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Every time Primark whip out a brand new Disney collection, we end up getting far too excited and buying the entire shop. It's just irresistable.

We constantly proclaim that the retailer has topped themselves with each new range, but the latest one has to be our favourite. 

The drop of the brand's goodies to celebrate the future release of Disney's live-action reboot of Mulan is possibly the most bangin' collection we've ever laid eyes on.


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Primark's Dumbo and The Lion King collaborations had us fainting with the sheer excellence of it all, but Mulan has our hearts. 

From a giant tea mug (the only size we could ever want) cushions and bed spreads to tea pots and fluffy-as-f*ck throws, we want it all in our lives ASAP.

Primark recently dropped a Winnie the Pooh collection and Mickey the Mouse goodies to celebrate the character's 90th birthday, as well as Snow White treats.

Primark x Mulan mug: €7
Primark x Mulan single bedding: €17
Primark x Mulan cushion: €8
Primark x Mulan tea pot: €13.20 (£12)

The affordable price range for the Mulan collection won't be a surprise to any Primark fans.

The Mulan cushion comes in at just €8, their gorgeous single bedding costs €17, and the coveted mug offers the sweet deal of €7. *Wipes away tears* It's just so perfect.

Head down to your local store to nab the goodies before they're gone. Get down to business if you want to defeat the Huns, gals.

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What would a bedroom or sitting room be without a few cushions thrown around for extra comfort? They can make the most boring room into something really special if you get the right ones. So if you’re looking at your sofa wondering what it’s missing, it could be one of these amazing cushions…

Floral cushions
These cushions are just so pretty and would go perfectly if you have a brown sofa. We love the intricate details!

Round Cushions

Who ever said that your cushions need to be square? These round velvet cushions are the perfect shade of pink and are sure to add both comfort and a touch of luxury to your sofa setting!

Book pillows
Is your reading corner lacking in comfort? Perhaps these book pillows would be the perfect addition – falling asleep while reading your book will be at least ten times more comfortable with these!

Colourful cushions
We would LOVE to see these in an all white sitting room or bedroom. They’d add a great sense of character too – and you COULD tell people you made them yourself if you wanted…!

Guitar cushions
Forget air guitar – what you want is a soft, cuddly, cushion guitar. Great for parties, no doubt!

Reading cushion
Quite possibly the best invention ever. We really need this!

Jigsaw cushion
We know this is probably for kids, but we don’t care. So comfy – but challenging too (kind of….)!

Poetry cushion
Add a bit of culture to your sitting room with some poetry on a cushion – so cute!

Cactus cushion
Last but not least, horrify friends and family my throwing yourself on this cactus cushion (may only work for particularly gullible friends!).

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