year about creating a gown for the reality TV star’s big day, but asked her team to tell Kim she was too busy.

But insiders have said VB refused the offer because she was concerned about ‘devaluing’ her brand!

Kim was said to be desperate to wear a VB dress for her nuptial with Kanye West, but Victoria – who works with the very A-list of the showbiz world, including royals – apparently didn’t want to be dragged into the world of reality stars.

They don’t call her ‘Posh Spice’ for nothing!

Kimye have been teasing us for weeks now about the details of their big day.

The couple are apparently set to marry in a secret ceremony in the coming days, and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was seen boarding a flight to France earlier this week.

They were rumoured to be having a lavish wedding extravaganza in Paris, but it’s also been claimed they are going to break with expectations by holding a highly secretive ceremony  instead.

Kim and Kanye are so intent on keeping their wedding private that they have secured a ‘confidential’ marriage license so no one officially knows what the heck is going on!




Dame Vivienne Westwood has done the unthinkable – cut off all of her trademark red hair.

The designer reportedly wanted to draw attention to climate change, a spokesperson said: “Vivienne cut her hair as we must all wake up to climate change … and secondly she wanted to cut the red out for a while and have it white – to show she’s proud of her age.”

The 72 year-old British designer hasn’t changed her hair colour for decades so there is no doubt this cause is close to her heart.

It has also been reported that Westwood will be pausing her business for a time in order to help promote the protection of the Arctic with Greenpeace.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 15.07.13


Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 15.06.03