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Penneys and RTÉ are delighted to release this year’s limited edition Late Late Toy Show collection. 

The Late Late Toy Show range will be on sale in Penneys stores nationwide from Tuesday 7 November, with Penneys donating a total of €75,000 to Temple Street Foundation and CMRF Crumlin.

This Christmas you can fully embrace the Late Late Toy Show with novelty jumpers and loungewear sets emblazoned with the iconic Late Late Toy Show owl.

For the littlest viewers there is the ‘My First Late Late Toy Show’ sleep suit, bib and a Christmas tree bauble.

Cosy up on the couch for the best Friday night of the festive season wrapped in an owl blanket sipping on a hot chocolate or a coffee from one of the two delicious mug sets. 

Once the show is over, hang your Late Late Toy Show stocking by the fireplace and slip on the owl eye mask for a perfect festive dream filled sleep.

Speaking about the collaboration, the charities said: ‘‘The money raised is a vital support to Temple Street Foundation and CMRF Crumlin and will allow both hospitals continue to deliver the best treatments possible to the children every single day. We would like to thank everyone in Penneys and RTÉ who has made this year’s partnership such a great success.’

The Late Late Toy Show collection will launch in Penneys stores on Tuesday 7 November (form an orderly queue lads!) 

The Late Late Toy Show will air on Friday 1 December on RTÉ One – and we are SO EXCITED! 

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If shop window displays and baltic weather haven't given you the clue, winter is on the way, and with it comes the Christmas season.

Sprucing up your space for Christmas conjures up images of red poinsettia and silver tinsel, but Penneys is giving Christmas decorating a more glamorous edge this year. 

The high street haven is stocking up on Xmas trinkets in the year's most coveted shade – rose gold. 

Tumblers €6.00, Stag Bottle Topper €2.00, Wine glasses €8.00

Cocktail shaker €12.00, Drink cup €4.00 

 Salt And Pepper Shakers Stars €4.00, Sequin table cloth €12.00

Bronze Cushion €4.00, Copper mug €5.00

We'll see you in the (glitter-coated) queue.



Since the colder months have started to settle in, we have been on the hunt for the ultimate winter jacket. 

After the tumultuous weather we all faced at the start of this week, we decided it was time to speed up the search.

Luckily, Penneys has us covered as usual, and this time we use the term quite literally. 


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The aviator jacket has been having a major moment, with black, navy and red versions talking the high street by storm. 

However, Penneys have rolled out a dreamy pink aviator coat we would literally fight you for. 

According to Instagram, this shearling piece will definitely be coming to Irish stores. 

Best of all, it comes in at a pretty reasonable, €40.00, so we're definitely not breaking the bank.

This bad boy is landing in stores soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Is there anything cuter than teeny tiny pyjamas? Yes, when they happen to MATCH with your own PJs. 

If the idea of rocking gorgeous matching pyjama sets with your precious little one is something you are into – please keep reading. 

SO – the gorgeous humans over at Penneys are selling matching mum-and-daughter pyjama sets, and they're adorable. 

Oh, and incase you were wondering, they're DISNEY! 

Yep, that's right – these gorgeous pyjama sets contain big pyjamas for mums, and mini ones (that literally say 'Minnie Me' on them) for your daughter or son.

While we totally appreciate that it's very premature, we cannot help but think that the PJs would be PERFECT for Christmas morning. 

The grown up set will set you back a reasonable €14, and the little set only costs a tenner. 

If you don't want to stop there though, why not get yourself the matching slippers? It'd be rude not to. 

No little one in your life? No bother, just buy the adult ones for yourself. 

We're obsessed. That is all. 


If the crisp mornings and falling leaves haven't given you the clue, winter is on the way, and there is no better time than now to add some cosy touches to your home decor. 

Sprucing up your space for winter conjures up images of rich fluffy throws, scented candles and fresh, comfy new bedding – all elements of a hygge look.

Hygge was huge last year, as the Scandi trend dominated our living spaces, and it's back by popular demand. 

Penneys is getting on on the action by creating their own line of hygge-inspiured homewear to keep us toasty all winter long. 

 Paisley print duvet €11.00, knitted cushion, €8.00, two tone blanket, €23.00, duck egg blue cushion, €8.00, round lamp, €6.00

 Hibernate cushion, €6.00 beige throw, €10.00, two tone throw, €23.00, pink throw, €20.00, faux fur brown cushion, €10.00

 Kitchen cutlery, €6.00, plates, €3.00, table runner, €5.00

 Copper mugs, €5.00, bowls €3.00, Apron, €5.00, rose gold cutlery, €6.00, oven glove €3.00, knitted mug €4.00

Sheepskin throw €10.00, cushions from €6


See ya round Summer, we never liked you anyway. 

Lol, jk, we miss you already.

However, the shorter days and colder mornings mean one really exciting thing – Christmas is coming! 

It may seem a bit premature, but we're excited. 

We're also super excited about the new festive decorations that Penneys have on offer.

The amazing store are selling Disney themed Christmas tree baubles, and holy moly, they are divine. 

We are particularly obsessed with the Minnie Mouse decorations, the don bows, polka dots and glitter.

However, there are also Beauty and The Beast baubles, Frozen baubles, and even a Winnie The Pooh option. 

All adorable, as you can imagine. 

The four packs (the ones with the Mickey mouse ears) are €5, and then the special baubles are €6 each.

Will we be buying every single one of them? Hell YES.

Check them out, and tell us which one is your fave.



It would seem as though every week we are faced with a new (and amazing) product offering from the wonderful world of Penneys.

We are in their debt for all the Disney greatness they've been providing recently – and it has not stopped. 

