Study finds going to your friend’s hen-do can cost up to €1,000

The pandemic meant than many weddings had to be put on hold, which means that wedding seasons are continuing to be busier than ever! With every wedding of course, comes a fun-filled, yet costly, hen-do extravaganza.

While it’s always exciting to hear that one of your closest mates is getting married, we can’t help but mentally tot up the amount of costs this is going to bring. From wedding guest attire, to travel and accommodation expenses and the gift itself, attending a wedding isn’t cheap — and that’s not even counting how much you’re going to be spending on the hen-do.

To be exact, you'll be out of pocket by nearly €1,114/£979 for attending the hen party – best start saving now!

Life insurance broker, Reassured, polled 1,500 people to reveal the costs behind attending a hen party and they discovered that a whopping 43% of hen-party goers believe that the occasion is an unnecessary expense. Nonetheless, 42% still felt pressured into attending such an event.

From a boozy weekend staycation in a local city to jetting off to somewhere more sunny, it’s clear that the costs all build up a lot more than you may have first imagined.

However, Brides seem to have no regrets with over two thirds (68%) being glad to have had a hen party, with 65% having high expectations and expecting their bridesmaid to organise the party for them as a surprise!

Looking at the UK cities that spend the most on hen-dos, it's Southampton (£1,311) that are the biggest spenders, closely followed by Liverpool (£1,190) and London (£1,123). Whereas people in Cardiff may prefer a quieter night out spending an average of only £619.

What do you think — are hen-do’s too expensive and unnecessary? Let us know in the comment section!