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There's no denying that having a work wife to call your own makes the daily grind so much more bearable.

Dealing with an ever-increasing workload or an insurmountable number of emails is always easier when you have your own personal cheerleader by your side.

The thing about work wives is that they just, well, get it.

While your family and friends may lend an ear during a particularly rough career patch, your work wife is there for the minutiae of office life, on hand during the most tense of office politics, and alongside you for the greatest of office triumphs.

So, it's no real surprise that when she does eventually decide to move on or change career paths, you can be left feeling bereft at best, and like you've lost a limb at worst.

Here are just some things to do after you wish her well on the next step of her career path.

1. Applaud her courage

Making the decision to leave her job (and you!) wasn't an easy one for her, and like all difficult decisions, it took a lot of courage.

Even if you know she was unhappy in her role, countless people fall into the 'better the devil you know' mentality, and ultimately wallow in their sense of discontent, instead of actively seeking change.

Your friend decided to fulfil a particular goal or chase a certain dream, and you, of all people, should be the first one to champion that move.

We know that it can be really difficult to imagine your daily life without them, but take inspiration from her bravery!

2. Take some perspective

If the idea of losing your work wife to another office, sector or industry has you questioning your own job, you need to take time out to evaluate your career path.

Yes, it's difficult to say goodbye to a friend that you see five days a week, but her departure shouldn't make you want to immediately clear out your desk as well… not if you're actually content in your role, that is.

Your friend's decision to leave will definitely be hard to take, but if you're satisfied in the workplace, you'll be able to handle it.

If you find yourself struggling to go into work as a result of her absence, it's high-time you consider your own career bucket list.

3. Reconsider your routine

In the short-term, you need to be able to adjust to your friend's departure on an daily basis, so that means expanding your social circle in work.

Many people fall into the trap of sticking to a certain clique in work, and this can massively work against you if your clique starts to dwindle.

Make time to chat to your colleagues and be open to lunch invitations or coffee dates, so you don't find yourself becoming isolated in the wake of your friend's departure. 

4. Embrace the change

It might sound callous, but it's important to embrace the change your friend's move brings about.

Perhaps her departure provides you room for growth in your role or exposes you to new challenges which you'd be happy to undertake? Or maybe her decision to leave will give you the courage you need to dust off your CV and take stock of your own capabilities.

And outside of work? Well, maybe your friend's new job will bring her to a new city which means a chill-out road trip to visit her is definitely on the cards, or if she's only going down the road, her new work friends mean an expansion to your own social circle.

It may sound agonising, but embracing the change will genuinely stand to you, and it's not like you're losing her as a friend, so remember that!




A Reddit user has shared the most moving list of things cancer patients will miss the most when they pass away. The emotional post really opens your eyes to just how valuable the little things are like kisses on the cheek and the smell of flowers.

The user shared: “The things my patients say they'll miss the most are NOT seeing the World Landmarks, buying fancy things, that new car, "living it up" party style, etc.”

The patients didn’t care about visiting Paris or seeing their favourite band in concert. The things they were going to miss were simple but so meaningful.

The full list reads:

Watching my sons throw a baseball

Listening to my grandparents tell stories

My girlfriend surprised me with a kiss on the cheek

Holding my wife in my arms knowing there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be

Gram's Sunday dinners and the whole family getting together

My dog

Seeing my fiancé smile and feeling his arms wrap around me

My daughter running to me when I get home

The smell of flowers and rain

The day I got married. I said I never would. And then I met her. And now I have to leave her.

Smelling the fireplace on Christmas morning with the family

All my friends

Watching my family sleep

The rush of weekday mornings. I know it sounds crazy, but I'll miss it. I'll miss the coffee, the crowded bathrooms, my wife's quick peck goodbye, the kids forgetting their lunch.. you get my point.

Rain. Is that weird?

The heartbreaking list shows you that at the end of the day it isn’t about money or glamour, it’s about the people you love, those simple moments you experience every day, but ones you’ll miss more than anything when your time on this planet comes to an end.


Bad news for fledgling relationships – science says that if you're not careful, new love could cost you your closest friendships. 

There is nothing better than the first few months of a relationship – the time spent dating, learning more and more about one another and the excitement of a dalliance with a new person in the bedroom. 

However, science says that if new lovers aren't careful, they could end up neglecting their friendships and lose some of them all together. 

According to research led by Robin Dunbar, head of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University, for every new relationship a person embarks upon, they lose two close friends. Not ideal. 

