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Penneys is officially open again. It feels like a decade has passed since we stepped foot inside every Irish gals favourite shop, but the countdown is officially over. Hundreds queued up outside Penneys this morning and we don't blame them.

We've been longing for a fresh pair of Disney pyjamas, a five-pack of knickers and some bobby pins for far too long.

If, like us, you've yet to brave the queues then let us re-jog your memory, here are 10 things that always happen every time we go on a Penneys shopping spree.

1. You skip down the road super excited about the prospect of buying at least ten new things


2. You eye up a fab new dress but you spot someone else has their eye on it too…

3. You pick up the pace and grab it as soon as you can – WE WIN!

4. Everything is SO CHEAP!

5. The crowds are starting to get to you now…

6. You trip over a shoe lying idle in the jumper section and begin to think your shopping trip is over

7. You go to pay and realise you spent way more money than you meant too…

8. You’re on the bus home and realise you forgot to get the Penneys essentials like hair bobbins, bobby clips and socks…damn.

9. Nevertheless, the joy you feel when you get home and lay out your new items cannot be matched

10. You try on everything you bought and put on a fashion show for your extremely jealous sisters



We all have a WhatsApp group with our best gal pals, and after a night out, our phones are hopping thanks to the goss being doled out in the sacred space. 

From questions like "where did you all go last night? I had to get a taxi on my own," and "I'm afraid to even look in my clutch girls, I spent a bomb last night," this viral parody video is literally every Irish girl's group chat. 

From comedian Enya Martin's page Giz A Laugh, the video is told through the medium of Snapchat filters and we couldn't love it more. 

The video has already been viewed 215,000 times so it's well on it's way to going completely viral. 

The video depicts all the different types of girls within a night out friend group, from the dry arse to the sesh mot, and of course, the one who always gets sick everywhere. 

Check it out for yourself, it's hilarious:




We know we're a bit biased, but there's definitely something in the water in this country that makes us Irish ladies stand out from the crowd.

Not everything that makes us different is necessarily positive, but we wouldn't have things any other way.

Here are a few of the things that make Irish women a unique breed…

1. We are utterly incapable of taking a compliment
"This dress? Had it for ten years. Cost a fiver… You look great though."


2. We're the best craic all the same
And we show affection by taking the p*ss, so don't get upset.


3. We're open with our emotions, but we're never soppy
"I'm just gonna go home, turn on Marley & Me and cry for five hours, then I'll be graaaand."


4. We have an intricate knowledge of the world of fake tan
Instant, overnight, spray… whatever your bronzer of choice, we have the inside scoop.


5. We can charm the pants off of anyone
So don't be afraid to bring us home to meet your mammy because she is gonna LOVE us. Hopefully.


6. We make a mean cup of tea
And we know just when it's needed too.


7. We have a sixth sense about the weather 
A quick squint at the sky and we can instantly tell if rain is on the way.


8. We are loyal to a fault.
So don't cross us…or our pals. Got it?



Oh, this will make you laugh!

Geraldine McAleese from Cork shows us what every Irish girl think when texting. 

One x, he'll think you love him, three x's and you're a 15-year-old girl, it's just so hard!

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy!