Eight style rules we need to steal from men!

While women’s style is always changing dramatically from trend to trend, men’s fashion generally sticks to the same key rules – smart, tailored and slick!

Their wardrobes generally have more staples and when they find something they like, they have no shame in buying it in seven different colours. The typical man’s style might not be adventurous to the level of say, Lady Gaga’s meat-covered dress, but do we really want it to be?

There are definitely a few key things we can learn from the more style-savvy lads out there… let’s take a look!

1. Less effort is more
One thing stylish men definitely have down is the ability to make things look effortless. A tuck in here, a rumpled shirt there… you’d never know Zac Efron had a team of stylists looking after him!

2. Work with solid colours
Using the same colour palette from head to toe is a great way to keep your style classic and simple. If you’re not a fan of matching top and bottom, take key colour elements and use them throughout your outfit. Jamie Dornan knows how to rock an all-grey suit like a pro:

3. Get the perfect fit
While a man knows a good suit is nothing without some tailoring (Collars and Cuffs can help with this), us ladies don’t give the same concern to our blazers, dresses or skirts. Maybe now’s the time to start – just look to the tailoring king David Gandy for inspiration:

4. Don’t shy away from print
One key bold print can make your outfit stand out from the crowd. We’re big fans of Harry Styles’ outfit – we’d probably wear it ourselves to be honest:

5. Have a laugh!
Men’s style is full of fun elements like bright socks peeking out from suit pants, loud shirts and coloured cuffs. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of humour to your outfit! This street style maven has the right idea:

6. Show off those ankles
Double cuff your jeans or go for a slightly cropped pair with ankle boots – the guys are way ahead of us on this one. We adored Tinie Tempah’s slick Fashion Week look:

7. One accessory can make all the difference
A muted colour palette doesn’t have to be boring – Kanye brings his black suit jacket and grey trousers to life with a bold red bow tie:

8. When in doubt, be as classy as possible
A good wool coat and a long scarf is a slick, elegant look that works equally well for both sexes. Hello winter!