'If you go into a romantic relationship, it costs you two friends,'  Dunbar told The Guardian

Dunbar's previous research suggested that most people have five very close friends. However, those who get into relationships end up with only four. 

'Those who have romantic relationships, instead of having the typical five 'core set' of relationships only have four. And of those, one is the new person who's come into their life.'

Finding new love is exciting, amazing and can be all-consuming, and it's totally understandable that when you get a new partner, you want to spend all your time getting to know them.

However, keeping on top of your current friendships with those who have always been there is vital to avoid losing them to your new girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Spending time cultivating a new romantic relationship can leave current strong friendships by the wayside to wither. 

A recent poll shows that 92% of people have been ditched by their best friend for a boyfriend, so that's a lot of friendships which have the potential to be ruined by new love. 


The Jordyn Woods/Kardashian clan drama continues…

It's only been a few weeks since we last heard an update about what on EARTH is going on between Woods and her former BFF, Kylie Jenner.

The scandal that broke a few months ago involving Khloe Kardashian's ex, Tristan Thompson, and Woods kissing seemingly broke apart their friendship.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie has now made a subtle change to her social media, which throws more than a few forest of shade at Woods in the process.

The profile image featuring the former duo comes from a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration they did together and the products from that same collab had gone on sale in the wake of the news that Jordyn and Tristan had “hooked up.” Weird.

Kylie has now changed the image to one of just herself, mainly giving a stare that could give Bran Stark a run for his money.

Image credit: Twitter/@KylieJenner

Kylie is in the middle of promoting new goods, and the new banner picture is most definitely from the promo images. It could be possible that the new image wasn't intended to be shade at all, but this is the Kardashians we're talking about.

Shade is part of their careers. The last update we had was when Jordyn spoke to paparazzi at LAX airport about her love for Kylie over a week ago, with her mum offering plenty of good wishes for the make-up mogul.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

In a video by TMZ, Jordyn was asked point-blank whether she would be "willing to rekindle the friendship and try to make things right with Kylie." Woods replied saying, "I have love for everyone."

Her mum was more direct. "We love Kylie," she said, with Jordyn quipping , "Always."

We'll see where this goes, but it doesn't look great for the model.

Feature image: Instagram/@kyliecosmetics


We all remember the glamorous pre-Reputation days of Taylor Swift's #squad, don't we?

Between Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Hailee Steinfeld, they really were an influential troupe. 

Now it looks like Taylor's squad has been reignited, with new bestie Cazzie David and long-time friend Selena Gomez enjoying a gals night in with the singer.


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The Look What You Made Me Do songtress captioned the snap;"20wineteen", and we are HERE for the vino appreciation.

The trio are clearly enjoying each other’s company, and the glasses of wine too, no doubt.

The candid picture shows Swift's best pal Selena laughing in the back, while Taylor is sporting her signature red lipstick and Cazzie smiles in between them.


A post shared by CAZZIE (@cazziedavid) on

David also shared a similar photo to her Instagram, featuring Selena and Taylor in a cute polaroid photo.

The fellow actress jokingly captioned the shot; "Had a meet and greet for my fans last night. I love you all."

Now THAT is a meet and greet we want to attend.

Only last May Selena told 60,000 fans about her bond with Taylor when she gave a surprise performance of Hands to Myself during Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour in California.

Speaking about Taylor's care for her, she said;

“This person has never ever judged a single decision I’ve made. She’s always met me where I’ve been,” she said, according to a fan video.

“She’s encouraged me when I’ve had nothing to be encouraged about, and I don’t know if I would be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you and your family because you’ve changed my life,” Gomez added.

WE LOVE THE FRIENDSHIP. Never let it die, gals.


It's that festive time of year and even if your gal has decided to ditch you and move away – you can still celebrate.

These gifts have been selected so you can ship them to international addresses OR fit them into those pesky boxes to post.

So bring her some Christmas joy, even if you can only see her reaction over Skype or Facetime.

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Get ready to cringe!

The excitement is doubled when your friend ties the knot and asks you to be part of their special day as a bridesmaid.

Courtney Duffy had booked flights and bought the jumpsuit that bride-to-be and friend Alexandra had chosen for her bridal party.

Courtney made every effort to be a part of her friend's big day as she would be flying across America from her college to the venue and back again in the same evening of the nuptials to make her evening university classes – if that isn't dedication, we don't know what is.

However, Alexandra wasn't so convinced and via email she informed the college student that her role as bridesmaid would be given to another friend.

The awkward email opens with Alexandra saying: “I’m so glad to hear you booked your flights.” 

“I have a massive favour to ask you though – and this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to ask anyone – but I need to ask you to relinquish your duties as bridesmaid.”

The email then goes from bad to worst as the reasoning behind her axing was her lack of participation in the day-to-day planning of the wedding. 

“The whirlwind nature of what your travel has become just won’t work with the duties as a party member,” wrote the bride-to-be.

Alexandra added, “I am so, so sorry!!” 

Courtney explained that she had missed the bachelorette trip and pre-wedding prep, in addition to flying home on the big night because of her commitment to her MBA in the American college, Dartmouth.

If you didn't think things could get anymore awkward – think again – the bride proceeds to ask for the jumpsuit to be returned so the friend replacing her could wear it. (CRINGE)

Closing the email Alexandra said: “Please don’t feel like you’re letting me down…I am asking you to do this. I love and value your friendship so much…”

As the realisation kicked in of the email contents, Courtney turned to Twitter and sent a screenshot of the email to Jet Blue airlines in a bid to get her flight refunded. 

In the since deleted tweet, Courtney explained:  “Booked my X-C flights for a wedding, then was asked ‘to relinquish’ my “duties as a bridesmaid” so another girl could fill in and wear it. I am laughing and crying and must avoid this wedding at all costs. Pls help?”

Jet Blue heard her cries and the student won't have to fork out in cancellation fees and will receive a voucher. 

The airline didn't stop there and extended their gesture of goodwill with offering the two (ex) friends a chance to clear the air and smooth over the situation with a future girls' weekend on them.

No doubt the free trip was a lovely touch, but the Internet just wasn't having any of it.

Twitter users suggested that even though it was a lovely thought, they think Courtney is better off without the bride.

"Very nice of Jet Blue – but can Courtney take a nice friend?" asked one.

"I mean, this is very sweet, but what if she doesn't want to patch up this friendship? I certainly wouldn’t," tweeted another.

"Very sweet but Courtney needs to ditch that friend. Courtney needs a trip with a real friend. I suggest Jamaica," added a user.

Courtney was clearly overwhelmed with the response and issued a series of tweets:

"Wow, did not expect this response – clearly the situation resonated. Thanks @jetblue for providing the refund I was hoping for, and thanks to everyone for chiming in with well wishes, humor, and even devil’s advocacy," she wrote. 

"Weddings have gotten totally out of control – this is about more than just an email. I’m hoping this thread reminds future lovebirds and bridal parties to keep their feet on the ground," she added in another tweet.

Call us bitter but we hope she didn't return the dress and she's sipping cocktails on that tropical islands sans the bride. 


It is well known that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has a close friendship with tennis star, Serena Williams. The two have been seen spending time together on many occasions.

But how did they first meet? The pairs first interaction was reported to be during the 2010 Super Bowl in Florida.

Meghan said, "We hit it off immediately, taking pictures, laughing through the flag football game we were both playing in […] So began our friendship.”

The women stayed in close contact, grabbing lunch when they were in the same town and texting often with one another. The Duchess reflected on their friendship, saying “what connects us more than those things is perhaps our belief in exceeding expectations — our endless ambition."

As powerful public figures, we can see why this dynamic duo get on so well, and it was no surprise when Meghan was in attendance at Wimbledon two days ago. She turned up for her dear friend, Serena, cheering her on throughout the tournament.

Unfortunately, Serena’s loss was devastating, but her following speech portrayed her defeat as just a small obstacle. Through her husband’s (and Meghan’s) support she is determined to come back even stronger next year.

Serena explained that she and the Duchess have always encouraged one another. The tennis pro said, “Now she’s supporting me in a different role but our friendship is still exactly the same.” During Serena’s post-game speech, Meghan was spotted with teary eyes in the audience. She was proud of her friend’s performance and moved by her words.

Earlier this year, Serena also showed her support for the Duchess by attending her royal wedding with Prince Harry.

Serena said that their friendship has remained the exact same since the royal wedding.

It is fantastic to see two strong women be so uplifting. A genuine friendship is hard to foster underneath the public eye, but we are happy to see that Meghan and Serena have not wavered in their affection for one another.


Sometimes all you need is a little help from your friends. But when you're struggling with mental illness it can seem impossible to face the world outside your bed, never mind ask a friend for help. 

