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AJ Pritchard has jumped to his brother's defence after last night's explosive episode of Love Island, where Anna Vakili branded Curtis Pritchard a 'narcissist'.

The pharmacist blasted fellow islander Curtis after he told her boyfriend Jordan Hames to pull India Reynolds aside to confess his feelings for her behind Anna's back.

Professional dancer Curtis encouraged Jordan to act on his emotions, even though Hames had only asked Anna to be his girlfriend two days previously.

Of course, the entire WORLD wondered what on earth Curtis was thinking when he gave Jordan that appalling advice.

Irish charmer Greg won the episode by asking him; "What was your thought process behind that?" The legend jumped out.

Anna was understandably raging at Curtis after she discovered what he'd done.

Maura was none too pleased with him when he couldn't tell her how he would act if he landed in the same situation as Jordan.

Curtis even told Maura that Jordan was BRAVE to confess his feelings to India. Why does anyone go to him for advice, honestly? His behaviour with Amy alone should have sent up red flares.

28-year-old Anna fumed at Curtis for his advice to Jordan last night, saying: "I just don't know if you are a good person really, because good people don't move like that.

"You move like you're such a good person and you're not. A good person would never say to anybody to do that to their other half," she continued.

"Do you not care about me a little bit? I have been living with you for the past two months, you obviously don't care about me. You're a narcissist, that's my opinion of you." YES BISH.

After hearing Anna’s comments, Curtis’ younger bother, Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard took to Twitter to leap to his defence.

The 24-year-old seemed to suggest that Anna did not truly understand the meaning of the word. He wrote: “Does Anna know the definition of narcissistic?

"Narcissist: Having or showing an excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance. #loveisland @loveisland.” Shadier than a palm tree.

Maura Higgins also quizzed Curtis on the advice he gave out. saying; “So in this situation, if I was your girlfriend, you would do the same thing?”

"I don’t know what I’d do in that situation,” Curtis replied. “Oh wow,” Maura said, as she gets up to walk away from him, adding: “That’s great, that’s great”. The man needs to find the door.

What do you think, are you team Pritchard Bros or Team Anna/The Rest of the World?

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Kendall Jenner has always been mysteriously private about her dating life, despite the fact that her famous family have cameras filming them 24/7 for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Most recently, the model was dating NBA player Ben Simmons until May of this year after 12 months of dating.

A meme has now surfaced on the internet mocking her seeming appreciation for basketball players, and it did NOT go down well…

A Twitter account posted a meme of the "Starting five of NBA players" Kendall was rumoured to have dated, commenting: "This is a playoff team LMAO." Highly mature content altogether.

The image featured Jordan Clarkson from the Cleveland Cavaliers, D’Angelo Russell of Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons, LA Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma and Detroit Pistons’ Blake Griffin.

You might say that the Kardashian-Jenner wasn't here for the joke, clapping back; "2 out of 5 accurate, thanks". Go off, sis.


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The Victoria's Secret model was referring to Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin, who she was previously seen with. Kendall rarely discloses her relationships in public, but she didn't let this joke pass her by.

Kendall allegedly dated Blake back in 2017, but the distance caused the relationship to fizzle out when he moved to the Detroit Pistons. She confirmed her romance with Ben Simmons on the Ellen DeGeneres show;

"So obviously you’re dating this guy who’s on the 76ers. How long have you been dating him?", Ellen asked. Kendall replied: "For a bit now."


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The pair split in May, with a source close to People claiming that the relationship had "ran it's course. She’s spending time with her friends and back to being in fun mode."

Kendall opened up about why she protects her love life to Vogue Australia in May:

"For me, a lot of things are very special and very sacred, like my friends and relationships, and I personally think that bringing things into the public makes everything so much messier.


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She added; "I’m very young and right now I feel like relationships aren’t always super-certain and I don’t want to bring too much attention to something if you don’t really know long-term," she continued.

"A relationship is only meant to be between two people, and the second you make it the world’s business is when it starts messing with the two people mentally"

The reality TV star takes privacy seriously; "Like once everyone is let in, you’re letting all these opinions into your relationships, and I don’t think that’s fair."

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Warning; Severe SHADE incoming.

In the latest clip from the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, "self-made" billionaire (lol) Kylie Jenner takes a few swipes at her ex-best friend Jordyn Woods following the cheating scandal. 

The young make-up mogul appears to confirm that she has no desire to be best mates with the model again, saying that things happen for a reason and only loyal people can stay in her life. Woof.

