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Back in 2007, actor pals Benedict Cumberbatch (AKA Bumblesnuff Crimpysnitch) and Tom Hardy hadn't yet hit the big time.

When PopSugar found an old video from over a decade ago of their pair giving an interview, thank God they didn't keep it to themselves. It's gold.

The clip premeditates their media training, marriages and dapper outfits, and the pair are visibly nervous having a natter in a pub garden of all places.

Before we saw the video, we had major lust for Tom Hardy, but now it's reached dizzying new heights.

The awkwardness of Benedict is also more pure than our souls will ever be; the duo crack jokes with each other throughout the interview, which was to promote their DVD, Stuart: A Life Backwards.

They make an effort to try and explain the plotline of the flick, but pretty much fail, all in the cutest way possible of course.

Despite their apparent comfort with each other, Stuart: A Life Backwards was genuinely their first acting project together.

The acting pair didn't work together again for four years, until the remake of Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Thank God that project had a bigger budget, is all we can say…

Age has been kind for Hardy and Cumberbatch, we desperately hope 2019 will be the year for their third collaboration. We want on-screen MAGIC, mmkay?



Every girl knows that a solid best friend is like gold – once you've found her you should hold onto her forver!

Just like we'd do anything for our BFFs, we know they'll always be there for us too.

Here are just a few reasons you'd know be lost without your best pal…

1. You two talk so often you pretty much have your own language at this stage
Other people can try to understand, but they never will.

2. She's the first person you call/text/WhatsApp when something happens
"He just held the door open for me, and we maintained eye contact for at LEAST half a second so that has to mean something, right?"

3. You always have someone to laugh with…even over the tiny things
In-jokes are the best kind of jokes.

4. She knows everything, even the bad parts, and she still thinks you're fab
'Cos that's how best friends roll.

5. You two can be as uncool as you like together and neither of you care
"Wanna watch Frozen again instead of going out tonight?" "YUP."

6. Insulting each other ALL the time is just expected
"Ugh, you're such a ride in that dress, I hate you."

7. She's there when you're in need of a wingman/someone to get hella drunk with

8. Whatever the problem, she's got your back… and you have hers, too.




They used to be besties before Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton famously fell out following a feud in 2008.

But now it seems the 33-year-olds' friendship is back on track after Kim posted a snap of the pair partying together in Ibiza this weekend at Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday bash.

Posting the picture on Instagram, she wrote, “Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so good to see you & catch up! Loves it lol.”

Paris also posted the same image, adding, “So much fun with @KimKardashian this weekend at @AmnesiaIbiza. The first time we ever came to this magical island was together. Such an amazing trip! Great catching up with you too beautiful! #Regram.”

Paris rose to fame before Kim on the reality show she shared with Nicole Richie.

However, Kim, who was working as Paris’ assistant at the time, fell out with her pal after she slated her during a radio show and compared Kim’s behind to “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag”.


We’re glad to see everything’s back on track, guys!