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Are Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik set to rekindle their romance?

The model and Tyler Cameron parted ways after their relationship ended last month. They were dating for two months.

According to E! News, the former One Direction member and Gigi are back in touch with one another.

Their source shared that Gigi “has always had a soft spot for Zayn and they have a lot of history together."

"They went through a phase where they took time apart and weren't communicating at all, but they have been in touch recently," the source continued.


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"She is supportive of him. They chat here and there but it's been casual." 

Gigi and Zayn have been on/off since November 2015. Their most recent break up was in March 2018, however they were reportedly spending time together in the months after their split.

The source stressed that they have yet to get back together but they are on good terms so watch this space.

At the time of their breakup in January, a source told US Weekly, “They’re done. They could get back together, but it’s over for now.”

It is understood that the couple called time on their relationship because Zayn had a lot of issues that were too much for Gigi to handle.


Dua Lipa is reportedly dating model Anwar Hadid after breaking up with her long-term on-again-off-again boyfriend, Isaac Carew.

The New Rules singer has apparently been spending time with the younger brother of Gigi and Bella Hadid in Los Angeles following her split from the chef.

According to Glamour UK, Lipa attended Hadid’s birthday party in Malibu last week, where they were spotted “cosying up” to one other.


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Sources have said Lipa was pictured "by Hadid's side" on Instagram stories as his guests sang 'Happy Birthday' to him. Lipa and Gigi are meant to be close friends, which could explain the link to Anwar.

The Sun has also claimed that Lipa and Hadid have gone on a “string of dates"'; “Dua and Isaac have a lot of history and he holds a special place in her heart,” an insider told the tabloid.

“But she has been in Los Angeles almost every day since they split again and she has been able to spend time with Anwar, who she really gets on with. They are a lot closer in age and it’s just been fun," the source added.


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"It’s a confusing time for both Dua and Isaac but she is just going with the flow and doing what feels right.”

Carew dated Lipa between 2013 and 2017, but the pair called time on their romance. Dua then dated Paul Klein, the lead singer of band LANY, but rekindled her relationship with Carew last year and attended the Met Gala with him in May.

“Dua and Isaac have really struggled to see each other since getting back together,” a source told The Sun. “They wanted to make things work and things were great between them for a while but she is just getting busier and busier.


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“She is gearing up to release new music and has basically been performing across the world non-stop for the past three years so it’s been tough. It’s been a difficult decision but ultimately they haven’t been able to make things work"

Hadid and Lipa could be just friends, of course, but boy would they make a damn handsome couple.

Feature image: Instagram/@anwar_hadid8/@dualipa


We all remember the glamorous pre-Reputation days of Taylor Swift's #squad, don't we?

Between Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Hailee Steinfeld, they really were an influential troupe. 

Now it looks like Taylor's squad has been reignited, with new bestie Cazzie David and long-time friend Selena Gomez enjoying a gals night in with the singer.


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The Look What You Made Me Do songtress captioned the snap;"20wineteen", and we are HERE for the vino appreciation.

The trio are clearly enjoying each other’s company, and the glasses of wine too, no doubt.

The candid picture shows Swift's best pal Selena laughing in the back, while Taylor is sporting her signature red lipstick and Cazzie smiles in between them.


A post shared by CAZZIE (@cazziedavid) on

David also shared a similar photo to her Instagram, featuring Selena and Taylor in a cute polaroid photo.

The fellow actress jokingly captioned the shot; "Had a meet and greet for my fans last night. I love you all."

Now THAT is a meet and greet we want to attend.

Only last May Selena told 60,000 fans about her bond with Taylor when she gave a surprise performance of Hands to Myself during Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour in California.

Speaking about Taylor's care for her, she said;

“This person has never ever judged a single decision I’ve made. She’s always met me where I’ve been,” she said, according to a fan video.

“She’s encouraged me when I’ve had nothing to be encouraged about, and I don’t know if I would be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you and your family because you’ve changed my life,” Gomez added.

WE LOVE THE FRIENDSHIP. Never let it die, gals.


Yesterday, the internet was awash with reports that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid had separated after fans and paps noticed that the pair were 'spending time apart.'

However, with both of them being A-List celebrities with high-flying, busy, international careers, this didn't seem to be unusual. 

Sadly, our optimism about the couple has been snubbed, after a source told US Weekly that the Zigi are officially no more. 


'They’re done,' a source told the celeb news outlet. 'They could get back together, but it’s over for now.'

Apparently, the break up stemmed from issues surrounding Zayn that Gigi just could not handle.

