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First dates are always awkward, it’s just a given. Nothing makes us cringe like having a minor tiff with our date about how we should pay the bill. Should you split it? Do I look like a cheapskate if I let him pay? Does this place even accept cash?

It’s a dilemma many of us have faced but one restaurant is here to save the day.

A restaurant in Edinburgh has created a ‘split bill’ policy for first dates and it is the most genius idea.

So, how does it work?

According to The Independent, all you need to do is tell Blackwood’s Bar and Grill that you’d like to opt for the ‘split bill’ option when you’re making your reservation. It’s as simple as that.

When you’re finished with your meal, the waiter will then bring two separate bills to your table.

Dating can be a right mare at times but this policy makes it that little bit easier.

And if you're still dreading that first date then fear not.

We can’t help but feel like a nervous wreck on a first date, but a study analyzed the first date habits of men and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Of those who were surveyed, two-thirds of men are actually thinking about commitment on a first date.

Yep, and what's more, 27 percent of guys have already made their minds up about kids before they even go on a date with you.

Between this and Blackwood’s Bar and Grill’s ‘split bill’ policy we aren’t feeling so bad about getting back in the dating game after all.


Did you know that you're judged on what drink you order on a first date?

We kinda thought that we might not lash into the sweet sherry or order a glass of port on a first date but that's about it. 

Do you just choose whatever booze you want, or stick to your staple drink?

You might want to play it safe when it comes to how you come across to your prospective love interest.

Because those choices make a bigger impression more than we realise.

 Alcohol.org carried out a study and the findings are fascinating. 

Men and women were agreed on two drinks that should most definitely not be ordered and they are Vodka Red Bull and Sex on the Beach.

So avoid those two if possible.

When it comes to drinks that got the green light they were wine and beer (although beer was also said to be the least classy).

The list in order of what was most acceptable went like this:

Wine, beer, Margarita, champagne, rum and coke, an Old-Fashioned, gin and tonic, Martini, Whiskey Sour, and Long-Island Iced Tea.

Would you choose any of them on a first date? 



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in the most magical May wedding this year. Their love story is like something out of a fairytale and we couldn't be more jealous. 

They may be one of the most-loved celebrity couples of the 21st century, but like all of us, former Suits actress Meghan couldn’t help but worry after her first date with the prince.

A close friend of the royal couple set them up on a blind date back in 2016. 

Meghan only had one question to ask about her now-husband when her friend recommended going on a date with him.


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All she asked was “Is he nice and kind?”

The couple enjoyed an “intoxicating first date” but Meghan was extremely worried about one thing in particular.

According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, the Duchess of Sussex was afraid she came across as too eager after she agreed to a second date with the prince.

"As she relived that fateful evening in her mind, she perhaps wondered if she had been too eager to accept his invitation to meet again the following day.”

We’re sure the Duke of Sussex was thrilled when Meghan agreed to a second date: "They were mesmerised by one another, Harry enthralled by her beauty, sophistication and perceptiveness.”

Now if only we could find a fella like Prince Harry.


We've all been there – you both swiped right, flirty banter ensues and the playful gif exchanges continue until one of you finally works up the courage to ask the all important question – "how about a date then?"

Of course you answer (after the appropriate amount of time has passed, of course), "sure, when're you free?"

But wait.

What are you and this mystery date going to do? You barely know this person. Do you even like the same things?

The dialouge continues: 'So, what were thinking?', to which they reply, 'I don't mind, got any suggestions?', and the vicious cycle continues just long enough to ruin the potential romance before it even began.

Wouldn't it be great to find someone absolutely bursting with cute and fun first date ideas?

Enter Ben Velzian.

The single Londoner was arranging a first date recently, and when asked for suggestions, he sent on a pretty extensive PowerPoint presentation filled with some wonderful ideas.

However, for some unknown reason, the guy Ben was trying to win over didn't appreciate his stroke of genius and promptly blocked him on WhatsApp.