*Drum roll please*

We can happily confirm that Penneys are now selling fully functional Mrs Potts teapots, and we couldn't be happier.

The porcelain teapot, which costs €10, is part of their new Beauty And The Beast homeware collection, and is expected to be in high demand (we all remember Chip mug gate, right?)

Facebook user, Miss Ellamay, discovered the beautiful teapot in Swords yesterday, so we know it is officially on the SHELVES.

Go, go, GO.

Tea not really your thing? Don;t worry, just mix your Gin and Tonic in the pot, and pout to your heart's content. 

Oh, and if you get your hands on one – send us a picture, and let us know where you got it!

Please and thank you. 



Designer it bags come and go, but there are always a few which stand out among the rest.

This season, our Instagram feeds have ben awash with a certain few designer bags, and we've been waiting for the high street to catch up. 

Luckily, Penneys is ahead of the game, and have absolutely nailed it with a couple of bags we'll be touting all autumn long. 


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One of the biggest bags of the season has to be the Chloé Nile bracelet bag, which we spotted on every it-blogger and industry insider this summer. 

There have been many dupes of this bag, taking inspo from the distinctive ring detail, but Penneys have just dropped their own version. 

Top Irish Instagrammer Lisa Jordan first brought the epic bracelet bags to our attention thanks to her snap of the bags. 


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Penneys version comes in cream with rose gold hardwear, or blue with gold hardwear. 

The bag goes for €8.00, a complete steal anyway, but when you consider that the Nile retails for upwards of €12900.00 it's pretty much bargain of the century. 

Upcoming influencer Emma Kehoe also added a snap to her Insta stories, showing a pretty depleted stand of the bags, so if you want one you better get in quick!

Gucci Marmont €1,300.00, Penneys velvet cross body €12.00

While the bracelet bag is a bit of a statement, nothing says subtle style like a swathe of black velvet. 

Gucci has been having a major moment, and the Marmont is one of the luxury house's most popular styles. 

Penneys have rolled out a gorgeous black velvet cross body that could easily satiate our Gucci cravings until we find a way to gather up €1,300.00 for the real deal. 

Although tbh these dupes are such pretty stand alone pieces, we might actually prefer them…

Feature image: Justjordan.ie / Instagram



You know that feeling of wanting to buy a pricey makeup palette, but you know you'll never wear one or two of the shades?

That feeling is about to be resigned to history thanks to a nifty little beauty concept Penneys just rolled out. 

Penneys latest beauty venture has us feeling all kinds of inspired, as it involves customising your very own palette.

The Custom Eyes concept means that Penneys patrons can create a bespoke eyeshadow palette for themselves. 

Usually the unique territory of high end brands, build-it-yourself palettes have reached our favourite high street haven.

The palettes themselves, launching in stores this month, come in two size options, a quad for €2.00, or a set of nine for €3.00. Not too shabby. 

However when it comes to a bargain, the shadows themselves are where you are getting your moneys worth.

Each single shadow comes in at a mere €1.00 each, so building the perfect palette is magnificently affordable. 

Even after you have filled your Custom Eyes palette to the brim, the 4-pan palette comes in at just €6.00, the 9-pan filled palette comes to €12.00.

The shadows come in both matte and shimmer finishes, depending on what kind of Instagram-worthy makeup look you're angling for. 

The shadow sets are landing early this month, so prepare to battle it out for the best shades. 



Unless you have been living under a social media-proof rock these days, you may have noticed that Gucci is having a major moment. 

From bee-embellished everything to the Dionysus and the Marmont, the designer label has never been more popular on the red carpet and Instagram alike.

Unfortunately, the high end look comes with a high end price tag, but Penneys is stepping in with some Gucci-esque pieces for a fraction of the luxury price.

Penneys knocked it out of the park with their gold link belt last season, which sold out across the country. 

Now, the high street haven is back with a new version in time for A/W.

Much like the new season Gucci double G belt, this edition is studded with stunning pearls.

Penneys belt €4.00

However unlike the Gucci version, which costs over €1000 (seriously, for a belt) this one will give you change back from a fiver. 

From sprucing up a ruffled dress to adding a touch of femininity to jeans and a t-shirt, this belt will be serving looks well into winter time. 

Elbows at the ready, we'll see you in Penneys. 

Feature image: Instagram / Paolabrnt



Summer has drawn to a close (judging by that weather outside) and our minds have turned to the autumnal style season.

Penneys might be renowned for it's epic chunky knitwear and designer dupe jackets, but this season the store is stepping up their game in the accessories department. 

From metallic glitter heels to tassled blogger-esque earrings, we need it all:

Sequin Bagpack €16.00,  Rings (set) €6.00

Bee belt €4.00, Black Sandals €19.00

 Earrings €4.00, Tassle Earrings €3.00

 Silver Boots €17.00, Heels €24.00

Red Pearl Trainers €18.00, Earrings €4.00



Penneys has just majorly impressed us with the latest offering from its beauty department. 

The high street haven has just released a new line of delightful miniature perfumes, and with names like Mermazing, most of them are right up our alley. 

One bottle in particular caught our eye, thanks to its distinctly gin-related moniker.

We love a good G&T in the SHEmazing office, so imagine our delight when we spotted these bad boys in the Mary Street store. 

Tom Collins is the name of one of their brand new scents, and the fresh yet smoky scent is unisex perfection. 

With hints of juniper and grapefruit, it's the perfect A/W signature scent. 

A Tom Collins is traditionally made using gin, lemon juice, sugar, and tonic, and there are notes of all of these flavours in the scent. 

At €2.50, you could nab one mini bottle for every handbag you own. 

See you in the queue!