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If you’re anything like me, Instagram reels and ‘for you’ pages always bring you into a deep dive. Some pretty random stuff has come up, but with them, has come a new obsession.

DIY pages.

There is something unbelievably satisfying about seeing people achieve the furniture and homes of their dreams in the quick 30 seconds of a reel. Flea market’s crumbling dressers became chic and modern drinks cabinets before our eyes. Old, musty houses fell and rebuilt themselves as bright, airy spaces. Seeing people achieving things and learning new skills is motivating and inspiring!

In case you want to tackle any of these projects yourself, are looking for a little house-inspo or, like me, are just morbidly fascinated by these productive, chirpy people, I’ve collected some of my favourite Insta DIY pages for you to have a gawk at and feel utterly useless because you don’t know how to use a glue gun.


The Honest Home @thehonesthome_

Molly’s slogan is ‘Dream, Build, Repeat’. And my God, has Molly built wonders! I’m convinced this woman must never sleep. An avid DIY Instagrammer since July 2019, Molly has taken us along with her through the dreamy remodeling of her bathroom (how can a bathroom be dreamy, you ask? Leave it up to Molly), fitting a sleek new kitchen and building her own fireplace among hundreds of other projects. With 502k followers, Molly’s reach is wide, but so is her range. Her skill set is enviable as is her eye for interior design. Definitely one of my favourite pages to watch.

Maggie Mcgaugh @maggiemcgaugh

Okay, if Molly is my favourite interior design DIY-er, then Maggie is my favourite furniture flipper. What does that mean, you ask? It means she can turn junk into gems in the space of a thirty second reel. Another lady with serious skills, Maggie sources, sands down and spruces up her junkyard finds and then sells them to make a profit. She favours a modern look for most of the furniture with vintage twists, which is right up my alley. Her format is mostly reels, which makes her content super easy to get lost in for hours. Well worth checking out.

The Flipped Piece @theflippedpiece

Shayna Alnwick, similarly to Maggie Mcgaugh, flips furniture by updating and upgrading it. A big fan of neutral shades and minimalism, her artsy pieces get big props for creativity. Using wallpaper, leftover material or charity shop finds, she gives her old furniture makeovers by any means possible. Sustainable, crafty and chic, her products always have something a little different and unique once she's done with them. This unit's flip is probably one of my faves.

Ashley French @mrsashleyfrench

Ashley is a self-professed 'Fearless DIYer renovating [a]1962 home on a budget [and] Learning how to do it on [her] own.' Completing a combo of projects revolving around decor and construction, Ashley's style, clean, calming and natural, featuring lots of wood, tones of blue grey and white, and textured materials. This office window seat is one her most ambitious projects to date, but it looks utterly serene and professional. 

M W Home Good @mwhomegoods

Vintage upcycled furniture is Meg's weapon of choice in the DIY game. She keeps all the charm of the original piece and gives it a preppy, fresh makeover using bright colours and quirky patterns. A bolder look than some of the other DIY-ers, this handy gal prefers to go with the bold choices in her colours. Statement pieces that pop are her jam, and I love them!

Builds by Kristen @builds_by_kristen

Kristen is all about making the best of what you have. Her 70s home is filled with her own DIY projects but what I really love is her creative, homemade art. 'Finding your peace in your home is so important! I live in a small 1970s home, I wouldn’t call it your typical “Instagram home”, but I want to prove that you don’t have to have the perfect home to make it perfect for you!' Her style is quite natural and soft, full of tans and creams, a very boho kind of palette. 

The Flip Hub @theflihubb

Kenna is an interior stylist who has turned to DIY for her instagram page. Full of designs for kid's rooms, her style if young, clean and modern.  With the help of her brother, she creates whimsical and stylish designs that stand out. Her accent wall video is one of the example sof how her methods are simple, yet so effective in changing up a room. 

Are you going to give any of these ideas a go? I'm already googling my nearest DIY shop! 

Cover photo credit: @kiplinghouseinteriors


If you're renting or looking to buy, you need to know how to take care of the residence you live in. 

And with landlords often slow responses to getting things fixed around the house, it's essential that everyone has a few handy DIY skills up their (rolled up) sleeves. 

From unclogging toilets to rewiring a plug, here are the bare minimum DIY requirements to get you through adulthood: 

How to unclog a blocked sink

Sooner or later, your kitchen sink will probably get clogged up.  Luckily, all it takes is a bit of upper body strength to fix. 

First of all, make sure you block up the sink over flow drain with a wet cloth. if you have a double sink, do the same with the sink drain you're not going to plunge. 

Next, fill the sink so that the water level is just above the rim of your plunger to create a vaccine. 

Now, get plunging. Using strong strokes plunge the sink quickly about 10 times, before quickly breaking the vacuum and seeing if the water drains away (meaning it is no longer clogged). Repeat until the clog is cleared. 

How to bleed radiators 

If you find that your radiators are no longer heating up properly, they may need to be bled. 

Get yourself a radiator key, and locate the radiator valve, a small hole usually located on the top left or right of the radiator on the side facing the wall. 

Use the key to open the valve, and allow the air to exit via the valve. 

You may want to put a towel down, as some water may emerge. When water begins to emerge, close up the valve. Repeat for all of your radiators until they have been completely drained of air. 

Before you do any of this, make sure the heating is turned off and has been off for at least an hour to avoid burning yourself with hot water. 

How to change a light bulb… and replace a plug fuse

This one is pretty obvious – just make sure you have turned off the electricity supply to the home at the fuse box before removing your spent light bulb and twisting in your new one. 

However, things are slightly more complicated when swapping out a blown fuse. Rather than replacing 'broken' small appliances, you should first check within the plug to see if you could simply replace the fuse rather than the entire appliance. 

Using a screwdriver, remove the back of the plug and read the fuse number located on it.

Lift out the broken fuse from inside the plug and replace it with a new one of the same fuse number as it says on the plug.

Securely re-screw the plug together tightly , and voila, your appliance is fixed. You can purchase various types of fuse from any hardware store. 

How to manually flush the loo (sounds gross, actually isn't)

Look, it happens to the best of us – we use the loo and it simply wont flush. Or worse, your flushing valve decides to break just as  just a you need it to flush most.  

If your tank is broken but the plumber can't call for a day or so, there is a way to manually flush the toilet, but it involves getting your hands wet. 

Open up the cistern tank and have a look inside. You see that plastic rectangular looking thing? Reach your hand down the back of the rectangular thing – prepare for a shock, the water is beyond freezing cold – and feel around for a kind of trap door you can push. Once you find it push it in with all your might, and the toilet should flush. 

This method is totally dependant on the type of loo you have but one thing goes for all toilets – do NOT push down that floating ball-on-a-stick thing. My plumber was giving me these directions on the phone one January afternoon, and when I suggested doing something with that floating ball, he said 'no' with such urgency I nearly dropped the phone into the tank. 

How to sew 

Whether it's fixing a button on your ride or die ASOS coat or closing up the rip in your handy canvas tote bag, knowing a few basic stitches can save you a heck of a lot of cash. 

Repairing rather than replacing is an essential part of frugal living, and you can use the skill around the house too. 

Accidentally rip the couch cushion? Sew it up before you flip it over to make sure you don't loose cushion volume. You can even sew up ripped shower curtains using fish wire while you're waiting for your land lord to arrive with a replacement. 



Upcycling in every sense of the word is on the rise, what with climate breakdown becoming an apocalyptic-level problem and sustainability on everyone's minds.

New One4all research shows that Irish adults are finding creative ways to make homes their own, with 48 percent of Irish people having upcycled an item from their house.

65 percent of homeowners nationwide have renovated their home, with the kitchen being the most popular part of the property to remodel. Weirdly, April is the most coveted time for home improvements.

According to the survey carried out by One4all, safety of the property is the most important factor home-dwellers in Ireland, followed by the neighbourhood in which the property is located, and thirdly, having an outdoor area or garden space.

Seeing as the housing crisis has us all feeling especially glum, most of us are comfortable with sticking where we are currently. Nine in ten of those queried claimed they 'feel at home' where they live.

Is this because they can't accord to buy another home or rent in another spot, though? Either way, Irish people are making homes their own.

While the kitchen is the most common room to be remodelled, the bathroom came in second place and the garden came in third. 

December is the quietest month of the year for home updates, most likely because of all those parties being thrown during the festive season.

The renovations lasted between one and three months for 28 percent of people, but it took between six months to a year to complete the works for ten percent of people.

44 percent of those polled say they are ‘somewhat happy’ with their home at the moment, compared with 39 percent who say that they are ‘very happy’.

Overall, men in Ireland rate their current happiness with their home higher than women do, with 86 percent of them chuffed compared to 81 percent of women.

The research states that most women would change the interior of their home if money wasn't anything to worry about, but men would choose to increase the size of their house instead.

When it comes to D.I.Y, Ireland is a nifty nation with almost 1 in 2 (48 percent) revealing that they have upcycled an old item in their home.

For most of those polled, the purpose behind their upcycling project was to make something old look nicer and new. A One4all gift card to get a mate who's gaff needs a boost would be an unreal idea.

Making something more personal was the second most popular purpose for upcycling amongst respondents, with 95 percent of those who upcycled an item saying they enjoyed the project.


tim reno GIF by Channel 7



It has come to our attention that women on Instagram are giving themselves nose jobs from wax alone, and we simply have to find out the suss.