The source told Us Weekly that Zayn has 'a lot of his own issues that [Hadid] couldn’t help him get through.'

If this is the case, what an extremely difficult thing for Gigi to go through. 

Image result for gigi and zayn tumblr

 Gigi Hadid attended bestie Taylor Swift's New Years Eve party without Zayn to ring in 2019, and the pai have not been papped together recently. 

The couple have yet to make a public comment on the alleged split – which they did last yea when they broke up in March. 

At the time, Zayn wrote in an Instagram post: 'Gigi and I had an incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend.'


Taylor Swift was renowned for her Fourth of July parties in the past, but now it's all about New Year's Eve bashes- in COSTUME no less.

The Reputation star has posted an image to Instagram featuring a slew of celebrities dressed as their childhood heroes, and it's pretty damn unreal.

The singer dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and we're sure many of her fans may just rush to get her gorgeous red hair and emerald sequin lewk…


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

She captioned the post:

“Mary Poppins, Audrey, Ariel, Ms. Frizzle, Cinderella, Gwen Stefani, Mr. Toad, Avril, Nancy Drew, Posh Spice, Rizzo, Frida Kahlo, Steve Irwin, Dorothy, " she wrote, alongside four star-studded images.

“This new year we decided to dress up as our childhood heroes. Sending you all love and hope going into 2019."

The party featured Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds (being his gas self) and Gigi Hadid, among others, and our FOMO is real.

Just LOOK at how insanely good Gigi Hadid werks the Mary Poppins costume:


A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

No fair.

Where were our invites, though? Must have been misplaced with all the Christmas post and fan mail…

This is a party we'd KILL to attend. Keep slaying, Taylor. With the Grammy's approaching, the star is sure to achieve even more fierceness in 2019.

Feature image: Glamour


You’ve most likely seen at least one of Vogue’s infamous make-up tutorials, celebrated for their chill, relatable vibe… NOT.

We obsess over how gorgeous models get their looks, attempt to emulate their radiant beauty and try (and fail) to copy their stunning #lewks.

The rich and famous have world-renowned make-up artists following at their heels, making sure they look their best at all times.

Image: Vogue

We, on the other hand, roll out of bed and can only pray that we manage to look semi-decent instead of the apocalyptic zombie which was passed out in bed only moments earlier…

If I can remember to put toothpaste on my toothbrush instead of moisturiser, I think I’m winning.

These celebrity gals, however, are often expected to look #RedCarpetReady 24 hours a day, which sounds exhausting, to be honest.

We decided it was time to watch these notorious Vogue Vids to study the movements and cosmetic habits of faces such as Bad Gal Riri (she doesn’t need make-up, make-up needs her), Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to see just how relatable these ladies are. 

We were inspired by the hilarious Maddison Bush, who uploaded parody version of a make-up tutorial while attempting to imitate Vogue's famous faces.

Hint: not relatable in the slightest. Not even close to it.

1. First up, Bella Hadid.

As we all know, Bella is one half of the supermodel sister duo of herself and Gigi Hadid, AKA: two of the most ridiculously stunning human beings on the planet. We actually doubt if they’re human… they look like they were made in a laboratory for beautiful people. No fair.

From the very start of these videos, it’s already hard to find anything in common with these women. They are all doing their beauty regime in unnaturally aesthetic bathrooms in luxurious hotels or mansions, whereas we’re struggling to find a mirror that isn’t covered in foundation smudge marks, or are possibly in the queue for the house bathroom for the last 35 minutes.

Ah, the life of regular people. So quaint.


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From the second models such as Bella face the camera, it’s difficult to choke down the fact that they aren’t wearing any make-up because they already look damn FLAWLESS.

Like, wig = snatched from the beginning. *sigh*

The videos are also alarmingly short, considering most of us take at least 15 minutes to put our faces on. The fact that famous faces only take 5 minutes to look that good is frankly both disturbing and insulting to my pale palour.

(I’ve been asked if I am anaemic countless times, I’ve just started saying yes now, it’s easier).

Bella begins by saying “models can do their own make-up too!” Good to know, Bella. Good to know. You’re very normal.

She continues by saying, “I look really tired because I’ve been travelling for two months straight.” You poor gal Bella, travelling the world in private jets and glamorous clothing must be devastating to your complexion.

So far, oh so relatable.

Image: YouTube

Bella uses concealer, a contour stick, highlighter, brow pencil, lash primer and mascara to complete her look in five minutes.

