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September 12 2012 completely changed the landscape of online dating, when a pair of entrepreneurs launched an app which would connect millions upon millions of potential couples. 

Facilitating hook-ups, true love, long-term relationships and the occasional unsolicited WhatsApp dick pic, the app revolutionised the prior preconceptions people had about dating online. 

Tinder brought online dating right to our phones, making it more accessible and user-friendly for the millennial generation – and on the 6th anniversary of the app's launch, we're reflecting on six tales of wow and woe when it comes to the app. 


'I've had more horror stories than good when it comes to Tinder, but the one that almost put me off for life (almost!) was when the guy in question met me outside the restaurant and quickly explained he'd "had one or two" in the pub across the road to calm the nerves. This was fine. Dutch courage, I get that. But the whole evening was quite bizarre. He kept insisting that I looked like I wasn't having a good time and would I prefer to just go home now? I thought, up to this point, that I had been very chatty and pleasant – I was doing most of the talking! Then our food arrived. He quickly said the food wasn't great (I had recommended the restaurant, so…opps?) and then proceeded to eat the spaghetti – with his fingers. No, I'm not kidding.

Then, dessert time. I politely say I won't have another but would he like a coffee? He says I'll just order another. No, not a drink. An entire bottle of wine. Which he drank. To himself. He stumbled out the door and down the stairs (I don't know how we both didn't topple down and kill ourselves) and to the bus stop, while I wearily went to get a taxi and thought, 'Never Again.' – Anonymous

'As a single-mum taking on the dating scene, I don’t have much time to waste. Friends gave me a gentle nudge to dip my toe back into the water by trying online dating – let the hunger games begin. First off, 90 percent of men, once they found out that I birthed a child, disappeared. Secondly, I was very selective with who I chose to go on a date with, as organising a babysitter (thanks mum), and going out – is very much a luxury for me, so I wanted to make sure I would have a good night. Whilst I did have some success with it and met one incredible guy, we all know you’re here for the ugly – so let’s cut straight to it. I get asked to drinks by what seems like a relatively nice guy, we had spoken for a while and I got those good vibes.

However, the day of the date, I find his Instagram – cue 10,000 shots of him topless – okay, we get it – you’ve got abs to die for. My gut was a little worried about my find, but my brain talked myself around in still going for a scoop (BAD CHOICE). When I finally meet ab guy; the funny, charming and talkative guy online, had nothing to say for himself. I am usually quite talkative and am comfortable around people, but his silence threw me entirely – out came my word vomit and here commenced the digging of the grave for this date. I got more and more nervous to WHY ON EARTH this guy wasn’t saying a word, despite asking him a million questions. – Was it nerves? Shyness? Or was it me? After four hours straight of talking myself into several holes; he announced he was leaving. – Probably one of 30 words he said all night. – THANK THE LORD. BUT WAIT: He INSISTED on walking me to the Luas and thatten-minutee wait for the tram was torture. It’s fair to say we never spoke again, but the moral of the story is to always find their Instagram first and always pick coffee, never a drink for a first date. – That way you don’t waste as much time and you can make a faster escape. The strong and silent type might be for some, but this was unbearable.' – Sorcha 

'Tinder is great for the old ego boost but trying to get an actual IRL date locked in was harder than trying to choose a random movie to watch on Netflix. Too many choices involved and no one willing to make any kind of commitment. This date was different though. He was Brazilian and new to Ireland, and new to Tinder for that matter, so before he could know any better I suggested we meet for a drink and he suggested ‘Tomorrow?’ Sold.

The next night dressed in Penneys best, I found myself in JT Pims (a great first Tinder date bar) waiting for my potench new Latino lover to arrive. He walked in beaming from ear to ear, enveloped me in a bear hug and offered me a drink before legging it to the bar. I settled into my seat excited for what I hoped would be hours of fun and flirting.

Two hours later I was making my excuses to leave, but not before he told me that his heart was melting for me, he wanted us to travel around Ireland together, and that he could see himself falling in love with me. He bought me a rose and kissed my hands all over and up my arm and told me I was the most amazing woman he had ever met. ‘Um, I’ve got to go now’ I said edging towards the door, worried that at any moment he would propose or cling to my feet like in some over the top Disney movie. By the time I got home he had liked every single one of my Insta pics dating back five years and had sent me five messages trying to lock in another date. Block. Unmatch. Thanks but no thanks. Back to the drawing board….' – Ariana

True Love:

'Despite having very little faith in dating apps, I met my last boyfriend on Tinder. Well, not strictly speaking. I moved in to a new apartment with my best friend, and to celebrate, we decided to throw a housewarming party and invite everyone in the building. I knocked on the door of the girl who lived directly below us, and she agreed to attend our little soiree, so long as she could bring her boyfriend. 

