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Penneys have done it again! 

The high street bargain store is always hot on the heels of the latest trend, and their newest handbag drop is no exception. 

Blogger Penneys to Prada spotted this little number, and we are completely obsessed.


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This season, the J.W Anderson Pierce bag is the it-bag for bloggers, celebs and social media starlets alike. 

The gorgeous bag is distinguished by a septum-style piercing detail on the main outer flap (the clue is in the name).

Penneys have created their own version, but without the high-end price tag. 

Taking inspiration From the runway, Penneys is kicking off its A/W accessories drop with this ruby red beauty. 

The gorgeous cross-body is the perfect size for events, running errands, or even bringing to a festival. 

The distinctive piercing style clasp is giving us serious designer vibes, and we completely love it.  


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The best part is, this designer dupe comes in at only €10.00.

A similar designer version can rack up a €1,695.00 charge on your credit card. 

We'll be sharpening our elbows and heading to the shops, becasue this bad boy is in stores now. 



Saturday night is always a mad one, and whether your a fan of Coppers or Workmans, the eternal struggle to find something to wear can just get too much sometimes.

Luckily, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

Image result for nothing to wear

From a Penneys must-have gingham top, to H&M's bubble gum pink biker jacket, here are a few of the best pieces on the high street right now.  

 H&M blue cotton dress €79.99

H&M top €19.99

H&M evergreen skirt €59.99

H&M pink biker jacket €69.99

 Penneys heels €19.00

Penneys white top €13.00

Penneys gingham top €11.00

Penneys handbag €10.00

 Zara dress €49.95

Zara top €39.95

Zara heels €39.95

Zara evergreen jumpsuit €49.95

 New Look denim skirt €24.99

New Look bardot top €19.99

New Look bodysuit €24.99

New Look playsuit €29.99

 Topshop pink crop top €36.00

Topshop red dress €52.00

Topshop embroidered bag €46.00

Topshop skirt €44.00

River Island astrology sign playsuit €47.00

River Island denim skirt €38.00

River Island black dress €100.00

River Island red top €37.00



So, love it or hate it, one thing's for sure – there's no escaping ITV2's reality romance show, Love Island.

This years instalment has proved to be the most popular yet, with thousands of fans across the UK and Ireland tuning for their fix every night.

The show centres around a group of young singles who have all been moved into a luxury villa in an effort to find love and hopefully win some cash at the end.

Sure, all the contestants are young and beautiful, but the real stars of the show have come in the form of the common catchphrases used by the cast.

Not only have sayings like 'I used to be in Blazin Squad' and 'Absolute Melt' crept their way into our daily vocabulary, they're about to make their way into our wardrobes too.

Penneys have designed a collection of six t-shirts baring some of the reality show's most popular phrases – so everyone can know just how obsessed you really are.

The t-shirts will be rolled out across selected Penneys stores from Wednesday, July 12.

No word on how much they'll cost, but you'll be able to find them in Penneys on Mary Street, Dublin, O'Connell Street, Dublin, Liffey Valley, Dundrum, Blanchardstown, and on Patrick Street, Cork.



 The weekend is finally upon us, so it's time to hit the town. 

And, you can't even use the "I've nothing to wear" excuse not to head out, because we've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping.

 Left to right: H&M white top €24.99

H&M gingham dress €69.99

H&M denim skirt €44.99

H&M crop top €39.99

Left to right: River Island dress €35.00

River Island blue blouse €37.00

River Island fishnet top €35.00

River Island purple skirt  €40.00

Left to right: Bershka dress €19.00

Bershka skirt €9.99

Bershka top €17.99

Bershka fluffy heels  €39.99

Left to right: Penneys mesh top  €9.00

Penneys silver shoes €16.00

Penneys red high heels €14.00

Penneys shirt dress €20.00

Left to right: Topshop handbag €46.00

Topshop T-shirt €20.00

Topshop yellow top €36.00

Topshop orange denim skirt €40.00

Left to right: New Look orange dress €24.99

New Look embroidered crop top €24.99

New Look skirt €29.99

New Look black dress €49.99



Penneys has come through this season, with a selection of the most delectable A/W coats we've seen in a long time. 

The designer-inspired pieces look high-end AF, and we're struggling to choose our favourite style. 

While this rainy day would be the perfect time to invest in a new coat, these pieces won't be in store until the end of August, so we have a bit of time to pick our trophy coat for the upcoming Autumn season. 

 Check coat €40.00, PU aviator  €40.00

 Brown faux fur collar coat €50.00, Shearling Coat €30.00

Slogan back padded  jacket €25.00,  Pink shaggy faux fur coat €45.00


Penneys have been killing the Disney game lately and we honestly couldn't be happier about it.

Whether it's a cosy new pair of PJs or a travel mug to sip our morning coffee from, there's very few (if any) pieces of Disney merchandise we'd turn our noses up at.

Having said that, there is one particular item we've been dying to get out hands on, and fingers crossed we'll finally nab one this time.

That's right. The Chip Cup is coming back to Penneys and it's brought some other Beauty and the Beast friends along with it.

Take a look at the adorable new collection:

Chip Mug – €5.00, Mrs Potts Money Bank  – €8.00 

Chip PJ top – €7.00, Chip PJ bottoms – €10.00

Chip Cushion – €6.00

Throw – €8.00, Duvet set – €20.00, Cogsworth Clock – €8.00

Mug Set – €5.00

Be Out Guest Slippers – €6.00

Rose Bell Jar – €10.00

All stock is due to hit stores late June/ early July, expect the Cogsworth Clock which will be available this September.

See you in the queue!  



The weather has been crazily changeable lately, so while we'd rather be in sandals at this stage of the summer, we're still rocking our favourite boots to ward off wet feet in the spontaneous downpours.

Penneys has us looking to the future when it comes to footwear, and with the reveal of the A/W collection came a pretty parade of up-coming footwear styles we're dying to try (weather be damned).

Here are a few of our favourite pairs, in stores over the coming months. 

Floral boots €19.00

 High heels €22.00

Floral boots €17.00

Pink boots  €19.00

Orange ring boots €17.00

Floral high heels €20.00

Pearl studded ballet flats €12.00, Bag €12.00



Rainbow highlighter probably isn't the first thing we'd be reaching for on a day-to-day basis, but when the new beauty product started going viral across social media at the beginning of this year, we were obsessed with the hued highlight. 

Beauty junkies hailed the rainbow highlighter as the best way to get closer to your inner unicorn, as tonnes of Etsy shops and boutique beauties started creating their own versions. 

PS… Rainbow Highlighter, €4.00

Now, Penneys has stepped up to the plate with their own offering in the form of the PS…Rainbow Highlighter. 

We spotted this little number while browsing around Penneys in Dundrum (see what else we found over on Snapchat at shemazingie) and we just had to have it. 

First things first, the highlight comes in at a very reasonable €4.00, so experimenting with this festival look definitely won't break the bank. 

However, you better get into Penneys ASAP, because when we went, there were only a couple of pans of rainbow fairy dust left. 


When swatched, the highlight proved that it was shimmery and pigmented, which left us thinking that the six rainbow shades might be more suited as eye shadows than anything else. 

Our main prerogative was to test whether this highlighter is actually wearable, and to see what it looks like on top of our usual face of makeup. 

We were seriously hoping that the dazzle dust would look cool rather than gimmicky, but at the same time we wanted to see exactly how rainbow-esque the highlight applied.

So, we used a PS… fan brush from Penneys to apply the highlight in one swoop, creating a rainbow line of highlight across the cheekbone. 

While definitely not for everyday wear (or maybe it is, you do you boo) the look was pretty, colourful and shimmery, and an excellent pared back alternative to glittery festival make up (we're still finding glitter particles in our makeup bags from Forbidden Fruit).


We had seen some YouTube tutorials about the original rainbow highlighter, which suggested blending all the shades together on a fluffy brush to create a seamless single shade. 

Using a Morphe Tapered Duo brush, we gave the pan a swirl and buffed it along the cheekbone, creating a dewy, golden highlight when all the shades were blended together.


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The effect was subtle and glowy, the complete opposite to the rainbow-striped look we created using a fan brush. 

