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Ashley Benson has officially made her love for girlfriend and suspected fiancé Cara Delevigne known in a permanent way: Ink.

The 29-year-old showed off a 'CD' tattoo inked below her armpit in a photo shared on Instagram, announcing the launch of her new Privé Revaux X Benzo sunglass collection.

“So excited to share this with you guys,” the Pretty Little Liars star captioned the photo, adding a heart emoji. “My new collection with Privé Revaux is here.”


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Benson sports a pair of shades from the line in the image, posing with her arms in the air in order to expose the gorgeous tattoo.

While the actress didn't confirm that the initials are a tribute to her 26-year-old supermodel girlfriend, fans couldn't help but get excited.

The lovebirds sparked engagement rumours this month after being spotted wearing bands on their ring fingers in St. Tropez.


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Delevigne and Benson keep their relationship status pretty quiet since being first linked in August 2018, but they did confirm their romance in June 2019 for their first anniversary.

“I don’t know because it is Pride, it’s been 50 years since Stonewall happened and I don’t know,” she revealed to E! News. “It’s been just about our one-year anniversary so, why not?”

Delevingne was honoured with the Hero Award for her commitment to supporting The Trevor Project’s mission of ending suicide among LGBTQ+ youth.

The star thanked Benson for her support during her acceptance speech;


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“I also have another very special woman in this room to thank and you know who you are,” she told the audience, according to E! News.

“She’s one of the people who help me love myself when I needed it most and I really needed it. She showed me what real love is and how to accept it, which is a lot harder than I thought.”

The pair have been snapped piling on the PDA since they were first seen kissing in late 2018. We are LOVING the romance between the pair. True gay icons.

Feature image; Instagram/@ashleyandcaraphotos


Ashley Benson and Cara Delevigne are our favourite unconfirmed celerity couple. 

The two gorgeous girls have been spotted out and about holding hands, and have even been photographed stealing a kiss at an airport. 

The women look like the cutest couple, but neither of them have officially confirmed the relationship. 

In an interview with People Now, Ashley hinted that the pair wont be confirming anything anytime soon, either.

'I think it’s the best way in any relationship,' she said. 

'I’ve always been very private about them, and I think it’s just better.'


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Ashley revealed that New York is her favourite hang out, becasue she can live her life in peace. 

'I mean it’s hard, I don’t know, you kind of can’t get away from that if you’re in the public eye,' she said. 'I just kinda try to keep myself as private as possible.'

'That’s one good thing about living in New York. I can live kind of a normal lifestyle…in L.A., the paparazzi are really bad, but here I can kind of just walk anywhere and not be bothered.'


Ashley Benson has spoken out against the norm of photoshopping celebrities. 

The Pretty Little Liars star told StyleCaster how she took issue with how photoshopped some of the posters and promo materials for the cult teen show were.

'PLL had put up this poster and it was from our first season and it was completely crazy,' she told StyleCaster


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'Nobody looked like themselves.'

'They’ll photoshop out a mole, make your boobs bigger or your waist four sizes smaller, and you’re like, 'That’s not even me.'

'You never know how it’s going to turn out because you have no control and you’re not editing the photos, but it sucks when you’re like, 'Wow. That’s a completely different person.'"

She also told the publication how she hopes to inform her fans and followers whenever there is photoshop trickery afoot. 

'I always make sure to tell people, with any sh*t that I do or anyone else does, that unless it’s announced that it’s not photoshopped, it’s photoshopped,' she told the mag.

'And don’t get down on yourself for not looking a certain way because it takes a lot of hair and makeup, a ton of good lighting, and after the shoot, it’s all this editing.'

Kudos to Ashley for reminding us that when it comes to celebrity photo shoots, things probably aren't exactly as they seem. 


Ashley Benson is literally our Queen, from her spot-cream selfies, to her serious hair inspiration… we can't fault her.


Sunday vibes w hunny @chadwoodhair

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The best part about the PLL star is the fact that she's so relateable, and we kind of just want to be her best mate.

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The stunner recently revealed the products she uses to get that flawless, glowing skin… and its a brand you can buy in chemists.

Ashley uses Differin, which used to be a prescription acne treatment, but can now be bought over the counter (and online!). 


#days hair @chadwoodhair make up @patrickta

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The best part? This glorious product won't break the bank at all, and only costs a tenner for the spot cream. 



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Differin contains a spot fighting ingredient called retinoid adapalene, which will leave you looking GORGEOUS. 

Can you swim in it, please?


Our favourite Pretty Little Liars star, Ashley Benson, celebrated her 27th birthday this weekend with a brand new hair-do. 


Last nights hair and make up for @VeraWang. Love seeing my boys @hungvanngo @anthonycampbellhair 

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The famous blond shared a picture of herself, rocking bright PINK hair… and we totally approve.


 when you let @findyourCalifornia do this

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Ashley posted the photo on the day of her birthday celebrations, captioning it "when you let @findyourCalifornia do this".


Like my bracelet??? Go to @dailyvice to get yours 

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The candid picture has since been liked over 390,000 times, with thousands of fans wishing the actress a happy birthday. 


Third year together for my bday @marianne_fonseca @haileybaldwin  by @AricLaferriere

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"Happy birthday ASH, loving the new hair btw!" wrote one fan, while another said "OMG obsessed with this! HBD Benson". 

We are totally loving these rose coloured locks! 


One of our favourite liars is getting married in a matter of weeks, and the bachelorette festivities have begun.

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Trojan Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars, is set to wed her long-term love, and star of Suits, Patrick J. Adams. 

The couple, who have been dating since 2009, got engaged in 2014 on top of the Eiffel Tower (Romantic or what?).

