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Dealing with the fact that your boyfriend's best friend is a fellow female can be tough for some women.

Maybe you were hurt in a previous relationship and find it hard to trust people, or you just get a weird vibe from her, sometimes accepting his platonic lady friend can be a little relationship hurdle.

Luckily, there are ways to overcome this fear, which will hopefully prove to be irrational. 

6. Don't jump to any conclusions.

Just because this girl is friends with your boyfriend should not instantly suggest ulterior motives, she could literally just enjoy his company as a pal, and vice versa.

Think about how many guy friends you have, and how you'd never hook up with any of them behind your boyfriend's back. And if you would? Then you don't really have a leg to stand on. 

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5. Trust his judgement.

If your boyfriend likes her, then there's a pretty good chance that you will too.

She's probably great craic, or shares an interest of his, or has just been there for him at some stage, and there is nothing to feel threatened about. 

4. Meet her!

Definitely don't avoid her. If you have a reason to think that she's shady, meeting her will help you get a grasp on things.

Plus, meeting her will help you see why your boyfriend likes her, and she may become a friend to you too. 

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3. Relate to her 

When it comes down to it, she might have known your boyfriend before you arrived on the scene, so this might be weird for her too, losing out on time with her bestie.

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2. Do not become emotionally abusive

All of those "hilarious" memes that do the rounds on Twitter showing women breaking their boyfriend's phones to prevent him talking to girls are depictions of emotional abuse passed off as low brow comedy. 

Don't ever try to stop your BF from talking someone or doing something that he wants to do, this kind of manipulation is not okay. 

1. Embrace your fellow female.

Women are taught to be in competition with each other over everything, but your boyfriend shouldn't be one of those things.

Your relationship is not one of those X Factor gossip columns where they pit two female judges against one another and critique everything about them,  it's your relationship with your man and her friendship with him. That's it. 



This one is an absolute curveball, if we're honest. We thought the news that Jordyn Woods is embroiled in a cheating scandal with Khloe's ex and baby daddy Tristan Thompson was bad enough…

Now it's been reported that Jordyn ALSO was hooking up with another one of Khloe's ex-boyfriends ON THE SAME NIGHT as Tristan: James Harden. *Gasp*

Grab the popcorn for this roller-coaster of a ride, it's a wild time.


A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on

Kylie Jenner's 21-year-old former BFF is allegedly telling her truth in an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, airing this Friday, but she also signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Kardashians as an extra on their reality show.

The Red Table Talk will hear Jordyn's side of the story, but The Blast have other tales to tell regarding the night in question. Sources claim that Woods told friends that she “hooked up” with James Harden right after Thompson.

TMZThe Blast, and People all reported that Woods signed an "ironclad NDA" with the famous family to never speak about them, so the interview could get her in a spot of legal trouble, but if this claim about Harden is legit, Khloe will presumably be RAGING.


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We have absolutely zero idea what Jordyn was thinking if all of these allegations are true, we're guessing alcohol played a part though. 

The incident with Harden apparently happened on February 18 in LA, after James had come home from an NBA All-Star game. (Khloe must have a thing for basketball players.)

Woods apparently confided in her mates that she'd hooked up with Harden, and that Khloe gave the Woods her "blessing". Khloe dated Harden for eight months back in the day.


A post shared by James Harden (@jharden13) on

Unforch, Khloe didn't actually know about the meeting between Woods and her ex-boyfriend and found out after the news broke of Thompson's alleged affair with Woods.

Woods claims to have contacted Khloé that Monday after leaving Thompson’s home, and claimed she was being a “watchdog” to make sure nothing dodgy happened, and never mentioned James Harden.

Sources state that Khloe was absolutely “devastated” over Woods' betrayal, as Woods is Kylie's best friend and has been almost like a member of the family herself.

Feature image; Instagram/@jordynwoods/@jharden13


In case you've been living under a rock this morning, the biggest celebrity news of the day is the rumoured fling between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods. 

Tristan, the father and long-term partner of Khloe Kardashian, allegedly hooked up with Jordyn, best friend of Khloe's little sister Kylie Jenner and childhood friend of the family, at a house party this weekend. 

