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Move over hygge – there's a new lifestyle trend in town and it speaks to us on a whole new level. 

While we're all about self-care, cosy socks and cups of herbal tea, all the planning and preparation that goes into these little moments of 'me time' can actually defeat the purpose of them all together. 

And it's for that reason that we reckon Fjaka is going to be huge for 2019. 

According to Metro, the Croatian term 'Fjaka' (pronounced fyaka), simply means to embrace the feeling of doing absolutely nothing. 

Now, I don't know about you, but that's one lifestyle trend I can definitely get on board with. 

In order to achieve Fjaka you need to rid your mind of any and all distractions and stop thinking about all the things you need to do. 

Aspire for nothing. Need nothing. Want nothing. Simply enjoy a few moments with your mind completely at rest. 

It's all about giving yourself permission to forget about life's little hiccups and reminding yourself that it's okay to do nothing



This year is already chock-full of cool trends for us to embrace.

It's all (still) about nail embellishments and while we adore them, the new iteration is even more fab.


On nails.

It might sound a bit weird but it looks UNREAL.


A post shared by Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella) on

Look at the Instagram of Park Eunkyung – one our our fave nail artists who owns Unistella.

The pictures show the many different ways you can rock pearl nails.

We think they look the best with nude or bare nails – elegant or what?  


A post shared by Betina R. Goldstein (@betina_goldstein) on

The pearls look so dainty and give the hands a nice feminine flourish.

What's not to love? 

Also, if you want to go one step further than gluing pearls to your nails, what about glueing them to your hands to get the full effect?

Ok so, it might be a little impractical but who ever said beauty WAS practical?



If you haven't seen Birdbox yet on Netflix, you may want to hop on that bandwagon, if only for the sake of these STUNNING make-up inspired lewks.

Sandra Bullock's massively successful horror thriller has the internet and streaming world absolutely hooked, not to mention competing in dangerous blindfold challenges.

We were graciously bequeathed with glorious memes at first, but now it's time for beauty to take over.

That's right, Birdbox beauty has begun and we are LIVING for it.

See for yourself;


A post shared by RyanKellyMUA: Lip Art (@ryankellymua) on

Ryan Kelly shared this gorgeous image of Sandra inspired lip art, and the trend just keeps getting better.

From various birds painted onto the face, to lip and nail art, to cages drawn with eyeliner, the talent is so real.


A post shared by MIMI CHOI (@mimles) on

Some seriously talented MUAs are incorporating blindfolds into their art, making some sweet sweet capital on the film's craze.

We wonder would Sandra ever try any of these?


A post shared by Makeup By Frances (@francie.mua) on

This next one by @Cinder_Allie beauty is one of our ultimate faves; she was inspired by the book cover and uses black, white and blue tones for a Gothic effect;


A post shared by Allie Burt Chesnut (@cinder_allie) on


Who says Netflix can't inspire decent lewks?

The infamous "Everyone must look. Everyone must see" quote inspired this next artist, who has honestly one of the best eyebrows we've ever seen;


A post shared by Molly Janet Hanna (@mollyj_mua) on

We NEED to try out this trend on our next night out on the town.

A real-life blindfold could come in useful in a nightclub…

Boy meets girl. Girl looks flawless and wigs are snatched. Boy needs blindfold to recuperate from seeing such staggering beauty up close. It's a realistic scenario, don't you think?

Why not give the trend a go and choose your favourite Bird Box concept for your next make-up regime, we guarantee you'll look incredible even while rowing a boat.



The early noughties WORSHIPPED the French manicure, and all of a sudden we're seeing a major comeback.

Between Ariana Grande using the trend as part of her iconic 00's chick-flick themed Thank U, Next music video, and Ocean's 8 featuring the nail art, fashion has taken a turn.

White-tipped nails were huge back in the day, everyone who was anyone sported the chic style craze. Heiresses such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian West aided the movement.

The trend appeared to die by the time 2010 came along, with those in the ensuing decade calling it cheesy and (*gasp*) TACKY.

