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Diversity is merely one issue in a large spectrum of problems perpetuated by ITV2's hit reality show Love Island. 

It speaks volumes that Irish contestant Yewande Biala has already been racially abused by trolls only hours after she was announced as part of the cast.

The 23-year-old is among the 12 participants entering the Spanish villa for the summer, which sees the Islanders couple-up and compete for the cash prize.


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The scientist, who is of Nigerian descent but is from Enfield in County Meath, has seen her friends leap to her defence after online bullies asked racist questions regarding her nationality.

One troll remarked that Biala is "far from Irish", while another said, "not Irish and never will be." *Rings bell* SHAME

Luckily, her fans leaped to her aid, saying, "“Born and raised here I’m pretty sure that makes her Irish.” Another wrote, "Just because she hasn’t got white skin doesn’t mean she’s not Irish. Small minded people.”

The Dubliner who is self-confessed unlucky-in-love has seen her Instagram followers increase from 3,000 to more than 21,000 in just one day.

"I don’t think there is a science to finding love and if there is then I have clearly been reading the wrong books," she said of her love life. Twitter supporters were over the moon to see representation onscreen.

One fan wrote: “Today has been a great day for black Irish women…A black Irish woman was elected to the Irish local council and a black Irish woman is gonna be on Love Island."

A Wakanda-level protection group has been made online: "Black Twitter listen the hell up. We are gonna support our queen Yewande Biala to the end no questions, no fuss.. it is what it is.”

“Officially announcing that I am apart of the Yewande Biala defence squad #LoveIsland," wrote another fan.

These ignorant scumbags who are targeting Biala are no match for her fan-base, and we are loving it. We stan an Irish queen.

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We all remember the glamorous pre-Reputation days of Taylor Swift's #squad, don't we?

Between Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Hailee Steinfeld, they really were an influential troupe. 

Now it looks like Taylor's squad has been reignited, with new bestie Cazzie David and long-time friend Selena Gomez enjoying a gals night in with the singer.


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The Look What You Made Me Do songtress captioned the snap;"20wineteen", and we are HERE for the vino appreciation.

The trio are clearly enjoying each other’s company, and the glasses of wine too, no doubt.

The candid picture shows Swift's best pal Selena laughing in the back, while Taylor is sporting her signature red lipstick and Cazzie smiles in between them.


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David also shared a similar photo to her Instagram, featuring Selena and Taylor in a cute polaroid photo.

The fellow actress jokingly captioned the shot; "Had a meet and greet for my fans last night. I love you all."

Now THAT is a meet and greet we want to attend.

Only last May Selena told 60,000 fans about her bond with Taylor when she gave a surprise performance of Hands to Myself during Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour in California.

Speaking about Taylor's care for her, she said;

“This person has never ever judged a single decision I’ve made. She’s always met me where I’ve been,” she said, according to a fan video.

“She’s encouraged me when I’ve had nothing to be encouraged about, and I don’t know if I would be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you and your family because you’ve changed my life,” Gomez added.

WE LOVE THE FRIENDSHIP. Never let it die, gals.



Over the course of the last month, the sheer number of Hollywood heavy-hitters, who have been accused of sexual harassment, assault and rape is nothing short of staggering.

From Harvey Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, and Kevin Spacey to Ed Westwick, Charlie Sheen and Louis CK, the list appears to grow with every passing day.

Acknowledging both the gravity of the accusations and the number of individuals coming forward, the Los Angeles District Attorney has made the decision to establish a specially-skilled task force to tackle the cases.

Commenting on the development, Jackie Lacey said: "In response to the widespread allegations of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry, I have established a task force of specially-trained deputy district attorneys who are ready to evaluate these cases if any are referred to my office for criminal prosecution."

Providing further insight into the move, she added: "I have assigned the group of veteran sex crimes prosecutors to work together to ensure a uniformed approach to the legal review and possible prosecution of any case that meets both the legal and factual standards for criminal prosecution."

“To date, we have not received any cases from law enforcement for possible criminal filing. We are in communication with the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills police departments."

Louis CK is the latest high-profile individual to be accused of sexual misconduct.


Let’s face facts, the vast majority of us are creatures of habit, and generally tend to hit up the same venues, week in and week out.

From the handy after-work local to the same-old Saturday night spot, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to socialising.

So, when you and the squad do happen to hit upon a new venue, it’s hardly surprising you act like you’ve discovered fire.

From feeling smug over the new discovery to regretting the times you've wasted in the same old spots, finding a new venue lights a fire under any group of friends.

And here are just 8 things we’ve all thought while taking in the splendour of a new spot.

1. “This is the kick up the arse we needed, lads.”

Whether it's the decor, the tunes or the atmosphere, stumbling upon a brand-new spot is invigorating and makes you reassess every other spot you've frequented up until this point.

