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Irish people adore pizza, there's no denying that fact.

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What we wanted to find out was what weird and wonderful delicacies our nation was ordering, and the results have arrived.

To celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day on Thursday, September 5, Deliveroo have released data of their Top 10 Most Ordered Pizzas in Ireland as well as the strangest custom pizza requests made.

While many of us are still arguing over whether pineapple should touch the tomato/cheese heaven of pizza or not, other people are ordering some pretty damn questionable items for their meals.


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Here are by far the oddest orders, and we gagged at more than one of them so that's a warning to those of you with weak stomachs;

The Roast Pizza

One devout roast dinner lover in Cork City asked that the restaurant, instead of the selection of toppings listed, would decorate his pizza with a generous spread of roast chicken and carrots. Mammy would be so proud. 

Sweet and Savoury

We know – public opinion of sweet pizzas is mixed. Some consider it to be just another wonderful way to enjoy pizza, while others view them as total abominations, but one Ballsbridge customer played with fire when she requested a chocolate dessert pizza topped with chilli flakes. 


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Ketchup Pizza

Everyone knows that pizza is made with a dedicated pizza sauce. That sauce is not ketchup. In any case, a ketchup-crazed individual near Stephen’s Green requested that her pizza base be slapped with the condiment instead of the usual sauce. Each to their own?

Salt  and Vinegar 

A customer in Tallaght, who presumably confused pizza with fish and chips, requested in the order notes for the restaurant to ‘put plenty of salt and vinegar on it’. To be fair, it doesn’t sound gross, but there’s no doubt that it’s an unusual request. 


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The Breathalyser

One Donnybrook customer embarked on a mission to create the ultimate bad breath sensation. There were no out of the ordinary special requests as such, but… her toppings choices were tuna, anchovies, basil and garlic. They speak (or breathe) for themselves.

Top 10 Most Ordered Pizzas in Ireland

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1. Margherita – Sano Pizza, Dublin

2. The Spicy Devil – Fallon & Byrne, Dublin

3. American – Milano, Galway

4. Frida – Tom Barry's, Cork

5. Pepperoni – Pete's, Dublin

6. Diablo – Calzones by Tiger, Dublin

7. Prosciutto E Funghi – Wallace's Asti, Dublin

8. Margherita – Venice Restaurant – Galway

9. Pepperoni – McGinn's Hophouse, Galway

10. Picantte (M)(G) – North Wood Fire Pizza, Dublin

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Joe Groves of Deliveroo commented on the data results;

“Ireland has an eclectic taste in pizza, and this is reflected in the diverse range of popular pizzas around the country, from the Spicy Devil to the Diablo.

“Better still, it’s clear there is no fear of standing out from the crowd with these bizarre pizza orders. Luckily for them, we will always go above and beyond to cater to their needs."

Nice to know that the Deliveroo staff aren't judging our strangeness… 



Plastic surgery appears to be embedded in celebrity culture, especially among the infamous Kardashian family, with procedures such as lip injections, nose jobs, hip and bum implants, and boob jobs seemingly becoming the norm.

What has just come to our undivided attention however, is the rise of a new strange trend involving… wait for it… NIPPLE IMPLANTS. 

A recent New York Post video which involves a plastic surgeon explaining the rise of 'designer nipples' has come to light, and we're so shaken.

The video features an anonymous 28-year-old patient who is sitting in plastic surgeon Norman Rowe's exam room. The woman explains that she aspires to have nipples like Kendall Jenners:

"I love Kendall Jenner, and I love that she just doesn't wear a bra. You can't see her nipples, but you can see the pointiness."

"I think there's something really sexy and feminine about it," she says, lamenting the fact that her nipples never get hard.

"I think it would be really cool to just have protruding nipples all the time," continues. Rowe uses a hyaluronic acid-based filler to add volume to the nipples and to make sure that they can be seen through the woman's clothes.

Hydraulic acid fillers start at about $700 in price and usually last roughly two years. Rowe told Allure that cosmetic nipple procedures have been occurring for years;

"It recently became popular with patients desiring nipples like their favourite reality stars," he says. 

Patients also ask for "smaller areoles, smaller nipples, larger areoles, larger nipples, a change in colour or change in the shape of the areola, or any combination thereof," he says.

Darren M. Smith, another NYC plastic surgeon, prefers a different approach;

"I would generally guide patients towards a biocompatible implant-based solution as we have more control over this kind of procedure given the delicate nature of the surrounding anatomy,"

"I would exercise great caution before injecting fillers into the nipple as the risk of damaging these structures is real."

"Filler could clog milk ducts or inhibit blood supply to the nipple which could interfere with breastfeeding, sensation, or even damage the nipple itself."

Rowe, however, claims that the only risks involved are "getting too many compliments." Would you try it?


Anne Marie brought us the TUNE that is 2002.

The singer has worked her magic once again, but this time she has stepped out of the studio and into the world of food.

