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So, we're all more than a little obsessed with Kylie Jenner's famous lip kits, but now there is a new version that's a little closer to home.

Penneys have launched their own version of the metallic liquid lipstick duo, and we're obsessed.


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The shades look as though they could have come Kylie Jenner's personal lipstick vault, with dupes for two out of three of Kylie's metallic shades.

Molten Lava is the perfect substitute for Reign, and Molten Bronze could easily pass for an affordable version of Heir. 

Penneys clearly have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to lip trends, and these kits are sure to sell out as quickly as Kylie's.


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We're also dying to get out hands on them for festival season and at only four quid a pop, we might just have to get both shades.

We'll see you in the queue, basket full of lip kits in tow.

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Penneys fans, get excited.

Every season, there are one or two Penneys pieces that are so good, they fly off the shelves in mere minutes (anyone remember the Chip cup craziness?).

Now, the newest covetable piece is en route to Irish stores, after selling out almost instantly in the UK. 

This blue gingham dress ticks a multitude of trend boxes for summer, from the gingham print to the fluted sleeves and collarless neckline. 

The €19.00 dress is already being sold for the bumped up price of  €53.79 on resale site like eBay and Depop.

There are sure to be queues outside Penneys for this perfect summer piece, but no date has yet been confirmed for the release. 

Pic: eBay

'The gingham dress will be in Irish stores in the coming weeks, we do not have a confirmed date,' a spokeswoman for Penneys confirmed to The Sun.

Once it's gone, it's gone, as the spokesperson confirmed that the gorgeous guna will not be restocked.

Sharpen those elbows!

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We've tried to channel the unicorn look through glitter festival makeup and holographic hair trends, but emulating the fairytale creature has now never been easier. 

While it may be physically impossible to convert ourselves into the mythical creature, these stunning makeup brushes are here to help.

The handle of each brush resembles a unicorn horn, while the brush hairs are dyed a rainbow of beautiful pastel colours. 

The bright blue handle is also the ultimate colour pop, making them uber-easy to find in a cluttered makeup bag.

And the best part is? 

These affordable bad boys are from high street favourite, Penneys. 

The PS… Unicorn Brush Set comes in at a super affordable €10.00 for four brushes.

The set includes a fan brush for an on-fleek highlight, as well as a triad of foundation, buffing and powder brushes.

These brushes are literally the stuff of fairy tales…

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Coachella is kicking off this month, and with it comes an Instagram influx of amazing, high-shine festival makeup looks.

We've been uber-envious of all the gorgeous Insta-influencers heading off to the music festival in the sun, but seeing their practice Coachella makeup looks is keeping us sane.

We're feeling super inspired to channel the looks for the Irish festival season, and luckily, Penneys is on the same wavelength. 

Hair crayons €4.00, Glitter Roots kit €4.00

The high street bargain store has just launched their amazing new Prism collection, and there are a few pieces that stand out as absolute festival must haves.

Staying totally up-to-date with festival hair trends, Penneys have created a glitter roots kit, which includes multiple glitter shades to cover up greasy three-day-camping roots.

Penneys have also launched a set of hair crayons, perfect for adding some temporary colour to your locks. 

Face gems €3, Holographic Highlighter stick €3.50

No festival look is complete without a few gem stickers to highlight your favourite features, and Penneys is providing them already arranged, so you don't even have to think aboiut how to apply them.

Channelling the 90s has also never been easier, with body glitter hitting the shelves and giving us all sorts of childhood nostalgia.

The holographic highlighter stick is perfect for both face and body, and would look seriously cool underneath those gems. 

Holographic lip gloss €2.00 each

These holographic mermaid lip glosses are making is super easy to achieve that Kylie Jenner metallic lip festival look. 

And the fact that the shades have adorable names like Fintasia and Mermaid Kiss doesn't hurt either. 

These star shimmer lip balms have the perfect sprinkle of glitter we've been looking for to top coat our lippie.

It looks like this festival season is set to be the most glittery yet. 

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Summer is officially around the corner, as is evident thanks to the beautiful weather this weekend, and nothing gets us more in the mood for some sun than a whole new summer wardrobe. 

Penneys has dropped their high summer collection, and we can see it being super popular come festival season. 

From a Lemonade-worthy maxi dress to channel your inner Beyonce, to a set of gorgeous co-ords, Penneys has it all this summer season.  

Blue crop top  €9.00, and matching shorts  €9.00, Crochet top €7.00, and matching shorts €7.00

Denim pinafore €15.00, Floral playsuit €14.00, Tie-dye dress €7.00

Metallic skirt €10.00, Yellow maxi dress €22.00, Flamingo shorts €15.00

Tropical bikini top €10.00, and bottoms €6.00

Zoe Carol Wong is the creative force behind the fashion brand Zoe Carol.

With stockists including the likes of the Kilkenny Shop and Só Collective, it's safe to say you've seen her designs around the place.