The tide is turning, because the nail style is appearing everywhere from red carpets to fashion shows, from celebrity appearances to music videos. 

We're seeing massive 1990s comebacks, from bands such as the Spice Girls and Westlife as well as reboots of popular TV shows and movies such as Sabrina.

It makes sense that nails should follow fashion and popular culture, and we're SO ready to whip out those white tips.

LeChat celebrity nail artist Elle has said that;

"Fashion has taken a '90s turn from influence, so of course the trends have returned from that era. I'm enjoying the new modern twists, maybe because it comes from my era."


A post shared by Vanessa (@beauty_bynesa) on

"How you approach the modern take is vital; the nail shape should be a ballerina, not a square. If it's not done right, it will become 'basic'," she commented.

Heaven forbid. 

Are you ready to WERK the trend, or do you think it should stay in the 2000s where it belongs? 



Plastic surgery appears to be embedded in celebrity culture, especially among the infamous Kardashian family, with procedures such as lip injections, nose jobs, hip and bum implants, and boob jobs seemingly becoming the norm.

What has just come to our undivided attention however, is the rise of a new strange trend involving… wait for it… NIPPLE IMPLANTS. 

A recent New York Post video which involves a plastic surgeon explaining the rise of 'designer nipples' has come to light, and we're so shaken.

The video features an anonymous 28-year-old patient who is sitting in plastic surgeon Norman Rowe's exam room. The woman explains that she aspires to have nipples like Kendall Jenners:

"I love Kendall Jenner, and I love that she just doesn't wear a bra. You can't see her nipples, but you can see the pointiness."

"I think there's something really sexy and feminine about it," she says, lamenting the fact that her nipples never get hard.

"I think it would be really cool to just have protruding nipples all the time," continues. Rowe uses a hyaluronic acid-based filler to add volume to the nipples and to make sure that they can be seen through the woman's clothes.

Hydraulic acid fillers start at about $700 in price and usually last roughly two years. Rowe told Allure that cosmetic nipple procedures have been occurring for years;

"It recently became popular with patients desiring nipples like their favourite reality stars," he says. 

Patients also ask for "smaller areoles, smaller nipples, larger areoles, larger nipples, a change in colour or change in the shape of the areola, or any combination thereof," he says.

Darren M. Smith, another NYC plastic surgeon, prefers a different approach;

"I would generally guide patients towards a biocompatible implant-based solution as we have more control over this kind of procedure given the delicate nature of the surrounding anatomy,"

"I would exercise great caution before injecting fillers into the nipple as the risk of damaging these structures is real."

"Filler could clog milk ducts or inhibit blood supply to the nipple which could interfere with breastfeeding, sensation, or even damage the nipple itself."

Rowe, however, claims that the only risks involved are "getting too many compliments." Would you try it?



2018 has gifted us with some seriously eccentric beauty trends, we’ve had squiggly eyebrows, glitter tongues, teeth nails, pimple nails, corkscrew nails and coat hanger brows.

However, the year of weirdness isn't quite over, we think we’ve found the strangest craze yet: RAINBOW TEETH.

Yup, dental dye for your pearly whites. People are legit painting their teeth with dental dye to match their outfits.

Seems a bit like The Capitol from the Hunger Games:


A post shared by The hunger games (@capitol.fashion) on

We have GOT to see the rainbow trend in action. CHRŌM have released a range of 10 colours for fashion followers to try: light pink, a slightly darker pink, baby blue, a slightly darker blue, mint green, yellow, light gold, dark gold, silver, and copper.

Each pastel shade has its own sugary sweet name, from 'Candy Floss', ‘Sunshine’ to 'Fairy Dust'. Unforch, it’s not edible and doesn’t have a taste.

We reckon if it tasted like actual Candy Floss they’d get a lot more business from those of us with a sweet tooth.


A post shared by CHRŌM (@chromtoothpolish) on

The polish works in the same way as nail polish and stays on your teeth for up to 24 hours. The colour doesn't smudge while eating, and all you have to do to remove the polish is brush your teeth and it's gone.

It sounds pretty weird alright, but the creator David Silverstein claims that the trend is completely taking off.

In an interview with the New York Post, he commented "We see this becoming commonplace – everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent."

"Perhaps you go to work with one tooth that matches your nail polish or your hair colour."


A post shared by CHRŌM (@chromtoothpolish) on

He’s a creative man, that’s for sure.

Silverstein says the product's solvent is made from a grain alcohol base and that the pigments comply with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act.

He declined to disclose CHRŌM's full ingredient list for proprietary reasons, but added that the tooth polish is 100% safe and formulated by dentists: “It doesn't stain your teeth, and it's not permanent."


A post shared by CHRŌM (@chromtoothpolish) on

A dentist with NYC Smile Design, Dr. Ramin Tabib, was interviewed about the product and stated that "I have no idea what's in this product and the safety long term. Seems like the company does not want to give the ingredients out and they are calling it proprietary.”

Hmm, potential shadiness there.

Silverstein also revealed that the brand is aiming to release a glittery version of the product soon.

It’s ideal for Halloween, but would you wear the product in your everyday life?

We say go for it, your colourful smile will be catching many an eye.

Feature image: Instagram/@chromtoothpolish



If you've been on Instagram lately, one trend that keeps popping up is fishnet tights.

Once the exclusive territory of fans of alternative dressing, fishnet tights burst onto the scene thanks to the likes of the Kardashians and their penchant for the underwear-as-outerwear trend. 

It's pretty easy for the Kardashian clan to get it right, seeing as they have a team of stylists on hand to assist their fashion choices every time they leave the house, but what about us mere mortals? 

Here's a few tips straight from Instagram on how to rock the fishnet trend:

1. Under ripped jeans

This is probably the most Instagrammed way to wear the textured tights.

If you're thinking of taking the plunge, make sure to opt for a baggier cut of jeans to showcase the fishnets to their full potential. 

You can go for massive rips to make the fishnets the star of the show, or keep it to regular knee rips for a flash of fishnet detailing. 

2. Under normal jeans


A post shared by @tothe.9s on

Fishnets can look really cool with normal, non-ripped jeans too, as a way to update your favourite denims. 

The tights can be pulled up to rest under your bust, and if you're wearing jeans and a crop top, this can be a unique way to add interest to the bare mid-section between the hem of the top and the waist of the jeans. 

3. As a stand alone statement

Treating the fishnets as normal tights is definitely they easiest way to style them.

Opt for a jumper and skirt to add edge to a simple outfit, or pair the fishnets with a super girly dress and tough biker boots for the ultimate girly-meets-grunge ensemble. 

4. On the ankle area only


A post shared by adikastyle (@adikastyle) on

If you're not a fan of the tights but still want in on the fishnet trend, you can try a pair of fishnet socks.

The socks look really cool when teamed with runners and slouchy jeans, or peeping out of the top of ankle boots. Just be sure to wear a pair of pop socks with them to avoid ripping the heel.

You can snap up a pair for the bargain price of €1.13 from La Moda

Fishnet is the ultimate stylish hack to update a transitional wardrobe, so rock it whatever way you'd like. 



In need for a quick wardrobe update?

From colourful accessories to printed top and light dresses, we have found some exciting new arrivals on H&M that will instantly give a fresh new look to your outfits.

1. ANNA GLOVER x H&M patterned jumpsuit €39.99

2. Short denim jacket €34.99

3. Wedge-heel sandals €49.99

4. Wide trousers €34.99

5. Sunglasses €9.99

6. Lyocell dress €34.99

7. Bangle €9.99

8. ANNA GLOVER x H&M crêpe jacket €39.99

9. H&M+ Tailored shorts €22.99

10. Patterned kimono €22.99

11. Trousers with side stripes €34.99

12. Shorts with a long skirt €27.99

13. Suede shopper €79.99

14. Long jacket €39.99

15. Patterned viscose shorts €14.99




The likes of Kendall Jenner and Rihanna have been paving the way to make freeing the nipple a fashion trend.

However, this particular trend requires the environmental elements to be just right, and going coat-less in Ireland for the sake of some prominent nips just doesn't seem worth it. 


A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Now, one company has sprung up which sells fake, stick on nipples which mimic the chilly, hard nipple look while keeping your actual bosoms under wraps and at optimum temperature.

The stick-on nips come in two versions, "Cold" and "Freezing," to suit how nippily you're feeling that day. 

Just Nips in Freezing and Cold, €9.42. 

Just Nips, the entrepreneurial brand behind the faux nipples, isn't just answering to the new-found demand for a comfortable way to show some nip. 

There is also a good cause behind the odd but innovative little product.

"You're touching your breasts anyway when you put Just Nips on, so I want to spread Breast Cancer awareness and teach women how to examine themselves safely and properly while they're at it," founder Molly Borman told Refinery29.


A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

With the increased popularity of nipple piercing and going braless, these pearl-encrusted pastries are one way to get the look. 

Kendall Jenner has previously described the freeing feeling of semi-exposing the nipple in an act of confidence and bodily expression.

"I love my tits being out. It’s like one of my things, I guess," she previously told W Magazine

Feature image: Just Nips

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!




With the resurgence of almost forgotten fashion trends, it was almost inevitable that the kids of the 80s and 90s would eventually begin searching their childhoods for unique forms of hairspiration.

So, when some of the most colourful toys of those eras presented themselves as obvious muses, My Little Pony Hair was the natural result.

Brightening the walls of Instagram more than 18,000 times, this eye-catching hair trend has produced locks of every shade and colour combination imaginable to utterly dazzling effect.

From powerful, rainbow coloured curls to the prettiest of pastel pinks, these girls are paying perfect tribute to the plastic equines of their youth.   


Peachy  #mylittleponyhair @123linda #peachy #peachyhair #olaplex #pipersgatan30

A photo posted by EVELIN EKLUND (@evelineklund) on







@pulpriothair pinks & purples  #pulpriothair

A photo posted by Orlando Balayage Vivid Hair (@jesscervihair) on




Super Moon + Aurora Borealis @joicointensity #astaciachristensonhair

A photo posted by BRAIDS CUT COLOR HAIR OREGON (@astaciachristenson_hair) on




@nailsdoneright shaking out her new @pulpriothair 'do while @hairhoodoo makes it rain glitter!

A video posted by Orlando Balayage Vivid Hair (@jesscervihair) on




Feat image: We Heart It



With nineties fashion staples populating stores across the country, it’s no surprise that mesh crop tops are dominating the blogosphere.

But rather than add another item of clothing to your already bulging shopping cart, why not try make your own?

A four-year-old YouTube video by ItsMyRayeRaye demonstrates how easily a mesh crop top can be crafted from a pair of ordinary tights.

The brief clip encourages viewers to “look cute” and “save money” by snipping the feet off their old tights, before cutting a v-shape in the crotch.

Ladies, it's that simple.


Once upon a time weddings were expected to be loving, celebratory but traditional occasions.

But now thanks the progression of more alternative bridal movements, a couple’s big day can be tailored to reflect the personalities of those who are being honoured.

While sequined, coloured and even cropped bridal gowns are now relatively commonplace, there is one unique bridal trend that’s got everyone talking.

Introducing the dip-dyed wedding dress: A gown that looks traditional for the most part but trails off into a whirlwind of colour at the end.

While there is huge variation within this trend, it has received a lot of online attention in recent months.

Artist Taylor Ann Linko airbrushed the tail of her gown with strong sunset style colours which perfectly complimented her multi-coloured hair and bouquet to create this striking look.

Meanwhile Today has reported that British designer Lucy Scragg decided to “shake things up a bit” by applying a bright blue colour to her lace-topped gown.



And designer Traci Hines used the trend to enhance her Little Mermaid themed photoshoot.

Feat image: bossinacouture.com

Taylor Ann Linko pictures: taylorannart.com

Lucy Scragg pictures: Instagram @lucy_cant_dance

Traci Hines pictures: boredpanda.com