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The early noughties WORSHIPPED the French manicure, and all of a sudden we're seeing a major comeback.

Between Ariana Grande using the trend as part of her iconic 00's chick-flick themed Thank U, Next music video, and Ocean's 8 featuring the nail art, fashion has taken a turn.

White-tipped nails were huge back in the day, everyone who was anyone sported the chic style craze. Heiresses such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian West aided the movement.

The trend appeared to die by the time 2010 came along, with those in the ensuing decade calling it cheesy and (*gasp*) TACKY.

The tide is turning, because the nail style is appearing everywhere from red carpets to fashion shows, from celebrity appearances to music videos. 

We're seeing massive 1990s comebacks, from bands such as the Spice Girls and Westlife as well as reboots of popular TV shows and movies such as Sabrina.

It makes sense that nails should follow fashion and popular culture, and we're SO ready to whip out those white tips.

LeChat celebrity nail artist Elle has said that;

"Fashion has taken a '90s turn from influence, so of course the trends have returned from that era. I'm enjoying the new modern twists, maybe because it comes from my era."


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"How you approach the modern take is vital; the nail shape should be a ballerina, not a square. If it's not done right, it will become 'basic'," she commented.

Heaven forbid. 

Are you ready to WERK the trend, or do you think it should stay in the 2000s where it belongs? 



Goodbye summer, we hardly knew you! 

As the days get shorter (and colder), we can't help but be kind of excited about the chillier months to come. 

Warm coats, hot drinks, and all-round cosiness is what this time of year is all about.

Oh, and warm and wonderful manicures – because we said so. 

Nothing beats a fresh pair of nails, especially when they're a lovely autumnal shade. 

Check these out, my lovelies:

1. This AMAZING ombre.

We're squealing! 

2. The PERFECT nude.

Simple, and gorgeous. 


How amazing are @sophie_murray1s nails 

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3. Green with envy. 

How cool are these?


Three easy coats, no top coat, of "You Goth to be Kidding Me" from @pepperpotpolish Gothic Family Jewels collection. This was a little more crelly like, so it did need that third coat. Such a pretty deep emerald! . . These five vampy cremes are launching September 13 at noon PST for $10 each or $45 for the full set. But!! Spend $20 or more and you can use the code PEPPERPOT for an extra 15% off, bringing it down to $38.25 for the collection!! . . **Bonus happy rant** I love, love, LOVE wearing dark colors and these all are so dark they're nearly black in some lighting… Know what I mean? But what's the worst part about dark polishes? REMOVAL. I avoid them because I hate the mess they make when it's time to take them off. These babies, however, do not cause a scene. I removed a six day old mani from all ten fingers with three cotton balls and zero curse words . I was over the moon! I rarely post things like this in my descriptions, so I hope that shows you how big of a deal it was for me. Dark colors that come off without struggle = AMAZZZZZINGNESS. . . #prsample #pepperpotpolish #gothicfamilyjewels #gothicnails #gothvibes #fallvibes #darknails #vamp #vampypolish #greennails #yougothtobekiddingme

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4. Pumpkin spice nails. 

Very festive. 

5. Halloween nails.

It's never too eary. 


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6. Gorgeous navy nails. 

Warm and wonderful. 



Listen, not to sound like TOTAL girls, but we really, really do love the colour pink (can you blame us?)

Anyway, pink can actually be a hard colour to pull off, especially in a subtle and understated way. 

If you're looking for a way to incorporate a splash of pink into your look, without looking like Barbie – why not try a manicure?

Yep, we reckon pink nails are the perfect way to get a hint of rose into your life, and we've rounded up some amazing inspiration. 

Show these babies at your next manicure appointment, and watch as you make all the boys, and men, wink (see what we did there?)

1. Try some funky foils


Pink Foil 

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2. Add some fab flamingos.

3. Let them SPARKLE.


Efter opfyldning #barbienegle #barbie #pink #pinknails #gelnails #gelenegle #cosmeticbykatrin

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4. Keep it simple! 

5. Rose quartz alert.


Rose Quartz (2nd attempt)  #rosequartz #rosequartznails

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6.  What about some groovy holographic nails?



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7. Feeling exotic? 


Just did these #cute #leopard #pinkleopardnails

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8. Cute chrome! 


She came back and got full chrome! had to have it lol #chromenails #pinkchromenails #coffinnails

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Summer is the perfect season to rock a gorgeous manicure – so why not get a little creative?

We are huge fans of the classic red nail, but sometimes we want to think outside the box, right? 

Well, we have done a lovely little round up of our favourite nail trends for the summer season, from simple whites to mad tie dye – we love it all! 

1. Holographic nails 


2. White nails 

induzirei: “Se inscreve no canal da minha mae? :c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9fImBbXsGM (se seguir avisa no chat que eu te ajudo no tumblr

3. Mermaid nails 

4. Tropical nails 

57 Likes, 2 Comments - Seasons Salon And Day Spa (@seasonssalonanddayspa) on Instagram: “Yummmmm... the cutest pineapple ever!!! Nails by Sierra @seasonssalonanddayspa #nailart…”

5. Ombre nails 

Blue Ombre Nails

6. Marble nails

Marble nails.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

7. Rose gold nails 

Rose-Gold Digger Rose gold Nail Polish 5 by kathleenandcopolish

8. Tie dye nails

Instagram photo by eichi_matsunaga #nail #nails #nailart



After spending weeks lamenting the state of your cuticles and the length of your fingernails, you finally book yourself a much-needed manicure.

And you emerge feeling like a new woman.

From the shape to the colour, there's nothing you don't love about your latest treatment… until you see someone else's stunning set of nails and instantly wish you had opted for their shade and style.

If you're on the look-out for some inspo, step forward and behold these beauties of Instagram.






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Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here! 


We can accept the need for face contouring, but nail contouring just seems a tad excessive.

Apparently, this method of nail painting will make your claws look longer… which in fairness it does.

However, while you nails will appear longer, it just seems like a bit too much effort.

Pro nail technician Jin Soon Choi used this contouring technique backstage at Vera Wang’s SS17 show, and people LOVED it. 

To achieve this look, you simply apply a base coat, and then add a sweep of coloured polish down the centre of your nail, leaving the edges clear. 


#nailcontouring#black#nail #nailover#miabag @anna_chorna_ @nailover_international

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While we cannot deny that these nails look slightly longer, we also think they just sort of appear unfinished. 

You missed a spot lads. 



Nothing makes us feel more put together than a good manicure!

While trawling the Internet for some nail inspiration, one particular trend kept jumping out at me… and for good reason! 


aurora#chromenails #mirrornails#holographicnails #winternails#metallicnails#delfinnail

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Holographic nails are EVERYWHERE, and they are so fabulous. 


Hello #holo my gel creation:)

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The iridescent glow is achieved using a special sort of powder, and can be used over all sorts of shades.



A photo posted by Emma's Powder Room (@emmaspowderroom) on

We can't help but think how PERFECT the holographic look would be for the party season, replacing the classic glitter manicure. 


Can't COPE @katemitchell__

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Get one step closer to your inner unicorn, and rock the GLOW. 


 #magicnails #chromenails #naildust #iridescentnails

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We cannot wait to try this nail-tastic look!  


OK so while the actual Christmas season is not yet in full swing, there is definitely something in the air.

The perfect way to ease yourself into the BEST time of year is with a metallic manicure.

Golds, silvers and other shiny shades are the perfect festive nail, without being over the top.

Check out our top 6 metal manicures, and get ready to be inspired…

Rose gold

This season’s hottest colour… why not?


Rose Gold @christina_fearon

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Green with envy

Nothing is more festive than metallic green! We’re obsessed.

Gold member

It's like jewellery for your nails! 


Fresh  #chromenails #gelnails #newnails #mummytime #rosegold

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Chrome baby

One of this year's hottest manicure trends! We love it.

Holographic nails

How futuristic are these bad boys? Perfectly festive, yet not too in your face. 


If you consider yourself to be a big fan of cool manicures, then the following may send you over the edge…


A photo posted by A.L Pole Fitness (@alpolefitness) on

The shattered glass manicure effect is sweeping Instagram, and we are in LOVE with it. 

Now OBVIOUSLY it's not real glass (that would be dangerous ladies) but it’s actually thin slivers of cellophane (think shinier cling film) arranged on the nail to reflect light.


A photo posted by JY (@jyohmy) on

The results are pretty darn cool, and will guarantee you all the likes on Insta. 


A photo posted by Jenna | Nail Artist (@polishpals) on

The trend started in South Korea (of course) recently, and has been growing in popularity ever since. 

We cannot WAIT to try this look!