The designer has been in the game for years, but last week, she saw the "ugly side of fashion."

The Galway-native was sent a photo last week of a top in Penneys that looked extremely like one of her pieces from her SS16 collection.

Both blouses included a collar, no sleeves and a very similar bird design:

Zoe took to Instagram shortly after receiving the photo and wrote that she felt "cheated and flattered" at the same time.

"Can you spot the difference? Our lovely stockist @grainnemahervault in Belfast sent me a snap that she captured in @penneyseire this week in Belfast. 

"That's our Nankin blouse from SS16 collection 'Marguerite in Paris' on the left. On the right is the #penneys version. 

"I feel cheated and flattered all at the same time. Well played, Penneys, well played."


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However, Zoe didn't stop there. She then wrote an open letter to the store on her blog, where she explained how sometimes life is just unfair.

"This isn’t a rant where I go on about how hard I work, my design process or even the fact that I feel somewhat robbed.

"The fact of the matter is, life is unfair. My design was open and free to the public and open to interpretation by anyone who saw fit. There’s no law against what you did and there’s no law to protect designers and makers.

"It’s not pretty and today was another day I saw the ugly side of fashion."

She continued to say that this incident has only made her more determined going forward.


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"Despite this clear robbery of intellectual property, I don’t feel bad. I feel more determined to create and design things that people of all incomes want to buy. Not everyone could afford my collections. That’s ok.

"If you’re paying less than €20 for your blouse, it’s more than likely because they cut out the cost of paying a designer on top of other things (inexpensive fabric bought in bulk, low labour costs in developing countries and large manufacturing quantities).

"None of this is new to me but it’s always shocking when it happens to me rather than some cool designer in Brooklyn who’s in a lawsuit battle against Urban Outfitters and I’ve read about on Buzzfeed.

"Moral of the story? F*CK YOU PENNEYS but also you do you Penneys because this is life and life’s not fair."


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Primark has since replied to the claims, saying: "Primark’s team of designers take great pride in bringing its customers the latest trends at affordable prices.

"The Primark buyers responsible for commissioning and developing the product in question were not familiar with Ms Wong’s company, or with its designs, and at no time took inspiration from them."

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While it may, quite literally, be snowing outside, Penneys is clearly looking to the future.

The bargain high street brand has just launched an absolute bikini bonanza, and it's making us dream of far-off locations and vacations

Mesh panel bikini top €7.00, and bottoms €5.00 each

The latest beachwear drop is hitting Penneys this month, and some of the looks are giving us major vacation inspiration. 

From floral swimsuits to Kylie Jenner inspired strappy sets, we're already planning our holidays around where we can wear these dreamy two-pieces. 

Deep V Swimsuits €10.00 each

We especially love the sexy strap detail on both of these high-cut swimsuits. 

While black may be super-slimming, we also adore the loud, tropical print on the other suit, perfect for a pool party. 

Turquoise bikini top €7.00, and €5.00, Copper bikini top €9.00, Copper bikini bottoms €5.00

These panelled bikinis are giving us major Triangl vibes, and we can't wait to get our hands on them!

Burgundy bikini  top €5.00, and bottoms €3.00, Pastel pink bikini top €2.50, and bottoms €2.50

These simple, mix-and-match bikinis are perfect to stock up on before a summer away.

The flattering shapes and subtle hues mean that they will still be in style next summer, if you really want to get some bang for your buck. 

Blue and pink bikini top €5.00, and bottoms €3.00, Triangle top €5.00, and bottoms €3.00

So while the sun may not have quite reached Ireland yet (that's an understatement),  we might have to stock up on a few of our favourite sets before they sell out. 

We'll be the bikini-laden one in the queue, so see you there. 

There have been plenty of whitening tricks doing the rounds on Instagram lately, from charcoal treatments to coconut oil hacks.

Penneys is keeping on top of these dental trends with their new range, Ps…Hollywood, which has officially ticked all the boxes when it comes to Instagram's tooth whitening trends. 


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As the worldwide obsession with coconut oil reaches its peak, oil pulling has become a common dental trend, which claims to be a gentle way to whiten teeth while doing wonders for the gums.

Every reality TV celebrity worth their salt has been flogging various oil pulling products on social media, and now Penneys is creating their own.

Keen to get in on the trend, the high street bargain store has launched its own sachets of coconut oil. 

PS… Hollywood Oil Pulling treatment €4.00

Oil pulling is a simple enough way of whitening teeth, but it takes commitment.

Pour the coconut oil in your mouth and swish it between your teeth for up to 20 minutes for best results. 

The oil is said to lift stains and strengthen gums. 

PS… Hollywood Charcoal Toothpaste €2.00

Another toothy trend online right now is using charcoal to lift stains.

While brushing your chompers with a black paste may look pretty scary, the active ingredients in charcoal lift stains and combat the bacteria that causes bad breath. 

At €4.00 and €2.00 respectively a pop, the products are landing in stores this month, and we might have to give both of these Insta trends a try. 