According to reports, Khloe found out about the discretion on Monday and dumped Tristan immediately. Tristan previously cheated on Khloe while she was pregnant with their daughter True. 


A post shared by Tristan Thompson (@realtristan13) on

Allegedly, Tristan was having a party at his home and requested that all phone be switched off or removed from use – not unusual for high profile celebs. 

'Tristan, you took everyone's phones, but you let them stay. Jordyn came in, she was all up in your lap, you were all over her, touchy feely,' says a video released by Hollywood Unlocked following an alleged eyewitness report. 

'And you let the girl stay the night until seven in the morning. Now that happened. That's a fact.'


A post shared by HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED (@hollywoodunlocked) on

Malika Haqq and Larsa Pippen, Khloe's best friends, commented on the post, seemingly confirming the statements made in the video, writing 'STRONG FACTS,' and 'Amen!!!"'respectively.

Khloe also commented a number of emojis, and has since unfollowed Jordyn on Instagram. 

This understandably puts Kylie in an awkward position, as Jordyn is her very best friend and Khloe is, of course, her sister. 


A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on

'The whole family is writing Jordyn off,' a source told E! Online, adding that Kylie 'was in denial for days.'

Th source added that Kylie 'is very torn on how to handle the situation.'

The source also gave insight into Khloe' feelings at this time: She is angry more than she is sad,' they explained.


A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

'And she's shocked Jordyn would do this. Of all the guys in the world, she can't fathom why Jordyn would make a decision like this.' 

'Khloe is reliving the worst kind of betrayal and pain all over again.'

No formal statements have been made by Tristan Thompson, Jordyn Woods or the Kardashian family as of yet. 


Selena Gomez has been keeping a very low-profile of late, only recently making a quiet return to her social media stage.

The 26-year-old Come and Get It singer is coming back to our Spotify playlists this year, collaborating with Julia Michaels on her upcoming EP track Anxiety.

While the rest of us spent our weekends in a burrito blanket, bingeing Sex Education on Netflix, Selena was throwing her BFF a BRIDAL SHOW from heaven.


A post shared by CJB (@courtneyjbarry) on

Selena's certified #1 Hun Courtney Barry captioned the gorgeous post of polaroid snaps; "A few of my perfect girls threw me a perfect shower."

Oh look, Selena herself is in the background. Looking happy, relaxed and stunning in a red dress that's GASPing for spring to come.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the singer in her friends photos, having organised the event for her BFF Courtney.


The singer and her long-time bestie have known each other years, with Gomez thanking her in numerous posts for her strength and kindness.

The pair even got matching #1 tattoos to solidify their everlasting friendship, dang that is CUTE.

Now it's Courtney's turn to get married, and Selena looks like she's supporting her like a great pal. 


A post shared by  (@selenagomez) on

She captioned this post; 

"The way you handle life’s most confusing moments is indescribable and graceful. You are moved by the littlest stories to the most heartbreaking ones, you will give someone your perfume if they say you smell nice, you are freaking hilarious and always stand firm in your faith, a loving sister, an amazing friend and a beautiful daughter."

"You are the definition of FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made baby!"

Selena has taken time out from the spotlight after continuous physical and mental health issues, we can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for the gal.

Hopefully she has found the help she needs and deserves, it looks like she's got a wonderful bunch of pals around her.


We all remember the glamorous pre-Reputation days of Taylor Swift's #squad, don't we?

Between Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Hailee Steinfeld, they really were an influential troupe. 

Now it looks like Taylor's squad has been reignited, with new bestie Cazzie David and long-time friend Selena Gomez enjoying a gals night in with the singer.


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The Look What You Made Me Do songtress captioned the snap;"20wineteen", and we are HERE for the vino appreciation.

The trio are clearly enjoying each other’s company, and the glasses of wine too, no doubt.

The candid picture shows Swift's best pal Selena laughing in the back, while Taylor is sporting her signature red lipstick and Cazzie smiles in between them.


A post shared by CAZZIE (@cazziedavid) on

David also shared a similar photo to her Instagram, featuring Selena and Taylor in a cute polaroid photo.

