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With nineties fashion staples populating stores across the country, it’s no surprise that mesh crop tops are dominating the blogosphere.

But rather than add another item of clothing to your already bulging shopping cart, why not try make your own?

A four-year-old YouTube video by ItsMyRayeRaye demonstrates how easily a mesh crop top can be crafted from a pair of ordinary tights.

The brief clip encourages viewers to “look cute” and “save money” by snipping the feet off their old tights, before cutting a v-shape in the crotch.

Ladies, it's that simple.



PS I Made This is one of our favourite Instagram accounts and one you absolutely have to follow.

PS I Made This is the brainchild of Erica Domesek, who was dubbed Elle Magazine’s “Fashion’s Queen of DIY”.

It’s packed full of great DIY ideas from interior design to fashion and even food and provides endless inspiration to any creative types out there.

Here are a few of our favourite creations: