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It happens every year.

We get our spy gear ready, complete with night vision goggles, Google maps and  snacks, of course. We buckle ourselves up for our long-awaited search, the hunt for that jaw-dropping, glamorous, PERFECT….

Winter coat.

Every woman needs a casual must-have jacket for the chilly season, and Penney's have DELIVERED, with a snakeskin cherry on top.


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Snakeskin is absolutely everywhere right now, most likely due to Taylor Swift's iconic Reputation album and added snake theme for her immense world tour.

Animal print is the ideal way to make a statement.

You want to be the first person noticed in the Christmas decorated rooms, and the way to do this is by nabbing the most stunning coat in the fashion business.

This puffer jacket is cosy AF, not to mention cheap.

Penneys, €30

At €30, just think how much cash dollah you're saving for your Christmas shopping.

You can accomplish just about anything in the right coat, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Penneys for keeping us warm without robbing our bank balance of it's dignity.

Say thank u, next to the cold this season, fashion has saved you.


If you've ever had to rock up to the Jackson Court Hotel in the cold light of day, mumbling something about a missing cloakroom ticket and a lost jacket, but bottle it at the last minute, you can take solace in the fact you're not alone.

Swallowing down your shame in the midst of an epic hangover in order to retrieve a jacket you couldn't have cared less about the night before takes a serious shot of confidence… which is why so many of us refuse to do it.

And the result? Well, Copper Face Jacks were more than willing to share it in a video posted on their Facebook last night.

Featuring a mountain of binliners which the post insists only accounts for 20 per cent of their lost property, the good folk at Coppers understandably urged us to stop forgetting our damn jackets.

Responding to the footage, many Facebook users encouraged the nightclub to donate their forgotten goods to the homeless – something CFJ confirmed they do after a period of six weeks.

"If it helps the homeless then I say keep leaving them!" wrote one Facebook user. "I've lost/left behind many coats over the years and if I knew they were going to those in need I'd be way happier. Well done Coppers!"

And well done us for forgetting our coat… every… single… time.



Love it or hate it, there was one fashion item that was seen on everyone and their mother last summer.

That Zara coat is back in store, and fans of the garment are more than excited.

Coat €69.95

The "Frayed Printed Coat," other wise dubbed as "that coat" is so popular that it even has an Instagram dedicated to its oh so fashionable existence. 

The account, which has over 8,000 followers, documents the adventures of the coat all over the UK, posting images of bloggers wearing it and even mere mortals donning the garment in the wild. 

The account keeps fans of the coat up to date on when it is in store, and once you are aware of the existence of the coat, you can never un-see it. 


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 Prepare to spot it on the Luas, in St Stephens' Green on a sunny day and all over Grafton Street. 

That coat now also has an equally as stylish sister which comes in red rather than the classic navy. 

Coat €69.95

We love both styles, and the thought of owning something as ionic has us very excited. 

We're sure this new drop of coats will sell out as quickly as the first. 

Feature image: Instagram / foundbyheart


With a sister like Nicole, Sofia Richie is bound to know a thing or two about fashion.

But while most celeb’s wardrobes are well out of the average woman’s price range, Sofia’s latest bomber jacket is an absolute steal.

The 18-year-old model recently stepped out in perfected casual wear with a pair of faded black skinnies, a cropped white tee and a champagne coloured satin bomber from Pretty Little Thing.

The Karia jacket features cross stitch detailing to the front, comes in three different colours and, best of all, retails for just €39.20.  

Monday treats anyone?