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Penneys' latest collection is literally out of this world. Seeing as it's the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's ground-breaking moon landing, why don't we commemorate the achievement through fashion?

The brand's latest collaboration with NASA is a long line of urban-inspired casual clothes and accessories which incorporates the famous logo onto various trendy designs.

Loungewear and camouflage print plays a major role, and the collection intends to pay homage to the amazing space agency. We're loving the impressive range, as well as the low prices.


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Whether you're an aspiring astronaut who can't get enough of sci-fi flicks and astrophysics, or else you're just a slave to fashion, this range is 100 percent for you.

Galaxy greys and cosmic reds merge across tops, windbreakers and shorts to bring an inspirational take on space, and matching water bottles, bags, travel pillows and notebooks are available for those long journeys to outer space.

Penneys 'Apollo 11-inspired apparel joins other brands celebrating the historic launch and moon landing, except it's affordable AF.


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Grey co-ordinating sets give a subtle nod to NASA, featuring black and white patterns reminiscent of the moon's uneven texture. Penneys are taking space print to another level…

The Penneys x NASA collaboration is available in-store now, compiled of 20 products featuring menswear, womenswear and stationary.

Prices range from €9 to €25, so you won't be sprinting to the bank in a space suit last minute to request a loan. Take a peek at some of our faves from the range below;

Penneys x NASA Black T-Shirt, €8
Penneys x NASA Black Bag, €14
Penneys x NASA Hoodie, €14
Penneys x NASA White Long-Sleeved Top, €10 and Camo Jacket, €25
Penneys x NASA Mug, €3.50

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As exciting as it is to fly away from rainy Ireland, boarding an airplane does come with its annoyances.

From flight delays to crying children and rotten plane food, there's a lot to complain about, but one of the most common things to irk passengers is when the person in front reclines their seat.

Of course, if you fly frequently then you've no doubt done it once or twice, but it's when a passenger insists on reclining their seat for the entire flight; then you have a problem.

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Well, in a series of experiments by New York-based law professors Christopher Buccafusco and Christopher Jon Sprigman, the duo discovered that people would pay on average $18 (€16) to stop the person in front of them reclining their seat.

Another interesting finding is that people would be prepared to even buy on-flight snacks and drinks so they could have the comfort of more space.

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The study found that 78 per cent of passengers are open to taking snacks or money off other passengers.

"Most airlines still hand out free drinks, and sometimes little bags of pretzels. Maybe instead they should charge for them and allow passengers to purchase them for one another," the study said.

"Everyone wins. Seat recline space is efficiently allocated. Airlines are marginally further from bankruptcy. And no one gets punched in the face.”




Esteemed astronaut Peggy Whitson has just set a major world record from the International Space Station.

The incredibly brave and admirable woman has been commanding the ISS for a total of 534 days, breaking world records for the longest amount of time spent by any human in space.  

No big deal, just casually living in space for a year and a half. 

This is her third long-duration space stay in her long and well-established cosmic career. 

'It's actually a huge honour to break a record like this but it's an honour for me to be representing all the folks at NASA who make the space flight possible, who make me setting this record feasible,' she told POTUS Donald Trump when he rang her to congratulate her on her feat.

'It's a very exciting time to be at NASA. We're excited about the missions to Mars in the 2030s,' she said, referring to Trump's earmarking of a Martian exploration in the NASA budget.

'We actually have hardware on the ground being built for the SLS rocket for the test flights, which will eventually take us there. I'm so proud of the team.'

While residing in orbit, Dr Whitson and her team are attempting to understand how microgravity affects the human body over time.

'Peggy is a phenomenal role model for young women, and all Americans, who are exploring or participating in STEM education programs and careers," said President Trump, according to a NASA statement.

'As I have said many times before, only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will we be truly able to make America great again.'



Ever hear of zinnia flowers? Us either. But one thing's for sure, they look pretty in space. 

An English astronaut, Major Tim Peake, has been tending to the pretty flower since they were planted by NASA's Scott Kelly as part of the project, VEG-01 Investigation

In December, Scott tweeted a photo of rather sad-looking plants, and many decided there and then that no flowers could survive in space.

But, after Tim's love and care the buds have bloomed into gorgeous orange flowers.

The zinnia flowers are being grown in the 'veggie' facility in the International Space Station, alongside other various plant species, to see what can actually be grown and what will fail. 

The project is a part of an educational outreach programme, so crew members can grow plants and food on long-duration missions. 

So far, the crew have successfully grown lettuce, which they consumed last year. The plants are grown on special pillows, where various amounts of water is given to see how it affects growth. 

The crew are hoping to try a tomato next. 



Man caves had totally taken over without much of a female equivalent, but we are happy to announce that girls are now being given a few more options.

Now us gals will also have our own place to get away from it all, without being disturbed and being extremely comfy all the while.

The 'she shed' is the newest trend in garden innovation and has us seriously planning weekend DIY project.  

These she sheds range from purpose built small buildings, to aluminium sheds that have basically just been pimped. 

One you have a comfy place to sit and electricity installed, you're pretty much good to go.

This would be your hideaway for reading or Netflix bingeing, or you could even create your own built-in bar (yes, yes, and YES!). 

To create your own perfect she shed you need a space first of all. even cleaning out the old abandoned shed or an unused corner of the house would do, as long as you're comfy. 

You would need a source of electricity next,and hopefully an extension lead from the house will do the trick.

Then the rest is up to you! If you just want to use it to chill out, somewhere comfy to sit and a nice blanket would be required. But if you want to use it to work or pursue a hobby, then a desk would be a great addition too.

Then it's up to you to get as creative as you want with it, fairly lights galore!



Whether you need a space for work or study, there are ways of making it much more productive with minimal effort – which is our type of effort, obviously…

Here are some ways of getting your study space into tip-top condition to ensure you get the most out of your work:

Having a bright space to work in is really important, but never underestimate the calming effects of a lamp either. On those dull days we have a lot in Ireland, a lovely orange-y light emitted into the room will help you feel warm and cosy allowing you to work away in comfort.

While it can be nice to have two hot water bottles strapped to each leg, one on our middle and another for our back, making sure the room has air circulating is really important for concentration levels.

Not only do plants look nice, they also greatly improve the air quality of a room by reducing carbon dioxide levels. Businesses with more plants are said to have more productive workers who make less mistakes. We’re sold!

Blankets and pillows
Pretty pillows and blankets will make you feel cosy and by decorating your space will make it feel your own.

Many candles emit a subtle smell and a dim light which will make your space seem peaceful and snug. Just remember to blow them out! 


A big hug is an unbeatable cure for lots of things – even a tricky question that could have easily rocked the boat big time.

When a reporter for a Russian television station asked the question, “Is there any place for politics in space?” these three International Space Station crew members from three different countries didn’t need words to answer.

Instead, Alexander Gerst of Germany, Maxim Suraev of Russia and American Reid Wiseman let their love do the talking with a heartwarming group hug.

“This is our answer” Reid Wiseman said in Russian.

“Yes, this is our answer for everyone to see,” Suraev added.

The display of international friendship took place at a news conference in Kazakhstan this week on the eve of the crew’s departure for a six-month mission at the International Space Station.

We love it!