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Penneys are celebrating 50 years of affordable fashion with Irish influencer Suzanne Jackson, and we couldn't be happier about it.

The giant brand are shaking it up with the award-winning blogger and businesswoman for their A/W 2019 campaign.

Suzanne was picked for the 'Primark 50' campaign due to her established Penneys relationship over the last few years, regularly sporting the brand's fashion pieces on her Instagram.


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The blogger is modelling the 1970s-style collection, which sees gorgeous prints, bold patterns and classic heritage checks showed off in the range.

Suzanne chose her look from the latest A/W19 campaign, modelling the classic tan PU leather trousers and patterned blouse paired with a camel coat on her social media.

Another of her favourite outfits was the chunky roll neck Aran knit worn under a fitted check blazer; perfect for a powerful businesswoman like herself. 


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Speaking about appearing in the 'Primark 50' campaign, Sue explained, “to be asked to be a part of such a huge campaign for 'Primark 50' was an absolute pinch-me moment.

"I have been a loyal Penneys customer since I was a teenager and have worked with them collaboratively on fashion as well as my own beauty products that are stocked in their beauty department," she continued.

"Primark is so relatable to everyone; there's something for everyone of all tastes, all styles and all budgets. They have been a massive supporter of mine along my journey, and I want to say, ‘Thank you Primark for always believing in me. I really look forward to our continued success together'.”


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As part of the 'Primark 50' celebrations, Suzanne’s mantra, “No one is you, and that is your power”, will appear in the window alongside the blogger showing off the new range.

The A/W19 range features neutral shades to suit every skin tone, twinsets and tailoring in coffee-coloured tan, chocolate brown and creamy mocha colours.

15 well-known content creators were chosen to appear in the latest window, including Sophie Hannah Richardson from the UK, Adja Sitar from Slovenia and founder of SB.TV Jamal Edwards.

Check out Suzanne Jackon's favourite looks in Penneys stores now. Happy 50th birthday, Primark. We can't resist you.



It happens every year.

We get our spy gear ready, complete with night vision goggles, Google maps and  snacks, of course. We buckle ourselves up for our long-awaited search, the hunt for that jaw-dropping, glamorous, PERFECT….

Winter coat.

Every woman needs a casual must-have jacket for the chilly season, and Penney's have DELIVERED, with a snakeskin cherry on top.


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Snakeskin is absolutely everywhere right now, most likely due to Taylor Swift's iconic Reputation album and added snake theme for her immense world tour.

Animal print is the ideal way to make a statement.

You want to be the first person noticed in the Christmas decorated rooms, and the way to do this is by nabbing the most stunning coat in the fashion business.

This puffer jacket is cosy AF, not to mention cheap.

Penneys, €30

At €30, just think how much cash dollah you're saving for your Christmas shopping.

You can accomplish just about anything in the right coat, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Penneys for keeping us warm without robbing our bank balance of it's dignity.

Say thank u, next to the cold this season, fashion has saved you.



Pack your camera and your walking shoes, because one of America's most iconic cities has just became a heck of a lot more accessible. 

WOW Air has just opened up a new flight route from Dublin to JFK Airport in The Big Apple, via the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.,

The new route will be in operation from April 26, but the best part about this news has got to be the price. 


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One-way flights to NYC are going for as low as €129.99.

Flights will be scheduled seven days a week, so you can pick and choose when you want to jet off to the big city. 

The airline already flies into New York Newark, and it will increase the number of weekly flights to 13 from May 29 2018 on this route.


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'Since launching our Newark route last year, we’ve seen increasing demand from our Irish passengers looking for more ways to travel to the East Coast,' Skúli Mogensen, founder and CEO of WOW air, said.

'Our new route to JFK does just that.'

'JFK joins our growing network of North American destinations and will give Irish passengers a new, convenient way to explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple at an affordable cost.'

We'll be putting these on the debit card, thanks very much. 


It's the end of the month and we're all feeling the pinch in the run-up to pay day. 

However, that doesn't mean you have to hole yourself up on the couch every night eating whatever remains in the fridge. 

There are plenty of delightful, cheap or free things to try in Dublin, and here are a few of our faves: 

1. Cherry Comedy – €5.00

Cherry Comedy brings the laugher to Whelans every Monday night. 

For a very reasonable €5.00, comedy fans are treated to a line-up of both new and seasoned comedians.

Just last night, both Neil Delamere and Foil, Arms and Hog took to the stage as secret guests at the show. And did we mention that gin and tonics are only €5.00 too?


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2. Bubble Waffles at Eatyard €4.50

As if delicious confectionery wasn't enough to get you down to Eatyard, the Instagram opportunities from the Bubble Waffle Factory should seal the deal. 

A bubble waffle, for those not in the know, is a delectable dessert inspired by the street food of Hong Kong.

The factory describe themselves as creating 'a bubble waffle, filled with ice cream, fruit, sprinkles, and any topping you can dream of, all so it looks like a cone.' We're so ready for dessert before dinner…

3. The Botanic Gardens – Free

If you feel like getting lost in the beauty of nature, The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland is the place to be. 

If sprawling acres of beautful flower beds wasn't enough, the labyrinth of glasshouses is enough to keep any budding botanist enthralled for hours. 

Check out the Palm House for truly breathtaking plants you won't see anywhere else in Ireland. And the little cactus room? We could stay there forever. 

4. Aungier Danger – €3.00

Aungier Danger has become a Dublin institution. 

The store creates some of the fluffiest, most delicious pastries, many of which have a great cause behind them such as raising awareness for homelessness or abortion rights. 

Aungier Danger has a few locations dotted around Dublin, so find your closest one and get munching. We recommend the Very Berry or the Alice In Dangerland. 


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5. Women Should Be Both Seen & Heard – Free

Feel like brushing up on your feminist theory and gender equality knowledge for free?

Head down to Trinity College for the third in  a series of seminars for women and other under-represented groups, including non-binary folks, in research and academia.

The talk will focus on women making waves in the academic world, and Angela Mezzetti will lead the seminar. 

It's free, but you have to register here




We loved the gorgeous Gucci slippers which dominated the catwalk and Instagram all last year. But while we may have lusted over them in Brown Thomas, they are slightly out of our budget…

In the name of research, we scoured the internet to find an affordable dupe, and here's what we found.

These pretty slippers from Shein.com are exactly like the Gucci style, come in loads of designs and colours and, best of all, are priced between €30 and €35!

*frantically clicks 'add to cart'*

From the fur detail, the embroidery and the signature horse motif; they are exactly like Gucci!

Prepare for LOTS of compliments on your shoes…


The furry slippers are just under €35 (excluding delivery) and the fur-free style are €30.50. That won't break the bank balance!

These come in a variety of colours and patterns, perfect for your spring wardrobe!

It doesn't hurt that they are very Insta-friendly, also…

The site delivers to Ireland, but they are currently experiencing delivery issues and will resume deliveries on February 1. Perhaps there has been a rush on the dupes?!

Bear in mind; even normal deliveries will take some time, as their warehouses are in China.

But, if you are patient enough, you could be strutting round in Gucci dupes by spring…

Thank us later!



Getting your act together for Valentine's Day can be extra difficult, especially when you're broke.

However, skimping on the splurging doesn't spell the end of date night for you and your partner.

There are plenty of free things you can do to make that day special, no cost involved. 

1. Cycling


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The best thing about nature, besides its beauty, is that it's free.

A cycling date is an amazing way to explore parts of Ireland that you have never experienced before, all the while accumulating a smug sense of self-satisfaction knowing that you're getting your daily dose of fresh air and exercise.

Pick a delightful scenic cycling route for you and your bae, along the coast or through a big city park. 

2. Back garden picnic

Weather permitting, a dusk back garden picnic is the ultimate dream date, and it's totally free. 

Rig a fort in your garden using sheets and make a sitting area underneath with rugs, throws, and plenty of cushions. 

Keep the food simple so theres no need to keep dashing inside to make sure nothing is burning, and lose the run of yourself with the fairy lights, draping them all over everything to create a special, romantic ambience. 

You can even prop the laptop up and enjoy a movie chilling in your outdoor fort, or if it's getting too cold as darkness approaches, wrap up and take the movie inside. 

3. Night in


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Nights in have a shameful reputation for being boring, but there's no need for that.

Save the Netflix and chill for another day and get out some board games or a deck of cards for you and your love interest to play. 

Making your own pizzas from scratch (or just popping a frozen one in the oven) is the perfect relaxed games night food, and a scattering of throw pillows, fairy lights and candles gives the place some ambience. 

4. Catch a gig


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The great thing about pubs is that there is a great atmosphere, great music, and most importantly, no cover charge.

Bringing your potential bae to a great pub to enjoy a spot of live music is always a good idea, and if you can bear not to buy a pint it's totally free.

Some of the best bands and singers out there began doing pub gigs, and there are some seriously talented musicians singing their hearts out in pubs all over the country every weekend. 

5. Surfing


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Pack up your car, bike or bus ticket and head to your nearest surf spot for a day of riding the waves, amongst other things.

Surfing is free if you already have your own board, and while it's technically not free if you don't, a two hour lesson is usually around €30, so pretty reasonable.

Bring a picnic of sandwiches because you're sure to be starving after, or splurge even more on some seaside chipper food, and don't forget a giant blanket to cuddle in on the beach when you're freezing to death after your foray into the Atlantic.