Our verdict? Whether you want a muted, golden highlight or a dramatic rainbow festival look, this €4.00 bargain could see you through summer.

Plus, think of all the potential eye makeup looks.



From its AW collection, to Cosmo freaking out that Penneys is Irish; the high street chain has been killing it in the world of fashion and beauty lately.

And to add more awe to its items, the clothing giant has announced that it's releasing a Cotton Candy beauty line.


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It's new PS… Eye Candy and Cotton Candy lines will hit shops this week, and we couldn't be more delighted.

The range will include a collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows and eye pigment palates, including a Cotton Candy kit (which we're very intrigued by).

And as always with Penneys, it won't break the bank. The new products cost between €2.50 and €6.

We're sorted, lads.



Summer may have just arrived, but the high street is already gearing up for the style season ahead.

High street bargain haven Penneys is already choosing the trends for next season, and we're loving what's coming into stores over the coming months.

Featuring winter florals, colourful mesh and tonnes of texture, here is a peek at what Penneys will be championing this Autumn/Winter:  

Dress €16.00 Hat €5.00 Tights €3.50 Shoes €19.00 | Dress €18.00 Jeans €17.00 Shoes €16.00  Bag €10.00 Earrings €4.00 Socks €2.50

Jumper €11.00 Jeans €19.00 Shoes €19.00 Socks €2.50 | Coat €40.00  Jacket €25.00 Trousers €16.00 Shoes €16.00 Socks €2.50

Black dress €17.00 Pink dress €17.00 Shoes €19.00 Bracelet €3.00 Tights €3.00 | Coat €45.00 Dress €25.00 Blouse €16.00 Hat €5.00 Bag €16.00 Rings €4.00

Coat €40.00 Denim Jacket €40.00 Jeans €21.00 Shoes €21.00 Earrings €4.00 Socks €2.50 | Jumper €16.00 Jeans €17.00 Bag €10.00 Shoes €16.00 Socks €2.50

Dress €20.00 Bag €12.00 Shoes €16.00 Earrings €6.00 Tights €4.00 | Jumper €25.00 Skirt €14.00 Shoes €19.00 Earrings €3.00 Socks €2.50

Tights €3.50 Shoes €19.00 | Coat €45.00 Dress €25.00 Blouse €16.00 Hat €5.00 Shoes €22.00 Bag €16.00 Rings €4.00 Socks €2.50 Earrings €5.00



Forbidden Fruit is literally this weekend, and we're already dying to shimmy and shake our way into festival season.

Festival fashion is one of the highlights of the music-filled weekend, and Penneys is giving us life when it comes to amazing pieces to create the look.

Check out a few of our faves:

Gingham T-shirt €8.00, Necklace €6.00, Belt €4.00, Skirt €6.00

 Bodysuit €6.00, Floral top €13.00, Fishnet socks €2.00, Crochet dress €12.00

 Backpack €12.00, Crop top €4.50, Boots €11.00, Shorts €15.00

Crop top €4.50, Sunnies €4.00, Choker set €5.00, T-shirt €6.00



When people compliment our clothes, the age-old reaction is to say, 'cheers, Penneys, €2'!

We've bought our outfits in the retail chain since we were wee babies, and it's still our one-stop-shop for, well… basically everything.

Now, us Irish are all well aware that Penneys is called Primark in the North of Ireland and in the UK, but apparently Cosmopolitan is only realising this now, and they're mind blown.

"What if we told you that everything you know about the shop where you can buy ALL of the things in the world is a lie, and that it's actually called a completely different thing?" reads the article.

They then come to the revelation that Penneys is actually Irish, and originated in Dublin in 1969.

"Back then, it opened with the name Penneys – and it stuck. The Irish totally stick by their initial name, and in fact there was a lot of confusion when they decided to rename the brand overseas.

Image result for penneys

"There is reason behind the madness, though. Penneys may make more sense for the affordable brand, but the company had to switch to Primark for legal reasons. When they expanded to the UK in 1974, they chose to change their name to avoid legal action by the US retailer J.C.Penney.

"The Irish have steadfastly stuck with Penneys, and despite the fact that the company now has stores all over the world called Primark, they are proud to be the purveyors of the original name."

Yep, we're proud indeed.