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The early noughties WORSHIPPED the French manicure, and all of a sudden we're seeing a major comeback.

Between Ariana Grande using the trend as part of her iconic 00's chick-flick themed Thank U, Next music video, and Ocean's 8 featuring the nail art, fashion has taken a turn.

White-tipped nails were huge back in the day, everyone who was anyone sported the chic style craze. Heiresses such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian West aided the movement.

The trend appeared to die by the time 2010 came along, with those in the ensuing decade calling it cheesy and (*gasp*) TACKY.

The tide is turning, because the nail style is appearing everywhere from red carpets to fashion shows, from celebrity appearances to music videos. 

We're seeing massive 1990s comebacks, from bands such as the Spice Girls and Westlife as well as reboots of popular TV shows and movies such as Sabrina.

It makes sense that nails should follow fashion and popular culture, and we're SO ready to whip out those white tips.

LeChat celebrity nail artist Elle has said that;

"Fashion has taken a '90s turn from influence, so of course the trends have returned from that era. I'm enjoying the new modern twists, maybe because it comes from my era."


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"How you approach the modern take is vital; the nail shape should be a ballerina, not a square. If it's not done right, it will become 'basic'," she commented.

Heaven forbid. 

Are you ready to WERK the trend, or do you think it should stay in the 2000s where it belongs? 



So a few weeks ago, the gorgeous Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in a lavish ceremony in Windsor. 

Naturally, it sparked quite a few trends, with people copying the bride's dress and plastering their faces on almost everything.

One thing we didn't really expect though? Royal wedding nail art.


Harry and Meghan  The royal wedding nails

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No, it isn't just a cute romantic manicure inspired by the couple's big day! 

The nail art literally has a mini Meghan and Harry glued to acrylic nails – and we're kind of terrified. 

A nail artist on Instagram, @nail_sunn, was clearly wicked inspired by the day – and decided to create something pretty impressive. 

And pretty weird, but hey, that's life. 

The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex were created using acrylic, and in great detail.

However, their faces are a little dead-pan, which is probably the reason they look so creepy.

If this particular look is a bit OTT for you (we don't blame you!) then why not give the bride's actual nail shade a whirl?

Meghan apparently wore 'Ballet Slippers' nail polish by Essie on her big day. 

A lovely light pink, it was definitely more understated than the mad looking nail art. 




It's essential to vote in the upcoming referendum to repeal the 8th amendment, and with 50,000 extra people registered, the country is counting down to the day.

In the run up, we're doing the usual – working, cocktails with the gals and keeping on top of our appointments, including our nails. 

Chipped Nail Bar Dublin is offering FREE nail art this week with every mani, all in  the name of reminding people to get out and vote next Friday. 

All voters with a polling card get free nail art of their choice with their polish, shellac or gels.

As well as getting some nail embellishments, there's also a chance to win €250 worth of manis and cocktails from Chipped's neighbour, PYG. 

With cocktails at two-for-one most days of the week, that's a lot of espresso martinis and gin. 

To win, all you have to do is post a picture of your mani to Instagram with the hashtag #CHIPPEDPYGtails.

Then tag you bestie who you would share you two-for-one cocktails, and double your chance of winning by following Chipped on Insta. 

The winner will be announced on the day of the referendum, so get artsy with those talons. 



When it comes to our regular manicure, most of us are creatures of habit.

While every now and again we leap outside of our comfort zone with a neon nail for holidays or a glittery gold for the festive season, most of us have our ‘go to’  shades for the rest of the year.

We have a tendency to go for nude nails each and every time so for today, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most requested shellac shades in salons, did your trusty fave make the cut?

Luckily these fab shades are all available in both Shellac and Vinylux so you can pamper those pinkies both in salon and at home!  If you are after application inspiration the Met Gala attendees always deliver some great inspo.

1. Field Fox

An amazing beige with mauve undertones – the perfect polish.

Field Fox CND Shellac- New favorite color!! Looks more purple toned in natural light and more gray in artificial light

2. Wildfire

The best red polish a girl can get.

CND Shellac Wildfire! #classy @belgiumoronails

3. Lobster Roll

A gorgeous orangey-red colour.

SUMMER SPLASH 2013 - 2 Coats Lobster Roll

4. Blackpool

Nothing beats a witchy, black manicure.

Most recent video ∙∙∙∙↠ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=218gE7yAk-k ↞∙∙∙∙

5. Masquerade

The perfect shade for the festive season. We love a hint of shimmer.

Image result for Masquerade shellac

6. Satin Pyjamas

A creamy brown polish creating that decadence luscious look will make anyone beg for your attention.

CND shellac manicure - Satin Pajamas

7. Cream Puff

Nothing beats a crisp set of white nails.

CND Shellac (cream puff with zillionaire) done by Whitney @ Rumors Salon Johnson City TN

8. Tinted Love

An opaque dark fuchsia, with rich hints of cranberry.

9. Tropix

Get a taste of Island life with this tropical wonder.

Image result for tropix shellac

10. Rose Bud

The most perfect pink EVER.

Image result for rose bud shellac



So now you have the top colours to use – why not consider some nail art to really make a statement?



The day of love is fast approaching, and our mass preparation has begun.

From gift buying to restaurant planning, for many no stone goes unturned on Valentine's Day. 

So why not go all out this year, with a romantic manicure, inspired by the day of love? 

Sure look, even if you're single AF (guilty), it is always nice to be on trend, right? 

So if you are getting your claws done this week, have a look here for some inspiration. 

rihanna nails GIF

1. Simple little hearts. 



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2. Polka dots of love.

3. Heart tips! 

4. Loads of love for these beauties.

5. How cute are these?

6. We love these blue bad boys.


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart 

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7. Holographic hearts for the WIN.

8. Okay, these are our faves. 




Listen, not to sound like TOTAL girls, but we really, really do love the colour pink (can you blame us?)

Anyway, pink can actually be a hard colour to pull off, especially in a subtle and understated way. 

If you're looking for a way to incorporate a splash of pink into your look, without looking like Barbie – why not try a manicure?

Yep, we reckon pink nails are the perfect way to get a hint of rose into your life, and we've rounded up some amazing inspiration. 

Show these babies at your next manicure appointment, and watch as you make all the boys, and men, wink (see what we did there?)

1. Try some funky foils


Pink Foil 

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2. Add some fab flamingos.

3. Let them SPARKLE.


Efter opfyldning #barbienegle #barbie #pink #pinknails #gelnails #gelenegle #cosmeticbykatrin

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4. Keep it simple! 

5. Rose quartz alert.


Rose Quartz (2nd attempt)  #rosequartz #rosequartznails

A post shared by leslieannng (@leslieannng) on

6.  What about some groovy holographic nails?



A post shared by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on

7. Feeling exotic? 


Just did these #cute #leopard #pinkleopardnails

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8. Cute chrome! 


She came back and got full chrome! had to have it lol #chromenails #pinkchromenails #coffinnails

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An injection of culture is literally going to be at our fingertips very soon. 

Cult nail salon Tropical Popical has teamed up with The National Gallery of Ireland to work on a very exciting project invoving the gallery's Vermeer exhibit. 

The gallery has recently re-opened after extensive refurbishments, and is playing host to a selection of works by the artist who created the iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring painting.


A post shared by Tropical Popical (@tropicalpopical) on

The Tropical Popical team will be creating their own works of nail art inspired by the exhibition, and the unique looks will reportedly be available in their South William Street salon for the month of August.

The ideas for the nail art will be generated after a creative viewing of the exhibition.

The girls will also be painting the looks onto the nails of the public in a one-off event in September. 

'It will be a reaction to it as opposed to a direct copy,' Tropical Popical owner Andrea Horan told The Irish Examiner.

'Then we will go back to Trop Pop and decide on five styles. All staff will be able to do them in-house, and then we will be doing them in the gallery in September,' she added

The looks will also be projected onto the walls of the gallery, turning them into works of live art. 



We are big supporters of freeing the nipple, so when we saw this nip-inspired nail art, we thought it was pretty damn impressive. 

Nipples are having a bit of a fashion moment, with celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner freeing their nips at any given opportunity.