Taking to Twitter, the British superstar has started a chain of weirdo food combos and honestly, it is giving us a laugh and the shivers.

Get ready to either vomit or defend some of the food responses. 

And, it's not a bad way to find out who the real freaks of your friend group are. 

Here are some obsessions with vegetables, tomato ketchup and salt. – EW.


Nutella fans shield your eyes now.

Although these make more sense that the vegetables, they're still odd.

We can understand the appeal of sweetness of the Nutella paired with the saltness of the meat, but the cheese? 

The next food combo is actually a personal favourite and I will defend it.

The balance of hot and cold, mixed with the salt and sweet makes this a delicious pairing.

Yep – it's the old staple – chips and ice cream/milkshake.

Then we revert to the right down wrong food friends and we can't cope.

Does vinegar really accompany baked beans? What happened to good old fashioned toast?

We will not be thanking you – that sounds horrendous.

Now people are sinning against the perfection that is avocado.

This twitter account suggests adding jam to our avocado and we are having none of it.

Is there any food combinations you swear by?

I highly recommend white bread, buttered with bourbon biscuits – to make the ultimate sandwich. 

Give it a go before you call me out and bunch me in with these food weirdos!



If your new years resolution is to get back on the horse, as they say, when it comes to dating, this app could be for you.

While the concept is all kinds of wrong, the My Horse Prince app is an actual thing, with a resounding five star rating from all of its reviewers.

The app is a game where the player wines dines and… eventually entwines with a human/horse hybrid.

The choose-your-own-adventure game is based on a ranch full of attractive anime men, where the player stumbles upon a horse with a man's face called Yumma. 

You can chat, feed Yumma carrots and generally just have a good time before deciding whether to fall in love or not. 

The app is gaining popularity in Ireland, according to data analytical site Apptweak.com

Popular or not, it kind of gives us the creeps. We'll stick to Tinder (which also gives us the creeps).


His wife may be one of Instagram’s most popular users, but that doesn’t mean Kanye West has quite got the hang of the ‘gram just yet.

Upon learning that the controversial rapper had finally created a verified account on the picture sharing site, the world quickly began to wonder what would be the focus of Yeezy’s first post.

But now that said post has arrived, it’s safe to say no one could have predicted its contents – a screenshot of the Johnny Cab scene from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall.


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Because there is no caption accompanying the shot – how alt – us mere humans must now sit and marvel over the surely unreachable artistic state Ye has so kindly offered us a glimpse of. 

Feat image: The Huffington Post


Ever since Sesame Street introduced us to the mind-bending wonder that was dogs with human hands, we've always found it juuuust a little creepy.

So we're not sure how to feel about this Christmas dinner video from pet food company Freshpet, which features an array of very dignified cats and dogs enjoying Christmas dinner.

There's the cat who rocks a sweater vest…

The ghetto bulldog…

And the surly teen…

Even though the human hands are freaking us out QUITE a bit, we have to admit this video made us laugh… especially the dog casually petting his OWN PET DOG. So meta.




We’ve all thrown our arms up in despair after yet another disaster date, and declared to our dog that he is the only man for us (haven’t we…?) – so it was no surprise that this puppy was quite a hit when he joined Tinder!

However, as you would expect, it got a bit freaky. And not funny freaky. Check out this conversation, and perhaps be careful who you chat to on Tinder from now on!

So far, so cute! Until….

Yeah. She just said that. Run away puppy!



This is so, so strange!

Jay-Z’s alleged mistress, Olivia McFallar, has released a bizarre rap song titled Sorry Mrs. Carter that seems to be directed at Beyoncé.

The rapper claimed that she was approached by Jay-Z last year but turned him down, and now she is back with an apology…but for what?

In the description of the video, Olivia says it is an "Open Letter to Mrs. Carter."

Well, we’re guessing it’s just because she is sampling Ms. Jackson by Outkast in the song, so she had no choice really.

Needless to say, the song isn't going down very well on YouTube. 

When will all of this madness end?!


They don’t come much weirder or more wonderful than this crazy collection of movies!

If you’ve seen more than one, congratulations –  you’re officially a movie geek!



This may possibly be the creepiest thing we’ve ever seen….

Emma Watson pulls of a mask to reveal she is actually Sophia Vergara.

It turns out neither actress was actually involved in the video, which makes it even creepier to be honest.


1. Carrots were purple until the 17th Century.

2. McDonald’s sells 75 burgers per second.

3. Honey is the only food stuff that will never go off.

4. Ketchup was originally used as a medicine in the 1800’s. 

5. Lemons contain a higher level of sugar than strawberries.

6. Coca-Cola was originally green in colour.

7. Sweet potatoes and potatoes are in no way related. 

8. The colour orange was named after the fruit. 

9. Almonds are actually from the rose family, as are apples, peaches and strawberries. 

10. Cashew nuts growing looks like this: