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Literally everyone in the audience of Valentino's revolutionary Paris Fashion Week haute couture show bawled like a baby.

For one, the iconic supermodel who has been slaying the game for three decades returned to the iconic house of fashion after FOURTEEN YEARS to close the show- Her Royal Highness Naomi Campbell.

Celine Dion is moved to tears by haute couture relatively often, she's an appreciator of art. However, this show moved both Dion and Campbell to tears for it's celebration of black beauty.

Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli designed the stunning collection, which saw each model inspired by a beautiful flower, and featured bold and bright colours, diversity and petal eyelashes.

Celine Dion is an ebullient presence at every fashion week she attends, giving thumbs up to paparazzi when she's impressed and occasionally jumping for joy.

She couldn't help the tears from falling watching Piccioli's work, modelled by women of every ethnicity, but when Naomi walked down the catwalk in a sheer black dress, Dion WEPT.

It was one of couture's most diverse line-ups ever, with 39 black women walking. Picciolo said of his collection;

“Couture is the way that you can evaluate the uniqueness of life, but it was never meant to be for black women. It was meant for just white women. This is a celebration of black beauty.” 

Campbell wept silently as Picciolo was given a standing ovation at the finale, she has witnessed the inherent racism in the industry since she began.

The iconic supermodel broke down barriers, and was one of the first black women on the covers of high fashion magazines and on their runways.

The billowing gowns were modelled by Alek Wek, Liya Kebede, Adut Akech, Duckie Thot, Akiima, Sabah Koj and Ayak Veronica, among other powerful, high fashion faces.

The soundtrack was soul icon Roberta Flack’s The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, which matched the emotional ambience perfectly.

The subversion of the racial norm was clearly hugely important to Naomi Campbell, who praised the designer on her Instagram;

“Congratulations on a historical moment, done in such an elegant manner no words needed to be said. Blessed to be part of such an incredible, spellbinding moment.”

Image: @susiebubble/Instagram

Paris fashion week has one of the worst records when it comes to casting diverse models.

Data gathered by The Fashion Spot revealed that just 15.6 percent of models in the Spring 2015 shows were women of colour, making Paris the least inclusive of any fashion week.

It's easy to see why both Celine and Naomi were overcome with emotion, given the immense occasion.

Image credit: Harper's Bazaar



2018 has gifted us with some seriously eccentric beauty trends, we’ve had squiggly eyebrows, glitter tongues, teeth nails, pimple nails, corkscrew nails and coat hanger brows.

However, the year of weirdness isn't quite over, we think we’ve found the strangest craze yet: RAINBOW TEETH.

Yup, dental dye for your pearly whites. People are legit painting their teeth with dental dye to match their outfits.

Seems a bit like The Capitol from the Hunger Games:


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We have GOT to see the rainbow trend in action. CHRŌM have released a range of 10 colours for fashion followers to try: light pink, a slightly darker pink, baby blue, a slightly darker blue, mint green, yellow, light gold, dark gold, silver, and copper.

Each pastel shade has its own sugary sweet name, from 'Candy Floss', ‘Sunshine’ to 'Fairy Dust'. Unforch, it’s not edible and doesn’t have a taste.

We reckon if it tasted like actual Candy Floss they’d get a lot more business from those of us with a sweet tooth.


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The polish works in the same way as nail polish and stays on your teeth for up to 24 hours. The colour doesn't smudge while eating, and all you have to do to remove the polish is brush your teeth and it's gone.

It sounds pretty weird alright, but the creator David Silverstein claims that the trend is completely taking off.

In an interview with the New York Post, he commented "We see this becoming commonplace – everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent."

"Perhaps you go to work with one tooth that matches your nail polish or your hair colour."


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He’s a creative man, that’s for sure.

Silverstein says the product's solvent is made from a grain alcohol base and that the pigments comply with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act.

He declined to disclose CHRŌM's full ingredient list for proprietary reasons, but added that the tooth polish is 100% safe and formulated by dentists: “It doesn't stain your teeth, and it's not permanent."


A post shared by CHRŌM (@chromtoothpolish) on

A dentist with NYC Smile Design, Dr. Ramin Tabib, was interviewed about the product and stated that "I have no idea what's in this product and the safety long term. Seems like the company does not want to give the ingredients out and they are calling it proprietary.”

Hmm, potential shadiness there.

