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Buying Christmas presents for your significant other can be especially tricky; you worry they won't like it, not to mention sizing can be a whole other challenge, but really you want to buy them something that will show how much they mean to you.

Not to worry, we've put together our 10 best Christmas gifts for your guy for winter 2018, and each is as wonderful as the next. From skincare, to cologne to amazing experience packages, this list is better than ever. 

He'll definitely be thanking you for getting him any of these crackers, his gratitude will know NO BOUNDS. Hopefully…

1. Smartbox karting experience

Smartbox is the number one gift experience company in Europe, and it's not hard to see why. They aim to give people gifts which aren't material objects; instead they focus on giving adrenaline-fueled memories, romantic getaways and travel tokens as gifts.

It's a great idea to give to a loved one, and we know our significant others would ADORE a karting experience for Christmas.  

Buy: www.smartbox.com
Price: €99

2.  Clarins Men hydra-sculpt

Hydra sculpt focuses on moisturising and firming the skin, sculpting facial features, and uses the energising and soothing Clarins Men complex as well as the Clarins Men Anti-Pollution complex.

Give your man the best possible skin treatment with this gem of a product.

Buy: www.clarins.com

3. My Name Is Ted luxury leather magic wallet- special edition

My Name is Ted use 100% natural, vegetable tanned full grain Italian leather from Tuscany which takes two months to produce. Their newest edition of the Magic Wallet is absolutely gorgeous, is hand-crafted with seven credit card slots, a secret internal cash pocket in black olive with luxury suede lining and Christmas inspired stitching.

Buy: www.mynameisted.ie
Price: €99

4. Clinique for men giftset

Clinique for Men's latest giftset is for all skin types, and is a travel-friendly trio of daily facial formulas which encourage long-lasting hydration. Get your guy the skin products he deserves; this set includes the Charcoal Face Wash, the Cream Shave and the Anti-Age Moisturiser.

Buy: www.clinique.com
Price: €35.64

5. Payot Charcoal Exfoliating Gel

Payot's original black texture combines the super-absorbent properties of charcoal taken from Japanese oak trees with purifying and unclogging effect of kaolin, a well-known soft clay.

Blemishes are drastically reduced after this effective exfoliating gel, which has proven results. Your significant other will thank you after he gets the clearest skin imaginable.

Buy: www.payot.com
Price: €18.65

6. Lab series

The High Performance duo set and the starter series are both perfect gifts for a man this Christmas.

From anti-ageing to oil control; spf to razor burn; targeted solutions to all-in-one multitaskers- The Lab Series' range has definitely got you covered. Their Lab collection is formulated for men's skin, to keep it smooth and supple after shaving and maintain oil balance. 

Buy: www.labseries.com
Price: Duo Set, €55
Price: Starter Series, €27.65

7. Lierac Anti-Wrinkle Repairing Fluid

This revolutionary repairing fluid is for men aged 30 and over, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles over time. After it smooths and perfectly hydrates the skin, it regains its elasticity and tonicity. 

If he's worried about the visible signs of ageing, get him this fluid, trust us.

Buy: www.lierac.com
Price: €30.25


8. Delarom Homme Eau Sport 50ml

Delarom are a world-renowned French cosmetic brand, and luckily for men, have released their Homme eau Sport cologne which smells divine.

Since launching the cologne in 2012, the product has become hugely popular and is showing no sign of slowing down. Get your significant other this fantastic gift and he'll be smiling from ear to ear, and smelling even better.

Buy: www.delarom.com
Price: €39.80

9. Smartbox adventure experience package

Probably one of the most fun gifts you can ever give to someone, this package includes over 70 adventure experiences and will be sure to give your adrenaline junkie parter the ride of his life. From helicoper rides, sailing, bungie jumping and windsurfing, there's so much to choose from this wild present.

Buy: www.smartbox.com
Price: €249

10. Irish Socksciety

A quirky and humorous take on the Emerald Isle, the Irish Socksciety is one of the best possible present ideas; they're simple yet fun.

Socks may seem like a very ordinary gift, but not with this brand they're not. Their socks range from business, to Irish humour to Christmas themed, each as hilarious as the next.

They also custom make designs, so you can choose your own special one for your partner.

Buy: www.irishsockciety.com
Price: from €9

Happy shopping, ladies. Whatever you buy your man, we're sure he'll adore it.



The wreckage of the Dublin-bound helicopter that went missing yesterday has been found.

North Wales Police have confirmed that the wreckage of the craft has been found, along with the bodies of the five passengers. 

The Dublin-bound helicopter went missing after it took off from Luton yesterday evening. 

No mayday or distress call was received.

The UK Coast Guard called off the search last night, "due to low lying cloud," which made "visibility extremely poor and hampered the search efforts."

The search continued this morning. 



The search for a missing helicopter with five people on board was called off last night due to poor visibility.

The private craft went missing over the Irish Sea 

The search and rescue operation is focused on the area between Caernarfon Bay, north Wales, and Dublin

The craft went missing yesterday, but no mayday or distress call was received

The UK Coast Guard has called off the search, as "due to low lying cloud, visibility has been extremely poor and has hampered the search efforts."



The search continues this morning for the three members of the crew who were on board the Irish Coast Guard helicopter that went missing at around 1am on Monday night.

The three crew still missing have been named as Mark Duffy , Ciarán Smith and Paul Ormsby, according to the Irish Times.

One crew member, Captain Dara Fitzpatrick, was discovered yesterday in critical condition, but later passed away in hospital. 

Captain Fitzpatrick had been with the search and rescue service for 20 years.

The Coast Guard said that debris has been found spread over a wide area, according to the Connacht Tribune

The search is focused on the Mayo coastline in the Blacksod area. 



One person has been found from the Copast Guard helicopter which went missing last night. 

The crew member is said to be in critical condition. 

The search continues off the west coast of Ireland for the rest of the crew, after the chopper with four crew members on board went missing.

The coastguard said that debris has been found spread over a wide area, according to the Connacht Tribune

The search is focused on the Mayo coastline in the Blacksod area. 

Contact was lost with the helicopter at around 1am last night.

The team were out evacuating a crewman in need of medical attention on a UK fishing vessel, according to the Irish Times.

A number of helicopters and all-weather life boats are currently on the scene. 

Feature Image: Rescue 116 Facebook



A major search is under way off the west coast of Ireland after a Coast Guard helicopter with four crew members on board went missing.

The search is focused on the Mayo coastline in the Blacksod area. 

Contact was lost with the helicopter at around 1am last night.

The team were out evacuating a crewman in need of medical attention on a UK fishing vessel, according to the Irish Times.

“Conditions are reasonable. It was a moonlit night last night so it wasn’t so bad. It’s daylight now, which makes it easier for them” Tony McNamara, a lifeboat operations manager in Achill told The Journal.

A number of helicopters and all-weather life boats are currently on the scene. 

Feature Image: Rescue 116 Facebook


A helicopter has collided with a Co Longford pub, skidding into the nearby banks of the Royal Canal.

Incredibly, both passengers on board have survived the accident, though several bystanders have been treated for shock.

Oh no

Posted by Mellissa Hendrix on Wednesday, 15 July 2015


The incident took place at 9.15pm yesterday in the village of Abbeyshrule in Co Longford.

​The pub in question is the well-known Rustic Inn bar and restaurant.

Ciaran Doyle, 14, told RTE Radio today that he was doing work on his family's home with his father when they spotted the helicopter flying unusally low – prompting them to follow its flight path to investigate.


“I went up with my phone and recorded it, and it was hovering over the canal and we were watching it and it started to go in close to the Rustic Inn pub in the centre of the village,” he explained. 

“It was coming towards the back when it swung around and hit off the back of the wooden back of  the Rustic.

“It tore it, and there was water coming out, and the minute I saw it my hands started to shake and I picked up the phone and dialled the emergency services,” he said.


RTE.ie also reports that while the pilot and one passenger have not been seriously injured, significant structural damage has been caused to the pub.

A spokesperson from the Department Of Transport said two members of the Air Accident Investigation Unit attended the scene, and Gardaí have preserved it for a full investigation



Prince William bagged a helicopter worth £6.5 million as a birthday present.

Wills turned 32 yesterday and was given a 2008 Augusta A109S Grand helicopter from the Queen; his grandmother.

The chopper, which we’re guessing wasn’t gift-wrapped, can hold one pilot and up to seven passengers.

Wills is a helicopter pilot – having served in the Royal Air Force – so he might be the one flying him and Kate to and from all their engagements.

No pressure on Kate to match that gift, then…