But, luckily for us, Ben saw the funny side of the situation and shared it on Twitter for our entertainment. 

You know what, Ben? They are splendid ideas, and we're not the only ones who think so. 

Y'know, we reckon we could all do with someone like Ben in our lives. 

Not only is he hilarious and charming, but let's face it, the boy's got mad PowerPoint skills. 


First Dates has given us some memorable, albeit cringey moments, but one couple who stuck in our minds for being too adorable for words is Aaron and Ibiba from the UK version of the show. 

After the pair had a very successful first date on the show, they are still together months later.

Now, the couple are back to reveal some pretty big news.

May we present: The First Dates first baby. 

The pair have welcomed their first child together, a little girl called Aziza.

The couple also appeared on Good Morning to discuss their new little family, with Ibiba saying: 'He's been the best support for me since the beginning. '

Too cute!




Just when we thought Twitter was nothing but a hotbed of angst right now, we came across Dawsyn Eubanks and her legendary best friend who reminded us that the Twitophere is sometimes the only place we want to be.

In a post which has amassed more than 300,000 likes in just 13 hours, Dawsyn revealed that when it comes to #SquadGoals, she and her best friend, Georgia, have it absolutely nailed.

While on a first date this week, Dawsyn received a text from Georgia asking why she had yet to tuck into her meal.

Stunned by the accuracy of the message, she was advised to look behind her where she realised her mate had donned a disguise, and was keeping watch from a secluded corner of the restaurant to ensure everything went well. 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter cant get enough of this, and wasted no time asking if the girls had any vacancies for a third wheel.

"I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER SO MUCH," wrote one while another added; "That's what best friends are for."

Georgia, take a bow.



First dates are one of the most nerve-wracking things you can ever do.

Your palms are sweaty, your mind is going a mile-a-minute, and most of the time, it seems like you just can't relax.

Image result for first date gif

A million things run through your mind, such as: 'Does he think I'm weird?', 'Am I talking too fast?', and 'I hope I don't have spinach in my teeth!'

Unfortunately, none of us are mind-readers, but thanks to a Singles in America survey, it turns out some guys are thinking quite the opposite.

Image result for first date gif

Surprisingly, of those who were surveyed, two-thirds of men are actually thinking about… commitment on a first date.

Yep, and what's more, 27 percent of guys have already made their minds up about kids before they even go on a date with you.

Who knew?!


The prospect of seeing a couple hit it off in the First Dates restaurant is one of the main reasons we tune into the popular Channel 4 show because, let's be honest, we have to endure some pretty awkward exchanges for the most part.

After watching one guy play the old 'I've left my credit card at home' trick in the latest episode, viewers were in dire need of a real spark, and thankfully, Ibiba and Aaron delivered on that front.

Hitting it off from the jump, the pair traded compliments and shared pretty intimate details of their lives with one another over dinner before revealing they would love to see each other again.

After getting together and meeting each other's children, the loved-up couple returned to the restaurant to share some pretty exciting news with viewers who championed their union – they're expecting a baby!

And Twitter had an absolute field day.







Some women swear by the three date rule – but not Vogue Williams.

The model – who recently moved to the UK – told the Loose Women panel today that although she’s aware of the ‘rules of dating’, they just aren’t for her.

Using her former relationship with Westlife singer Brian McFadden as an example, Vogue admitted:  “Me and Brian did hanky panky on the first night we met and we ended up getting married.”

When the panel expressed interest in her comment, Vogue joked: “It worked out well for a while.”

But admitted she wouldn’t always sleep with someone on the first date as “it just depends on the situation”.

She said: “I wouldn’t be making a habit of it, obviously, because I wouldn’t be really like that.  I’m quite shy.”

When asked to address rumours surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with rapper Professor Green, Vogue said although she has a lot of mutual friends with the star, they are not an item.

The TV personality married singer Brian McFadden in 2012, a year after they first met.

Last year the pair separated and Vogue has admitted that while at first she found being single difficult, she’s now really enjoying her independence.


We love our Irish men. And to hand it to them, some do follow up-to-date fashion and style… But then, some do not

Guys may be able to get away with these things on a third or fourth date; but on a first date, these things are a definite no-no: 

1. Bootcut jeans and dress shoes

Who are you trying to look like, Billy Ray Cyrus? And if you're going to wear bootcut jeans, wear them with boots as god and denim manufacturers intended. 


2. Workout shirts

We get it. You workout. And while this is great, there's no need to wear a sweaty gym shirt to our date. Gross. 


3. Over-sized polo shirt

This is another shirt that is just not OK. A polo shirt is fine, but an over-sized one makes you look like you want to be from the gansta town… even though you're from a very posh side of South Dublin. 


4. Your favourite team's jersey

We totally applaud your devotion to your favourite team, but we're on a date, so maybe the jersey can sit out. 


5. Runners

Just wear nice shoes, please. 


6. DIRTY runners

Even worse than runners are dirty, worn-out, ripped runners. They just look shabby and in the words of Summer Roberts, "Ew!"


7. Chains hanging from your trousers

We get you don't want to lose your keys or whatever, but you don't need a metre-long chain hanging from your bum pocket. 


8. Weird grandad-style jumpers

We think it's cute you're trying to dress your best, but a grandad jumper isn't going to impress us. Sorry to let you know. 


9. Flip flops with jeans

We. Are. Not. In. Spain. 


10. Way too much Lynx

Ah, Lynx. The smell of every Irish man. For some reason you guys can't get enough of it. But spraying too much on yourself before a date will not only kill our sense of smell, it'll kill the mood too. 


First dates can be brutally awkward. Just imagine your worst ever first date experience. And now multiply it by 10 and have the whole of the internet be able to read it.

We’ve got a lot of second hand embarrassment just thinking about it.

For one unlucky Canadian lady, this unfortunately happened. Toronto based writer Anne Thériault was minding her own business in a coffee shop on Friday when she couldn’t help but overhear some very cringe-worthy antics from the table beside her.

Not wanting the rest of the world to miss out on the suffering Anne thoughtfully live-tweeted the whole ordeal. She graciously did not identify either of the participants. We imagine that they’re very grateful. 

And things just went downhill from there:



He likes the sound of his own voice too, his "inner demons" not so much.

Who doesn't appreciate a good coffee though?

Then things got a bit serious….

And mystery girl responded accordingly:

Then she plays it cool.

This is like The Great Escape

And she's out of there, thankfully. We're sure it could have been a nice guy, maybe he just got a little nervous. Moral of the story: first dates are just awkward.




Could there be anything more awkward than a first date with a potential new match?

No matter how good of a couple you two might turn out to be, you both still have to struggle through that first meeting and hope all goes well. And that you haven't managed to spill tomato sauce all over your top.

Here are a few thoughts that have no doubt run through your head before, during and after a first date…

1. "I wonder what our wedding will be like…"
You might not have ever met this guy in person or even seen a picture, but that doesn't stop you imagining how he'll propose and how many kids you'll have…


2. "Oh god, there he is. Should I hug him? Or kiss him? Or just sit down? WHICH?"
Someone needs to write a first date guidebook.


3. "I have literally no idea what to say next."
You can sense he's about to finish up a sentence, and your mind suddenly goes blank. No doubt you'll end up saying something totally inappropriate…


4. "Why in God's name did I order the spaghetti?"
So messy. So much slurping. ARGH.


5. "Why is he looking at my mouth so much? Do I have something in my teeth?"
Cue ten minutes of "casually" trying to check your reflection on your knife.


6. "If he offers to foot the bill, how much should I argue with him?"
Is pinning him to the floor too much?


7. "What happens next?"
Onto another bar? Back to his? Or somewhere you'll never have to see him again?


8. "Is there going to be a kiss? Do I WANT there to be a kiss?"
Possibly the most awkward part of the whole thing. Let's just hope you're both on the same page no matter what…