"Can you believe we actually used to pass this place, and never once thought to look in?!"

2. "This place will totally overhaul how we spend our weekends."

Considering you're all a few drinks in, you'll start to see the new spot as some kind of offering from above, and endlessly list its amazing attributes.

"Girls, Number 22 has a Flashback Friday! Wait, wait, it also has a Peep Show Sunday!"

3. "I can’t believe we spent hours jostling for one lousy drink in that other hellhole."

The discovery of a new bar can bring out a fickle side in you that you're not exactly proud of, but you can't help it.

Up until three hours ago, your former local was your favourite place on earth, but with the mention of Number 22, its Library Bar and their 2 for €12 cocktails, you've forgotten the other places even exist.

4. "Just think how slick this is going to look on Instagram."

You know how naff it sounds, but your Instagram account will thank you for a snap of a place as swish as this.

With Burlesque dancers performing in the background and countless incredible-looking cocktails in the foreground, your new hotspot is just crying out to get 'grammed.

5. "I can wait to show the out-of-towners how we roll up here."

If you and the girls think this place is swish, just imagine how your pals from out of town will react.

"That's it; every birthday, engagement party and Hen night is taking place here from now on. That's the end of it."

6. "Wait, maybe we should keep it a secret."

Mere moments after you decide to splash the place all over social media. you wonder if you should have just kept it secret.

"Wait, wait, wait. Delete them all – I don't want anyone else to know about this!"

7. "No! Everyone needs to know that we’re in the know."

And then comes the moment you accept that you simply can't hide your discovery, and you have to take credit for this incredible find.

"We're the people that everyone hates, and I don't even care."

8. "This place is our new Holy Grail."

You're only in the door an hour and yet everything in the place is working for you; the music, the staff, the seating, the crowd, the atmosphere.

And this means that you will now drop everything for a night out in the place, and if that means you're boring because you refuse to try anywhere else, so be it.

"It's official, ladies. We've found our place in this city."



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Behind the blue door at Number Twenty Two is a unique and exclusive venue that combines the Library bar, restaurant and theatre club. For more info click here



Taylor Swift's squad seems to never stop growing, with even Dakota Johnson joining the crew recently.

But one girl you won't see being BFFs with Tay's buddies is Hailey Baldwin, and we totally get it.

Image result for hailey baldwin and taylor swift

Why does she not want to be part of the biggest group of girls in the world, you ask?! No, she's not crazy, she just doesn't get it.

While speaking to Yahoo Be, Hailey admitted that she doesn't "understand the Taylor Swift squad at all.

Related image

"I don't know what having a squad means. I just have my friends and that's it… I don't think you need to create a public squad. I don't know what that proves."

We're totally with Hailey on this one.



Taylor Swift may say she's all about the ladies in her life, but as far as Demi Lovato is concerned Taylor's priorities are totally out of whack when it comes to female empowerment.

In a move which is set to put Tay and the squad on high alert, the former Disney star has made reference to the singer's decision to use her feud with Katy Perry to sell records and curry favour with fans.

Speaking to Yahoo, Demi refused to beat around the bush when it came to Taylor's record Bad Blood, saying: "I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that's not women's empowerment."

And when it comes to Taylor's uber-famous galpal gang which include Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss, Demi fears the squad's appearance may be detrimental to young women's perception of their own body image.

"This will probably get me in trouble, but I don't see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body," Demi said. "It's kind of this false image of what people should look like."

And if this week has taught us anything, it's that Demi is all about the accurate portrayal of women's bodies.



Though Taylor Swift and her buddies may be our definition of #squadgoals, not everyone feels the same away about being a member of the exclusive group. 

And one person who has no desire to join in on the girl-fun is outspoken actress, Chloe Grace Moretz. 

In an interview with Complex magazine, the 19-year-old revealed that she had recently turned down an invitation to join forces with Tay and her minions. 

"They appropriate exclusivity. They're cliques!" said the star. 

Being friends with Selena Gomez, the actress had been introduced to the Bad Blood singer and even invited to hang-out with the squad but she politely declined. 

The star refused to say anything else about Taylor and her expertly crafted squad. simply ending the topic with: "She's a very talented person." 

Ooh, do we detect a bit of shade? 

The young Kick Ass actress is getting a name for herself by being unafraid to speak her mind, even if it lands her in hot water. 

Most recently, Chloe called out Kim Kardashian for publishing her now infamous naked selfie, encouraging her to not teach girls that their only value lies in their bodies. 

However, Kim retaliated and a lot of celebrities got in on the action too. Despite receiving quite a bit of backlash, we have a lot of respect for Chloe who is obviously going to continue to speak her mind regardless.  


