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2018 has gifted us with some seriously eccentric beauty trends, we’ve had squiggly eyebrows, glitter tongues, teeth nails, pimple nails, corkscrew nails and coat hanger brows.

However, the year of weirdness isn't quite over, we think we’ve found the strangest craze yet: RAINBOW TEETH.

Yup, dental dye for your pearly whites. People are legit painting their teeth with dental dye to match their outfits.

Seems a bit like The Capitol from the Hunger Games:


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We have GOT to see the rainbow trend in action. CHRŌM have released a range of 10 colours for fashion followers to try: light pink, a slightly darker pink, baby blue, a slightly darker blue, mint green, yellow, light gold, dark gold, silver, and copper.

Each pastel shade has its own sugary sweet name, from 'Candy Floss', ‘Sunshine’ to 'Fairy Dust'. Unforch, it’s not edible and doesn’t have a taste.

We reckon if it tasted like actual Candy Floss they’d get a lot more business from those of us with a sweet tooth.


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The polish works in the same way as nail polish and stays on your teeth for up to 24 hours. The colour doesn't smudge while eating, and all you have to do to remove the polish is brush your teeth and it's gone.

It sounds pretty weird alright, but the creator David Silverstein claims that the trend is completely taking off.

In an interview with the New York Post, he commented "We see this becoming commonplace – everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent."

"Perhaps you go to work with one tooth that matches your nail polish or your hair colour."


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He’s a creative man, that’s for sure.

Silverstein says the product's solvent is made from a grain alcohol base and that the pigments comply with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act.

He declined to disclose CHRŌM's full ingredient list for proprietary reasons, but added that the tooth polish is 100% safe and formulated by dentists: “It doesn't stain your teeth, and it's not permanent."


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A dentist with NYC Smile Design, Dr. Ramin Tabib, was interviewed about the product and stated that "I have no idea what's in this product and the safety long term. Seems like the company does not want to give the ingredients out and they are calling it proprietary.”

Hmm, potential shadiness there.

Silverstein also revealed that the brand is aiming to release a glittery version of the product soon.

It’s ideal for Halloween, but would you wear the product in your everyday life?

We say go for it, your colourful smile will be catching many an eye.

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Time on my own is a rare luxury – busy gals, do you feel me?

As a young parent, journalist, and fitness junkie, my days are jam-packed. 

And given my schedule, it’s entirely fair to say my nail care is firmly last on my to-do list.

Day One

I was unfazed about my non-existent routine; after all, I was already caring for my skin and hair… not to mention another human being too.

On the odd occasion that I did treat myself, my nails would be a hot mess in two or three days with peeling and chipping – so I gave up.

That is until I spoke to nail guru Marian Newman at a CND Shellac Luxe event.

To say that my nails were an embarrassment is an understatement. 

I continually apologised to the nail technician, who I believe has magical powers.

She turned my "children nails", as my sister has kindly nicknamed them, into professional, gorgeous-looking nails.

Granted, my nails aren't anywhere near the amazing specimens that are featured on my Insta-feed – I am just your average 20-something-year-old with normal nails. 

Day One

I selected Shellac Luxe 'Satin Slippers' which is a nude.

It's ideal for work and mum life as it is chic and sophisticated but strikes a feminine and pretty look.

An added bonus was Shellac Luxe promised not to destroy my nails and it could be removed in 60 seconds – (YES, 60 seconds!)

Additionally, given the science behind the formula and the 'Wiggle' technique, I was told I'd be well equipped for everyday life without chips or breaks.


The TEMPTATION is reallll #CNDLuxe

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I won’t lie: I was VERY sceptical.

I am hard on my nails in general: I play tag rugby, attend Zumba and lift weights four times a week.

I use a push scooter to get to work (laugh now, but they're unreal) come rain or shine, and life with my four-year-old includes A LOT of painting, parks and hikes.

Week Two

However, this is how I got on with Shellac Luxe.

During the three weeks I had it on, I really put it to the test, and I have to confess – I was surprised.

My first chip came in the second week as I was lifting with a bar and caught my nail.

The rest of my nails maintained beautifully well until the end of the experiment though.

Week Three after scooting into work

The biggest thing I didn’t anticipate was how much I loved looking at my hands when my nails were done – I had forgotten what it felt like to have nice nails.

You can guarantee I was lapping up the nail compliments too.

CND were honest about the removal process which I did on my own, and I was SHOOK.

By the time I had finished wrapping the last nail, the first one was ready.

My nails were perfect, no damage or stress to the nail bed after three weeks of Shellac – I was very pleased.

I even got my nails done AGAIN, and I fear that I may become a nail junkie after this experience – please pray for my bank account. 

If you're interested in trying out Shellac Luxe, you're in luck.

They've added 14 new shades for us to obsess over.

CND gives you beautiful Shellac with no compromises – even for those of us who have demanding lives and commitments.  



When it comes into the summer season, we feel like we need a complete overhaul of our make-up bags.

Our usual foundation and contour palette is now too heavy, our mascara has gone clumpy, and our fave lipsticks are now at the bottom of their barrels.

We want to look super fresh and dewy every dayum day, OK?

Thankfully, there is a new high summer makeup collection on the shelves to make us feel like we have an Instagram Story filter on us at all times.

When it comes to contouring, we want something handy to pop in our handbags, and wet n wild®'s new contour compact is exactly what the doctor ordered.

This summer is absolutely jam-packed with festivals, and we're predicting that a handy little compact like this will fit perfectly in our festival handbags. 

The complementary contouring powders define your bone structure and highlights your best features, without making you looked caked, so it's pretty much a win win. 

We all know that mascara is the key to a perfectly defined eye makeup look, but we're not down with breaking the bank when it comes to experimenting with eye products. 

Keeping with wet n wild®'s new high summer collection, we're pretty intrigued by their new Cat Eye mascara.

The fan brush is tapered to avoid clumps, but promises to add a dramatic edge to any look. The non-stick formula ensures that lashes stay separate, as well as helping to strengthen your lashes.

We know we've already mentioned festival makeup, but chipped nails at a three-day music haven with no access to your nail technician is a beauty blunder we'd rather avoid. 

The wet n wild® Wondergel nail polish promises to last up to two weeks, so it's perfect if you have a few events on at the same time over the summer months.

When it comes to shades, the selection doesn't disappoint either. (We have our colour on for the past week, and there's not a chip in sight, FYI.)

Some days, we're ALL for leaving our face bare and just heading out with a touch of lipstick on to add a little flush of colour to a pared-back look. 

Thankfully, another of wet n wild®'s high summer products are helping us maintain or summer makeup goals with their curated selection of Mega Last lip colours.

The semi-matte finish is super soft on the lips, and its new polymer complex means your smackers will stay super soft and hydrated.

The colours are gorgeous too, with everything from a light coral hue to deep purple. 

Whether you're hitting the town, or hitting the beach, or heading to any of the Irish festivals, affordable makeup is always a winner.

Stashing a few of these bits in your bag to top up your fresh summer look is a complete no-brainer.

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Like choosing a lip colour, a lot of thought goes into picking out a shade for your nails.

We're pretty much obsessed with a good manicure here in SHEmazing! HQ, and scour the likes of Instagram and Pinterest for the perfect nail hue.

However, according to Pinterest, the colour below is the most popular for this summer season; and you probably already have it in your make up case.

Image result for essie's topless and barefoot pinterest

Yep, the hottest colour in town at the mo has been described as a 'pinky-mauve', with the perfect example coming from Essie.

Essie's Topless and Barefoot is "perfect for an effortlessly beautiful, beachy look."

The "soft beige-pink" nail colour is taking the top spot, unlike the neon pops of colour from summers past.


Nothing gets our heart fluttering like the beautiful shade of blue that Tiffany & Co use for their packaging. 


Woman crush everyday. Who's excited for the new #OPIBreakfastAtTiffanys collection?

A photo posted by OPI (@opi_products) on

Well, if you have not been lucky enough to hold one of those boxes in your hands, fear not! 

The duck-egg blue that Tiffany & Co is famous for is now more accessible than ever, as a NAIL POLISH. 


Classy and beautiful. #OPIBreakfastAtTiffanys #IBelieveInManicures

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Nail giants OPI just launched a limited edition holiday collection and used Breakfast at Tiffany's as it's inspiration. 

The collection include 16 gorgeous shades inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but it is the blue that we love the most! 

The collection is currently on sale at Ulta.com and we plan on ordering 100 bottles. 


If you’re a disaster at doing your nails, you’ll probably have thought what a dream it would be if spray on nail polish would hurry up and enter your life. 

Well, thanks to British brand Nails Inc, that dream is now a reality as they have developed little spray cans full of polish for applying colour to your nails.

And that's not all, makeup guru Lottie Tomlinson has collaborated with Nails Inc to make a molten gold spray on shade called Good as Gold for the world’s first spray on nail varnish creator's Paint Can collection.

The 17-year-old Instagram star began her beauty career while assisting One Direction's makeup artist Lou Teasdale on the band's live tour and has since gone on to earn herself a rather impressive fan base.

Lottie says she choose the Good as Gold shade because it compliments her neutral brown summer makeup looks and can be used on top of another nail colour or acrylic nails.

So, how does spray on nail varnish work?  Well firstly you must apply Paint Can’s Best Friend 2 in 1 Mini Base & Top coat and allow to dry.  According to those in the know, this step is not optional.


Once the base is dry, hold the can 10-15cm away from your nails and spray in short sharp bursts.  Be careful to cover whatever might be behind your hands at time of spraying so everything doesn’t end up looking like it’s made of gold.

Next use warm soapy water to remove any excess product from your skin and finish by applying a top coat.  It's that simple!

Nails Inc x Lottie Tomlinson Good as Gold Paint Can is currently available online and will be launch in store from July 21st for €12.  Paint Can’s Best Friend 2 in 1 Mini Base & Top coat retails at €10.



Hurrah! The weather is getting a bit warmer and we're gradually transitioning into a spring wardrobe – finally!

So say goodbye to dark and dreary colours and say hello to big, bright hues and pastels – for your nails, that is.

Many of us let our poor nails go over winter with the weather making them brittle and sore. But, with Wet N Wild's megalast nail polishes your nails will look better and stronger than ever.

There's also two eye-shadow sets boasting of bright summery colours and two different shades of highlighter so you can shimmer all the way through the warmer months.

You need to be in it to win it though, so head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to enter. Good luck!


We have to admit, we all love a good KFC here in Shemazing! HQ from time to time, but this new item just sounds BIZARRE.

The food chain is taking finger lickin' good to a whole new level by introducing nail polish to its menu.

Yes, nail polish.

According to AdWeek, the chicken stop is launching two limited edition, flavoured nail polishes for its food campaign in Hong Kong. 

Combining the venture with the company that makes their secret chicken spice mix, McCormick, KFC has created two shades of nail polish inspired by their two most popular recipes: Original and Hot & Spicy.

The Original colour is a light nude sahde, and the Hot & Spicy is a bright orange-red tone. They also both appear to have flecks of glitter mixed in… Fancy.

Oh, and did we mention its edible? We'll just leave you with that thought there…


Why must updating your makeup bag involve a lotto win? Pish-posh, we say! In fact, there are a LOAD of killer products that – incredibly – come in at just a fiver or less. 

Here, SHEmazing! rounds up the best budget buys that have caught our eye in recent times…


1) Pump Up Booster 24H Waterproof Mascara: €4.99 boots.ie and pharmacies nationwide

2) Collection 2000 Natural Matte Foundation: €3.99 Boots stores nationwide 


3) New Look Pure Colour Nail Varnish: €4.49 newlook.com/eu


4) Carmex Cherry Lip Balm Tube: €4.49 available nationwide


5) Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow: €4.40 asos.com


6) Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Kissy Missy Lip Balm: €4.11 feelunique.com


7) Barry M Lip Liner: €4.50 marksandspencer.ie and stores nationwide


8) Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil: €4.40 asos.com

9) Essence I Love Nude Eyeshadow: €2.99 Penneys stores nationwide


10) Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish: €4.99 pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide 


PS… OK so it's not quite a fiver, but it's mighty good value: the Lipstick To Lashes November GLOSSYBOX is worth more than €62 but it available for just €13 throughout November from glossybox.co.uk while stock lasts. ​Hurrah!



Every woman will have a beauty crisis at least once a week. Whether it's your lipstick breaking, your nail polish sticking together or your powder falling and smashing ALL OVER the place (we all hate that one), it can be a kick in the teeth, especially when we've spent all of our hard earned cash on these items.

But fear not, because Cosmopolitan has made a video of insanely easy beauty hacks that will have you back on your beauty A-game in no time.

Watch and be amazed: 



It seems like we can't escape the pumpkin spiced latte fever that has taken over the world recently. 

Not only is it incorporated into nearly everything that we eat, it's now been incorporated into our beauty products too. 

Colour Club recently released a nude nail polish for PSL fans everywhere, that actually smells like the real thing once it dries. 

Now, the nude colour looks more like a regular latte than the orange-tinted PSL, but we'll let that pass. 

Cosmopolitan editor, Danielle Tullo is a Starbucks expert and she was pretty happy with the outcome too: 

"​I enjoy the smell because it really smells like the autumn! It smells like what a PSL smells like in my head, because a PSL doesn't smell as good as the nails​."



When you're faced with a whole wall of colours at your local nail salon, and finally pick the shade you want, you're not just making a style choice – you're making a personal statement. 

As it turns out. the hue you go for represents your personality, without you even knowing it. 

Essie's celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders spoke to Cosmopolitan and she gave us a complete polish personality breakdown:


"A crimson manicure is classic and timeless, and wearing a scarlet mani means you're elegant and effortlessly chic," said Michelle. 



"Equal parts edgy and complex, a black mani exudes confidence. Consider it a #GirlBoss must."



"Because neon lacquer is so bright and bold, there's no denying it will get you noticed. If you're wearing it, chances are you're outgoing and adventurous," Michelle explained.



"Wearing an of-the-moment white manicure adds a youthful and modern element to your look. On your nails, it signals that you're trendy and cool."



"With so many varying depths, blue is super-versatile and experimental, and suggests that you're creative and forward-thinking."



"Barely there nudes are perfect for every occasion and the colour is super-forgiving when it comes to DIY applications. A nude mani reads low-maintence and unfussy."



"If your go-to hue is pink, you're fun, flirty, ultra-feminine, and love being a girly-girl," said Michelle.