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Popping into Penneys is never a singular activity – you attempt to venture into it's hallowed halls for just one thing you need, be it bobby pins, tights or makeup rounds, but end up leaving laden down with their signature brown paper bags.

There is always a fabulous coat that catches the eye, or a cheap as chips piece of jewellery that elevates all of our outfits. 

One thing we also end up stocking up on in Penneys is socks – and with April Fools Day upon us, Penneys decided to treat us to a little sock-related prank. 

Posting to the Primark Instagram, the bargain brand uploaded a sun rise snap of a Primark branded vending machine perched by a wall in Temple Bar. You can spot the corner of The Temple Bar pub in the background as an early morning riser strolls by on his way to work just out of frame. 


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Clicking through the carousel of images, the blue machines can be spotted by European landmarks like Big Ben in London and Paris' Eiffel Tower. There are also shots of the machines sitting on sunny Italian streets and surveying the New York skyline – all under the very relatable hashtag #IOnlyCameInForSocks. 

'Have you spotted something bold and blue in your capital city yet?' reads the caption. 

'We can officially reveal our latest innovation; the Primark sock vending machine, providing you with the essentials when you need them most'

The machines are stuffed chock-a-block with rolls of handy socks (no fluffy ones, sadly) and honestly, we had a thrill of excitement after laying eyes on the machines. 

While we would honestly LOVE if 'Primark essentials' vending machines existed (how handy if you laddered your tights on a night out or needed an emergency pot of eyelash glue) this is simple a well-photoshopped prank. 

Clearly, it's a great idea though, as many in the comments section lamented the fact that it's a prank. 

'That would have been actually awesome as I mostly come in for the socks,' commented one. 

'I would love this machine,' said another. 


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However some fans thought it might just be true: 'Are these anywhere in Glasgow?' wrote another. 

Imagine if Penneys made these vending machines in time for festival season?

We would have the stuffed with cans of dry shampoo, socks of all assortments and power banks for our dying devices – and maybe a spare top or two.

Anyone want to start a petition for Penneys to make these a real thing?



Penneys is arguably the backbone of Irish fashion and homeware, and there's nothing quite like being able to say 'thanks hun, Penneys,' to someone after they fawn over your new dress/coat/couch cushions. 

However, before you get to that stage, there is the shopping in Penneys, and the transportation of your wares back home.

It is at this moment that the iconic Penneys bag comes in. 


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The brown paper bags with their Tiffany-blue font have carried many the pack of fluffy socks, new bedding or holiday wardrobes from the check-out to the homes of the Irish public. 

Woe betide you if it rained and went soggy, but other than that, the bags are an iconic beacon of nice new 'bits.'

Thanks to their famous, recognisable status, for April Fool's Day, the mega bargain brand decided to pay homage to the bag

In a tweet, Primark posted a series of images of a new brown paper bag inspired collection. 

From brollies to t-shirts to gorge heels, we were honestly considering snapping something up foir the irony factor alone – if only it actually existed. 

Good one, Penneys.  


Rejoice, food lovers, for the age of in-app food sampling has finally arrived! 
How many times have you scrolled through various menus, trying desperately to choose between the classic burrito bowl or fresh salmon sashimi? 
Too many, is the answer – but that stops now thanks to Deliveroo's brand new 'Try Before You Buy' feature. 
After simply updating the food delivery app to the latest version (iOs ApRf00l, customers will have access to two forms of in-app sampling – taste and smell. 

The innovative features aim to take the panic out of dinner time by allowing customers to get a whiff of what's on offer before committing to the purchase. 

This new update from the leading food delivery service has been released in response to customer feedback that making a decision around what to order has become increasingly difficult, due to the huge selection of choice on the platform.


April Folly, Product Developer at Deliveroo, comments: “At Deliveroo we’re always looking for the best ways that technology can enhance a customer’s food experience, so we’re really excited to launch the Try Before You Buy feature. For the first time ever, customers will be able to have a digital taster of their favourite dishes before committing, to make sure they’re 100% happy with their selection.”

The Deliveroo Try Before You Buy smell and taste feature is available to all customers from 1st April at no extra cost.


PS: If you haven't guessed already – Happy April Fools Day! 



So today is April Fools' Day and if you didn't know that the chances are you've had a surreal day. 

Here are some news stories we reckon SHOULD be April Fools…but probably aren't.

1. That's it, we're going veggie

2. We're not sure what's worse; being branded 'Poo man' or 'Smearer'.

3. Eww, Quavers. Snax? Now that would be a different story!

4. Erm, isn't this an Alanis Morissette song?

5. The koala looks equally as concerned, to be honest


Teacher’s speakerphone rule backfires spectacularly!