Some women are even purchasing fake nipples to get in on the look.


A post shared by NAILS by MEI (@nailsbymei) on

Mei Kawajiri, the nail artist behind Nails by Mei, has just created an amazing, artistic nail art look in solidarity with the free the nipple movement.

They're pretty damn creative, with the 10-digit look featuring nipples of all shades.

Some of them even have some very stylish nipple piercings as an extra decoration.


A post shared by NAILS by MEI (@nailsbymei) on

Instagram usually removes images of female nipples from the platform, but as these are in the form of art, Nails by Mei should be safe from social media censorship. 

While we'd rather see these in a museum than on our fingertips, we're definitely obsessed with the 'normalise the nipple' message these nails represent. 



As most people are home chilling with friends and family for Easter, there is probably a lot of relaxing TV and cups of tea going on around the country. 

If you're felling a combination of bored and creative right this second, you could try your hand (literally) at one of these gorgeous Easter nail art designs.

There are nail art themes for every festivity, and Easter is clearly no different according to Instagram. 

From adorable bunnies to intricately painted eggs, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few of our favourite Easter nail art looks from Instagram:  


A post shared by Nicole Smith(@nicolesmithnails) on


A post shared by Anna(@annanailartt) on


A post shared by Melinda VanNewkirk (@mellee5911) on


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Feature image: Instagram / Jofoge

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



With the SHEmazing Awards on the horizon, we've been trawling Instagram in search of our favourite Irish nail artists, and during our search, we unearthed some of the craziest nail art trends from the past few months.

From fur nails to wire nails, these trends are best left to the professionals. 

Image result for nails kardashians

If you have a particular place you LOVE to get those digits done, now is the time to nominate your nail technicians for our Nail Salon of the Year Award. 

Whether they’re performing a simple file and polish or providing a full-set of extensions, a good nail salon deserves some recognition. 

Until then, have a little look at these mental nail trends: 

5. Fur nails


A post shared by Julia  (@julianailsxo) on


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A post shared by Catherine / Kuan (@kuan_nails) on

4. High heel nails

3. Holographic nails


A post shared by Unhas da Mari (@unhas.da.mari) on


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2. Metal nails


A post shared by Tatjana Noir (@tatjana.noir) on

1. Wire nails

 Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!



We're loving all of the Beauty and the Beast merch that's being released in the lead up to the release of the new live action flick.

From beauty serums to Juicy Couture collabs, we could be decked out in Disney in two seconds flat.

The latest addition to the Beauty and the Beast bonanza are these divine nail wraps that we're more than a little bit obsessed with. 

Pic: Jamberry

The wraps take their inspiration from the original film, depicting the Disney cartoons china pattern and rose theme.

The wraps are by a company called Jamberry, and our favourite set has to be the white manicure which pays homage to one of the cartoons cutest characters, Chip. 

The stained glass theme of the Disney movie also features, on a set of wraps complete with a classic Beauty and the Beast rose motif. 

Pic: Jamberry

Another set of wraps in the collection showcases the heroine Belle, depicting the classic scene in which she wonders how she can get out of her small-minded little town. 

We cant wait to get our hands on these wraps in time for the movies release on March 17, to create a manicure that's definitely Disney princess worthy. 



There are always one or two nail trends doing the rounds on Instagram, and the Unistella Nail Trend page is where nail art lovers can find the beginnings of most of them.

We noticed a new style emerging on the Unistella page, and we're kind of obsessed with it. 

Dubbed the high heel nail by the nail salon, these gorgeous and wonderfully simple nails are the stuff of minimalist dreams.

The concept is pretty simple, the nails have a thick stripe in the centre, usually with negative space on either side to mimic a high heel. 

Some styles do the opposite, with a strip of negative space sandwiched between pillars of colour. 

Some of the nail artists at Unistella have also incorporated the wire nail trend into the look, blending the two trends in the coolest way.

This look is best left to the professionals, but if you're dying to get the high heel nail look, try using masking tape or contouring tape to cover up the areas that you want to be negative space, and paint the rest.

When you peel off the masking tape, you should be left with clean lines just like the ones at Unistella.

Here's a few more of our faves: 





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