We thought the Kardashians may have moved past the whole Tristan Thompson kissing Kylie Jenner's 21-year-old BFF while still dating Khloé debacle, but apparently these ladies never forget.

Khloe potentially shaded Jordan on her Instagram yesterday too, and now the latest clip shows more of the fallout from the cheating scandal. Jordyn does not come out looking squeaky clean…

Khloé and Kylie Jenner are wine tasting in Napa Valley in the clip, and Khloé suddenly brings up the former friend's name in conversation, asking, "So, Jordyn. Do you miss her, want to be friends with her?"


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Kylie coolly replies, "I think that this whole Jordyn situation needed to happen for a reason. For me, for her, for you, for everybody. She was my security blanket.

"She lived with me. We did everything together, I just felt like, 'Oh, I have Jordyn. I don't need anything else.' And I feel like there's a part of me that needed to grow without her," she added.

"Sometimes people are there for certain reasons at certain times in your life and then not there for others." Damn, Kylie is ICE COLD. She's definitely seeing the Jordan scandal as some type of destiny.


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Khloé also makes sure to have her say in the conversation, emphasising that loyalty is key when it comes to the Kardashians:

"Everything's supposed to happen for a reason, and it's the season to filter through the bullshit, and, you know, only the strong and loyal will survive," implying that Jordyn doesn't have either quality.

Kylie responds with a simple; "Yep." Season 17 of the show looks set to be shadier than a palm tree, good luck to Jordyn if she decides to watch it.

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In case you've been living under a planet-sized rock, you just MIGHT have heard about Channing Tatum and Jessie J's new romance.

The pair appear to be exclusive, with Tatum making numerous appearances at the British singer's gigs, and was present at her London show last night where she emotionally revealed her infertility.

One thing which has been plaguing fans and speculators all over the internet is the uncanny resemblance between Jessie J and Channing Tatum's ex-wife of over ten years: Jenna Dewan.


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The actress only just filed for divorce from Tatum last month, after six months of separation, and both actors appear to have well and truly moved on.

It has to be said that Dewan and Jessie J look RIDICULOUSLY alike, leading fans to conclude that Channing Tatum very clearly has a type.

Apart from being startlingly beautiful and both having names which begin with J, Jenna and Jessie both have similar face shapes, skin tones, fierce eyebrows and shoulder-length dark brown hair, so it's hard not to compare them.

After attending the Baby2Baby gala on Sunday night, one of Jenna Dewan's followers commented on her post:

“FIRST OF ALL…whenever I hear of the ‘striking resemblance’ w/ Jessie J and Jenna Dewan my only thoughts are ummmmm no…not even close, and I don't have a horse in the race but gf you are untouchable." 

"Just trying to spread positive vibes, keep doing you…to an absolute outsider from a small town do are doing it seemlessly."


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The dancer and actress responded with her own comment on the matter: "Positive vibes all the way." Oh, there was a kiss emoji too, let's not forget that part.

She doesn't seem to be rising to the media frenzy surrounding her ex-husband's love life, or the doppelgänger claims between her and Jessie J.

However, while many assume that Dewan must be finding the media attention surrounding her divorce difficult, Jenna has a romance of her own. 

She has been happily dating Broadway star Steve Kazee for a few months now. We wish both couples all the happiness in the world.

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If the last few months have taught us anything, it's that Kardashian's have two things down to a fine art – 1. Pregnancy (or lack there of) announcements and 2. Expertly throwing shade at anyone who dares mess with their family dynamics. 

Last night, Kendall Jenner made her feelings about Scott Disick's relationship with Sofia Richie very clear when she left the ultimate 'f*ck you' comment on an Instagram fan account. 


Its good to see them together #scottdisick #sofiarichie #reigndisick

A post shared by Scott Disick (@scottthelord) on

The image in question shows Scott in a car with his 19-year-old girlfriend, along with the three children he shares with Kourtney Kardashian, 

Commenting on the photo, Kendall wrote, "awww scott and his kids", with a grinning emoji.

The photo marks the first time that Scott has publicly has his kids out with his new model girlfriend. 

Despite having ended his relationship with Kourtney, Scott still makes regular appearances on the family's hit reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

It is still unclear whether his new romance will be addressed on the show, though a his previous fling with Belle Thorne was mentioned in an episode aired last October, with Kim mocking the 34-year-old for bring the young star with him to the Cannes Film Festival. 



When we go to choose a new colour for our lips, we consider a few things.