By the end of the video, she’s essentially ready for the Victoria’s Secret carpet, minus the wings. It’s offensive. *cries in poor*

Relatability level: 2/5.

2. Kendall Jenner. Also known as ‘KANDALL JANNARRR’.

She’s already using products we can’t even dream of affording without selling our organs illegally online, so the relatability factor is null from the beginning.

She claims that she “learns a lot from being on set.” Us too, Kendall. We frequent photoshoots on the reg constantly, it’s the cross we bear.


A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

She lets us know that she eats grilled cheese sandwiches, which is comforting for roughly 4 seconds.

The Kardashian uses Estée Lauder foundation in nude, concealer, and mascara and finishes by blowing a kiss to the camera.

The fact that she hasn’t poked her eyes with a mascara brush or choked on powder yet separates this gal from reality.

My lungs still haven’t recovered from the powder incident of ’09, where my mother’s inhaler had to be used.

Image: YouTube

Relatability level: 1/5. Sorry Kendall, but your bathroom alone is next level boujee.

3. Lili Reinhart.

Our third gal is Riverdale’s gorgeous Betty Cooper herself, Lili Reinhart. We have high hopes for this one, seeing as her social media presence is all about positivity and female empowerment, as well as Cole Sprouse, AKA Coal Sprouts, Jughead Jones.

Lili also begins her video by eating food on camera, it seems to be a common ‘relatability’ tactic. This time, it’s Chinese food. She has us hooked.

She also admits from the beginning that she already has foundation on, thank God. If that was her natural complexion I think I’d have had to tell her to stay in her lane.

Lili doesn’t mention the products which she uses, which we translate to mean that we probably cannot afford them…

She uses pink eyeshadow, lip gloss, a basic nude foundation and of course, concealer and highlighter. Voila, she’s ready for her close-up.

Relatability level: 3/5. She’s the winner so far, mainly due to her Chinese wontons. They just look so tasty.

4. Emily Ratajkowski.

Ah, the notorious sexy selfie queen. We have serious doubts about the relatability level of this gal, she’s got cheekbones for days and an enviable glowing tan.


A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Plus she could look sexy even if she went to Coppers until 6am the night before and had an absolute ‘mare when those jägerbombs came back to haunt her. The hardest look to pull off, arguably.

She comments that “I do my own make-up for red carpets a lot”. Same, tbh…

All this girl needs is Pat McGrath lipgloss, her blush which she confesses to be addicted to, and a bit of concealer. Wait… that’s it? That’s all it takes? Seriously?

We quit. We are the weakest link, goodbye.


Relatability level: 0/5. Sorry Emily, but you took a duck-face selfie when you were done, and DIDN’T delete it or take a second take. That’s downright blasphemy in our books, we need at least 13 photos before we can find one we don’t hate.

5. Rihanna

Last, but not least, BAD GAL RIRI. An icon. A sass queen. Fenty Beauty extraordinaire, we have high hopes for this one.

From the beginning of the ten minute long gift, RiRi shows off her bubbly personality without plugging her own products at all, which is a miracle in itself.

If you haven’t tried using Fenty Beauty products, girl you are MISSING OUT. They’re flawless.


A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on

Some of Rihanna’s best quotes from this video include:

“Everyone knows concealer is made for hiding bags and dark circles, and hangovers and bad decisions.” YAS queen, she’s in the know. Riri gets the struggle.

“You’ve got to have powder for when you get greasy on the fly, honey.” Preach it.

“Pink eyeshadow says summer, sunset, love, drama, BITCHES.” We would pray to the church of Rihanna, honestly.


A post shared by

“The key to highlighter is not to be afraid, make-up is fun. It’s there to play with.” She hits the nail on the head, so many of us can find make-up intensely frustrating when we are expected to follow certain trends and look a certain way.

At the end of the day, beauty products should be used for our own enjoyment and empowerment, and if make-up doesn’t empower you, your natural beauty is all you need.

Riri claims that she learned how to contour when she gained weight and wanted to hide her ‘double chin’ and forehead, which was hugely surprising to us. Superstar celebrities have insecurities too, gals.

“The best teacher is yourself.” Say it louder for the people in the back, Rihanna. Everyone has their own unique look, individual face and preferred beauty regimens. You don’t have to look to famous people to understand your own complexion, all you need is you.

Riri relatability level: 4/5. Her personality is down-to-earth, her tips are one of a kind and her products are gold star standard.