We'll be honest, sometimes when money is tight and we want to buy some wine, anything that's cheap and alcoholic will do. We've all been there, right?

Well, then it turns out that we're actually all geniuses!

According to Cosmo, the best wine in the world is £4.37 (€5.54), and you can pick it up in UK chain supermarket, Asda.

We kid you not.

The Decanter World Wine Awards were held this week, and over 235 judges and wine connoisseurs were blind-folded and asked to taste a huge range of wines.

Then came the La Moneda Reserva Malbec, which the judges said was the "ultimate crowd pleaser" and it won Best in Show.

So, there you go, cheap really is cheerful.



Students from University College Cork (UCC) we're outraged this week when they entered their college campus to see an advertisement clearly hinting that having cleavage is "cheap."

Hanging off the ceiling is a poster for a smart card service which shows an outline of a woman, and beside that, the heading says, "cheap looking."

The UCC Feminist Society said they were angered to learn about the new ad campaign and directly went to the university's centre in hope of taking the ad down. 

The head of the society told The Journal: “To suggest that a woman with her breasts on show is ‘cheap-looking’ aids slut shaming.

“We are shocked that the student centre would feel the need to stoop so low to advertise to students, more than half of whom are women,” she said.

But that wasn't the only thing on campus to offend its lady students. There was a second ad, shown on coffee cups, that read "what's your cup size," and then around the back was the outline of a woman's naked body with stickers covering her boobs. 

In a survey last year, the college found that 1 in 7 of its female students have been victims of sexual assault, so it's no wonder that this campaign is aggravating them. 

After a number of complaints were received, UCC's board of management issued a statement.

“University College Cork is committed to equality as a core value of the institution,” a spokesperson said. They then proceeded to take the posters down last night. 

The smart card scheme is also being reviewed on campus. 



For less than, well than most things, today you can grab yourself a flight to a load of European destinations.


But you only have until 11.30am TODAY. 

Yes Ryanair has just now kicked off its rapid-fire Black Friday sale – and suffice to say it's even better than we hoped.

In fact, the low-cost Irish airline is selling off a load of seats priced at a ridiculous €2 – albeit for a seriously limited time only.

Sure, where would you be having it?

The destinations up for grabs aren't half bad either: think Oslo, London, Nice, and Paris from Dublin, Cork, Derry, Shannon, Kerry, and Knock. And there are further bargains for around a tenner if you reckon that Barcelona or Basel is more up your street.

Did we say HURRAH!?

Ryanair has a handy budget calculator too which allows you to source the cheapest flights – at a glance most of them seem to be in December and January. 

All we can say now is… be QUICK because only a limited number of €2 journeys are on offer and it all wraps up frustratingly fast!



If you have a blank wall and an empty back account, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you can’t get stuck into decorating. Here are five ways to decorate a blank wall, without spending a fortune.

A cereal box/any kind of packaging collage – how pop culture of you!

If you’re handy with a paintbrush (or a stencil), something like this wouldn’t cost a fortune.

Search online for cheap art, or head down to your local car boot sale!

Put your photos all over your wall (only the nice ones, obvs).

Fake flowers – this is definitely our favourite!

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Instead of obsessing with fad diets and intense exercise to lose weight, here’s an idea that can help you get there without moving an inch.

Scientist have recently discovered that temperatures can have an effect on how many calories you burn – sounds too good to be true, right?

Apparently, being cold is a ‘cheap way to get slim’ .

Evidence collected in a study by Dutch scientists showed that cold temperatures can hugely increase the amount of calories burned up rather than storing them as fat.

Commenting on the findings, the study’s lead researcher said “We hypothesise that the thermal environment affects human health and more specifically that frequent mild cold exposure can significantly affect our energy expenditure over sustained time periods.”

So what does all that science-talk mean?

It means, turn down the heating and shiver those calories away.



Moving can seem like one of the most hectic things to do, especially around this time of year.

If you’re planning to downsize for the New Year and you’re looking for easy ways to do so, follow the tips below:

Assess your needs
Humans have a natural instinct to get attached. Whether it’s to people or things, letting go is never easy. But if you want to make moving easier, just leave behind the things you really don’t need.

Go through every single cabinet
This way you won’t move into your new place without those special treasures you kept hidden away.

Measure your furniture
The last thing you want is to end up with a bed that just won’t fit into your new room – that just means more work for you.

Sell your things
Charity is never a bad idea, but if you want to earn a few bobs to pay for moving boxes, you could always sell some items. You might even come across clothes that still have tags on them.

Move the heavy things first
Get the hard stuff out of the house first so this way you will have a better idea of where to put the smaller things.