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Pippa O'Connor has revealed details of her role in the upcoming animated film, Ferdinand.

The Irish blogger appears in the 20th Century Fox production alongside a host of incredible actors including David Tennant, Bobby Cannavale, WWE competitor John Cena, and Kate Mc Kinnon of Saturday Night Live.

Speaking to Irish Country Magazine, the mother-of-two explained how she landed the part.

"They contacted me and they were like, 'would you like to have a speaking part in a movie?' And I was like, 'yes!'," she said.

“So it was really fun to go London and stand in a very fancy booth and do my lines. Really, anything is possible.”

The animated flick tells the story of a giant gentle bull who is torn from is family after captors mistake him for a dangerous beast and his quest to return home.

The film hits Irish cinemas on December 16.



Pippa O'Connor's hugely successful jeans collection, POCO by Pippa, is coming to Dundrum Town Centre this Christmas.

Following its launch in March this year, the premium denim pop-up shop will return to its debut location for the festive shopping period.


Happy Treat Yo'self Thursday #mypocos (: @the_wistful_shopper)

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Located on level two opposite Karen Millen, the store will stock all the old favourites along with a brand new range of POCO products.

POCO by Pippa has been designed for women of all ages and with expert style advisors on hand to help, every customer is sure to find the right denim and fit to suit them.

The temporary pop-up shop will run for 10 weeks from November 9, 2017.


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Pippa O'Connor, Founder of POCO, said: “We are thrilled to be returning to Dundrum Town Centre in November. Our POCO pop-up in Dundrum Town Centre was a huge success earlier this year, so we are excited about returning for Christmas!”

“We will have our newest styles available and two brand new POCO products ready for the store opening on the 9th November.”

That's our Christmas shopping sorted anyway!


When you see a social media post that has been paid for, do you scroll on or keep listening?

Many bloggers and influencers have come under fire for not being up front about whether they are paid to talk about a product.

But now, one of Ireland's top influencers, Pippa O' Connor, has insisted that she doesn't get paid to post about goods or services – if she likes a product, she'll simply just say it.


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According to goss.ie, the beauty blogger said: "Anything I talk about on here whether it's beauty, fashion, somewhere I've been, something I've used, if I am collaborating with a brand on anything, it will always be said this is an ad i.e they are paying me to collaborate with them.

"If I don't state otherwise it means I'm just sharing what I like.

"Just to fill you in on my point of view. I'm asked dozens, probably more than dozens of times a day to promote a brand, company, product, salon, hotel you name it I'm asked to plug it and promote it.

"But I have to respect the amount of following I have and be true. I could be on here 100s of times a day saying 'this is amazing', 'that's amazing', 'go here', 'go there' but you're not stupid. But I never ever do that.


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"If someone asks me how much do I charge to do an Instagram post or Snapchat post I just don't, I don't do that. That's not what I'm about," she said.

"Apart from it being important to be honest and to not try and pull the wool over people's eyes to make a few bob, it's against the law, you have to state when something is an ad and if something is sponsored…and I think it's a good rule.

"You have to be true, you have to be honest with yourself, because you won't last and people will just see through that and be like 'ugh she's talking crap again'.

"I think there's nothing wrong by the way with a blogger, celebrity, influencer doing the sponsored tweets, snaps, instagram, by all means do it but be honest with yourself and be honest with everyone else," she explained.



After the great success of the POCO by Pippa pop up in Dundrum Town Centre, fans of the designer will be delighted to know that the next pop up location has been revealed.

Pippa is taking her denim collection down south to Cork, and we're sure many of her followers in the county will be running to the shop when it's open.


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The mum-of-two took to Snapchat to reveal the news, and said that her husband Brian believes the Mahon Point place is gorgeous.

“We confirm our next POCO pop up shop, and we are coming to Munster,” Pippa confirmed.

“The pop up shop in Cork is going to be in Mahon Point which I’m so excited about because I really wanted to go to Cork and what a better place to be.


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“I haven’t seen the shop unit yet, but my husband assures me it’s amazing!”

Details of when the pop up will open still have to be revealed, but if Dundrum was anything to go by, it'll be a huge success.


It looks like Pippa O'Connor and Brian Ormond will be the next duo to grace our TV screens.

According to the Irish Mail, the married couple are in talks with TV3 to nab their very own show.

The pair apparently proved their worth a few months ago when they presented The Seven O'Clock Show together, and have now been in with the network to discuss a deal.

An inside source claims that Pippa and Brian have been in studio many times over the past few months, and their last screen test was just before Christmas.

