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With the rise of eco-consciousness, it's no surprise that certain popular brands are catching up to the importance of sustainable materials.

Primark's homewear ranges are always ones to watch, but their latest collection featuring 100 percent sustainable cotton has us racing down to the store.

A fresh set of bedding can be the pinnacle of bedroom relaxation, and their latest range is perfect for your bed-time oasis of calm.


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Primark have taken inspiration from refined Nordic interiors, creating a selection of soft Scandinavian greys and crisp white linens for the ideal minimalistic home.

The range serves as the perfect base for colour blocking with your favourite colours. The fresh, spa-worthy sustainable towels add to the theme, and are only €9 each.

Small wire basket €4, large basket €6
Image: Primark Home

Primark's reusable cup is just €6, for those of you who no longer want to waste cardboard takeaway coffee/tea cups.

The rise in popularity of Keep Cups are most likely contributing to brands like Primark focusing on reusable homewear features.

Image: Primark Home

Their gorgeous striped duvet cover single set comes in at the affordable price of €11, the double is just €16 while the king is €20.

Utilising sustainable materials such as cotton rather than microplastics of synthetic materials (polyester) can do wonders for the environment. 

Supporting brands like Primark in their quest to reduce harmful materials is hugely important, and the affordability can't be denied. Why not head down and check out the latest range before it sells out? 

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By Patricia Lohan

When decorating your bedroom the key is to dedicate this space to sleep and intimacy, reflecting a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Essentially, the words to associate with the bedroom of your home are: rest, romance and relaxation.

I used Feng Shui to call in my husband into my life. I made space in my wardrobe, I bought spare hangers for him, had an empty bedside table and also a high shelf in my bedroom empty (wanted a tall husband)

Here are my tips to create a bedroom magnetic to love:

Focus on creating a ‘sanctuary’, frame your thinking about your bedroom in terms of relaxation. Does your bedroom represent rest, romance, and relaxation? If it doesn't, it's time to honour the space where you get your rest, where you sleep, where you have intimate relations with your partner.

Powerful positioning

The better rested you are, the stronger you will be and the more able you are to look after your body and support your family. To make sure you get the best rest, let’s look at the way your bed is set up.

To create harmony and call in love in a bedroom – think about pairs and balance on both sides of the bed having a great bed with comfortable mattress, two nightstands with two lamps of equal size. Ensure everything is matched and harmonious. However, on your nightstand, make sure you only place items that are relevant to you and your relationship status right now.

Keep your nightstand of clutter, including most books. Bear in mind that the bedroom is a place of rest, romance, relaxation, so the bedroom is not the place for a whole library of books. Books carry a great deal of energy, information and charge, which affect your sleep if stored in the bedroom. If you have nowhere else to keep your books, put them inside a cupboard or wardrobe, or ensure the books aren’t on display towards you while you’re in bed.

Switching off

Ensure all work-related items, computers, TV, electronics and exercise equipment are in another room. If you can't live without a TV or your partner doesn't want to get rid of the TV from the bedroom, also cover that while you sleep.

Like work, exercise equipment represents a feeling of doing work, so you don’t want to see this as you’re falling asleep either.

Are you in bed with your phone? Get it out of the bedroom buy a traditional alarm clock and honour your relationship.

Calming colour

When creating a sanctuary colour makes a real difference. Best colours for bed linen are creams, browns and earth tones. Combine these tones with colours you love in the décor of your bedroom with a splash of colour that makes you feel happy, keeping the overall ambience calm.

Bear in mind also that pillows, duvets and sheets should feel luxurious.

Powerful artwork

Imagery is so important in the bedroom and crucial for attracting a loving relationship, be mindful of the pairings you introduce to this space. While you are asleep your subconscious mind is taking in all the images that you have in your bedroom. Think about making your bedroom a physical vision board for the relationship of your dreams making sure the pictures you are hanging up reflect what you want to welcome into your life. What do you want to welcome in?

If you are in a relationship, add in a stunning photo of yourself together with your partner. Choose one that sparks joy, such as a memory of an amazing day together, your wedding day or your first date. The image should make you feel incredible, so that each time you see it, you think, "I love that picture of us."

Hang images facing you in bed and not over your head – this can make you feel unsafe and the image can disturb your dreams.

If you are single and want to attract love, add a picture of a couple doing something that you would love to be doing with a partner. The image should spark joy and inspire you.

Keeping your room, clear, clean and organised with a feeling of a sanctuary will bring you so much more sleep and joy in your life and relationships.


Say goodbye to your financial stability ladies; ASOS has launched their homewear range, and it's as fabulous and affordable as you'd imagine.

Everyone's fave online retailer has released ASOS SUPPLY, filled with an array of gorgeously patterned bedding and cushions, throw blankets, mirrors, kitchen bowls and even tie hangers. 