Buying new shoes can be one of those expenses that cost a little bit more than one would like.

Luckily, Penneys new season shoes are absolutely amazing, and the high street bargain brand is nailing multiple trends with their perfectly designed footwear.  

And being Penneys finest, they are all completely affordable. 

 Ballerina pumps with silver hardware, €13.00

Luckily, we're coming out of winter, and these strappy pumps are the perfect way to transition from boots to sandals without freezing your feet off. 

The perfect way to add edge to any outfit, we're slightly obsessed with these buckled beauties. 

Loafers €13.00

2017 was the year everyone became besotted with Gucci loafers, and Penneys is offering a designer look for a bargain price tag.

These loafers are ideal for work, paired with jeans and a white shirt.

Luckily, they can also be dressed up heading into summer, with a mini skirt and faux fur gillet. 

Ballerina flats €9.00

A nod to last seasons Miu Miu ballerina flats, these ribbon-tie shoes are completely adorable.

Pair with a dreamy dress for a girly outfit, or try them with mom jeans and a ruffed jumper for off-duty model style. 

Pink satin runners €15.00

Comfort is always high on our agendas when it comes to footwear, so these runners caught our eye immediately.

The pink satin finish is extremely cute, and the baby pink laces match perfectly. 

Peep toe boots, €25.00

Want something a little more daring?

These over-the-knee, peep-to boots are extremely cool, and would look stylish when paired with a ruffled dress, or even over jeans teamed with a bardot top.

Can Penneys do no wrong? 

So, we're all more than a little obsessed with Kylie Jenner's famous lip kits, but now there is a new version that's a little closer to home.

Penneys have launched their own version of the liquid lipstick duo, but the kits sold out in hours, as expected. 

Luckily Penneys are still catering to our obsession with some new PS….Kiss Proof liquid lippies.

PS… Kiss Proof liquid lipstick in Shadow €4.00

The shades look as though they could have come Kylie Jenner's personal lipstick vault, with dupes for Moon, Head Over Heels and 22.

The liquid lipsticks are extremely long wearing (seriously, we swatched these shades yesterday and the remnants are still there).

PS… Kiss Proof liquid lipstick €4.00

While the lippies don't have perfect matches in the lip liner department, the high street bargain store does have a tonne of gorgeous nude and brown liners in stock, so finding a pretty decent match shouldn't be too difficult if lip liner is your jam. 

We tried out a shade or two, and while the formula is definitely different to a Kardashian-brand kit, the matte look and sweet vanilla scent are gorgeous.

The ultimate test came at lunch time, but the lippies proved that they are both salad and pizza proof.

For four quid a pop, you can't really go wrong. 

We'll be heading to Penneys to stock up on these beauties in every shade.

Penneys obsession with pink isn't showing any signs of stopping.

The bargain high street store has just dropped a whole new selection of rose-tinted pieces that we absolutely love. 

The brand is nailing one of this seasons biggest trends, with pink being one of the most stylish colours to don as we move into summer.

Biker jacket, €14.00

The dreamy new pieces start landing in stores this month, and one piece we are dying to get our hands on is this bubble-gum pink biker jacket.

The best part about this summer trophy piece is the price, it comes in at an unbelievable €14.00. Yes, really. 

Bodysuits, €5.00 each

These bodies are perfect for painting with high waisted jeans and boots for a hint of summer holiday style that's perfectly spring appropriate. 

Bodies are super versatile and comfortable, so we will be stocking up for summer, and at five quid a pop, it's hard to go wrong.  

Jumpers, €10.00 each

We love nothing more than a comfy jumper, and while there is still a distinct wintry breeze lingering, we'll take one in every colour.

Tucked into mom jeans or layered over a work shirt, these cosy knits are right up our alley. 

Trousers €15.00, Dungarees, €21.00

Integrating a pop of pink into your work wardrobe won't be hard with these powerful pink trousers.

Amd as for keeping pink festival chic? These dungarees are ready for a summer of glamping while listening to your favourite bands.

Team with a band T-shirt and chunky boots for a hint of edge, or opt for a white shirt and loafers to make the look office-worthy. 

Penneys have sent Beauty and the Beast fans into a frenzy after the announcement of their latest product. 

The new live-action remake of the fim, starring Emma Watson as Belle, hits Irish cinemas on March 17 , and latest bit of merch is absolutely magical. 


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Irish girls went mad for the Chip purse Penneys launched last week, but now you can get your hands on the real deal.

The bargain fashion giant has announced the release of a Chip mug, which looks exactly like the adorable character from the Disney cartoon. 

The cup comes complete with a little indent to pay homage to his famous chip, and we're slightly obsessed. 

Penneys, €6.00

The teacups will go on sale next week, and are going for the bargain price of €6.00.

Penneys recently took to Twitter to share a snap of the mug, captioning it: "We know right?! Cutest. Teacup. Ever."

We couldn't agree more.