We ended up discovering a whole new category of beauty videos online, and the before versus after images of these ladies will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Needless to say, these gals are stunning before and after, but the entire process of changing the whole face with wax is just too damn fascinating to look away.


A post shared by Watiey Abdullah (@makeupbyasmawati) on

They literally change their eye colour, their bone structure, their noses and eyes with lashes, it's mind-boggling.

We are witnessing a total deconstruction of the face before our very eyes, people. This is science, don't even try to deny it.

"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?", we hear you gasp. Well, it's actually special effects face wax, not clay or synthetics at all. 


A post shared by ช่างแต่งหน้า Makeup & Hair (@aiammakeup) on

The newest trend has gone totally viral on social media, unsurprisingly. 

The amazing wax method originates from Asia, specifically in Chinese territories, where women have been using make-up to sculpt their faces with wax as part of their beauty regimen.

Ben Nye, an LA-based makeup manufacturer is one such company who make the DIY wax.

“You can change the shape of anything on your face, like the nose, brow bone, chin, etc., using a wax like Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax,” professional makeup artist Lottie told Cosmopolitan.


A post shared by Promise Tamang (@promisetamang) on

Now, sculpting your face with chunks of wax every morning as part of your make-up routine may not exactly be your vibe, but we guarantee some of your friends would agree to try this.

It's like an extreme form of contouring, how did they even think to try this?

It can't be denied that the videos are incredibly entertaining to watch, regardless of whether or not you'd try the trend yourself.

The rest of the world can now witness the glory of this magic, we owe Youtube and Instagram our lives for this.

Feature image: Makeupview.co


While you might be familiar with clean beauty products, it might be time to consider alternative cleaning products as well.

Cheaper, non toxic, eco-friendly: there are only benefits to using natural ingredients to clean your house.

You can use this DIY natural detergent in the kitchen, bathroom, tiles and even wooden floor. You can also use it to clean the kettle. Make sure you rinse it properly so it doesn't leave white stains. 

Also, it costs close to nothing. 


  • 1L water
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp essential oil of your choice: lavender, rosemary, lemon or lime


Place the baking soda, white vinegar and essential oil in a 1L container. 

Add 1L hot water so all the ingredients can dissolve. Close the container and shake to mix everything together. 

Let cool down and transfer into a spray bottle. 

Planning on sprucing up your living space this summer?

You might want to take note.

Pinterest have revealed their list of the top home decor trends of 2017, and it's full of budget-friendly options. 

Removable wallpaper

Whether you're house sharing, renting or simple have trouble committing to things, removable wallpaper could be the answer to all your home decor prayers. 

It's cheaper and cleaner than traditional wallpaper, and can even be used to breath life back into old drawers, wardrobes and pretty much any other surface. 

What's more is that this stuff is super easy to apply, meaning you won't have to make awkward small talk with your dad's DIY-loving best mate while he invades your personal space. 

Photo: Pinterest

Round mirrors 

Okay so maybe this one isn't quite as ground breaking, but round mirrors can add a touch of elegance to even the of dullest rooms. 

Functional and classy – what's not to love? 

Photo: Pinterest 

Chalkboard Menus

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and why wouldn't we? It's the room with the food after all. 

And given the amount of time we spend there, it's nice to have the place looking well. 

Enter menu boards. 

As well as giving your kitchen a rustic italian edge, a cafe-style chalkboard menu is also a super handy way to plan shopping lists and meal prep.

Photo: Pinterest

Leather drawer pulls

This one is great if you're on a budget as they can be made at home using recycled materials.

They're super easy to construct and will add a modern twist to any old chest of drawers that might need a little TLC.  

All you need is an old belt, glue and a few nuts and bolts. 

Check out the handy step-by-step tutorial here

Photo: Pinterest 

Hat and Jewellery Displays 

Why keep your gorgeous belongings hidden away in boxes when you can display them proudly on the walls of your home?

It's super chic, it'll save on storage, and everyone will know what great taste to have – it's win, win.

Photo: Pinterest

You can check out Pinterest's full list of the biggest trends for 2017 here.

Feature image credit: Pinterest



While Valentine's Day may be for couples, DIY hair hacks are all-inclusive.

For the month that's in it, we're loving the heart bun, a hair creation inspired by the romantic season and shared by beauty mega-mogul Huda Beauty. 

Pic: Sherry Maldonado

The look was created by model and influencer Sherry Maldonado, who shared it to her 740,000 followers before the hairstyle was regrammed by Huda, so it's become seriously popular.

The DIY 'do is perfect for those of us who love the hun bun, but lets face it, sometimes you need to spice up your life.

Sherry starts by customising her trusty hair doughnut by creating a heart shape with three elastics. 