"Brian and Pippa have been in with TV3 quite a few times. They have done a few screen tests together," they said.

With Brian having a heap of experience presenting, Pippa previously said working with her hubby was "great craic," so hopefully this will be an exciting time for them both.



POCO by Pippa was a major success for Ms O'Connor at the end of last year. We loved all the styles from 'The Saturday Night' to 'The Off Duty' and everything in between.

And now, Pippa has revealed her plans to grow her already booming business.


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While speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, the entrepreneur said: "I don't know how far I want to go with it, but I really want to nail denim.

"So there will definitely be jackets and skirts – I want to be known for that."


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She finished off by saying: "I live in my jeans – it's my uniform – and I always wanted to do something like this."

We can't wait to see what Pippa will come out with next.



Pippa O'Connor went from one of Ireland's most known models to a business woman in only a few years.

And she's a pretty successful business woman, too. In the last month alone, she has not only launched a new denim collection, Poco by Pippa, but also released a book, Simple Tips To Live Beautifully and debuted her new app for her blog.

With all of that under her belt, and two kids, we just don't know how she does it.

Speaking to VIP Magazine, Pippa believes that it's all about balance.

“I suppose I just try to have a good balance, which is tough. My idea of balance may be totally different to someone else’s. I try to take everything in my stride.


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“I’ve a really good team around me and I take all the help I can get with the kids, I don’t try to be Superwoman, because it’s simply not possible,” she said.

The mum-of-two also revealed that 3-year-old Ollie absolutely loves his 5-month-old brother Louis, but she can't see herself with anymore children just yet.

“Ah he loves him! Like, he’s obsessed with him. I can’t even imagine having another one in the mix right now though, I’m very happy with what I have.

"We feel very lucky," she added.


Two days ago, Pippa O'Connor shared a post on her Instagram page telling her followers something exciting is coming! And she didn't disappoint…

This morning, the mum-of-two revealed that she has created her own denim line, and it looks totally gorgeous.

Taking to the social networking site, Pippa shared and slick black and white video and so far, the reaction has been unreal.

Many commented on Pippa's post congratulating her and praised her for including maternity jeans in her new collection.


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One user wrote, "on FIRE @pipsypie," while another said, "Absolutely brilliant. Nothing you cannot do."

The collection is launching November 14 and we can't wait to try a pair!



There's certainly no stopping Pippa O Connor.

The mum-of-two has just released a second book and now she's revealed her new app is ready to go.

The author shared the news on her Facebook page, writing: "I'm so excited to launch my new App where I'll be sharing lots of exclusive content.

"It's been months in the making so I hope you love it just as much as I do!"

And we have to say, it looks pretty slick.

Fair play, Pippa.



Pippa O Connor has sent a lovely tribute to her hubby Brian Ormond on his birthday.

The former model took to Instagram to share adorable pictures of their family together as well as a snap from their wedding day.


Happy Birthday to my favourite husband!! We love you @brianormondtv – it's finer you're gettin

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She wrote: "Happy Birthday to my favourite husband!! we love you @brianormondt – it's finer you're getting."

The couple just had their first presenting gig together – taking over The Seven O Clock Show last night.

They will make their way back to our TV tomorrow night.


Pippa O Connor and Brian Ormond are going to host TV3's The Seven O'Clock Show.

Since the pair got married back in 2011, hosting a talk show has always been a talking point, and now they're finally doing it.

The Seven O'Clock Show took to Twitter to announce the news this morning.

It said: "While Martin & Lucy are away, new faces come to play."

And Brian clearly couldn't hide his excitement, taking to Twitter last night to share the good news to his fans: "So next week should be fun! Myself and y wife ar hosting @sevenoclockshow."

We're looking forward to seeing how they get on!



Pippa O Connor's second son was born in May of this year and since then it has been nothing but bliss for the beauty blogger and her husband, Brian.

But now, in a heartwarming post, Pippa admitted exactly why she chose the name Louis for her second born son.

“We only had 1 boy name in our heads. Louis is French for ‘famous warrior’, I love it and I liked how well it went with Ollie,” she wrote on pippa.ie.

“The main reason we chose Louis was it’s the male version of ‘Louise’, after my Mum.”


Hooray for being 1 month old today .. There's a new blog post all about our first 4 weeks on #pippaie now

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Aw, how lovely! Pippa also admitted that her first son, Ollie is adapting very well to his new baby brother.

“Ollie adores his little brother. That was probably my only worry before I had him – how would Ollie react.

“Thankfully he’s been amazing and has adapted very well. There was the odd moment of acting out looking for attention but nothing major," she said.

We're glad the family is doing so well.