Is the lip shade 'in'? Will it make my teeth look yellow? Is it matte or gloss?

However, one thing we never take into consideration is… the colour of our nipples.

But, according to The Doctors, the best lipstick shade is the on that matches your nipple colour.

Weird, huh?

The reason behind their theory is simple; it compliments your skin tone (which we suppose makes sense).

Just don't go pulling down your top next time you're in MAC, yeah?



If you were reading through a dictionary (which is probably never, tbh…), it's safe to say that you'd never think you'd come across 'throwing shade'.

But alas, more millennial-loved words have been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and people are pretty happy about it.

Merriam-Webster tweeted about the news last night, and Twitter was delighted:


As anyone with a Twitter account will know, the Internet is a hypersensitive environment at the best of times.

But for an A-list celebrity with links to the most high-profile divorce of the decade, the realm of social media is an aggravated minefield waiting for its next victim.

While attempting to comment on the US presidential race over the weekend, Justin Theroux inadvertently criticised his wife’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and in doing so drew the wrath of the web onto himself.



A photo posted by @justintheroux on

After posting a shot of some Berlin street art – which happens to contain the words “F*ck Brad Pitt” – to his Instagram account, the American Psycho star was forced to deny any intention of wrongdoing.

Since sharing the image, the 45-year-old director has added a lengthily hashtag which claims the post is not shading anyone because he is “not eleven years old”.

With a hashtag like “andNOthispostisNOT‘shading’anyonebecauseimnotelevenyearsoldimeanseriously” we think Justin has proved his point in the most grown-up way possible.

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As baby rumours continue to surround Cheryl, Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini seems to be celebrating the former couple’s impending divorce.

Yesterday, it was learned that the pair will be granted a divorce in a London court this Thursday, almost a year after they first parted ways.

And while Cheryl has so far remained tight-lipped on the topic, her ex has taken to Instagram to share a very cryptic meme.


Finally back home … j -7

A photo posted by JB Fernandez Versini (@jeanbernard.fernandezversini) on

As news of their court date broke, the French businessman posted a photo of Denzel Washington to his account which was captioned in capital letters “WHAT A DAY”.


Training day .

A photo posted by JB Fernandez Versini (@jeanbernard.fernandezversini) on

While the image is ambiguous, its timing has the restauranteur’s followers thinking Jean Bernard was using it to comment on his relationship with the X Factor judge.

One social media user wrote: “Better things to come.”  While another said: “Damn right babe.”

Alright, Jean!


Yesterday, Joe Jonas revealed on Reddit that he lost his virginity to actress Ashley Greene.

In a not-so-subtle post, Joe told fans about his first time having sex, even telling them to "Google" Ashley.

To be honest, if we were in Ashley's shoes, we wouldn't be too delighted about Joe's confession, giving that it's on one of the most public websites in the world and he didn't really hold anything back.

So it's no wonder she couldn't help but throw a little bit of shade at Joe in a simple Instagram post.


A photo posted by Ashley Greene (@ashleygreene) on

Taking to the social network, the Twilight actress shared a quote that said, "class is timeless."

While this post could literally be about anything, the timing is a little bit too on the nose.


Her relationship with Drake might be something of a modern fairy tale, but that doesn’t mean Rihanna has always had a happy love life.

In what appears to be a random dis of her former flames, the Work singer has taken to Instagram to share a rather cryptic message with the world.

Yesterday, the Barbadian beauty used the site to post a popular meme which reads: “None of my exs are married or in happy relationships so it’s safe to say that I wasn’t da problem lol.”



A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

The 28-year-old star captioned the post with a hashtag and gold cup emoji.

Fans have been quick to speculate that the message is intended for Chris Brown, who has failed to maintain a relationship with his on/off girlfriend Karrueche Tran.


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So it seems everything isn't all daises and roses in One Direction land.

Liam Payne is after throwing some serious shade at Louis Tomlinson on an Instagram post he shared yesterday.

On the picture, Liam wrote, "that one friend you call 49 times…" and then in the caption he continued, "And then he's like ahhh man where you been."

He then TAGGED Louis in the snap. Ouch

This comes after it was reported Liam is flying out to LA to meet up with his former band member.

The 1D men started their hiatus just before Christmas and since then Louis has welcomed his first son, Freddie into the world.

When Liam was asked by a photographer at the airport if he'd met Freddie yet, the 22-year-old said: "No I haven't actually. But I'm on my way to see him later."

It seems that fatherhood is treating Louis well, but we're scared there's going to be some tension between the boys now.