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With the resurgence of almost forgotten fashion trends, it was almost inevitable that the kids of the 80s and 90s would eventually begin searching their childhoods for unique forms of hairspiration.

So, when some of the most colourful toys of those eras presented themselves as obvious muses, My Little Pony Hair was the natural result.

Brightening the walls of Instagram more than 18,000 times, this eye-catching hair trend has produced locks of every shade and colour combination imaginable to utterly dazzling effect.

From powerful, rainbow coloured curls to the prettiest of pastel pinks, these girls are paying perfect tribute to the plastic equines of their youth.   


Peachy  #mylittleponyhair @123linda #peachy #peachyhair #olaplex #pipersgatan30

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@pulpriothair pinks & purples  #pulpriothair

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Super Moon + Aurora Borealis @joicointensity #astaciachristensonhair

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@nailsdoneright shaking out her new @pulpriothair 'do while @hairhoodoo makes it rain glitter!

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Of all the reality stars in Chelsea, E4’s Jess Woodley easily has the most admirable sense of style. 

From her choppy blonde bob to her endless supply of dungarees, she is one of MIC’s more alternatively dressed cast members and with that look she has gained herself a pretty impressive following.

Since we are obvious fans of pastel hair trends here at SHEmazing! HQ, you can imagine our excitement upon spotting Jess’ recent uploads – a set on photos in which she has perfectly PEACH coloured hair.



I Look creepy af but hair is  the one and only colour queen my @harrietmuldoon @bluetitlondon

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The reality star’s hairdresser Harriet Muldoon told Look that since last October she’s been adjusting Jess’ golden locks towards a more bleached style. 

Because of Jess' complexion they felt the peach shade would be a good colour to experiment with and, by the looks of these Instagram posts, we have to agree.



Killer jacket @diesel  @selectmodelmgmt #drive photo by @luke__storey

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Could you do ours next please?



There was once a time when you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without straightening every inch of your hair.  But thanks to the increasing popularity of beach inspired and bedhead hair, the constant feeling of needing your GHD is now a thing of the past.

As the fashion shifts from soft waves to sea salt laden curls, it seems simply adding texture to your hair is no longer enough as a New York-based hairstylist has told Marie Claire “sexture” is now what your mop wants.

Kat Zemtsova says this look is “all about imperfection” and has described it as “the antithesis of stiff waves or sausage curls” – so it’s basically about letting your hair be messy af but in a super sexy kinda way.

The hair artist recommends using a wave spray on wet hair before giving it a good tousle as it dries naturally or adding a dry texturizing spray to the mids and ends of your mane if it hasn’t seen the shower in a few days.



Fashion LA Awards @dailyfrontrow #flas2016

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@amysunhair the queen of my haircuts

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So if you're in a minimal effort kind of mood but still fancy looking like Gigi, why not give sexturizing a go?

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It has long been said that blondes have more fun than their dark haired companions but as Michelle Keegan proved at Thursday’s Choose Love ball, blonde simply does not work on everyone.

Many of the world’s best known women have given in to the temptations of the bleach bottle but as the likes of Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie have proved, sometimes it is best to have your fun and then quickly retreat back to the dark side.

Here are some of our favourite stars who learned hard and fast that blonde just wasn’t for them.

Anne Hathaway: The Alice in Wonderland star's beautiful bone structure means she can work it long and she can work it short but no amount of jawline perfection would enable Anne to pull off blonde.


Kim Kardashian: With their Armenian skin tones the Kardashian girls were born to be brunette, but the hasn't stopped Kim for bleaching her hair.  Last year the reality star shocked everyone when she stepped out with peroxide blonde locks but thankfully she has spent most of her time since with more natural looking tones.


Jessica Biel: Justin Timberlake's BAE gave blonde a go back in 2008 but quickly retreated back to her brunette locks.  Since then she has dabbled safely with blonde highlights to create variation without taking the look to the extreme.


Victoria Beckham: Posh Spice might be a major style icon these days but it's unlikely she would have ever reached that status if she had held onto her bright blonde bob.


Angelina Jolie: Today Angelina is one of the most consistently stylish stars on the red carpet, but back in the late 90's the actress did play around with a much fairer look.  The star previously revealed to a German magazine that she was actually dark blonde as a child but her mother began dying her hair dark when she was around four years old.


Jennifer Love Hewitt: I Know What You Did Last Summer star Jennifer Love Hewitt had a seriously dodgy blonde experience back in 2014 when she debuted honey toned hues which darkened towards the end of her hair.  Thankfully the star has since realised her mistake and has transitioned back to being a full time brunette.


Tulisa: Troubled singer Tulisa has had some major style-based highs and lows but her 2012 blonde experience was most definitely among the lows.  The star's yellow locks brought her look right into the tacky zone she has since tried hard to avoid.


Jessica Alba: Over the years the hair of actress and model Jessica Alba has gone through a series of brunette to blonde experiments including all over blonde with bangs in 2005, rooty blonde in 2012 and now back to brown for 2016.



Keira Knightley: Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightly tried blonde in 2006 but quickly went back to her brunette roots.  Since then the star has kept in line with her natural shade and has changed her look by cut rather than colour.




Actress Ruby Rose is well-known for her edgy look and Bieber-esque haircut but – just like the rest of us – pre-2009 the actress looked a whole lot different.

A recent throwback snap revealed that the Orange Is The New Black star used to have long sleek hair with a full fringe and, although it is quite the transformation, Ruby was still well able to pull off the look.

Seven years ago the Australian model made the brave decision to shave it all off and it seems – apart from a brief experiment with fair extensions in 2012 – she hasn’t looked back since.

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