Silverstein also revealed that the brand is aiming to release a glittery version of the product soon.

It’s ideal for Halloween, but would you wear the product in your everyday life?

We say go for it, your colourful smile will be catching many an eye.

Feature image: Instagram/@chromtoothpolish



Okay, we all remember the blue and black/gold and white dress that divided a nation. 

Well now a new item of clothing is here to baffle our minds and ensnare our senses with confusion. 

This image of some Nike running gear is going viral, as social media users argue about what colours the kit is. 

People are divided between seeing pink and white and turquoise and grey. 

Currently we're seeing turquoise and grey, but rumour has it that the longer you look at the image, the more it changes colour. 

We're completely baffled by this internet mind trick, but what do you guys think? 



Like choosing a lip colour, a lot of thought goes into picking out a shade for your nails.

We're pretty much obsessed with a good manicure here in SHEmazing! HQ, and scour the likes of Instagram and Pinterest for the perfect nail hue.

However, according to Pinterest, the colour below is the most popular for this summer season; and you probably already have it in your make up case.

Image result for essie's topless and barefoot pinterest

Yep, the hottest colour in town at the mo has been described as a 'pinky-mauve', with the perfect example coming from Essie.

Essie's Topless and Barefoot is "perfect for an effortlessly beautiful, beachy look."

The "soft beige-pink" nail colour is taking the top spot, unlike the neon pops of colour from summers past.



There comes a time in every girl's life when they want to change up their hair do'.

Cut it short, dye it a totally different colour, get extensions – there's so many things we can do these days, but the real struggle comes when we want to grow a hair dye out.

Image result for bad hair gif

Then comes the horrid roots we all hate, and a phase of general dishevelment.

And it looks like Miley Cyrus is no different when it comes to this time of change.

The singer shared a photo on Instagram of her dark roots and peroxide ends which look all too familiar.


goin back 2 muah rootz #LAZY #growingphase

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Captioning the picture, Miley said: "Goin back 2 muah rootz #LAZY #growingphase."

Her brunette hair is nearly down to her cheekbones!

We can't wait to see her back natural, though. No doubt she'll look just as gorgeous. (Also, how fab is her engagement ring?!).



These days it feels like we can’t open our laptops without coming across another must have beauty product.

And while you might think the good people at Urban Decay have already outdone themselves this year with the launches of their shimmering highlighter and Vice Ltd Reloaded palettes, we’re here to tell you that there’s still plenty of good stuff on the way.

Hot on the heels of the much raved about Naked Ultimate Basics collection, the celebrated beauty brand is about to launch an absolute rainbow of a palette which – while not being for the faint hearted – has our inner unicorns bucking with excitement.

The limited edition Full Spectrum palette features 21 colourful shadows – 18 of which are new – which range from the highly pigmented canary yellow ‘Calavera’ shade right down to a shimmery silver called ‘Iced’.


Sneak peek of what's to come…say hello to Full Spectrum —21 shades (18 are new!) from bold brights to matte white. #ColorUnleashed #UrbanDecay

A photo posted by Urban Decay Cosmetics (@urbandecaycosmetics) on

Did we mention we're excited?



Instagram has rolled out many changes over the past few months including a new algorithm feed, a new search bar, longer videos and the choice of size for your photo.

But now the app is testing out another feature which they think will lead to more people looking at your photos.

The social media site is trying to change its colour from blue and white to black and white as they think it'll cause less distractions when your followers look at your pics.

The Verge reports that the new design is "more modern" and "less distinctive" which makes it easier to scroll down through your feed.

But don't panic yet because it's not going to change anytime soon. The company will test it out on a few guinea pigs before discussing it further which will lead to the ultimate decision.

Until then, all will be normal.


Kylie debuted fab new hair the other day, and it was the first colour change in a while. But while she debuted it all dressed up in Florida, we wondered whether it would actually look good with casual wear – and it sooo does.

The reality star was out over the weekend on a shopping trip with friends, and she sported a super relaxed look.

Taking to the 90s trends, Kylie teamed her navy/purple-ish locks with a patterned bandana, baggy white jumper and leggings, along with Puma runners – and it gave us all the #StyleInspo goals.

We're especially loving the bandana because we're betting Kylie has unwashed, greasy hair under it (let's be honest, we've all had those days).

The 18-year-old recently signed a contract with Puma and shot a killer campaign, so no doubt we'll see her rocking the sports brand for months to come.

But as for her hair, she admitted the colouring is taking a toll so we'd stick to this one for a while.



A tint; a half head of highlights; a rinse – when it comes to hair, it's easy to fall into a major colour trap.

You rock the same old tresses year after year, and despite vowing to jazz things up with something a little more adventurous sticking to what you know is ever-tempting.

Which is why here at SHEmazing! we were SERIOUSLY inspired by the looks on offer at the recent Peter Mark Colour Trophy awards.

It's pretty much THE biggest night in the industry – and getting our hands on some snaps from the high-profile event has us pining for new locks.

Yup this is your official hairspiration alert: because if the international judging panel that flew in for the contest (fancy-pants) don't know what's what in the world of hair colour, then the rest of us are a total lost cause. 

The Colour Trophy winners


MC’d by the always dapper Darren Kennedy and held at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Dublin 4, an audience of some 700 gathered for the spectacle. 

On hand were the expert likes of Frederic Pavard (Alexandre de Paris), Gareth Williams (headmasters), Ian Brady (Cats), Patricia Strachan (L’Oreal) Holly O’Keefe (Peter Mark) and Michael Doyle (Peter Mark).

Young Colourist Of The Year, Sinead Keane


To rapturous applause, the Peter Mark Colour Trophy winners were announced as Lyndsey Corcoran and Danielle Brolly from Peter Mark Killiney. Meanwhile, the Peter Mark Young Colourist Of The Year was Sinead Keane, from Peter Mark Athlone. Finally, the Peter Mark Men’s Styling Award went to Rachel Flanagan, from the Market Cross, Kilkenny salon.

But for us, the high-point was the INCREDIBLE fashion show on the night. If you're in the market for something that's really going to turn heads – definitely take inspiration from the Peter Mark talent that was on offer last Sunday: #hairswoon…










When you're faced with a whole wall of colours at your local nail salon, and finally pick the shade you want, you're not just making a style choice – you're making a personal statement. 

As it turns out. the hue you go for represents your personality, without you even knowing it. 

Essie's celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders spoke to Cosmopolitan and she gave us a complete polish personality breakdown:


"A crimson manicure is classic and timeless, and wearing a scarlet mani means you're elegant and effortlessly chic," said Michelle. 



"Equal parts edgy and complex, a black mani exudes confidence. Consider it a #GirlBoss must."



"Because neon lacquer is so bright and bold, there's no denying it will get you noticed. If you're wearing it, chances are you're outgoing and adventurous," Michelle explained.



"Wearing an of-the-moment white manicure adds a youthful and modern element to your look. On your nails, it signals that you're trendy and cool."



"With so many varying depths, blue is super-versatile and experimental, and suggests that you're creative and forward-thinking."



"Barely there nudes are perfect for every occasion and the colour is super-forgiving when it comes to DIY applications. A nude mani reads low-maintence and unfussy."



"If your go-to hue is pink, you're fun, flirty, ultra-feminine, and love being a girly-girl," said Michelle. 



Many of us opt for a cat-eye on nights out and for the weekday, a quick flick is the way to go.

But next season's runways saw many eye liner styles that are chic yet really easy to pull off day to day.

So, whether you're going to Sunday brunch, a girls night out or simply just going to work, there's a new liner style for that:

Leave it down under as seen at Issa SS16 


Smudge it like at Thierry Mugler SS16


Keep it in the crease seen at Fendi SS16


Go with colour like at Dries van Noten SS16


Bring on the glitter as seen at Pucci SS16



We've seen her pull off brown, black and even blue locks – but for the first time, Kylie Jenner has opted for a seriously lighter look.

And we love it!

The reality TV star, who turns 18 next week, took to Snapchat to unveil her new tresses – delighting fans in the process.

The teenager showed off her plumped her lips – which she admitted earlier this year to having had enhanced through temporary fillers – and stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth.

Bronde – a mixture of brunette and blonde hair – has also recently been seen on the likes of Blake Lively, Chrissy Teigen, and Ashley Tisdale.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Kylie has the world's most viewed Snapchat account. She also has 30.2million followers on Instagram.

However, it should be noted that Ms Jenner has tricked us before: she once donned a bright blonde wig.

Either way, we reckon she looks very like a young Angelina Jolie!



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