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Some more juicy details have reportedly emerged about Kaitlynn Carter and Miley Cyrus's relationship, but who can say if the reports are true or if Spencer Pratt is just mouthing off for attention.

The Hills: New Beginnings star Pratt has claimed that Kaitlynn Carter was "emotionally involved" with Miley Cyrus even before she split from him.

Miley and Kaitlynn have apparently just moved in together, just months after Miley's divorce from boyfriend of 10 years Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn's divorce from Brody Jenner.

The trailer for a new episode of The Hills: New Beginnings shows Kaitlynn and ex-husband Brody Jenner discussing their supposedly "polyamorous relationship".

Their co-star Spencer Pratt has now firmly stirred the pot by saying that Kaitlynn had an "emotional connection" with Miley before she and Brody split. Intriguing…tell me more…

In his column for Cosmopolitan, Spencer wrote:

"It’s tough for me to listen to Kaitlynn complain about people talking about her allegedly open relationship with Brody when we know she had a thing going with Miley. She already had something going on with her when these scenes were filming—maybe not physically, but definitely emotionally."


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"No one’s judging you for whatever it is you and Brody do when he’s not sleeping in his car. We just don’t want people to lie about their lives."

The recent episode was filmed prior to Brody and Kaitlynn's split last August, and shows Kaitlynn being confronted by a friend over their 'polyamorous' relationship.

"That’s none of her business," Brody responded. "We like what we like."

Kaitlynn also revealed: "When Brody and I first were together, we were young, we were crazy, we were, like, you know, basically just trying to have the time of our lives," she said.


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So we did a lot of things in our relationship that, you know, I certainly wouldn’t say I regret, but the level of gossip that I feel happens in the group — it just makes me angry."

Kaitlynn is rumoured to be dating Miley Cyrus after being friends for some time. Miley recently strenuously denied reports that she cheated on Liam Hemsworth.

Sure look lads, they seem happy. Leave 'em be, Spencer.

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The Hills is coming back to our TV screens on MTV, and while we won't be reliving our fashion faux pas of the 00s era, we're excited to get all nostalgic with the new series. 

Several of the original cast members will be returning, including the infamous Heidi and Spencer, but some of the lead characters won't be taking back their old roles. 

Lauren Conrad, forever known as the girl who didn't go to Paris ( #NeverForget) told E! in 2016 that she wouldn't consider doing a The Hills reboot, saying: 'I'm so proud of what we did and I feel like I ended on such a great note. And also, I'm such a snooze. No one needs to see that!'

Drama llama Kristin Cavallari  has also not signed up to rejoin the cast, which is a real shame as she was undoubtedly one of the most entertaining members.

To make up for the loss of two stand-out cast members, it has been reported that MTV are looking outside of the OG line up to fill the cast. 

According to a new report from Us Weekly, Kyle Massey is joining The Hills: New Beginnings cast.


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And 00s kids may recall the name from his role as Cory, the little brother of Raven in hit Disney channel TV series That's So Raven, and later from his own spin-off show Cory in the House.

Justin Bobby Brescia, Stephanie Pratt, Frankie Delgado, Jason Wahler, Audrina Patridge and maybe even Brody Jenner are in talks to return. 

According to US Weekly, two top LA bloggers will also be joining the fold. 

The new series is set to air in 2019.