 Pic: Sherry Maldonado

By making the doughnut in the shape of a heart, all you have to do is pull your hair through the doughnut and secure the bun as you usually would, so it's as easy as our favourite hangover hair style.

Tuck any excess hair underneath the hair doughnut with bobby pins and voila, the heart shaped bun is complete. 

The influencer also showcases how to do this look in a half up, half down style, which would look amazing on a Valentine's night out. 

So at least if love isn't in the air, it will be in your hair. Sort of. 


Nothing is more relaxing than a warm bath, with a glorious scented bath bomb. 

Now, we all know that LUSH offers a wide range of amazing products, but if you fancy making your own custom bath bombs, you're in the right place. 

They are so easy to make, but do require some strange ingredients…

Image result for bath bombs

What you’ll need:

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup corn starch

1/2 cup Epsom salts

Essential oil (any scent you like!)

1/2 cup citric acid

Bath bomb moulds

Image result for bath bombs

What you'll do:

Using two large bowls, combine all of the dry ingredients (like the salt, citric acid and corn starch) in one, and all of the wet ingredients (like the oil and food colouring) in the other.

Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ones really slowly, so you don't activate the bath bomb (that would be chaos).

After you mix the wet and dry ingredients, the combination should kind of feel like wet sand. 

Put the mixture into one of your little moulds, and freeze for an hour.

After the freezing, we suggest letting the bomb sit for at least a day until it's totally dry, before dropping it into the bath.

Image result for bath bombs

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your bath! 

Pure bliss! 



With nineties fashion staples populating stores across the country, it’s no surprise that mesh crop tops are dominating the blogosphere.

But rather than add another item of clothing to your already bulging shopping cart, why not try make your own?

A four-year-old YouTube video by ItsMyRayeRaye demonstrates how easily a mesh crop top can be crafted from a pair of ordinary tights.

The brief clip encourages viewers to “look cute” and “save money” by snipping the feet off their old tights, before cutting a v-shape in the crotch.

Ladies, it's that simple.


We’re all for a bit of DIY now and then, but this just seems like far too much effort for us. 


・ ・ ・ ・ ・#evian #evian

A photo posted by Kana (@0925_kana) on

A new trend has emerged in Japan among bloggers and social media stars alike. 


A photo posted by (@_39_00) on

That trend involves making your own phone case out of recycled Evian bottles.  

We really appreciate how good for the environment this is, but we are not sure we would want the Evian logo on our phones. 


A photo posted by s u z u (@szsz____mn) on

In Japan, Evian is cooler than cool though,  so it makes sense that it's biggest fans would want to carry the logo with them at all times.


A video posted by PATRA magazine (@patra_mag) on

If you happen to be particularly fond of Evian, check out the video and let us know your thoughts! 



I have to say that I'm a big fan of the marble effect. It just makes everything look so slick and clean.

And if you love marble the same way I do, then you're going to jump for joy at this video which shows you how to create the marble effect at home.

How to Make Marbled Planters
In this *Teen Vogue* “Dorm It Yourself” tutorial, Chloe Daley shows how to make marbled planters using water and nail polish.

In this case, TeenVogue and designer Chloe Daley create the look on potted plants – but we're sure you can do it on anything you fancy.

You will need a terra cotta pot (if you choose to do up a plant pot like Chloe), white paint, a paintbrush, nail polish, a toothpick, and a plastic container. 

It actually looks easier than we thought, which means; hello marble everything.



Now that we've finally said goodbye to Christmas, the end of winter won't be far behind.

If you're looking to revamp your bedroom to embrace the light, fresh vibes of spring, then we have a few tips to get you started.

Make 2016 the year you create a living space you love.

1. Mix it up with prints
Forget about matching because vibrant clashing prints are perfect for brighter days. So mix and match bright florals, tribal prints and bold colours for a lively and fresh look.



2. Use neutrals as a base
White and cream are the perfect base for all of those fun and bold colours. So when it comes to basics like bedsheets, curtains, walls and ceilings, keep it crisp and clean.



3. Small touches can make all the difference
If you don't have the time (or the permission from your landlord) to fully re-decorate, bring life into your room with simple touches like artwork and printed cushions.



4. Let the natural light in
Replace dark curtains with white or sheer ones, clear beauty products, photo frames and other clutter off your window sills and really open up the room. If you don't have large windows, hang or prop a large mirror against a wall to make the room appear bigger and brighter.



5. Bring nature to the room
Get a bunch or two of fresh flowers at your local supermarket (once spring hits, daffodils will be oh-so cheap) and pop them in a cute bottle or vase for an instant springtime feel. Just don't forget to replace them after a few days! Alternatively go for some fake flowers and a metallic sprayed branch or two.