The three main trends of the collection are Cool Minimal (clean lines and brush stroke patterns), Eclectic Luxe (recycled glassware and animal print) and Global Traveller (bright colours and 70s-inspired rattans).


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The prices are stunningly cheap; starting from just €9, grab the whole collection and have cash to spare for shopping their fierce clothing lines and accessories.

It's not the first fashion retailer to widen it's remits to interiors, but it's set to be hugely successful. We hope they expand the range ASAP, we've already shopped the entire thing.

With modern kitchen and bathroom accessories, as well as planting and bedroom goods, there's something for everyone.


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While ASOS does in fact stock homewear products from brands like Sass & Belle, Chickidee, Typo and Paperchase, it's the first time that the company is launching it's own designs.

All of the prints in the collection are created exclusively by ASOS’ in-house design team, and were made to suit all types of living spaces.

Our personal fave items are definitely the elephant hook and eye patterned cushion cover with matching bedding. Iconic, how can we resist adding the entire collection to our baskets?

Feature image; ASOS



When it comes to what you wear to bed, we frankly think that nobody should be judged on it.

Pyjamas, your boyfriend's T-shirt, a onesie, nothing at all – it all depends on what you're comfortable with.

However, this dude, William Hanson, shared his views on the Daily Mail about your "nocturnal wardrobe" and what is appropriate bedroom etiquette, and honestly, it's a load of BS.

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For example, if you wear open-back slippers, you apparently look like you live in a brothel… OK, then.

According to William, onesies are a massive no-no: "If you still desire to wear a onesie to bed (or indeed, around the house) then a key part of the weaning process has failed and you need reset to factory settings." 

And, if you sleep starkers, you're 'oversexed': "Those who admit to getting into bed naked are highly suspect, oversexed, and not to be let anywhere near quality bedding." 

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However, dressing gowns are totally OK, and "no nocturnal wardrobe is complete without a gown. True gentlemen fasten their gowns left over right, whilst genuine ladies fasten them right over left."

And we had to LOL at this one. When it comes to slips or negligées, "if you see a woman wearing one of these, lock up your sons and keep your husbands close." Because we're after ALL the men, right?

When it comes to slippers, they "should have a heel and have ankle support." Heeled slippers? No thank you. "Open-backed slippers, sometimes termed 'mules', have something of the brothel about them."

Related image

Clearly, this guy is not from the 21st Century, and thinks that while wearing curlers in your hair is fine, "wearing them to bed is strictly déclassé. Your husband should not see you in rollers. Ever."

I guess my boyfriend wants to run for the hills when he sees my in a raggy T-shirt, with Sudocrem on my spots and my hair a greasy mess, huh?

Pyjamas are grand though, once the colour is "calming and gentle, rather than loud and garish." 

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Oh, and "one hallmark of class is to have pyjamas monogrammed."

We'll pass on the advice, Willy, thanks.



If you fancy clearing out your room – NOW is the perfect time to do it.

Just as the Christmas lights are coming down, grab some fairy lights from your mammy or granny, because drowning your bedroom in those little sparkling things is totally in.

Just like a Pinterest pinboard, you can tack fairy lights to your headboard, ceiling, bedframe or doorframe:


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Or, you could just throw them in a bunch somewhere like these people are doing it:


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Whatever happened to siblings sharing a room or your dog napping at the end of your bed?

Because in today's world, dogs have their very own bedrooms, don't you know?

Image result for kylie and dogs

Yep, in the latest antics of Kylie Jenner, her pets Norman and Bambi are living in the lap of luxury.

And it's not just like the spare room that most of us bunk our pets into… it's a huge space with its very own fireplace to keep her pooches warm.

Kylie Jenner's dogs have their OWN BEDROOM

The reality star gave fans a little insight into the world of her dogs by sharing their room on Snapchat.

Those dogs have it better than us… SMH.



Is it just us or do the Kardashians' re-model their houses every few months?!

Kylie is the latest family member to do up her pad, and she showed it off on Snapchat last night.

Taking to her bedroom, the reality star gave her fans a little tour, and to be honest, it looks like a huge living room with a bed planted in the middle.

Now, don't get us wrong, it's dreamy AF, and we'd love to have something like it ourselves…


Go like the photo of Kylie in the orange dress to enter the Lipkit giveaway. (Scroll down)

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Is anyone else totally digging the furry chair in the middle. I could sit there all day…


As every dedicated pinner will know, Pinterest is a haven for interiors inspo and there are few rooms in a house which deserve more design dedication than the bedroom. 

Unfortunately the problem with developing a unique personal space is that it can take a lot of time and effort, so we’ve pulled together some eye-catching ideas from the online board sharing platform to help you kick your creativity into gear.