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The 30-year-old jetted off to Greece this weekend, with her PLL pals, for a wild bachelorette bash! 

Trojan is joined by her co-stars Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Lulu Brud, along with other close friends. 


Never been more casual or happy. #bellisariogetsbooted

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The group headed to the airport, donning matching T shirts and floral headbands, and documented the whole journey on Instagram. 


We comin' for you @shaym + @itsashbenzo + @bartonelle #bellisariogetsbooted

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Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, posted a picture of the bride-to-be on her Instagram account.

"SO excited to spend the week celebrating the most beautiful, smart (seriously, it's scary) and amazing person I know! Let the bachelorette festivities commence" she captioned the post. 

The couple have kept all the details of the wedding very hush-hush, but the groom insists that once they get married "we'll make sure that the world knows". 

If the hen party is anything to go by, the wedding pictures are guaranteed to be AMAZING! 

Congrats you guys! 



In a makeover I never saw coming, Shay Mitchell is now a blondie.

Since the beginning of Pretty Little Liars, the girls have all chopped and changed their hairstyle is some way, but Shay always remained the same; glossy, long, dark locks.

So it was super surprising when Shay shared a photo of her and her co-star Ashley Benson, both rocking blonde hair.


Double trouble. #findingoutifblondesreallydohavemorefun

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Shay captioned the photo: "Double trouble #findingoutifblondesreallydohavemorefun."

Whether this is a wig, or a real dye job, I don't know, but she's certainly killing it.


We have all accepted that our favourite celebrities more than likely own the most extravagant, mansions that money can buy but Ashley Benson's LA villa truly is a girl's dream house. 

Not monstrously big, the gorgeous white house complete with pool and a dream kitchen actually looks like a house Barbie could happily set up residence in. 

With dreamy, fairy lights twinkling over the pool and a four-poster bed providing a total lap of luxury, we literally cannot understand why the Pretty Little Liars star is letting this property slip through her fingers. 

As it turns out, Ashley is upgrading having purchased a new LA luxury property in October of last year for a cool €3.7 million making this doll-house like property which she purchased back in 2012 up for grabs. 

And she is probably ecstatic with the profit she'll make on her former gaff as her renovations added a cool €735,000 thousand to the price-tag of the house. 

It's safe to say, Ashley Benson knows what us gals want in a dream home. 




Nothing is more infuriating than hearing young, healthy actresses are being told to lose weight, which Ashley Benson has revealed happens to her all the time.

Speaking to Health magazine, the Pretty Little Liars star revealed that she is regularly told that she is she too big for parts. 

"It's come up a few times in the last few years, like 'You're too fat for this', and I'm just sitting here like, 'Wait! What? Do you want a skeleton?' "

At a size two, which translates into a UK size six, the star has revealed that she feels good in her body. 

"But I feel good. I don't want to lose 20 pounds, because I don't need to… I get told all the time to lose weight…

"There was a point where it was getting to where a size two was great. I'm a size two, but I think that size four is healthy. I think that all of these sizes are healthy."

All that hassle at a size six!! We can't even…

The star also gave her fans insight into her exercise routine. 

"I usually do Pilates three days a week for an hour, and I try to box or do SoulCycle two or three times a week," she explained.

"There are times I just want to do nothing! But then I don't feel good about myself."



Ashley Benson has been one of our fave TV stars since she first graced our screens in Pretty Little Liars.

And staying close to her roots, Ashley's next film sees her starring as the girl next door who is creepily stalked online and through her phone… Remind you of anything?


It also stars Orange Is The New Black's Matt McGorry as Emma's love interest. 

The film is out on DVD and digital release in March, but for now, here's the trailer. Watch it and then throw away your phone, laptop, tablet… and any other piece of technology you might have. 



While all of the Pretty Little Liars have covetable hair, we have always had a particular soft spot for Ashley Benson's blonde, beachy waves. 

For most of 2015, the 26-year-old actress has been sporting a very trendy, soft balayage allowing her darker roots to shine through. 

But it seems that Ashley has chosen a more dramatic style to ring in the new year. 

The pretty blonde has gone peroxide leaving any semblance of her natural colour hidden. 

And well, we think it looks gorgeous! 



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Sharing the picture to her Instagram, Ashley simply said: "blonde" 

The style definitely adds more edge to Ashley's look with her statement, dark eyebrows piercing through. 

We already reported that peroxide blonde is certainly on trend for the A/W season, but it is a very high maintenance look. 

We REALLY hope she sticks to it. 


Uh-oh. Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has become the latest celeb to commit a Halloween fashion faux pas.

The actress has sparked outrage on Instagram after she revealed her idea for a Halloween costume on Instagram.


Her potential costume was inspired by Cecil the lion. She originally captioned a snap of her wearing the costume with:

“Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this cecil the lion costume? @yandy #thanksyandy #halloweencostume.” 

The 25-year old’s fans however were not impressed with her choice however. The caption for image has changed since she originally posted the snap to now read “What do you guys think of this lion costume?”


Social media users were quick to blast the actress for “ignorant” choice of words and costume ideas.

"How dare you make fun of a lion who innocently died from a inhuman act!" wrote on Instagram user. Another added, 

Cecil the lion was a 13-year old lion who was killed by an American dentist earlier this year. One witty Gawker user had this to say:

Yandy, the website where Ashely said her costume was from does have an official ‘Cecil the Lion’ costume.

Ashley’s costume was actually the ‘Deluxe Lion Costume’ from the site, which is slightly different.

E! News reports Yandy as saying that 20 percent of the proceeds of the limited edition costume will be donated to a global conservation organization.

With a price tag of €106 that means more than €20 will be donated for each purchase.