The shame and stigma attached to mental health issues doesn't exactly help either. And it seems to take high profile suicides, such as those of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, for the conversation around depression and anxiety to be pushed into the spotlight. 

But there is hope, as writer Sheila O'Malley found out during her darkest days. 

Taking to Twitter to share her story, O'Malley recalls the period after the death fo her father, when she was plunges into the depths of depression. Moving to a new department, she found herself unable to unpack her boxes. 

 Her good friend David sensed that she was struggling and reached out to help. 

So on a Thursday evening, 10 of her closest friends barged into her apartment. 

Not only did they get to work unpacking her apartment, but there was no judgement for her "inability to do the simplest things". 

While she was overwhelmed and embarrassed at first, the sight of her friends turning her apartment into "Santa's workshop" made her feel loved. 

While the advice of asking for help might seem simple it's far far harded than you might think. Sometimes its not possible at all, and that's were kind friends come in. 

Be that friend. Don't ask for an invitation, it could save a loved one's life, or it could even save your own one day. 

If you've been affected by anything in this article, see here for support and information. 



Having a long distance best friend has become quite the norm over the past few years. 

As many of us look to travel and work abroad, sometimes our nearest and dearest can end up in a faraway land. 

And while no distance could break the bond you share, there are a number of struggles you're sure to come up against during your time apart. 

1. You get jealous whenever they have any fun without you 

But deep down you know they'd have more fun if you were there. 

2. No more borrowing each other's clothes 

The biggest betrayal of all. 

3. Having multiple conversations running at the same time 

You can't keep up with the various WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat conversations, but that's not going to stop you from trying. 

4. Getting sulky when they have to spend time with other people 

How dare anyone try to disturb your precious reunion. 

5. Weekend adventures are replaced by all-day skype sessions

Definitely not as exciting, but hey, at least you get to stay in bed. 

6. You don't get to hang out with their pet anymore

And sometimes you don't know who you miss more. 

7. Feeling offended when they hang out with people you've never met

'Em? Who are these people in your profile picture and why aren't they me?'

8. You need a night out but FaceTime and wine is the closest you'll get 

OK, maybe this one isn't the worst, after all it's probably the cheapest 'night out' you and your best friend will ever have.

9. Momentarily forgetting about the time difference 

You don't care if it's 4am where they are – you need to talk about the Game of Thrones plot twist. 

10. Thanking your lucky star that the internet exists

Sure, you'd have no problem writing letters or spending a months wages on a phone call to stay in touch, but the internet definitely makes the process a lot easier. 

Feature Image: Etsy


Friendships can be a tricky business.

Ostensibly, they’re based on support and reassurance, with a healthy dose of mutual humour and shared history thrown in for good measure.

In reality, they’re a little more complex.

In fact, we’d go as far as to suggest that you have at least one pal who you struggle to fully understand or who struggles to understand you.

On paper, you’re ride-or-die pals, but there’s always been that one little thing that has niggled at you, hasn’t there?

If you have something you wished your friend understood about you (or themselves), we want to hear about it right here.

So tell us, ladies, what do you wish your BFF knew? Good, bad or indifferent, we're all ears.

Fear not: you shall remain completely anonymous, but your response may be featured in a future article because let's face it, we all like reading a confession or two.


We all love our work wives, the gal (or gals) who keeps you sane when the workload is all too much and knows your Starbucks order off by heart. 

Having work besties is a complete blessing, and according to jobs website Totaljobs, 17 per cent of people have a work wife, and a further 48 per cent have close bonds with multiple colleagues. 

'Work spouse relationships are formed between two people who bond intensely over workplace frustrations and stresses as well as triumphs and fun,' say Totaljobs, who have compiled quite a bit of data on the subject. 

One of their most startling discoveries was the fact that 27 per cent of employees would consider leaving their jobs if their work wife left. 

With almost a quarter of people saying they would choose to follow their work spouse out the door, that's some serious commitment. 

A further 7 per cent said they would actually feel bereavement if their work wife left them for another company. 

'This is potentially a huge loss to any business,' says Totaljobs. 

'To foster retention companies would do well to promote strong employee bonds, whilst hiring for job and culture fit.'

'This can promote employee well-being, and more importantly keep those work spouses together.'

There is no denying the importance of establishing supportive, friendly relationships at work. 

Whether it's a quick WhatsApp message to ask how that meeting went, or a full-on lunchtime venting session, having work spouses who know the exact culture of your work environment provides people with the comfort of discussing their shared experiences.

According to the study, this can make employees more motivated in their daily work life.