Image: www.self.com

We have to remind ourselves that these celebrities have picked up countless tips from the top make-up artists in the business, whereas we got free eyeshadows from magazines as 11-year-olds back when YouTube make-up tutorials didn’t exist (yes, there was a time, believe it or not) and gave ourselves pinkeye.

I lost count of how many allergic reactions I had to dodgy make-up after my 3827th eye infection from cheap “make-up”.

I wouldn’t even call it make-up honestly, I suspect that magazine eyeshadows were essentially homemade concoctions of flour and food dye.

Fast forward a few years, and YouTube beauty accounts have blown up across the internet, courtesy of teenagers who are DYING to know how to contour.

The word contour genuinely did not exist until recently in Ireland, we were simple folk back then.


A post shared by Rihanna  (@rihanna.the.queen.of.all) on

There was eyeshadow (roughly 4 colours), orange foundation, mascara and lip gloss which was just Vaseline that had notions about itself.

In 2018, the cosmetic industry is bigger than ever, and is only beginning to include minorities in its world, thanks to brands such as Fenty Beauty creating more foundation shades.

It can be difficult to relate to any models in the beauty industry, no matter who they are. However you mould your own look in the mirror, imitate Rihanna and declare “I look cute!”

Always finish your look by feeling yo’self, it matters that you are feeling good, not just looking good.

Feature image:blog.colourfulrebel.com


The annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show definitely lived up to its glittery expectations last night.

Stunning models strut their stuff down the catwalk, with feathered wings, bejewelled lingerie, and unmatched grace.

The lineup included Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella, Adriana Lima, Winnie Harlow, Elsa Hosk and many more.


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Kendall was part of the Celestial Angels segment and definitely looked the part.

She embodied a peacock that had fallen from the Christmas heavens in her glam bedazzled top and black, lacy lingerie. 

Her sexy, plaid skirt and bra channelled her inner school girl gone wild.

Adriana continued the posh peacock look with a crown of long white feathers behind her.


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 Her exotic sheer top with intricate silver designs resembled Henna tattoos fashioned out of diamonds.

She looked absolutely stunning!


A post shared by FashionTV (@fashiontv) on

Gigi Hadid slayed in a floral jumpsuit ensemble with a full blown parachute behind her.

The adventurist was all class in her long gloves and fabric-wrapped heels.


A post shared by Hadid Updates (@hadidupdatez) on

And her sister Bella was all confidence in her cropped bomber jacket and laced up sporty heels.


A post shared by H A D I D . V O G U E (@hadid.vogue) on

She was a Charlie's Angel reincarnate in her shimmering half top and pink feather booties.


A post shared by  (@bellahadidww) on

Winnie was an absolute star, venturing out in all pink with an iconic, silver top.

Similar to that of Gigi's outfit, the floral print highlighted her slim figure and had the cutest tiny peplum skirt.


A post shared by Farandula Venezuela TV (@lafarandula_venezuelatv) on

Elsa looked like someone had conjured her out of a dream in her silvery-white fantasy bra and diamond body chain.

Diamonds are definitely her best friend in the stunning runway outfit.


A post shared by VS FASHION SHOW DIARIES (@vsdiaries) on

Barabara looked like a French movie star with her bold orange and yellow hues and oversized bows.

Her ruffled sleeves were the perfect finish to her unique, vintage look.


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A post shared by Barbara Palvin

 Behati Prinsloo's return to the runway was bolder than ever.


A post shared by Behati Prinsloo Colombia (@beeprrinsloo) on

Her hubby Adam Levine was sitting front row to cheer her on, and she slayed in thigh-high laced heels and plaid ensemble.

How amazing is her train!

But Ming Xi was definitely the star of the show, fully redeeming herself after last year's famous fall.


A post shared by FASHION TO MAX (@fashiontomax) on

Like Poison Ivy, the model fiercely dominated the runway with a red ascot and wings made of green leaves. 

All in all, the girls looked fierce and fit on the catwalk and worked the iconic show like the badass babes that they are.


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are one of those on-again-off-again couples we struggle to keep up with. 

However, Gigi gave us some clarity on their relationship status this morning with a very cuddly Insta pic. 

Clearly the couple are very much over their March break up and are enjoying some quality time together, as Gigi shared a snap of the two in an intimate embrace. 


A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

The snap shows the pair cuddling, and Gigi added the caption 'flyin home to my happy place.' 

The picture has garnered almost four and a half million likes since posting. 

Gigi has not shared an insight into their relationship on her Instagram feed since before their break up earlier this year. 


A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

In January, she uploaded a carousel of videos and pictures to celebrate Zayn's birthday. 

