This year is already chock-full of cool trends for us to embrace.

It's all (still) about nail embellishments and while we adore them, the new iteration is even more fab.


On nails.

It might sound a bit weird but it looks UNREAL.


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Look at the Instagram of Park Eunkyung – one our our fave nail artists who owns Unistella.

The pictures show the many different ways you can rock pearl nails.

We think they look the best with nude or bare nails – elegant or what?  


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The pearls look so dainty and give the hands a nice feminine flourish.

What's not to love? 

Also, if you want to go one step further than gluing pearls to your nails, what about glueing them to your hands to get the full effect?

Ok so, it might be a little impractical but who ever said beauty WAS practical?