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Back in 2007, actor pals Benedict Cumberbatch (AKA Bumblesnuff Crimpysnitch) and Tom Hardy hadn't yet hit the big time.

When PopSugar found an old video from over a decade ago of their pair giving an interview, thank God they didn't keep it to themselves. It's gold.

The clip premeditates their media training, marriages and dapper outfits, and the pair are visibly nervous having a natter in a pub garden of all places.

Before we saw the video, we had major lust for Tom Hardy, but now it's reached dizzying new heights.

The awkwardness of Benedict is also more pure than our souls will ever be; the duo crack jokes with each other throughout the interview, which was to promote their DVD, Stuart: A Life Backwards.

They make an effort to try and explain the plotline of the flick, but pretty much fail, all in the cutest way possible of course.

Despite their apparent comfort with each other, Stuart: A Life Backwards was genuinely their first acting project together.

The acting pair didn't work together again for four years, until the remake of Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Thank God that project had a bigger budget, is all we can say…

Age has been kind for Hardy and Cumberbatch, we desperately hope 2019 will be the year for their third collaboration. We want on-screen MAGIC, mmkay?


Jungle Book fans cannot wait to see the upcoming film Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, and it’s easy to see why.

The movie looks unbelievable, featuring a never before seen side of the beloved boy that has been raised by a family of wolves.

The new film explores his coming of age journey into manhood. Torn between two worlds, Mowgli must accept his destiny and become a legend.

The newly released trailer captures the intense drama, thrilling action, and overwhelming love that encapsulates the boy’s life.

As humans move into the jungle, he feels forced to pick between man and animal, facing dangerous creatures along the way.

Mowgli, played by Rohan Chand, has never truly belonged in either the wilds of the jungle or the civilised world of man.

Now he must navigate the inherent dangers of each on a journey to discover where he truly belongs.

The film features an amazing cast including Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, Matthew Rhys and Naomie Harris also star in the adventure alongside newcomer Rohan Chand in this visually spectacular and emotionally moving childhood classic.

The film will be released globally on Netflix on December 7.

Here is the full trailer:


Graham Norton's Friday night show is always guaranteed to give us some laughs, but we especially can't wait until tonight's episode.

Joining Graham on the couch will be Sherlock star (and classified hottie) Benedict Cumberbatch who will be there to promote his new flick Dr Strange.

Image result for graham norton gif

Next up will be Bryan Cranston, who'll be chatting all about his new autobiography, which already sounds amazing.

Eddie Redmayne and LeAnn Rimes will also be sitting down the lads to talk about their various upcoming projects.

We can already see this show being an absolute belter.


Sherlock fans have been eagerly awaiting season four since the New Years special in January.

And it looks like we won't have to wait much longer for Benedict Cumberbatch to hit our TV screens again.

It has been announced that season four will air on January 1 2017 on BBC1. Yaaaas!

The official Twitter page for Sherlock announced the news last night which then sent fans into an absolute frenzie.

Check out the trailer – it looks SO good.



The Grinch has always been a Christmas favourite, and now one very popular actor has been cast to play the green hairy monster.

After 16 years (yes, SIXTEEN), the movie is getting a remake and Benedict Cumberbatch is going to step into the Grinch's shoes, taking over from Jim Carey.

But, instead of transforming from a cartoon to a live action movie (which is all the rage in the cinema these days), the new movie will return to the character's cartoon roots using modern animation.

The CEO of Illumination Entertainment said: " We were determined to make a choice that would not only define this version of The Grinch as absolutely singular, but most importantly, we were looking for a voice to express comedic wickedness while embodying vulnerability."

We think that perfectly sums up Benedict's style of acting and we can't wait to see the new remake next year. 



We have to admit, we panicked a little bit when Sherlock was left in the loop. Will Benedict Cumberbatch grace our screens again as the beloved detective? We just didn't know.

But, now Masterpiece and PBS have announced that season four is in production. Hurrah!

"Sherlock series four—here we go again! Whatever else we do, wherever we all go, all roads lead back to Baker Street, and it always feels like coming home," said co-creator and writer Steven Moffat.

"Ghosts of the past are rising in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and terror and tragedy are looming. This is the story we've been telling from the beginning and it's about to reach its climax."

Masterpiece also promised that there will be a few surprises, such as John and Mary starting a family.

"This is the kind of news that has our audience cheering. 

"Along with our millions of fans, I can't wait to see what the boys will do next."

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If we know one thing about British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, it is that he is adored by a significant legion of (predominantly female) fans. 

So yeah, we reckon the so-called Cumberbitches are all over this seasonal treat. 

Because this Easter you can officially buy a Cumberbunny, which is exactly what it sounds like; a chocolate bunny adorned with Benedict's handsome face. 

And it looks friggan' delicious. 

However, if you thought it would be cheap to nab a edible version of the 39-year-old actor's face, you would be wrong because the tasty treat would set you back over €60.

Still, if you adore a bitta Benedict, it may just be worth it. 



While many of us cannot wait for Derek Zoolander and Hansel to make a triumphant return to our screens next year, there are concerns developing over a character introduced in the film’s trailer.

A first look at the film introduces the character of 'All', an androgynous super model played by a wig wearing, eyebrow-less Benedict Cumberbatch. 

An online petition has called for the movie to be boycotted and is a couple of hundred supporters away from reaching its target of 9,000 signatures. 

In the trailer, Zoolander and Hansel, reprised by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson respectively, ask whether the model is “male or female” and if they have "a hotdog or a bun."

Cumberbatch’s character giggles and replies “All is All.”

A number of people have taken offence to this scene, and an online petition notes that “Cumberbatch’s character is clearly portrayed as an over-the-top, cartoonish mockery of androgynous/trans/non-binary individuals.”

The controversial character has been referred to as "the modern equivalent of using black face to represent a minority."

According to the petition, producers should have hired a transgender actor to play the role, with actor Andreas Pejić cited as an example of an ideal candidate.

Pejić is a successful Australian supermodel and transgender woman.

“By hiring a cis actor to play a non-binary individual in a clearly negative way, the film endorses harmful and dangerous perceptions of the queer community at large,” reads the petition started by Sarah Rose.

Zoolander is due to hit cinemas in February of next year.


Famous folk have a funny way of ageing. Yes, while the rest of us mark our birthdays in a timely fashion and appear to accumulate an additional year on a strictly annual basis – celebrities are somewhat different. 

They've either been knocking around forever (HOW is Kylie Jenner still only 18?) or we assume they're still young'uns when, in fact, they're well into their fifth decade (Neil Patrick Harris, 42, we're looking at you).

And so here, SHEmazing! rounds up our favourite well-known faces that you probably won't believe are the same age…


1) Sarah Hyland and Margot Robbie: Born in 1990


2) Vanessa Hudgens and Adele: Born in 1988


3) Benedict Cumberbatch and Ryan Reynolds: Born in 1976


4) Alyson Hannigan and Eva Mendes: Born in 1974


5) Charlize Theron and Tara Reid: Born in 1975


6) Lorde and Zendaya: Born in 1996


7) Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie: Born in 1975


8) Leonardo DiCaprio and Jimmy Fallon: Born in 1974


9) Helena Bonham Carter and Halle Berry: Born in 1966


10) Taylor Swift and Dakota Johnson: Born in 1989


11) Jennifer Lopez and Renée Zellweger: Born in 1969


12) Kristen Bell and Kim Kardashian: Born in 1980


13) Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams: Born in 1997


14) Kate Upton and Selena Gomez: Born in 1992



It’s official. Benedict Cumberbatch and his beautiful wife, Sophie Hunter, have become parents for the first time.

Reps for the couple confirmed the news this evening saying, “Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are delighted to announce the arrival of their beautiful son.”

“We would kindly ask everyone to respect the family’s privacy during these next few precious weeks,” the statement went on to say.

The Imitation Game star and Ms Hunter became engaged in November 2014. It was announced only two months later that they were expecting their first child.

Sophie is a 37-year-old English theatre and opera director, playwright, actress, and singer. She and her Oscar-nominated husband tied the knot last Valentine’s Day.

The gorgeous couple have been spending the last few months preparing for the arrival of their son. The 38-year-old star of Sherlock revealed that he was “not nervous at all” about parenthood, while attending the Oscars with his then pregnant wife.

Benedict is set to star in a huge number of films in the coming year. Among these is the film Black Mass, which also stars Johnny Depp and Dakota Johnson, and is set for release this September. 



Since his first appearance on our screens as the socially inept detective Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch has been somewhat of an unlikely heartthrob.

Yes, he's lanky, floppy-haired and has the accent of a posh English schoolboy, but there's just something about him that has attracted women in their droves, despite the fact that the actor has been married to actress Sophie Hunter since February.

Now though, it looks like Benedict could be about to attract even more fans, with the news he's trying his hardest to beef up for a new film role.

The Imitation Game star will play superhero Dr Strange in an upcoming Marvel film, and he's determined to gain muscle so he can look the part. As well as doubling his daily calorie intake, Benedict has also employed a personal trainer to help him bulk up.

"Dr Strange was always muscly in the cartoons so Benedict has to look the part when they start filming in the autumn," an insider told The Sun. “Skinny Sherlock Holmes will be the last thing anyone thinks about."

Despite his lean frame, the actor is no stranger to working hard in the gym, having bulked up for a previous role in Star Trek: Into Darkness back in 2013. "I had to do a lot of training and I did a lot of eating," he said of the gruelling regime.

''It was the first time I'd really intensely shape-shifted… To go up from a 38 chest to a 42, eating 4,000 calories a day and training two hours a day, as well as the stunt rehearsals and fight choreography, was the most physical demand that's ever been made of me for the screen," he admitted.

We can't wait to see his newest transformation…



Valentino have finally shared a photo of the beautiful dress they created for Benedict Cumberbatch's wife, Sophie Hunter and it is quite simply breathtaking.

The design house shared the image on their Instagram page, writing:

"Beautiful Sophie Hunter with Creative Directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli prepping her couture dress for her March wedding to Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Sophie and Benedict were thought to have tied the knot on Valentine’s Day this year so it is not known if the month mentioned in the Instagram post by Valentino is simply a mistake or whether there was another service for the couple’s nuptials.

Either way, we are completely besotted by the dress which looks to be a light lilac-blue colour with a high-neck and a gorgeous trail.

The couple are currently expecting their first child together.