By the time she and her man arrived, we were all already half cut, and while I thought her beau was cute I paid him little attention knowing he was spoken for, instead investing my time in the makeshift karaoke station we had set up (aka, an open laptop perched on the kitchen counter with lyrics videos playing on YouTube, using a hairbrush and a wooden spoon as mics). We had a quick, polite conversation on the balcony having a cigarette, and that was it – I promptly forgot about him after waking up the next morning with a pounding head and no voice from screeching The Kooks songs all evening. 

A few days later I was on Tinder swiping away, and got a message – 'Hey Sarah, how have you been keeping?' After a bit of confusion over the messages' familiarity, I quickly realised who it was and immediately had a crisis of conscious after he asked me for a coffee, wondering was I about to embark on a passionate, ill-fated affair with my downstairs neighbour's boyfriend. However, we went for that coffee, he informed me that they had broken up the night of the party after I presumably seduced him with my tone-deaf rendition of The Darkness'  I Believe In A Thing Called Love, and we dated for two years. Without happening upon me on Tinder, he never would have found me as he only knew my first name. We didn't work out, but I do have Tinder to thank for connecting me with my favourite ex-boyfriend.' – Sarah 

'Okay, so I moved across the world to study in the magical, Emerald Isle. But I swear my only focus was on studying and travel. There was no room in my life for a man. At least that’s what I told myself. But after a few weeks of loneliness and some late night chats with my roommate, I decided to give the Tinder app a try – for the fun of it. It was a good compromise. I told myself to go on some dates but not have to make a commitment I’d leave behind when I returned home at the end of the year. Then one day, a guy I had matched with sent me a joke out of the blue. Curious for the punchline, I messaged him back and found myself in bits at his reply. If you know me, you know that I love a good cheesy joke. Im talking pure dad-joke material. They’re my favourite. And this total goofball was full of them.

It went on like that for weeks, I think. I found myself looking forward to his texts. This guy, mind you, was shown in those carnival-sized sunglasses and a feathery boa in his profile picture. Fast forward, to a night out in town when we were talking longer than usual and discovered we were both in town at pubs right beside each other. He asked if I wanted to meet up and I agreed, after a few beers in me.'

My heart thumping to the blaring, cringe music in Dicey’s I found him looking for me. And he was wayyy hotter than that dorky picture on Tinder. He claimed Americans couldn't drink more than the Irish, and that was it. My competitive nature took over as I proved him wrong. (We still argue to this day over which one of us won). We spent all night together, talking and laughing amidst the crazy chaos in the club. And we’ve been inseparable ever since, surviving long distance and all the other stuff that came our way for two and a half years. Who knew Tinder was the modern-day Cupid?' – Anonymous

'My first Tinder date was the best one I ever had. It was with the Dutch courage of several few whiskeys in my local that I sent the simple, ''we should meet for a drink'' before he had even messaged me. After my initial disappointment that he wasn't tall, we spent the following four hours talking, drinking, flirting, smoking – it pretty much went by in a haze of tipsy splendour. 

What followed were a few months of being inseparable, but my J1 and summer in Boston were looming so we decided to split. It was a lot harder than I thought and after a goodbye letter/email/Skype, I remember sitting in a cafe down the road from my new apartment in Boston, trying to catch the shitty rays of Wifi and crying noisily into my phone to him.  We didn't make it, but I'm smiling even now as I'm writing this because it was a happy time. 

Tinder, you might seem like you're full of arseholes but occasionally, after a few whiskeys and a risky message, you come up with a good one.' – Aoife 



If you're sick of the perpetually perky manner in which dating websites attempt to match people up, based on likes and common interests, then this app is for you.

An ode the the millennial generation, there is a new dating app called HATER that matches people up based on their mutual hates.

Any app that lets us complain about everything in our lives is sure to be a winner.

From Trump to fedoras and vaping to 3D movies, the app lets you select and curate your list of hates.

From there, you can match with people with similar aversions and discuss your mutual pet peeves.

You can even play a game using your least favourite topics.

Mutual like and dislikes can be deal breakers, I mean, how many times have you felt connected to someone through your mutual controversial dislike? 

Be it Westlife on the playground, or gin (God forbid) into adulthood, mutual hates can bring people together.

And it seems like an excellent way to b**** about things that annoy you to perfect strangers.


Okay so we've all given the likes of Tinder and Bumble a go right? 

Well, I certainly have, to no avail, I might add. 

But sure look, it's a bit of fun at the end of the day, and if you're lucky enough to find love (or lust) – good for you!

Anyway, we always get a kick out of a cheeky dating app… until now. 

