10 things that happen everytime we go to Penneys

Irish girls LOVE Penneys – and what is not to love?!

Here are ten things that happen every time we go on a Penneys shopping spree…which is often. 

1. You skip down the road super excited about the prospect of buying at least ten new things

2. We arrive…and it is JAMMERS. No fear, you got this. Crowds don’t scare you

3. You eye up a fab new dress but you spot someone else has too…

4. You pick up the pace and grab it as soon as you can – WE WIN!

5. Everything is SO CHEAP!

6. The crowds are starting to get to you now…

7. You trip over a shoe lying idle in the jumper section and begin to think your shopping trip is over

8. You go to pay and realise you spent way more money than you meant too…

9. You’re on the bus home and realise you forgot to get the Penneys essentials like hair bobbins, bobby clips and socks…damn.

10. Nevertheless, the joy you feel when you get home and lay out your new items cannot be matched

We love you, Penneys!