The bed: The main focus of any bedroom is obviously the bed but even if it is the room’s most practical feature, it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.  Whether your sleeping space is flat on the floor or stacked on top of someone else’s, Pinterest will know how to make it look magical.



Walls: While all white bright rooms will always be super chic, Pinterest also has a great collection of contrasting colour bedroom images.  It demonstrates that there is no need to keep walls boring as striking wallpaper can be applied to create a unique focus point in the bedroom and mix and match paints can be used on alternate walls.


Lighting: Whether it comes from a natural light source like a large framed window or an artificial base like a quirky lamp, light in a bedroom is an absolute essential.



The little things: Sometimes it can be the smallest details which give a room its authentic feel.  From stacks of magazines to framed positivity quotes if Pinterest promotes anything it’s well placed small touches.

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We're wondering if he actually has the stats on this but Ronan Keating said that his proud achievement is couples conceiving their children to his songs.

According to Yahoo, the singer reckons that a whole army of children were made while their parents listened to his music, and When You Say Nothing At All is a song he knows is popular in between the sheets.

“I get a lot people coming up to me and saying they got engaged to my music or their baby was conceived to a song," he said.

When You Say Nothing At All seems to have that effect on people – there’s a lot of children conceived to that song! That also seems to be picked a lot for first dances at weddings."

And he's far from embarrassed that people get down and dirty to his music – actually he thinks quite the opposite.

“I’m bloody proud about that, too right, it’s a fantastic privilege to have that sort of effect on people’s lives.”

OK Ronan, whatever you say.



Your bedroom is your own personal space – especially if you live with your parents or in shared accommodation.

Therefore, it’s important to make your bedroom the best space it can be, and this includes making it smell really, really good.

Here are some tips on how you can make your bedroom smell fresh:

The basics
No room is going to smell good if it’s dirty so get out the hoover and the duster and get to work.

Don’t keep a bin in your bedroom
Unless it’s strictly for paper then you don’t need one. It’s far too easy to let it build up without emptying and thus creating a bad smell. It’s not that much effort to find a bin elsewhere anyway.

Use baking soda
When hoovering your bedroom, sprinkle the carpet with baking soda mixed with a little essential oil of your choice (orange blossom is always lovely). Baking soda neutralises odours and will rid your carpet of any nasty smells.

Keep your bed clothes fresh
Wash and change your bed clothes every few days and this will have a major impact on how fresh your bedroom smells.

Candles are always a great way of getting a lovely scent and some cosy atmosphere into a bedroom – just remember to blow them out!

Like candles, flowers will bring some character and decoration to your room as well as a lovely, natural subtle scent. 



January is a time for renewal and refreshing your surroundings. However, that is not always as simple as it sounds – especially when you're broke!

Here are some simple ways you can upgrade your bedroom without breaking the bank:

Fairy lights
Not just for Christmas, fairy lights can add a really cosy and ethereal feeling to your surroundings – transforming a space. They are so widely available and in so many different styles that you don’t need to spend lots of money!

Buying some new throw pillows for your bed can really make your room feel made over. Go for different colours and patterns for a kitsch feel.

Put your favourite quotations above your bed or mirror to make your room trendy and on point. And most importantly, cute.

Lamp shade
While your bed is generally the centre of attention in a bedroom, the lamp shade is also important. There are amazing choices out there for unique and different lamp shades, from star-shaped to jam-jar chandeliers. 

Create your very own haven with a draped canopy over your bed. Using some light fabric simply secure the fabric to certain areas of the ceiling to get your desired effect. Make sure it is secured properly so it doesn't fall down in the middle of the night!

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Oh how we love our bedroom, it’s all ours and we can do with it and, ahem, in it what we please. But if yours is anything like ours it is a mismatch of leftover paint colours and haphazardly arranged furniture.

However, instead of enviously pawning over gorgeous bedrooms on Pinterest, why not get to work on your own – but make sure you read these five rules before you start anything.

Stock up on testers
Before you go crazy decorating your room in bright colours, test it out first. Yes that bright red might look all cool and retro in the pot but not so much all over your walls.

Place focus on the bed
Invest in some new and clean bed linen – Penneys have a pretty good stock, obviously budget-friendly. It will look expensive and inviting even if your walls and furniture are bland looking. Pile it with pillows for an added touch of luxury.

Go with what YOU like not what’s ‘in’
Unless you really love it, avoid going for a style that is 'in' as it will just as quickly 'go out'. Remember to always think ahead otherwise you will end up either disliking your room again. And you’ll have to do it all over again.

Make it functional
Make sure everything is easily accessible otherwise your room will just irritate you, no matter how nice it may look. And everything will just end up on the floor. Everything.

Use natural light
Natural light is not only the best light for putting on your make-up but it helps you wake up gradually.