The fellow actress jokingly captioned the shot; "Had a meet and greet for my fans last night. I love you all."

Now THAT is a meet and greet we want to attend.

Only last May Selena told 60,000 fans about her bond with Taylor when she gave a surprise performance of Hands to Myself during Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour in California.

Speaking about Taylor's care for her, she said;

“This person has never ever judged a single decision I’ve made. She’s always met me where I’ve been,” she said, according to a fan video.

“She’s encouraged me when I’ve had nothing to be encouraged about, and I don’t know if I would be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you and your family because you’ve changed my life,” Gomez added.

WE LOVE THE FRIENDSHIP. Never let it die, gals.



Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to spoil that bestie of yours.

She would never splurge on these bits for herself – even though she deserves a major treat – so it’s up to you to wrap up something special.

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When it comes to first dates, the itinerary can be pretty…boring.

It’s usually some combination of dinner, a film and drinks which sounds nice in theory but can be a very different story when you’re eating ribs in front of your date.

Good venues are often wasted on couples who are too uncomfortable to appreciate them

So why not cancel your date and head for a romantic dinner with your best friend instead and say goodbye to all the awkwardness that goes along with it.

Goodbye to stressing about what to wear.

Goodbye to trying to arrive at the perfect time.

Goodbye to having a call from your friends pre-planned as your escape route.

Goodbye to ordering the right thing.

Goodbye to awkward small talk.

Goodbye to acting like you don’t mind they stole a chip.

Goodbye to ordering something cheaper so that he doesn’t think we’re taking advantage.

Goodbye to uncomfortably dancing after a few drinks.

Goodbye to the terrible goodbyes at the end of the night.

We decided to do just that recently with amazing success.

Not only did we enjoy not having to get glammed up after work, we enjoyed not being judged for arriving ten minutes late and getting to order as much of whatever we wanted on the menu.

With the beautiful Marcels restaurant as the backdrop to our date, we enjoyed some amazing food and wine all in beautiful surroundings.

Finishing our lunch by romantically sharing a beautiful pavlova, it went down as one of our best dates yet.



It is hard to admit, but a lot of us cannot bear to be without our phones. Some might say your phone is a replacement for that best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever it may be there is no denying that you get anxious and angry without it. Here are 13 signs your phone is the best friend you’ll ever have.

1. It is the first thing you check in the morning
From the second you wake up, five apps will be on repeat in your head: ‘Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.” You will amuse yourself for the next hour or so catching up with all you missed the 8 hours you were sleeping.


2. You freak out daily when you can’t find it
If there is ever a moment you can’t find your phone, you freak out. “Whereeee is itt???.” “Mum ring my phone PLEASE.” Even though you know it’s somewhere in the house,and you are most likely sitting on it, you are terrified for those few minutes.

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3. It surprises you more and more each day
When you find a new app or a new function for your phone your face lights up. You find yourself staring at it saying: “What would I do without you? You are perfect.”


4. It knows all your plans
You have all your plans and appointments saved on your phone. Getting those gentle reminders lets you know where you need to be. What more could you want from a friend and a phone.


5. It can cheer you up
Feeling down? Not in the best form? Not to worry, a quick game of Candy Crush and Angry Birds will solve all your problems.


6. The notification sound makes you smile
That beep that chimes as you get a notification for a Facebook ‘like’ makes you beam. Oh what’s that? An Instagram ‘like’! Ah yes this is it. This is what dreams are made of.


7. You panic when it is low on battery
You will go to the ends of the earth to find a charger. You will even go buy one if you are too far from your house to retrieve it. You simply cannot live without it and you will never have to.


8. You cry more when you lose your phone than when you fail an exam
Losing your phone is the worst possible thing that could happen to you. It makes you anxious, sad and numb to just think about it. Yes, it is dramatic but this is how we feel. Not to worry as it is insured but the week of waiting could kill you.


9. You can take selfies
You love a good selfie and your phone’s front camera helps you do that. You can take 1,000 photos and it won’t say a word. In fact, it enjoys you taking them and even lets you edit them.


10. It doesn’t judge you
You can do whatever you want and it will never judge you. It will always be there for you through thick and thin. It never lets you down and it never tells you what to do.