In the caption, she wrote: 'love this man more than I could ever put into words, & am inspired by his drive to be and do better everyday.'

'Cheers to YOUR YEAR my @zayn – happiest happiest birthday & 25th year of life !! I’m proud to be by your side x.'



The world was shook when numerous allegations of sexual assault in Hollywood covered the news.

Soon the #metoo movement formed, encapsulating female empowerment and giving a voice to those who had been made silent for years.

And models in the fashion industry have confirmed that the tide is turning for females around the world.

Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Ashley Graham, and Paloma Elsesser recently joined together at Vogue's Forces of Fashion conference to discuss body shaming, feminism, life as a model, and the effect #metoo has had on authority figures.

Ashley credited social media as a major factor to this shift towards gender equality, saying that because girls can use Instagram and Facebook to comment on these current issues modelling agencies and Hollywood directors are realising what the public really wants – real women on screen.

Gigi agreed with her comments, adding her own experience with body shaming.

“I loved my body when I was curvier,” she confessed. “Then as I lost it people were still mean.

“Yeah, I know I’m skinny. I’m looking in the mirror. I’m trying to eat burgers and do squats. I want an ass too.”

The rest of the girls laughed alongside the young model, completely understanding her struggle with low self-esteem due to comments of being ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’.


A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

“People feel that they have ownership over your body in society today and I think that it’s really ridiculous because you don’t – my body is mine,” Ashley explained.

“I work out because I want to stay healthy and if I happen to gain 10 pounds or lose 10 pounds it’s none of your business.”

But this judgement of women’s physicality is less common than it used to be, the models agreed.

Kylie excitedly said that #metoo has “brought empowerment to women” and now a lot more of us are speaking up when we’re being mistreated.

“Ya, men are becoming more sensitive”, Ashley agreed. “Women are taking action and having these conversations. The set has actually changed”.

Paloma said that modelling in 2018 has been a completely different experience than past years.

I have been asked more than ever over the past year, ‘Do you feel good?' when trying on clothes for photo shoots, she confessed.

And she feels better than ever in her own skin. In fact, one of her tricks, she revealed, is spending time naked with herself. It has helped her become more comfortable with her appearance.

When asked to give advice to girls in this changing social environment, Kylie told the audience to be “super authentic and genuine and to find a job you love doing”.

“I’ve learned to always trust your intuition and trust yourself”, Gigi stated.

It is inspiring to see feminism taking hold in this generation more than ever, revolutionising pop culture as well as society on a personal, individualistic level.

And recent fashion shows, like Rihanna’s lingerie line debut, have only proved that by publicising the commonality of and absolute beauty in diversity of race, colour, size, gender, etc.

Women are a force to be reckoned with and it’s exciting to see the world recognising that more and more each day.


It looks like it's all on again for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik after the model shared a cosy snap on her Insta story. 

The pair announced their split in March, though to wasn't long before reconciliation rumours started to circulate, with photographs showing the two leaving each other's apartments on multiple occasions. 

Oh, and let's not forget that oh-so-awkward sidewalk snuggle. 

However, despite the headlines, neither Gigi or Zayn publicly commented on theit relationship status – until now. 

After attending the premiere of Ocean's 8 in New York last night, it seems Gigi decided to give the after party a miss and spent the night cuddling with her beau. 

Meanwhile, Gigi's younger sister Bella has also rekindled things with her ex, The Weeknd and little brother was seen smooching Kendall Jenner. 

Never a dull day!  


Singer Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid have split after more than two years together.

The former One Direction revealed the news on Twitter earlier this evening, writing: : "Gigi and I had an incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend. She has such an incredible soul.

"I'm grateful to all of our fans for respecting this difficult decision and our privacy at this time. We wish this news would have come from us first. We love you all."

Rumour has it the pair parted ways earlier this month after having drifted apart in recent times.

A source told The Sun Online, “They are no longer a couple but they do remain close and are supportive of each other.”

"The reality is that they've grown apart, having been together for a long time."

It's thought that Zayn and Gigi's hectic work schedules put pressure on the realtionship, though the source did say ther eis no bad blood between the pair.

"This is definitely the end for now, but this isn't a bitter split and they both have respect for each other," they said.

"It's a mutual decision so no one has completely ruled out a reunion in the future, but for now that's not where their heads are at."




We have been gifted with an exclusive, all-access pass to the front row of the Tommy Hilfiger show in Milan, and we're taking you along for the journey. 

Enjoy the show!