We recently stumbled upon a new dating creation, called 'Fuck, marry, kill'


Image result for fuck marry kill app

Anyway, this app is exactly what you think it is: 3 profiles come up of your desired gender, and you basically select which of them you'd choose to sleep with, marry and kill. 

Jesus, I'm actually sweating for my poor self esteem with this one. 

The app's creator, Portuguese Rui Gouveia, says it's a cool new way to meet people in a fun and playful manner, "We're seeing two types of users: the ones that use FMK just for the fun of it [and] others for the possibility of meeting new people."

Playful. Really though? 

Image result for fuck marry kill app

The app apparently allows you to check your rating to see if you're more fuckable, marriable or killable.

You actually couldn't make this shit up.

Anyway, once you figure out what category you fall into, the app then matches you with the people who dig you and you can chat if you want to.

Brave enough to give it a whirl? Go forth, and let us know how you get on. 


Spin the Bottle was one of those games that we were sceptical of playing, but took part in nonetheless.

Between the excitement and thrill of the game, most people ended up having an oul whale of a time.

And now, a new dating app has been inspired by it. 

Spin the Bottle is the new exciting dating app which has recently been rolled out worldwide. Instead of a message being your first encounter with a potential love interest, Spin the Bottle uses video, so you have a more meaningful and authentic connection.

However, you need to be quick, because the live interaction video only lasts 30 seconds, and if you're interested in the person talking to you, all you need to do is give them a 'kiss' to see if you're a match.

We spoke to the founder of the app, Matt Cohen, about the origin of the Spin the Bottle journey, and of course, it was down to a few lousy dates.

"It all started with a few bad first dates. With online dating today, you don't really know who you're meeting until you show up for that first date. You don't know how they act, how they sound, or what their personality is like," Matt explained. 

"As someone who has tried online dating myself, I've found that profiles and photos are often misleading and aren't the best representation of who the person really is. That's why we created Spin the Bottle."

Most of us know what it feels like to arrive on a date, only to regret it five minutes later. That's why Matt believes the video connection works to your advantage, as you can get a good idea of what the person is like the first time you see them.

"We believe that when it comes to online dating, video is better because it allows for face-to-face interaction right from the very first contact.

"By using live video as part of our matchmaking process, we are able to create better connections, better dates, and hopefully eliminate that awkward first date experience," Matt said.

When asked if he uses the app himself, the creator said, "I try go on every day. It's not only a great way to meet people, but it's also a lot of fun!"

If you think you'll be a bit shy on video and wouldn't know what to say, Matt believes that you should give everything a try because "you'll never know who you'll meet!"

We're loving the sound of this, and can't wait to give this new dating method a try.


If your new years resolution is to get back on the horse, as they say, when it comes to dating, this app could be for you.

While the concept is all kinds of wrong, the My Horse Prince app is an actual thing, with a resounding five star rating from all of its reviewers.

The app is a game where the player wines dines and… eventually entwines with a human/horse hybrid.

The choose-your-own-adventure game is based on a ranch full of attractive anime men, where the player stumbles upon a horse with a man's face called Yumma. 

You can chat, feed Yumma carrots and generally just have a good time before deciding whether to fall in love or not. 

The app is gaining popularity in Ireland, according to data analytical site Apptweak.com

Popular or not, it kind of gives us the creeps. We'll stick to Tinder (which also gives us the creeps).



Considering he's dated gorgeous and talented women like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, you wouldn't think John Mayer would need the help of a dating app to find love.

However, according to Perez, he's now signed up to one.

But now, this isn't your usual Tinder or Plenty Of Fish, no,no. This one is for famous "creative types."

The dating app called Raya is home to celebs like Chelsea Handler and Matthew Perry, and you also need to be approved by a council to get in.

An insider told the website, "His profile is a slide show of photos set to a Neil Young song." Interesting.

We hope he finds his soulmate!


There's nothing worse than coming across a catfish – especially when you kinda fancied them.

That gorgeous lad with blonde hair and crackin' abs actually turned out to be the exact opposite and you're left devastated.

Sure, catfishing is so common that MTV has aired a show about it for years now.

So that's why we were delighted to hear that the dating app, Badoo, has finally taken steps to combat any ill-suitors.

According to Cosmo, Badoo is actually the world's largest dating apps, with an insane 300 millions users, so it's no wonder it's come up with a way to combat the annoying issue.

One of the app's new anti-catfishing features is the 'Selfie Request' function.

So, if you're chatting to someone you fancy, but suspect that all is not as it seems, you can send a 'Selfie Request' to them so they can take a picture right there and then.

If your new interest accepts the request it'll be pretty easy to cop if they're telling the truth or lying. And if they deny the request, well… see ya later, mate.