11. It talks to you but only when you want it to
If you’re ever in doubt, no worries because Siri is there. Siri will tell you what the weather will be like, where the nearest McDonalds is and when you have your doctors appointment. And when you don’t want to speak anymore, you simply say goodbye and no feelings are hurt.


12. It let’s you text whoever you want
There is no jealousy here. You can text 100 people at once and no judgement or arguments. They want you to explore life. That’s why you have Tinder.


13. You can erase memories
If you drunk-text that guy for the 15th time or need to erase an ex’s photos, you can. Once the message is deleted no one will see it. It is free therapy and “if it’s not there no one has seen it.”



via our content partner CT


Maybe it is the way she looks at you, maybe it is the boyfriend advice she gave you, maybe you just don’t get a good vibe. If you’re unsure about whether your best friend is actually a Best Friend For-Never, here are the signs that it’s time to cut that cord. 

You catch them staring at you quite a bit. Not in a pervy way but as if they’re plotting your demise. If you ask them what is wrong, they will smile and say nothing and continue to do it. Something isn’t right here.


Selective texting
You’ll notice they’ll only text you when they want something, be it to talk about themselves or they want you to go drinking with them. You text them and hear nothing. “Oh my phone’s been acting weird.” “I didn’t get your message.”  Is it because they hate you? Or do they just not care?


They always have an excuse when you ask to meet. People might wonder why you haven’t copped on already. But you are a nice person and you thought that you two were friends. How many excuses is it going to take? You’re starting to see a pattern, aren’t you?


When you fail, their reaction is slightly disturbing. It’s not that they laugh or make it obvious that they are happier now than  before you lost your job – there is just an odd smirk. You’ve also heard that their face lights up when they retell the story.


Back Handed Compliments
You may find them sending you weird signals. These signals are in the form of compliments. “You look nice…that isn’t something you would normally wear.” “That kind of drama would just never happen to me.” How have you not known by now that this girl isn’t your “BFF for evaaa xoxo”. It is okay at least now you know.

No matter what you do or what you say there is a sigh or an eye roll. Dancing in a nightclub, talking to a friend or voicing an opnion. Anything can cause disapproval.


Lack Of Support
You could have been mugged on Grafton Street or clamped because your ticket was the wrong way around. No matter what it is they will not support you. There is no sympathy there whatsoever.


They are either constantly criticising your boyfriend or repeatedly pointing out they scored him three years ago. There is no boundaries or no respect here. They hate your happiness.


They will tell you to “Shhh!!”, they will tell you that you wouldn’t understand and they’ll even tell you that you are stupid. They’ll also patronise you whenever you speak.

Sober, it’s just the subtle jibes that are thrown your way, but once a drink hits their lips, all hell will break loose. They’ll tell you they’re “just being honest” and then they will point out every single flaw you have.



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“We finally arrive at the red carpet and as we exit the car, my date eats shit and uses my freshly done Lauren Conrad up do to break her fall. The crowd goes wild. There are flashbulbs and people circling yet no one asks if I need any help because unless you are famous at the Oscars, you are completely invisible…”

Laura Simpson has been Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend for years and was lucky enough to be her date to the Oscars.

She wrote a personal account of the event and the story includes sniffing Brad Pitt, encountering Jessica Biel in the bathroom and a dalliance with Bill Murray.

She’s hilarious and we can see why she’s Jen’s BFF. Read her full account here.


It’s time to ditch the negative thoughts and believe in yourself.

How a person views themselves is the strongest part of the personality, but it is also the biggest downfall. A good self image is important for a healthy mind and the key to creating a positive one is to believe in yourself.

Embrace the positives
Instead of accentuating the negatives, embrace the positives. Can’t complete the 10k without stopping? Applaud yourself for finding the determination to try in the first place.

Surround yourself by people who love you
Ditch the “bad” friends who try to bring you down and surround yourself with people who love you.

Remember your successes
Grab a piece of paper and write down all your successes. You will eventually see that you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it.

Be your own best friend – if you’re not nice to yourself, who will be?

Take a leaf out of Muhammad Ali’s mantra – “I am the greatest”