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This may just boil your blood to dangerous levels. Many of us are well-used to cleaning up after ourselves, as well as the men around us.

New research has found that women who share a home with a male partner undertake the 'majority' of the household chores, which is unsurprising to most.

Researchers at University College London and Imperial College London have found that women still do most of the household duties when they live with a man, specifically 16 hours per week on tasks compared to the mere six that men carry out.

The Independent reported on the data, which was taken on 8513 heterosexual couples who lived together between the ages of 16 and 25 from 2010 until 2012 in the UK.

The findings of the UK Household Longitudinal Study can't be applied to queer couples or couples who don't live together.

The study was published in the journal Work, Employment and Society, and focused on a series of weekly work variables; hours spent at a paid job, hours spent caring for a child or adult and hours spent on chores.

The education of the participants and their attitudes towards gender roles were also examined.

The couples were divided into eight groups, based on the balance of paid and domestic work each partner carried out.

A range of people were included with different backgrounds such as low caregiving responsibilities, men who are the primary earner, women who are the breadwinners, women who do most of the household work, dual earners who shared caregiving responsibilities, women who work part-time and do domestic work, couples with men who work long hours, and unemployed couples with low caregiving responsibilities. 

It was found that women completed the majority of the domestic tasks in a shocking 93 percent of the couples surveyed.

When both partners worked full-time, women were FIVE TIMES more likely to spend 20 hours or more a week on chores.

50 percent of the couples examined had a "relatively egalitarian division of work," according to the authors of the study.

However, only two groups (seven percent of the couples) were seen to be the most egalitarian: a female earner who shared domestic work and couples in which men spent long hours on chores.

"The female-earner was the only group in which men’s contribution to the housework was similar to that of their partners, and this group had the highest proportion of women with educational qualifications higher than those of their partners," the study reads.

The authors concluded that in the UK, "gender equality in divisions of work is rare and gender norms remain strong."

Both partners need to share feminist ideals when it comes to household work being divided fairly, but a baby constantly thrust couples back into their old roles.

"The largest egalitarian groups in this study were less likely to have children," according to the data.

Gender disparities clearly still exist when it comes to care-giving and household duties, with domestic employment still mainly women in the workforce.


Every now and again, we read the results of scientific surveys and our blood boils enough that the steam contributes to global warming. This latest survey has succeeded in causing such rage.

Apparently, men spend HOURS hiding in the toilet from 'nagging wives', kids and household chores and suffer from a lack of 'me-time'. Really? Like, in all seriousness?

Considering they don't have to put in tampons or sanitary pads, we often wondered what can take some men so long in the bathroom, but now we know the answers. 

Men are viewing bathrooms as their safe haven from the chaos of family life, retreating to the sanctuary to escape chores. 

The study was conducted back in 2018 and it focused on the reasons why men hastily run away from their responsibilities to such a strange (and unhygienic…) part of the home.

According to the study, which surveyed 1000 male participants, men rack up seven hours of time spent in bathroom per year.

The reasons? They ran away from nagging partners, house chores, noisy children and also wanted the chance to use their phones in peace. Funny how mums don't get the same opportunity.

The study was commissioned by bathroom expert Pebble Grey, and discovered that one-in-10 bathroom visits would be interrupted. This adds up to 171 interruptions every year.

45 percent of the study's male participants said they rarely get any 'me time'. Among these men, a quarter of them stated that their partners aren't understanding of how hectic their lives actually are.

Somehow, we don't have sympathy considering women get paid less for their time and still have zero moments of self-care in their lives…


Housework is a right pain in the proverbial, we know.

In fact, most people would rather spend their time doing anything else, but there are some tasks which many of us inexplicably enjoy.

From running a sponge over stained glass to seeing the clean track your vacuum makes across a crumb-filled rug, we like what we like and we won’t apologise for it.

And here are just 6 which bring us untold satisfaction…

Cleaning the bath

OK, it might not do wonders for our backs, but there's something hugely satisfying about seeing layers of fake tan and remnants of sudsy shower gel make their way down the drain, right?

There's just something about a clean bath and shower area that makes you re-evalute everything.

Vacuuming a rug

Some people love nothing more than creating a clean track through a dust-laden floor, and while we're right there with them, what we don't love is having to stretch the cable as far as possible and hope against hope it doesn't snap.

So, if you know that anguish all too well and vacuuming is your go-to household chore, you need a Dyson V8 cord-free machine in your life.

Not only do they clean floors, they quickly transform between stick and handheld mode to clean high, low and everywhere in between. Oh, the satisfaction!

Cleaning the oven

There's a reason so many people are fascinated by snaps of an oven before and after a thorough cleaning, and that's because it's like a brand-new machine.

Yes, it requires a lot of elbow grease, and you do spend more time than you anticipate on your hunkers, but hell is that finished product so worth it.

Just think of the delicious baking you can do in that bad boy now…

Cleaning out the fridge

Ridding your fridge of old produce and making room for new delicious items is a sure-fire way to make you feel on top of things.

Yes, you're being responsible and yes your mam would definitely be proud, but deep down you know that the task basically allows for a much-needed grocery spree, and you're only dying for a few treats.

Emptying the bins

Ok, we admit it, the task itself is pretty grim.

But tell us anyone who doesn't feel like they can take on anything after emptying every bin in the house, tying those bags tight and depositing them in the wheelie bin.

The sense of achievement, the sense of accomplishment and the sense of smugness negates any drop of bin juice that may have landed on your foot.

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