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Whoops We're Back….at Copper Face Jacks next summer!

Paul Howard's smash hit musical, Copper Face Jacks: The Musical is back at the Olympia Theatre in 2020 following triumphant summer runs in 2018 and 2019.

Packed full of craic, huge laughs, Culchies, Dubs, lots of shifting and an incredible cast, Copper Face Jacks: The Musical, is set to be the summer sensation for a third time! Opening at the Olympia Theatre for a strictly limited run from 10 June until 27 June 2020, tickets are priced from €26 (plus booking fee and €1 restoration levy) and go on sale this Friday,  November 29 at 9am sharp.

Johnny Ward is back as Gino Wildes and is reunited with and Michele McGrath (The Tudors, Damo and Ivor) as Gretchen Ackerman, Rachel O'Connell (The Young Offenders) as Lucelita Ni Choncubhair, Kelly Marie Ni Cheallaigh (My Romantic History) as Therese McQuill, Shane Fallon as Anto Moran and Daithi O'Donnell (Ros Na Rún) as Jeremiah.

From the creator of Ross O'Carroll Kelly – Paul Howard, Copper Face Jacks: The Musical, is a love story set on the eve of a Dublin v Kerry All Ireland Final, when a sweet Kerry girl ends up falling head over her flat-shoes for the Captain of the Dublin football team – Gino Wildes.

Can love conquer all as these two young sweethearts face massive cultural and linguistic hurdles on their road to happiness/Croker?

Copper Face Jacks: The Musical is produced by Kite Entertainment and Verdant Productions in association with the Olympia Theatre.

Original Concept Created by Darren Smith with Paul Howard.


Who doesn't love a pack of Tayto?

The iconic Irish crisp brand has reached an impressive milestone of 65 years on the market.

And to celebrate, they're launching National Tayto Day on June 14, 2019  – but that's not all.

To mark the exciting occasion, Copper Face Jacks will close its doors between 7-10pm and host an exclusive party for Mr. Tayto and his fans!


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The party will be the hottest ticket in town with a jam-packed line up of Irish music talent to enjoy.

Tickets cost €10 plus booking fee and all of the ticket sale proceeds will be donated to Dublin Simon Community.

Want to know who is in the line-up?

Radio D legend Marty Whelan, will be on hand to MC the event and play some tunes.


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Then we have Soulé –  the leading force in a new wave of emerging Irish music. The Dublin based electronic pop artist is here to make her mark with her bass-heavy sound and soft – soulful vocals.

As well as that, there will be Chasing Abbey – the hip-hop collective at the forefront of Ireland's urban pop scene.

Walking on Cars will also be taking to the intimate Coppers stage to mark Tayto's big birthday. 

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your tickets here and we'll see you there. 



It’s been less than 24 hours since I went to see Coppers: The Musical and I am itching to see it again. Have I been on the Olympia’s website for the past 15 minutes umming and ahhing about buying tickets? Possibly…

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from the musical, mainly because of my limited love for Coppers and it’s sticky floors, overpriced drink and love for cheesy pop music, but boy was I pleasantly surprised.

My stomach hurt from laughing so much, my cheeks ached from smiling and Maniac 2000 will be forever stuck in my head.

The show follows the love story between Kerry girl Noleen who moves from small town  Cahersiveen to Dublin and GAA player and clamper Gino Wildes.

The musical features comical songs about working for the VHI and gay GAA players-that will be stuck in your head forever, but most importantly, Coppers will leave you feeling oddly proud about Ireland and our unique cliches.

The cast really won me over, especially Noleen’s hopeless fiance Mossy and his side-splitting performance. They're a genuinely talented group of people and certainly deserve a standing ovation each night.

The show is silly and witty, and serious fans of the theatre may call it foolish, but Coppers: The Musical is full of heart. 

It’ll brighten your day and leave you yearning to go to the over-crowded club on Harcourt Street with hopes of finding your very own Noleen(t) or Gino.

Kudos to Paul Howard, Karl Harpur and the entire cast of Copper Face Jacks: The Musical.

Do yourself a favour and go see this joy of a musical. It’s too good to miss.

Copper Face Jacks: The Musical runs in the Olympia until Sunday, August 12.


New York had Studio 54, Paris has The Moulin Rouge and Manchester had The Hacienda but ALL of Ireland has Copper Face Jacks and now this Club Of Clubs is getting its very own all-singing, all-dancing musical.

The producers of ANGLO: The Musical are proud to present the world premiere of Paul Howard’s latest comedy masterpiece, Copper Face Jacks: The Musical. 

Opening in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on Thursday 5th Of July, Copper Face Jacks: The Musical is a celebration of a club that started out life as something of a Culchie Embassy in Dublin.

It has since been embraced by its home city, because regardless of your county colours you’ll always find a welcome (and a slow-set plus a nurse…and if you're lucky both together) in the club that has become synonymous with having a good time for three generations of Irish night clubbers. 

Copper Face Jacks: The Musical is written by Ross O’Carroll Kelly creator Paul Howard and is a love story set on the eve of a Dublin Kerry All Ireland Final, when a sweet Kerry girl, who’s moved to the big smoke for her dream job in The VHI, ends up falling head over her flat-shoes with a true blue Dublin team member.

Can love conquer all as these two young sweethearts face massive cultural and linguistic hurdles on their road to happiness/Croker? Only time, some great tunes, a cast of puppets and a bunch of cloakroom tickets will tell.

Speaking about the show Paul said, “Once you hear the name Copper Face Jacks: The Musical it’s impossible not to want to make it happen. We’ve been talking about it for a few years now so it’s brilliant to think in just a few months it will be up and running. I hope we can do this very special venue justice…whilst I also secretly dream of a day when this work is on the Leaving Certificate”.

Copper Face Jacks: The Musical is the second in Paul Howard’s trilogy of puppet based musicals, with his third Dermot Bannon: The Opera due to open in a soon to be built Bannon designed glass box extension on The Abbey Theatre sometime in 2023. 

Copper Face Jacks: The Musical is produced by Kite Entertainment and Verdant Productions in association with the Olympia Theatre. Original Concept Created by Darren Smith with Paul Howard. Producers will announce the cast in the coming months.

Tickets from €28 plus booking fee will go on sale this Friday 2 March 2018 from Ticketmaster.ie.


If you've ever had to rock up to the Jackson Court Hotel in the cold light of day, mumbling something about a missing cloakroom ticket and a lost jacket, but bottle it at the last minute, you can take solace in the fact you're not alone.

Swallowing down your shame in the midst of an epic hangover in order to retrieve a jacket you couldn't have cared less about the night before takes a serious shot of confidence… which is why so many of us refuse to do it.

And the result? Well, Copper Face Jacks were more than willing to share it in a video posted on their Facebook last night.

Featuring a mountain of binliners which the post insists only accounts for 20 per cent of their lost property, the good folk at Coppers understandably urged us to stop forgetting our damn jackets.

Responding to the footage, many Facebook users encouraged the nightclub to donate their forgotten goods to the homeless – something CFJ confirmed they do after a period of six weeks.

"If it helps the homeless then I say keep leaving them!" wrote one Facebook user. "I've lost/left behind many coats over the years and if I knew they were going to those in need I'd be way happier. Well done Coppers!"

And well done us for forgetting our coat… every… single… time.



We've all been there.

You're on a night out, having the time of your life and at 2am you go to check your phone and… it's gone.

Poof! Vanished. Never to be seen again.

Well, one woman was on a night out with her friend last weekend when she lost her phone, and after reading her story, we're all rooting for her to find it.

The girl from Co Down sent in a letter to Coppers explaining the situation, and the club posted it on its Facebook page:

Who doesn't run onto the dance floor when the Five megamix comes on?

Poor girl, we're hoping her phone finds its way back to her.



The Late Late Show came back with a bang last night, and we have to say, they certainly did it in style.

The line-up included comedian Al Porter, Annalise Murphy, boxer Michael Conlan, as well as the O'Donovan brothers.

They all got on like a house on fire and ended up going to COPPERS with Tubbers for the night!

Imagine Coppers with Ryan Tubridy!

Ryan even got a GOLD card… the chancer.

It looked like the absolute craic.


April Fools' Day is a total minefield for false news stories, as brands and celebrities do their best to pull the wool over everyone's eyes for one day only.

So far this morning we've seen Woman's Way announce a new mag called Men's Way, Loose Women announce a new show called Loose Men (we sense a pattern), H&M reveal a new collection by Mark Zuckerberg, and Tom Fletcher tell the world that he's launching a toddler music supergroup led by his two-year-old son, Buzz.

But the best – and most Irish – corporate prank we've come across today has to be this gas joint effort by Supermac's and Copper Face Jacks.

In an article posted to the Supermac's website this morning, the fast food chain announced plans to set up a new branch… right on the dancefloor at Coppers.

"Starting tonight, nightclubbers will be able to tuck into a Smokey Bacon Burger without ever leaving the dance floor," the article reads.

And Coppers' owner Cathal Jackson even weighed in on the development, adding, "Just last week I was asked by a Guard from Clare in the nightclub ‘Where is the nearest Supermac’s?’ Now, we will only have to point customers towards the Supermac’s branch in our Premium Bar where they can end their night the traditional Irish way."

The best part? If you have a Coppers Gold Card, you're entitled to one free portion of Curry Cheese Chips per night, which will apparently "almost guarantee" that you get the shift.

Solid effort – and is it weird that we really think this would work?!



We've been doing it since we were teens, first heading to the local GAA disco where we kissed the boy we fancied from the other school to these days when we belt out our favourite songs after having a few too many glasses of vino.

And in Kylie Jenner's recent snaps, she revealed that she's not unlike the rest of us when we're out on the town.

The reality star was out in LA over the weekend and partied until the early hours in Hyde nightclub.

One snap shows Kylie kissing the face off Tyga, as well as Ty giving her a cheeky bum grab.

Then there's another snap of Kylie frying something, like we all do when a night out ends and the munchies kick in.


Kylie in Jordyn Woods' snapchat (jordynnwoodss)

A video posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on

Throw all that together with some awkward dance moves and hey, she might as well have been in Coppers.

Let's just hope she suffers from raging hangovers like us, too.



Here at SHEmazing! we felt overwhelmed by a barrage of puns and inappropriate innuendo when it was announced this morning that one well-known Dublin nightclub had designed and released underwear.

Upon reflection, common decency prevents us from sharing many of these sentiments with our discerning users – so instead we'll just give it to you straight: from today it seems you can BUY branded Copper Face Jacks pants.

Yup, the iconic Harcourt Street venue has on offer a pair of white boxers for the lads, and a pair of sporty orange knickers for ladies – both of which feature the venue's distinctive logo.

Suffice to say that many's a Christmas present has now been sorted.

With the items supposedly available to purchase on site (the lads and ladies at Lovin Dublin already have their hands on samples), we've also contacted Coppers for details on nationwide stockists and delivery – and are currently awaiting an update. 



Copper Face Jack’s nightclub (known as Coppers) on Dublin’s Harcourt Street is legendary across Ireland for their famous nights out – many the Irish couple have been brought together at this magical place.

Mick Konstantin has written a great little tune on the charms of Copper’s and just why it may be Ireland’s best nightclub (this may be up for debate)…He shared the video on his Twitter account and cheekily added: "Any chance of a goldcard?" We think he might deserve one after that!

In fact, we think they'll have to start playing this at the end of every night in Copper's!



Oh, the single ladies at Flora Montgomery and Soren Jessen's wedding in Co. Down last Saturday must have been DE-lighted when they spotted the one and only Orlando Bloom walk in – without a date!

The Lord of the Rings star celebrated with his friends at Greyabbey grounds, and even had a few drinks in a local pub in Donaghdee – which surprised a few locals!

He was the perfect gentlemen when asked him to stop for a photo too, which is always a sign of a good celebrity:

We have to say, he looked very happy and relaxed on the day – perhaps safe in the knowledge that there would be no chance of that pesky Justin Bieber turning up!

He wasn’t the only star out socialising in Ireland either – Outkast were spotted in the queue for Coppers on Saturday night too!

Why, oh why did we choose to have a cosy Staurday night in this weekend?!