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With the resurgence of almost forgotten fashion trends, it was almost inevitable that the kids of the 80s and 90s would eventually begin searching their childhoods for unique forms of hairspiration.

So, when some of the most colourful toys of those eras presented themselves as obvious muses, My Little Pony Hair was the natural result.

Brightening the walls of Instagram more than 18,000 times, this eye-catching hair trend has produced locks of every shade and colour combination imaginable to utterly dazzling effect.

From powerful, rainbow coloured curls to the prettiest of pastel pinks, these girls are paying perfect tribute to the plastic equines of their youth.   


Peachy  #mylittleponyhair @123linda #peachy #peachyhair #olaplex #pipersgatan30

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@pulpriothair pinks & purples  #pulpriothair

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Super Moon + Aurora Borealis @joicointensity #astaciachristensonhair

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@nailsdoneright shaking out her new @pulpriothair 'do while @hairhoodoo makes it rain glitter!

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While multi-coloured hair, tattoos and piercings are becoming increasingly mainstream, many people still feel such physical enhancements are inappropriate in the workplace.

But is it really right for a stranger to pre-judge your professional abilities because of the colour of your hair?

West Virginian nurse Mary Walls Penney felt compelled to answer this very question over the weekend when her rainbow coloured hair left a cashier wondering how she could possibly be allowed work in a medical environment.

In a Facebook post which has since been shared over 100,000 times, the young mother explained how her hair caught the attention of a store worker while she was out getting groceries.

She wrote: "While checking out, the cashier, looked at my name tag and said, 'So what do you do there?' I replied, 'I'm a nurse.'"

"She continued, 'I'm surprised they let you work there like that.  What do your patients think about your hair?'"

"She then proceeded to ask the elderly lady that was in line behind me, 'What do you think about her hair?'" 
The kind older lady said, 'Nothing against you honey, it's just not for me.'"

"Then the cashier continued to comment that they didn't allow that sort of thing even when she worked fast food and that she was shocked that a nursing facility would allow that."

After setting up the context for her argument, Mary went on to explain how her physical appearance has never interfered with her ability to perform at work.

She said: "I can't recall a time that my hair colour has prevented me from providing life saving treatment to one of my patients."

"My tattoos have never kept them from holding my hand and as they lay frightened and crying because Alzheimer's has stolen their mind."

"My multiple ear piercings have never interfered with me hearing them reminisce about their better days or listening to them as they express their last wishes."

"My tongue piercing has never kept me from speaking words of encouragement to a newly diagnosed patient or from comforting a family that is grieving."

"So, please explain to me how my appearance, while being paired with my cheerful disposition, servant's heart, and smiling face, has made me unfit to provide nursing care and unable to do my job!"

Mary's emotive post has received a positive reaction online with some Facebook users saying they would love to have her as their nurse, while others shared their own experiences of having strikingly coloured hair.



Whether you are a vibrant red-head or a bright blonde, all ladies with coloured hair have one goal – to keep the colour from fading for as long as possible.

If you want to keep your colour as deep and as dynamic for as long as you can between treatments, try using these tips!

1. Hit the hairdressers
Getting your colour done in a hairdressers is of course more expensive, but it will be worth it. The colour will last longer than at-home hair dyes.

2. Use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair
Yes, we know it may seem obvious, but many people with dyed hair don’t do this! We know shampoos and conditioners especially for coloured hair may be more expensive but you will save yourself money in the long run if your hair is in tip-top condition between treatments.

3. Don’t overwash
Shampooing and conditioning your hair with hot water every day will make your colour fade faster. Skip the water every second day and use a dry shampoo or some talc if your hair feels greasy.

4. Deep condition
For coloured hair, it’s worth investing in a deep conditioning at-home treatment you can use once a week or once every two weeks. It will keep the ends of your hair stay smooth and moisturised, helping to avoid split ends. Olive oil also works very well as a deep conditioning treatment.

5. Turn off the hair-dryer
The heat isn’t good for coloured hair so either turn down the heat or even better, let your hair dry naturally.

6. Stay out of the sun
Unless you’re a blonde and you want your hair to be lightened, it’s best to keep your hair in the shade when in sunny weather. For red-heads and brunettes, keep your hair tied in bandana or under a hat to keep your colour from fading.