Tricky trends! Here’s a few ideas on how to style your fishnet tights


If you've been on Instagram lately, one trend that keeps popping up is fishnet tights.

Once the exclusive territory of fans of alternative dressing, fishnet tights burst onto the scene thanks to the likes of the Kardashians and their penchant for the underwear-as-outerwear trend. 

It's pretty easy for the Kardashian clan to get it right, seeing as they have a team of stylists on hand to assist their fashion choices every time they leave the house, but what about us mere mortals? 

Here's a few tips straight from Instagram on how to rock the fishnet trend:

1. Under ripped jeans

This is probably the most Instagrammed way to wear the textured tights.

If you're thinking of taking the plunge, make sure to opt for a baggier cut of jeans to showcase the fishnets to their full potential. 

You can go for massive rips to make the fishnets the star of the show, or keep it to regular knee rips for a flash of fishnet detailing. 

2. Under normal jeans


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Fishnets can look really cool with normal, non-ripped jeans too, as a way to update your favourite denims. 

The tights can be pulled up to rest under your bust, and if you're wearing jeans and a crop top, this can be a unique way to add interest to the bare mid-section between the hem of the top and the waist of the jeans. 

3. As a stand alone statement

Treating the fishnets as normal tights is definitely they easiest way to style them.

Opt for a jumper and skirt to add edge to a simple outfit, or pair the fishnets with a super girly dress and tough biker boots for the ultimate girly-meets-grunge ensemble. 

4. On the ankle area only


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If you're not a fan of the tights but still want in on the fishnet trend, you can try a pair of fishnet socks.

The socks look really cool when teamed with runners and slouchy jeans, or peeping out of the top of ankle boots. Just be sure to wear a pair of pop socks with them to avoid ripping the heel.

You can snap up a pair for the bargain price of €1.13 from La Moda

Fishnet is the ultimate stylish hack to update a transitional wardrobe, so rock it whatever way you'd like.