Another feature for fighting off any liars is the 'Photo Verification' step when you first sign up.

This will ask the new user to send a selfie of a very specific pose, which will then be assessed by one of Badoo's 5,000 moderators. They'll be able to tell if the photo is real or fake, and if it's fake, well then sorry, there's no entry into the site for you either.

As well as that, Badoo has also introduced a video function for users' profiles, which means you'll be able to give an nice little intro to any potential love interests, and you'll also be able to seek out who is real and who is lying.

With all that in order, it should be easy to find a nice partner… right?


A man has been charged in New York for allegedly managing to con two separate women he met on a dating app out of over 26,000 dollars. 

The 35-year-old used the ever-popular Tinder to meet his victims, claiming that he was a Goldman Sachs banker. 

Yep, Brandon Kiehm played the part of a successful New York businessman in order to lure women into dating him. 

He would then see his targeted women for as long as several months before asking them for money. 

According to court transcripts, Brandon told the first women that "his sister was undergoing cancer treatment and because his wallet had been stolen."

He gave the same line to a second women whom he had been dating only a mere matter of weeks. Both women gave the con-artist over ten thousand dollars each. 

It was only when Brandon tried to pay the women back that it became painfully obvious they had been the victim of a total Tinder scam. 

According to police, the cheques were paid from closed bank accounts and Brandon's mother did not have cancer… obviously. 

Brandon, who is actually a dogwalker not a banker, is now facing several counts of felony and intention to fraud. 


For the past few years, dating has taken a modern turn and has been largely ruled by an influx of new dating apps.

But now, there's finally a new breed of dating app here to help all of the single ladies – without having to swipe left or right.

Jyst, is the first ever decoder app that crowdsources dating advice anonymously. The app lets users pose a relationship question or dating dilemma that will then be decoded and advised upon by other users from around the globe. 

So instead of screenshotting every conversation from your other half to show your friend and frantically ask them "what does this mean?!" you can now pose the question to an entire platform of people and receive real feedback. 

The app was co-founded by two friends, Emily Listfield and Nadina Guglielmetti, who kept asking each other to decode texts and emails from guys they were dating. 

"​I was dating a guy who kept sending me the most confusing emails and I kept sending them to my friend Nadina for advice.  Every girl and woman we know was doing the same. ​Dating, frankly, has never been more confusing," 


So, we're confused… and we bet you are too!

It was reported today that a MARRIED Lily Allen has signed up to an exclusive celebrity dating app… huh?

To even be considered to join this dating app you have to be recommended by a famous person already involved, or satisfy the site's algorithm with a pleasing number of Instagram followers. 

Imagine having eyes on that database!

Pictures from your IG account are automatically posted to the app which could explain why Lily posted THIS risky pic lately:

A source told The Sun, "Raya is a small and very exclusive site, so it was impossible to miss Lily. It has certainly raised eyebrows in the industry.”

Despite all this, Lily apparently IS still married to Sam Cooper, with her reps recently commenting: “There’s no change, she and Sam are very much married.”

The pair wed back in 2011 and have two daughters together, Ethel, 3, and two-year-old Marnie.

Earlier today Lily tweeted this cryptic message:

We can't help but wonder what on earth is going on here, but with Lily Allen it will probably only get weirder.


New research has revealed that you’re more likely to get an STD,  if you use a dating app to meet your sexual partners.

Researchers got this information from 7,000 gay men who attended a sexual health clinic in LA between 2011 and 2013.

It was found that 36% of these men chose dating apps as their preferred way of meeting lovers and as a result were more likely to have common STDs, than the men who used other methods of meeting people. They were 23% more likely to be infected with gonorrhoea and 35% more likely to have chlamydia – however, there was no difference in the likelihood of being infected with either HIV or syphilis.

One of the theories for this is that since technology is making the process of meeting someone much faster, you are more likely to engage in risky or anonymous encounters.

Stay safe girls!



If you’ve ever been absent-mindedly flicking through a friends photos and see them tagged with someone you wouldn’t mind getting to know better, then the new social media dating app, Hook could be exactly what you need.

Hook lets you show an interest in Facebook friends of friends, but they can only see that you like them if they say that they like you too, so there’s no fear of rejection or embarrassment!

Once a connection is made, you then say what it is you want to do with the other person. The activities range from ‘Grab a drink’ to the not so subtle ‘Have sex!’.

If you’re already in a relationship however, perhaps you should keep an eye on your other half’s app downloads – Hook lets people in unhappy relationships see who’s interested in them, before they decided to make the break.

While the rest of the app sounds good, we’re not sure about this particular aspect!

Visit Hook to find out where to download the latest dating trend.