OK, so we may have overdone it on Christmas, eating all the turkey, stuffing and mulled wine in sight. But now, it's time to hang up the eating pants and embark on our 2016 resolution of working out and dieting with the girl squad… right?!

Wrong! Because as it turns out, having the same diet as your friend can actually be a really bad idea. 

A recent study from medical journey, Cell, has revealed that eating "healthy" is different for every person. 

The study involved a number of tests and surveys on 800 people, and they conducted body measurements and blood tests on each candidate.

They then gave the participants identical meals while also monitoring their blood glucose levels every five minutes. 

The researchers studied the glucose levels which allowed them to account for each participants glycemic index (GI) in relation to what they were eating, which helped them determine what foods were more responsible for raising their blood sugar.

They discovered that each person's GI was different, even though they were all eating the same foods. 

The researchers explained that, "Growing evidence suggests bacteria are linked to obesity, glucose and diabetes," adding, "specific microbes indeed correlate with how much blood sugar rises post meal."

So, what they're really saying is even if you have the exact same diet as your friend, it could be really good for her, and not so great for you.

Your best bet for a healthier new you is to stick to what suits only you and keep a diary of how different food and exercises effects you and your body. 


Roberta Bernardo is a 19-year old student from Brazil. She is also now something of an internet celebrity since her adventures with her best friend have gone viral.

So, Roberta and her BFF do pretty much everything that your usual besties do. They hang out, eat snacks and enjoy some fabulous fashion. 

The reason their friendship has gone viral is because Roberta’s new pal is not actually human. She’s not even a pet. She’s a potato, named Potato- obviously.

“She looked like a little baby with little arms,” Roberta told BuzzFeed Brazil. 

Roberta took it upon herself to bring Potato home, and made her a very important part of her life.

She gave her a total makeover and the two spent some quality time bonding over contouring and hair accessories.


When she shared her story on Facebook, the internet couldn’t get enough of the pair. 

So Bernardo took her home and gave her a bath.

When asked how Potato was handling her newfound internet fame, Rpberta said Potato was currently in the fridge so she wouldn’t rot. Good looking out, Roberta.

What could possibly be next for the pair?

“Life is ephemeral,” Bernardo said. “I believe she will live these moments as if they were the last, enjoying the laurels of fame.” 

In the meantime, Potato seems to be enjoying a very luxe lifestyle. Her newfound internat fame may have possibly influence her style, possibly. 


She’s the Oscar-winner who absolutely refuses to diet for Hollywood.

But, as Jennifer Lawrence proved this week, her bikini bod is probably about as close to perfection as we can imagine.

Hanging out with new BFF Amy Schumer, the pair are currently enjoying a girlie holiday away.

And in a telling Instagram snap posted yesterday to 35-year-old Amy’s account, Ms Lawrence, 24, shows once again that she is in the best shape of her life.

Creating a human pyramid with a group of ten women on board a boat, Jen can be seen at the top of the pile.

Donning a chic €275 Mara Hoffman bikini, the actress has her arms in the air – displaying off her toned tum to perfection.

Earlier on the same day, and using the hashtag #manic, Amy had posted a photo of J-Law driving a jet ski – while Ms Schumer herself rides seemingly terrified on the back.

Meanwhile, a third, earlier snap shows the same group of vacationers lounging on lie-lows in the sea.


Jlaw #maniac

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Naturally, it didn’t take long for fans to suggest a creative Lawrence-Schumer collaboration – but as yet, there is no confirmation that the pair have anything in the pipeline.

Still, we're totally loving this celebrity friendship and reckon their profile will rival Tay-Tay Swift's squad and the Jenner-Hadid crew before long.

And despite boasting the type of figure that most women would kill for, Jennifer is a vocal opponent of the pressures and expectation young females face.

Indeed, in November 2013 in the aftermath of her Oscar success for Silver Linings Playbook (she also has two other Academy Award nominations), Jen explained: "There are shows like The Fashion Police that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on all the wrong values and that it's OK to point at people and call them ugly or fat."

She added: "We have to stop treating each other like that and stop calling each other fat."


It's already one of the most hotly-anticipated sporting events of the year, and the rugby world cup is now just two months away.

Taking place in England from September 18 to October 31, Ireland will be expected to perform well – emerging top of Pool D, a group which also boasts fellow Six Nations teams France and Italy.

And at least now we know what the boys in green will be wearing: Canterbury, which is making the jersey for the first time since 2007, officially unveiled its design this morning in Galway.

The jersey is simple and classic – and has a striking similarity to the England jersey (probably because they're both made by Canterbury).

There is also a white trim around the neck and no collar.

The Irish rugby team is currently ranked third in the world behind New Zealand and South Africa.

Our best result in a world cup is still the quarter finals stage; we've made it that far five times, most recently in 2011 when the tournament was held in New Zealand.